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18:00:30 <GeKo> hi all!
18:01:06 <GeKo> welcome to the first post montral meeting
18:01:11 <boklm> hi!
18:01:19 <arthuredelstein> hi everyone!
18:01:23 <GeKo> it was very nice to meet you again, some of you for the first time
18:01:24 * tjr waves
18:01:34 <GeKo> (mcs greetings to brade)
18:01:51 <GeKo> alright. who wants to be first today?
18:02:02 * boklm can go
18:02:06 <GeKo> go!
18:02:08 <linda_> o/
18:02:18 <linda_> (I was just saying hi, not going to go)
18:02:19 <boklm> This past week I helped build and publish the new releases.
18:02:21 <gman999> hey all.. i'll look at log later.
18:02:26 <boklm> I finished the patch for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1305396 which has now been merged in mozilla-central
18:02:34 <boklm> I started looking at #23849 and made a patch for #23899.
18:02:48 <boklm> This week I'm planning to help publish the 7.0.8 release, then work on #23738 now that the VM has been created,
18:03:00 <boklm> work on the Windows 64 build, think about improvements to the signing scripts, and look at the Android OS Developer candidates.
18:03:06 <boklm> That's it for me.
18:03:28 <GeKo> boklm: where are the blockers for 64bit windows builds?
18:03:41 <GeKo> we are basically 3 weeks away from the alpha
18:03:47 <GeKo> the nsis part?
18:03:53 <GeKo> anything else?
18:04:14 <boklm> yes, the nsis part, then I need to check if the build is running fine
18:04:37 <GeKo> okay. so, this and the fpcentral thing are high prio right now
18:04:46 <boklm> ok
18:04:55 <GeKo> ideally we have one or two nightlies first before throwing out 64bit builds in an alpha
18:05:18 <boklm> ok
18:05:27 <GeKo> i guess if we really don't get to them in the next three weeks we could spin up an alpha later one just for that
18:05:46 <GeKo> but i feel we are doing already enough releases lately, so let's avoid that :)
18:05:57 <GeKo> who is nex?
18:06:00 <GeKo> *next
18:06:06 <boklm> yes, I hope we will get that ready for the alpha in 3 weeks
18:06:15 * mcs will go nexr
18:06:17 <mcs> next
18:06:36 <mcs> Since our last meeting, Kathy and I participated in the mobile dev interviews.
18:06:41 <mcs> We also helped with bug triage, especially for OSX.
18:06:46 <mcs> We attended the Tor meeting in Montreal and had a good, productive time.
18:06:51 <mcs> We cleaned up our patches for #23261 and #23262 and put them up for review.
18:06:56 <mcs> We would like to land those patches and fix loose ends related to text and font changes later.
18:07:00 <mcs> Finally, we made some progress on #23136 and plan to work on that some more this week.
18:07:05 <mcs> Our current focus is to enhance Tor Launcher so it can start meek-client, which it will eventually use to talk to BridgeDB.
18:07:10 <mcs> That way we will be ready when the BridgeDB side is ready. Hopefully both sides will come together beautifully.
18:07:16 <mcs> Also this week, we plan to discuss the Tor Launcher help text with linda and iry (anon-connection-wizard author).
18:07:21 <mcs> I think it would be good for other people to participate in that discussion, although a time has not been set yet.
18:07:25 <mcs> That's all for us.
18:07:47 <GeKo> thanks. who is next?
18:08:19 <GeKo> i guess i can go
18:08:36 <GeKo> last week i spent quite some time on release related things
18:08:46 <GeKo> we are not done yet but should be tomorrow if all goes well
18:08:57 <GeKo> i worked on cloudflare things
18:09:14 <GeKo> started to update the roadmap will all dependencies and flash it out
18:09:29 <GeKo> we'll look at the final version next week or the week thereafter
18:09:35 <GeKo> so everyone is on the same page
18:09:46 <GeKo> i started to review #23261 and #23262
18:09:59 <GeKo> i looked over a bunch of android applications
18:10:13 <GeKo> and then there got three fun bugs reported
18:10:26 <GeKo> i am still analyzing at least one of them
18:10:35 <GeKo> but i think nothing is badly broken
18:10:46 <GeKo> i think all of them are firefox bugs as well
18:11:05 <GeKo> two tickets are already filed in bugzilla
18:11:27 <GeKo> i started to think about updating our signing scripts together with boklm
18:11:30 <GeKo> this week:
18:11:34 <GeKo> more cloudflare work
18:11:39 <GeKo> releasing 7.0.8
18:11:59 <GeKo> i want to get to finish my security slider related bug review
18:12:08 <GeKo> i want to finalize the roadmpa
18:12:11 <GeKo> *roadmap
18:12:30 <GeKo> + finish reviewing #23261 and #23262
18:12:46 <GeKo> that's it
18:13:11 <GeKo> who is next?
18:13:14 * arthuredelstein can go
18:13:33 <arthuredelstein> This past week I worked on regression tests for #23745.
18:13:39 <arthuredelstein> And I worked more on ubsan patches.
18:13:47 <arthuredelstein> I wrote up a proposal for experimenting with a nightly rebase. I will send this to tbb-dev soon for discussion.
18:14:00 <arthuredelstein> Yesterday I discovered a banner bug of my own making and wrote a patch for #23949. Thanks to GeKo and boklm for building a new release.
18:14:43 <arthuredelstein> Also I took two days off last week due to some unexpected things I had to take care of.
18:14:55 <arthuredelstein> This week I hope to post the last patches for ubsan-enum, finish my #23745 mochitests and look into Intel MPX as well.
18:15:12 <arthuredelstein> Also I can look at reviewing #23261 and #23262 if that will be useful.
18:15:34 <arthuredelstein> That's it for me.
18:15:56 <GeKo> thanks. who else is here for an update?
18:16:22 <tjr> I can go
18:16:33 <tjr> I worked on MinGW some more, including tracing down some of the problems on why it doesn't run
18:16:38 <tjr> (Really dmajor did that)
18:16:47 <GeKo> that was awesome fwiw!
18:17:05 <tjr> One of them is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1372958 and that one hasn't affected you before now
18:17:32 <tjr> The other is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1372958#c10 and I'm curious if this is the porblem that causes you to disable those two prefs
18:17:36 <tjr> cause this is an old mingw bug
18:17:50 <tjr> However, build still doesn't run, so I'm hoping dmajor will continue to look at it :)
18:18:37 <tjr> Not related to Tor, we're landing fortify_source on the primary configure and the js configure; and the ability for web extensions to flip first party isolate and antifingerprinting
18:18:52 <tjr> I also finally got a working patch for jit constant blinding.
18:19:23 <tjr> I'm running perf tests on it this week, but our tests indicate it works, so you could consider backporting it and letting it hang out in alpha if you want
18:20:28 <tjr> That's all I have I think
18:20:34 <tjr> Besides those emails I sent :)
18:20:56 <GeKo> IIRC jacek said the direct2d one is caused by https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=64384
18:21:10 <GeKo> but not sure whether he got convinced by dmajor that that's not the case
18:22:02 <tjr> ah okay
18:22:07 <GeKo> alright, thanks tjr. who else is here for an update?
18:22:10 <tjr> i will talk with dmajor
18:24:54 <GeKo> tjr: ok. forwarded you the mail jacek send me back then. might contains some details i missed
18:25:04 <GeKo> okay. disussion time
18:25:20 <GeKo> do we have anything we should talk about today?
18:26:06 <GeKo> i have one item: daylight saving time is coming up again
18:26:23 <GeKo> this weekened in europe and i believe the week thereafter in the US
18:26:41 <GeKo> i guess we'll have the meeting 1800 UTC again next week
18:26:50 <GeKo> and switch to 1900 UTC in the week thereafter?
18:26:57 <GeKo> does that work for everyone?
18:27:10 <boklm> that works for me
18:27:27 <mcs> works for me
18:27:28 <arthuredelstein> me too
18:28:23 <GeKo> ok. then let's try that. i'll inform tbb-dev once we are closer to the switch
18:28:28 <GeKo> anything else for today?
18:29:22 <mcs> I just want to mention that the patches for # #23261 and #23262 are large, so maybe one of GeKo or arthuredelstein should do a first review
18:29:35 <GeKo> yeah, i know :)
18:29:39 <GeKo> i am on it
18:29:46 <mcs> (and maybe there will be a second pass / second review depending on what the first person finds)
18:29:48 <mcs> :)
18:29:58 <mcs> thx
18:30:12 <GeKo> thanks for coming to the meeting today and happpy tor-browser-improving *baf*
18:30:16 <GeKo> #endmeeting