18:00:02 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser
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18:00:06 <GeKo> hi all!
18:00:11 <mcs> hi!
18:00:12 <boklm> hi!
18:00:25 * isabela is lurking
18:00:38 <GeKo> let's get started. who is first with the status updates today?
18:01:12 * mcs will go first
18:01:20 <mcs> Last week, Kathy and I helped with bug triage, e.g., for #23930 and other tickets.
18:01:25 <arthuredelstein> hi all
18:01:27 <mcs> We made some more progress on #23136.
18:01:32 <mcs> We worked a little on revising our patches for #23261 (thanks for GeKo for the review).
18:01:44 <mcs> s/for Geko/to Geko
18:01:52 <mcs> This week we plan to finish the revised patches and put them up for review.
18:01:58 <mcs> Then we will continue working on #23136.
18:02:01 <mcs> That’s all for us.
18:02:37 <GeKo> i can  go next
18:02:53 <GeKo> last week i worked on the review for #23261
18:03:31 <GeKo> i was occupied as well with thinking about possible rightscon topics
18:03:52 <GeKo> i followed diverse crash bug reports
18:04:28 <GeKo> we got and looked at #23970
18:04:51 <GeKo> then i got occupied by a security bug report on thursday
18:05:16 <GeKo> this week i'll work on more cloudflare stuff
18:05:22 <GeKo> (extension review etc.)
18:05:41 <GeKo> and i finally want to finish the security slider update (sec bug review)
18:06:09 <GeKo> and i'll be doing reviews mainly for the win64 builds stuff boklm is working i guess
18:06:40 <GeKo> we hope to get that item from our sponsor4 grant solved with the next regular tor browser release
18:06:44 <GeKo> in about two weeks
18:06:48 <GeKo> that's it for me for now
18:06:57 <pospeselr> i can go next
18:07:14 <pospeselr> this week figured out the root cause for #23016
18:07:24 <GeKo> yay, i saw that, nice work!
18:07:58 <pospeselr> long story short, mis-matched locale settings in firefox and web content process results in one process not knowing what printer the other process is referring to
18:09:05 <pospeselr> I've a patch written up and tested which fixes the issue, but print-to-file now no longer works with javascript.use_us_english_locale flag set (though this may be an already existing issue in the 7.5 branch which is what I applied my patch to)
18:09:33 <pospeselr> investigating to see if in fact print-to-file is already broken for that scenario, or if it my patch somehow regressed that scenario somehow
18:09:50 <pospeselr> planning on tackling #17933 once i've a working patch for this issue
18:09:54 <pospeselr> that's it for me
18:10:03 <GeKo> i guess that's #23970, no?
18:10:28 <pospeselr> no this is a separate issue
18:10:37 <GeKo> okay
18:10:52 <pospeselr> actually it might be
18:10:59 <pospeselr> i'd set teh sandbox level to 0 rather than 1
18:11:17 <pospeselr> will know more later today
18:11:46 <GeKo> alright, who is next?
18:11:57 * boklm can go next
18:12:12 <boklm> This past week I helped publish the 7.0.8 release. Then I worked on the Windows 64 build.
18:12:16 <boklm> I used a workaround for #23561 by using a 32bit nsis, to make some bundles, and have been able to run them after replacing msvcr100.dll by its 64bit version.
18:12:29 <GeKo> yay, great news!
18:12:36 <boklm> During the next 3 days, I will be at the reproducible builds meeting.
18:12:45 <boklm> On friday I'm planning to clean up the patches for the Windows 64 build to make them ready for review. Then work on #23738.
18:13:03 <boklm> That's it for me.
18:13:35 * arthuredelstein can go
18:13:44 <arthuredelstein> This past week, I wrote an additional ubsan-enum patch.
18:13:50 <arthuredelstein> I started investigating MPX and started working on trying to make a build work on an MPX-supporting VPS (#16352).
18:13:58 <arthuredelstein> I posted a patch for #23997.
18:14:12 <arthuredelstein> I also worked on investigating DNS-related timeouts for #21394.
18:14:18 <arthuredelstein> (And, not directly related to Tor Browser, I wrote a patch for #23484.)
18:14:31 <arthuredelstein> And I'm reminded I need to post my proposal for nightly rebase, which I will do this week.
18:14:47 <arthuredelstein> This week also I will continue to try to wrap up ubsan-enum, and try to get MPX build working, and further work on #21394 and help with  other security bugs as needed.
18:14:54 <arthuredelstein> That's it for me
18:15:26 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: what about those needs_revision tickets like #18101?
18:15:53 <GeKo> oh, and #22343?
18:16:04 <GeKo> do you have plans to work on them (again)?
18:16:07 <arthuredelstein> Yup, I need to get back to those as well!
18:16:32 <GeKo> okay. in particular the #18101 one makes me a bit nervous
18:16:54 <arthuredelstein> I guess I was worried about the upcoming deadline so I though I should focus on MPX/ubsan. But I guess I'm not sure what's the right priority.
18:17:14 <GeKo> i think focuing on mpx is good
18:17:24 <GeKo> and given the amount of monay we get for the ibsan item
18:17:38 <GeKo> the work you did so far seems to be enough to me
18:17:42 <GeKo> *ubsan
18:17:52 <arthuredelstein> OK, good to know
18:18:00 <GeKo> sure there is (always) more to do but for the sponsor4 item i think we are good
18:18:27 <GeKo> you could try to write a patch that produces an actual build one could use
18:18:50 <arthuredelstein> you mean for ubsan?
18:18:52 <GeKo> like adding the right flags to a linux .mozconfig file
18:18:54 <GeKo> yes
18:19:06 <GeKo> just to showcase that we have worked on that one too
18:19:22 <GeKo> (and basically found all those issues you've been working on)
18:19:35 <arthuredelstein> right. Yeah, I think I have about 1 more ubsan-enum patch to land and then we can do that.
18:19:46 <GeKo> sounds good
18:19:59 <GeKo> i think we would be fine as well just pointing to those issues
18:20:21 <GeKo> because, i mean, somehow you had to build tor browser/firefox with ubsan enabled to fine those in the first place
18:20:43 <GeKo> so, this should not be such a high prio anymore
18:21:11 <GeKo> okay. who else is here for a status update?
18:21:15 <arthuredelstein> Right. I also wrote a script that extracts them from try server tests and deduplicates them. Maybe that can be part what we can point to as well because it will be useful for future ubsan work
18:22:05 <arthuredelstein> extracts them -> extracts ubsan runtime errors
18:23:12 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: definitely
18:23:31 <GeKo> okay, discussion time then.
18:23:37 <GeKo> do we have items for today?
18:25:11 <GeKo> one item i have regarding the meeting next week: we switch to 1900 UTC, right?
18:25:30 <mcs> I think that is the stated plan, yes.
18:25:34 <GeKo> once all US folks did the daylight saving time change, too
18:25:51 <arthuredelstein> Yes, US changes on Sunday.
18:26:13 <GeKo> okay. i'll send out a respective mail later this week, so nobody has an excuse to not come to the meeting on time :)
18:27:01 <GeKo> another item just as an fyi: i expect to work on our roadmap further and probably get back to isabela about all our planned ux work
18:27:31 <GeKo> + we'll coordinate with other teams and look for items where we benefit from each others work
18:27:52 <GeKo> i am  not sure if i'll have something ready to present next monday
18:27:58 <GeKo> but hopefully the week thereafter
18:28:19 <mcs> Thanks for working on the roadmap.
18:28:34 <GeKo> sure :)
18:28:40 <mcs> Let us know when it makes sense for us to look it over.
18:28:44 <mcs> (of course)
18:28:49 <GeKo> will do
18:29:02 <GeKo> anything else for today?
18:29:25 <GeKo> thanks all then *baf*
18:29:29 <GeKo> #endmeeting