17:00:14 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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17:00:28 <isabela> #topic review process to build sites with comms and community team
17:00:42 <isabela> ok
17:00:57 <isabela> :) as i said on my email i would us to do 2 things
17:01:15 <isabela> 1. review the process we will follow to build each site - specially thinking of the support.tpo site
17:01:29 * Phoul is here, but has people in his apartment doing some kinda work on the heat and may have to run if they need me, sorry.
17:01:30 <isabela> 2. review support.tpo design mocks that antonela did
17:01:42 <isabela> Phoul: np
17:02:00 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux
17:02:08 <isabela> the process is here fyi ^
17:02:15 <isabela> is also on the ticket
17:02:44 <isabela> so, maybe i can walk on each of this steps and ppl can ask questions?
17:02:49 <isabela> or do you want to just ask questions?
17:04:14 <isabela> for instance, we have done 0, 1, 2 of all portals
17:05:02 <t0mmy> I'm guessing 3 and 4 are the long-haul parts of the process?
17:05:11 <isabela> ok
17:05:19 <isabela> we are now on 3 with support
17:05:26 <isabela> which we will review those design mocks
17:05:39 <isabela> then i think once we are in a version we all happy with
17:06:09 <isabela> we will start organizing the content (all support articles are in the wiki now)
17:06:18 <isabela> and there is also UI copy too
17:06:45 <isabela> we will do support first and then move to the other portals
17:07:18 <isabela> i just want one site done so we can follow the process and get the hang of it ;) before we have to work on the other 3
17:08:27 * isabela gives people time to think and ask questions etc :)
17:08:41 <antonela> hey all! following up with what Isa said, feel free to make comments at the prototype
17:08:43 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9
17:09:10 <hiro> yep also if you don't feel comfortable with lektor and you would have preferred something else
17:09:16 <isabela> yes
17:09:16 <t0mmy> do you want my help with (4), or is it a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth? =)
17:09:34 <t0mmy> or (3) -- wherever the copy is, I mean.
17:09:51 <isabela> t0mmy: yes, we expect comms team to always be around for content help and ui review
17:09:53 <antonela> oh yes we want t0m!
17:09:57 <stephw> yes :)
17:09:58 <isabela> so
17:10:01 <isabela> what i need from you :)
17:10:15 <Phoul> For the translation side, some portion of the coding will need to be done as the strings should be in the format they will be used in before tey are added to Transifex.
17:10:34 <isabela> please test lektor - the framework we are thinking of using
17:10:38 <isabela> we have a ticket with instructions
17:10:56 <isabela> hiro will add some more info there about how to get git set up
17:10:58 <hiro> I can provide 1-1 help also
17:11:02 <isabela> :)
17:11:06 <isabela> let me get the ticket
17:11:41 <antonela> #24275
17:12:09 <isabela> tx
17:12:14 <isabela> sorry had a call too
17:12:20 <isabela> so yes
17:12:25 <isabela> please try this out ^^^
17:12:25 <t0mmy> cool, can do!
17:12:32 <isabela> that is top priority right now
17:12:37 <isabela> cuz we need to decide what to duse
17:12:38 <isabela> *use
17:12:48 <isabela> Phoul: you too :)
17:12:58 <isabela> and flexlibris
17:13:02 <isabela> ok
17:13:17 <isabela> so the second priority :) is to review antonela mocks
17:13:41 <isabela> maybe we can talk about that?  if ppl has no more questions on the steps we will go through
17:13:55 <isabela> Phoul: yes we will internationalize the code to be able to export the strings
17:14:07 <isabela> Phoul: we will need to coordinate with you on that step for all sites
17:14:22 <isabela> Phoul: so we will be pulling you in on this project to help with that ;)
17:14:28 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
17:14:55 <isabela> alright? should we talk about design? :)
17:15:02 <isabela> antonela: you want to lead?
17:15:03 <antonela> :)
17:15:30 <antonela> yes! this mock was made based on wireframes Isa worked with before
17:15:54 <stephw> looks very nice!
17:16:10 * Phoul really likes the mockups.
17:16:24 <antonela> thanks! they are just a first version
17:16:46 <antonela> i'm working hard to having the four main portals done so we can start to think about the website in terms of a system
17:16:57 <stephw> yea!
17:17:01 <stephw> :D
17:17:08 <antonela> ie: all the hero zones are going to be violet
17:17:09 <hiro> is it just me or the sidebar gives a feeling of "off-center?
17:17:21 <antonela> we will have Title + Description
17:17:45 <antonela> so then, all those components are going to be re-used in the other pages too
17:17:52 <isabela> :)
17:18:14 <hiro> sorry, it's me
17:18:20 <isabela> hehe
17:19:16 <antonela> hiro: yes? https://share.riseup.net/#xGNiaJFVbI1CMx1bHHzEyA
17:19:48 <antonela> also, this website is going to be responsive, so I'm working on /mobile /tablet /phone versions too
17:19:57 <isabela> antonela: so feedback now on what is there will be helpful for you to know if you are doing in a good direction?
17:20:01 <t0mmy> I definitely think we ought to go with v1-Support Portal and not v1-Support Portal-B
17:20:17 <isabela> antonela: yay for responsive!
17:20:19 <hiro> antonela sorry it is centred, but when I looked at it at first, since I focused on the text it felt like it was off centre
17:20:20 <antonela> exactly, arriving Isa ha
17:20:48 <antonela> what we are looking for you guys now is 1- you have fresh eyes on it, feel free to add comments about how you feel the brand is working
17:20:50 <isabela> s/doing/going
17:21:00 <antonela> 2- if you think we are missing anything critical
17:22:05 <isabela> stephw: can you please add this to comms sync so shari can review it too?
17:22:21 <stephw> yup can do
17:22:25 <isabela> tx
17:22:36 <isabela> comments on marvel are ++++
17:22:44 <isabela> because this way everyone is part of the conversation
17:22:46 <stephw> gotcha
17:22:57 <antonela> yes, you just need to click somewhere and write :)
17:23:07 <antonela> hiro: no problem! i wanted to check it too haha
17:24:44 <isabela> t0mmy: we are going with v1 but are also applying changes to it
17:24:56 <isabela> look at v3
17:24:57 <t0mmy> cool. I am a fan of the header.
17:24:59 <isabela> the logo is different
17:25:28 <t0mmy> yeah, prefer v3 to v2.
17:25:38 <isabela> :)
17:26:03 <isabela> so like antonela said, this header and footer will be on every page for every portal
17:26:30 <isabela> also the links there are not what we agreed for the new design - they are the actual menu we have now on tpo
17:27:00 <isabela> but will be the right links we already agreed on :) just that we dont have these pages now and in order to ship support we will have to keep the old links
17:27:13 <isabela> so no panic :)
17:27:16 <isabela> we know is wrong
17:28:43 <isabela> these were the main things I had for todays sync (fyi) please try out lektor! hehe
17:29:27 <t0mmy> heh, will do. =)
17:29:31 <hiro> I am going to add instructions on how to sync the repository
17:29:36 <antonela> for next week I'd like to have the  next iteration on the support portal
17:29:37 <hiro> and how to use git
17:29:48 <Phoul> isabela: sounds good!
17:30:32 <isabela> ah Phoul
17:30:54 <isabela> i wanted to chat about the step 9 too
17:31:08 <isabela> i know if you ask around we will have in house native speakers of some of these languages
17:31:29 <isabela> but ideally we want this person to be involved with the translation community too and know where to find the strings on transifex
17:31:32 <isabela> to fix them
17:32:05 <isabela> we should start thinking of how to do that for the tier1 languages
17:32:19 <isabela> they are in the main ticket #21222 (tier1 languages)
17:32:40 <Phoul> I will put some thought into that. Have also been thinking about ways people can contribute without using transifex if they'd like, which I know is something our in-house people would likely prefer.
17:32:53 <isabela> yep
17:33:06 <isabela> this is how i think of this process
17:34:03 <isabela> 1. upload strings to transifx 2. people translates 3. we put translated site on a staging servr 4. native speaker reviewer looks and see what is out of context, fix it in transifex etc 5. we pull new translation with fixes
17:34:15 <isabela> and then we can push from stage to production or smething
17:34:42 <Phoul> That would work :)
17:34:44 <isabela> so yeah
17:34:53 <isabela> think about that step 9
17:34:56 <isabela> :)
17:35:35 <isabela> ok i think this is it :) for realz now
17:35:52 <isabela> how is everyone? good?
17:36:10 * antonela is good
17:36:26 <stephw> me too
17:36:36 <hiro> good
17:36:37 * Phoul is also good :)
17:37:00 <isabela> t0mmy: !
17:37:01 <isabela> hehe
17:37:20 <isabela> ok i will end the bot then
17:37:22 <t0mmy> heh, sorry, all good =)
17:37:33 <isabela> #endmeeting