16:59:35 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network-team meeting, 6 Nov 2017
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16:59:37 <nickm> Hi everybody!
17:00:10 <ahf> hello!
17:00:41 <nickm> a couple of sick people this week, and one with a conflict, and a time change in US/Canada
17:00:47 <nickm> so, maybe an odd meeting :)
17:00:57 <ahf> :-)
17:01:09 <haxxpop> hello !
17:01:11 <nickm> hihi
17:01:15 * isabela under do or die deadline mode (entering 3rd week and 4th deadline i think)
17:02:20 * nickm needs water,  back in a second
17:02:23 <nickm> isis: ping?
17:02:59 <nickm> Oh; the pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/JhlU9poaIbIz
17:03:26 <nickm> it looks like we only have a few discussion/question things this week.
17:04:46 <nickm> Let's all read over each other's updates and see if there's anything else to discuss though?
17:04:58 <isabela> ok
17:06:13 <isis> hi!
17:06:57 <nickm> hi!
17:07:19 <nickm> ok, so might be a short meeting this week.
17:07:44 <nickm> I'll start with stuff I boldfaced, then let's go to isabela, then general announcements and discussion?
17:07:54 <nickm> I don't see anything else boldfaced for someone who's around
17:08:17 <isabela> ok
17:08:19 <nickm> my points are quick: If you are reviewing or hacking on something that should go into the 0.3.2.x release, I want to put that out on Wednesday
17:08:30 <nickm> So please, let me know if it's not going to be ready soon
17:08:56 <nickm> Also, there are 5 remaining unreviewed tickets in review-group-24.  Please let's wrap them all up this week, so we can start reviewing other stuff.
17:09:05 <nickm> that's it for me.  isis ?
17:09:06 <nickm> err,
17:09:07 <nickm> isabela: ?
17:09:12 <nickm> (tab-completion is hard)
17:09:19 <isabela> hehe
17:09:48 <isabela> yes - for nickm catalyst isis, i plan to send a check in email on the different work going on for tor launcher.
17:09:56 <isabela> i will also add tor browser ppl to this check in email
17:10:15 <isabela> i think we are in entering end of year season with holidays etc
17:10:46 <isabela> so i just want to try to make sure we are in touch and things are moving fwd on that front
17:11:22 <isabela> for everyone - i will be sharing on tor-project all teams roadmaps soon... as part of the effort to have everyone following up what each other is doing
17:11:25 <isabela> thats it
17:11:45 <nickm> ok. any specific questions for me / catalyst / isis that we should start thinking about?
17:12:32 <isabela> i will ask for updates - this email will have a list of things for us to keep track and give updates on from time to time
17:14:48 <nickm> ok
17:15:10 <nickm> any more on this?
17:15:17 <nickm> catalyst: I see you have an item on hackerone?
17:15:53 <isabela> btw i am going to the tpi holiday party in seattle - /me wonders who else is planning to do that
17:16:05 <catalyst> nickm: yeah i don't have a good way to discover who's on our h1 team. i also think we should have some private way to coordinate review and responses
17:16:31 <isis> isabela: from the other side, how is the meek stuff coming along in tor launcher? especially the moat stuff?
17:16:42 <catalyst> also i was bemoaning the lack of tagging capability; i've decided to shoehorn them into the "Reference:" field for now
17:16:55 * ahf is also curious about the seattle event
17:17:13 * nickm is not going to seattle; it sounds fun, but I want to be with my family
17:17:14 <ahf> it's a long trip for me so i'd only go if a large amount of the team is there and ideally if $some people are there in the week up to the event
17:17:16 <isabela> isis: mcs and GeKo can answer better then me - do you want to stick around for the tor browser meeting?
17:17:31 <isis> isabela: do you think it would be good to have an optional way to not use the meek tunnel? (it's kind of a lot of work to turn it off, since it requires reconfiguring two servers)
17:17:40 <isis> isabela: oh, yeah, i can do that :)
17:17:59 <isabela> isis: cool! lets check with them at their meeting
17:18:43 <nickm> catalyst: are you thinking of an IRC channel? a mailing list? an encrypted mailing list?
17:18:57 <nickm> catalyst: I'm fine with whatever folks want to do
17:19:17 <nickm> when asn sees this, he'll likely have thoughts too ^
17:19:49 <catalyst> irc channel might be best as long as we keep possible exploitable details off of it. the confidential content i'm worried about is mostly about things like coordinating payouts and other resolutions
17:21:36 <nickm> no objection from me. let's see if the other h1 folks mind, and if not, go ahead and do it?
17:22:27 <catalyst> sounds good. how do i coordinate with tor-ircops type people? just contact people individually?
17:23:42 <nickm> I forget; does anybody know?  If not, I can ask on #tor-internal.
17:24:18 <catalyst> oh, @tor-ircmasters is only 3 people and nickm is one of them :)
17:24:50 <nickm> ok :)
17:25:00 <nickm> I mostly forget how to do things, but I can try if needed :)
17:25:30 <asn> bleep
17:25:31 <nickm> hi asn !
17:25:40 <isabela> o/
17:25:50 <nickm> isis: want to talk to catalyst about github account now, or another time?
17:26:20 <nickm> asn: you've been mentioned in the backlog, which you can read at http://meetbot.debian.net/tor-meeting/2017/tor-meeting.2017-11-06-16.59.log.txt
17:27:26 <asn> ack
17:27:31 <asn> ah ok h1 questions
17:28:38 <asn> 17:16:05 <catalyst> nickm: yeah i don't have a good way to discover who's on our h1 team. i also think we should have some private way to coordinate review and responses
17:28:56 <asn> (not sure if meeting still on fwiw)
17:29:12 <asn> catalyst: perhaps we could use #tor-internal for now? we could start a new channel if you feel that's preferedd
17:29:14 <isis> i made a #tor-h1 channel
17:29:26 <asn> but mo channels mo problems
17:29:28 <nickm> so, the announcements this week are "please pay attention to X", for X in { "dave's big connection/channel/scheduler email", "making sure 0.3.2 gets stable" }
17:29:30 <isis> do we have an @tor-network-team irc group already?
17:29:50 * nickm has no idea
17:30:17 <asn> catalyst: also, wrt coordinating responses we could use the "private messages" in h1 and ping each other over #tor-internal?
17:30:28 <asn> catalyst: not sure if making more precise processes is worth it
17:30:32 <asn> catalyst: perhaps we could have a pad?
17:30:34 <catalyst> i don't know how to do the inverse lookup of what groups are owned by what people
17:30:53 * asn checks meeting pad for now
17:32:36 <catalyst> asn: are there global private messages in h1 or is that per-ticket?
17:33:03 <asn> per ticket
17:33:43 <asn> i think discussing on #tor-internal and using private messages in h1 works for me right now
17:33:56 <asn> i guess the other question is "who handles the h1 tickets to begin with"
17:33:59 <asn> we could go with rotating roles
17:34:13 <asn> or go completely ad-hoc like it is currently....
17:36:44 <isis> idk how to make a group
17:37:01 <nickm> My impression is that the current setup isn't working so well for catalyst.  Correct?
17:37:05 <isis> but i added you all as chanops
17:37:05 <catalyst> we might want to include the tbb-team h1 people?
17:37:13 <nickm> Maybe the h1 folks should continue this on #tor-internal?
17:37:58 <catalyst> nickm: i think not everyone is on #tor-internal
17:39:36 <catalyst> anyway isis seems to be working on a reasonable solution so i think we're fine for now
17:39:55 <nickm> ok with me.
17:39:57 <nickm> ok w you, asn?
17:40:08 <asn> #tor-h1 ?
17:40:09 <asn> sure ok
17:40:13 <nickm> If so, let's move on to announcements/discussion quick before we break?
17:40:29 <nickm> announcement 1 was: dgoulet wants feedback on his big email
17:40:43 <nickm> announcement 2 was: Please don't forget that 0.3.2 needs to become stable.
17:40:57 <nickm> discussion topic 1: anybody in broader community to highlight this past week?
17:41:13 <nickm> wrt #24148
17:41:37 <nickm> I think that maybe instead of trying to brainstorm that now, we should ask ourselves if here's a better way to keep track of awesome volunteers to thank
17:42:19 <ahf> i like the idea, very nice
17:42:28 <asn> maybe yet-another-trac-tag, something like "volunteer-help"
17:42:33 <asn> probs not gonna work very well tho
17:42:56 <nickm> maybe we try to notice volunteers as we go along?  Or as we put out each release?
17:42:58 * armadev bleeps too
17:43:00 <ahf> asn: wasn't there one of the guys in #prop224 that helped you and david out quite a lot with some debugging?
17:43:02 <armadev> ?bleep
17:43:16 <ahf> i can't remember who it was, what it was and i don't have logs from that network :/
17:43:22 <asn> haxxpop? s7r? not sure
17:43:27 <asn> we thanked a lot of them in the blog post
17:43:35 <asn> i think we did a good-ish job there
17:43:40 * ahf nods
17:44:44 <armadev> "anything that works" is a great start
17:45:24 <armadev> (waiting months before feedback is probably not best though)
17:45:29 <nickm> asn: you have a discussion topic for "hackerone reports ... by the fuzzer guy". Should we discuss here, or #tor-h1?
17:45:48 <asn> here is good with me
17:45:53 <asn> if we want to take meeting time with this
17:45:58 <nickm> it's up to you!
17:45:58 <asn> tl;dr: there are three reports that nede triaging
17:46:13 <asn> does anyone want to take them on? perhaps it's already the same issues that catalyst found with the other reports?
17:47:32 <nickm> how hard is it?
17:47:33 <haxxpop> asn, thanks a lot for the mention in the blog post :)
17:47:55 <nickm> asn: I can take a shot at evaluating the reports
17:47:59 <asn> nickm: not sure, probs around an hour in total.
17:48:04 <nickm> asn: not sure if I should do arguing
17:48:18 <asn> arguing?
17:48:29 <nickm> ok, I just joined the #tor-h1 channel; somebody can walk me through what to do.
17:48:40 <asn> i still can't join #tor-h1
17:48:44 <nickm> like, I'm not sure I want to be the one to post the evaluations and argue with the reporters
17:48:57 <asn> ack
17:49:05 <asn> yes in general i think triaging tickets is what's needed
17:49:08 <nickm> isis: please let asn onto #tor-h1 ?
17:49:08 <asn> i can tkae the last part
17:49:12 <nickm> ok
17:49:56 <catalyst> asn: you might need to unban yourself if you tried to join before you were added to the access list
17:49:57 <nickm> last discussion topic is: did we finish everything from october?  If so, great.  If not, let's run in circles and jump up and down. :)
17:51:10 <nickm> it looks like everything on the roadmap for october is marked done, so that's good
17:51:12 <haxxpop> what is tor-h1 ?
17:51:30 <nickm> haxxpop: for discussing security bug reports that arrive via the hackerone bug-bounty thing
17:51:37 <nickm> and figuring out who triages what
17:51:38 <nickm> etc
17:51:39 <haxxpop> nickm, is it private ?
17:51:47 <asn> yes
17:51:50 <nickm> yes; see backlog
17:52:06 <nickm> wrt october: I don't see anything on the roadmap not marked done, so that's good...
17:52:55 <nickm> ... november is going to be fun.  Next monday, we'll check in on how our first-half-of-nov sprint went, and figure out how/if we do everything left in the rest of Nov
17:53:24 <nickm> armadev: other good volunteers include Dhalgren for tracking down #21394 stuff...
17:53:26 <isabela> do we tag tickets elected for the sprint somehow?
17:53:48 <nickm> ... and also, Sebastian has been writing patches again! So let's all send some love sebastian's way.
17:53:59 <nickm> isabela: I've been using TorCoreTeam201711.1
17:54:04 <isabela> tx
17:54:09 <nickm> and encouraging others to do so
17:54:15 * asn gives hackerlove to  sebastian
17:54:25 <isis> yay Sebastian is back!
17:54:26 <nickm> anything else for this week, my friends?
17:54:49 <nickm> well, Sebastian never _left_ -- he's always been dirauthing :)
17:55:07 <nickm> if not, I declare this meeting done, and I'll see y'all online!
17:55:18 <isis> well, was super busy with thesis work
17:55:18 * nickm waits 60s to endmeeting, just in case somebody has a thing to so
17:55:19 <nickm> *say
17:55:22 <nickm> yeah
17:55:27 <ahf> i'm traveling on monday, but will try to be both at the meeting in the evening and/or fill out the meeting notes when they are sent out sunday
17:55:37 <ahf> i'm at the OTF meeting in valencia next week with geko and shari
17:55:38 <nickm> ahf: ok; that's good to know.
17:55:47 <ahf> i hope to get some compute time too though
17:56:11 <ahf> anything i should say/do while there from the team?
17:56:36 <asn> hack the planet
17:56:45 <asn> in a more social way than usual
17:57:08 <nickm> :)
17:57:22 <ahf> XD
17:57:28 <nickm> ahf: I can't think of anything right now, but i'll let you know if I do
17:57:31 <nickm> thanks, everyone!
17:57:32 <ahf> i'll mention that, asn
17:57:33 <ahf> thanks!
17:57:34 <nickm> #endmeeting