14:29:26 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:29:29 <karsten> alright!
14:29:39 <t0mmy> hi all
14:29:45 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Ou-1QRctynWbF4yedi-MfDsjImFMFSIEP20fbVGCPRa <- agenda pad
14:29:46 <iwakeh> hi t0mmy!
14:29:48 <karsten> hi t0mmy!
14:30:09 <karsten> shall we start?
14:30:17 * t0mmy is lurking for next 30 mins
14:30:24 <iwakeh> fine.
14:30:32 <karsten> * Roadmap feedback from tor-dev@, if any [karsten]
14:30:38 <karsten> so, we got 2 responses.
14:30:44 <karsten> bwauth + ipv6.
14:30:45 <iwakeh> yes, I read them.
14:31:20 <karsten> I wonder if we should collect more responses in montreal before putting out another draft.
14:31:50 <karsten> or, I'm not sure if there's much value in putting out another version of the roadmap now.
14:31:52 <iwakeh> Won't there be more responses in Montreal?
14:32:03 <karsten> yes, there will likely be.
14:32:14 <iwakeh> Well, then we should wait a while.
14:32:21 <karsten> I'm just thinking that we might want to wait to see them before updating the draft.
14:32:26 <karsten> I think so, too.
14:32:41 <karsten> that also avoids confusions of the kind "which version did you mean?".
14:32:48 <iwakeh> There is no need for rushing the roadmap.
14:32:53 <karsten> yep.
14:33:10 <karsten> okay, then let's revisit this topic in ~2 weeks.
14:33:24 <iwakeh> agreed.
14:33:33 <karsten> * Sponsor 13 contract [karsten]
14:33:47 <karsten> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor13
14:33:54 <karsten> yay, we have a signed contract.
14:34:07 <iwakeh> Yes!
14:34:23 <iwakeh> the time frame is fine, too.
14:34:28 <karsten> so, nothing in particular to do here.
14:34:45 <karsten> I think we should finish the roadmap first and then think about when we start working on this.
14:34:55 <karsten> 12 months is plenty of time for these deliverables.
14:34:56 <iwakeh> other than providing the deliverables at some point :-)
14:35:09 <karsten> heh, well, I meant nothing to do here in the next couple of weeks.
14:35:16 <iwakeh> hehe
14:35:34 <karsten> what we can do, of course, is collect ideas as we do other stuff.
14:35:45 <iwakeh> I'll think about a structure for these docs.
14:35:55 <karsten> sure, sounds good.
14:35:59 <iwakeh> By the end of October 2017.
14:36:46 <karsten> okay. next one is:
14:36:50 <karsten> * releases metrics-lib, collector, (onionoo); [iwakeh, karsten]
14:36:56 <iwakeh> timing?
14:37:33 <karsten> did you see my last question?
14:37:36 <karsten> via email?
14:37:44 <karsten> the timing depends a bit on that.
14:37:54 <karsten> and whether I'll need to do something differently.
14:38:06 <iwakeh> ah, ok
14:38:14 <karsten> otherwise I think we have pre-release tarballs for m-lib and collector.
14:38:25 <karsten> and I can make one for onionoo by 18:00 cest.
14:38:37 <iwakeh> as long as the revision that ends up in the release jar is one from master things are fine.
14:38:54 <karsten> yes, that should be the case. please also check the "next" branches.
14:39:03 <karsten> I didn't explicitly include links to those.
14:39:09 <iwakeh> But, for checking everything I would want to announce tommorrow.
14:39:28 <karsten> because I included the long text how I made these tarballs. and then I wrote that you should feel free to ignore that text. uhm. ;)
14:39:43 <karsten> announcing tomorrow sounds fine. what about deployment?
14:39:53 <karsten> we'll need to coordinate that.
14:39:58 <karsten> 11:00 cest tomorrow?
14:40:05 <iwakeh> When does your flight start?
14:40:09 <karsten> wednesday.
14:40:14 <iwakeh> Also tomorrow?
14:40:18 <iwakeh> ah ok.
14:40:57 <iwakeh> 11:00 cest is fine
14:41:06 <iwakeh> tomorrow
14:41:06 <karsten> okay, great!
14:42:13 <karsten> alright.
14:42:24 <karsten> last topic on the list:
14:42:28 <karsten> * Reviews on a plane [karsten]
14:42:32 <iwakeh> Until when should I upload patches?
14:42:48 <karsten> early afternoon tomorrow?
14:42:58 <karsten> late afternoon might work, too.
14:43:13 <karsten> would that help?
14:43:14 <iwakeh> Rather late, as we deploy before that.
14:43:29 <karsten> okay.
14:43:46 <karsten> I'll check once more in the (early) evening then.
14:43:50 <iwakeh> It's lots of entertainment for the plane ride :-)
14:43:58 <karsten> hehe :)
14:44:41 <karsten> alright, anything else for today?
14:44:49 <iwakeh> I'm fine.
14:45:05 <karsten> how do we keep t0mmy busy for the next 14 minutes?
14:45:12 <karsten> 14:30:57  * t0mmy is lurking for next 30 mins
14:45:27 <iwakeh> hmm, prime number factorization?
14:45:32 <t0mmy> and you don't even need someone taking meeting minutes!
14:45:34 <iwakeh> hihi
14:45:38 <t0mmy> my job has been outsourced to a robot ;-;
14:45:45 <karsten> hehe
14:46:10 <karsten> cool. I'd say let's end the meeting then.
14:46:19 <karsten> and let's put out some releases.
14:46:27 <iwakeh> fine, back to work and packing for the travellers.
14:46:44 <karsten> indeed. thanks, and bye! :)
14:46:51 <iwakeh> bye, bye.
14:46:57 <karsten> #endmeeting