18:03:25 <Phoul> #startmeeting
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18:03:40 <Phoul> Hi Everyone, we will start with check-ins. Would anyone like to go first?
18:04:55 <sukhe> I can go first I guess :)
18:05:01 <Phoul> sukhe: go for it!
18:05:05 <sukhe> unless someone else wants to!
18:05:23 <sukhe> ok. just wanted to give a quick update regarding the outreach events.
18:05:55 <sukhe> I will be there at the Toronto Public Library's four week course on privacy. http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/detail.jsp?Em=1&Entt=RDMEVT21813&R=EVT21813 ... tomorrow's topic is Tor
18:06:16 <Phoul> Woo! I'm excited to hear how that goes.
18:06:38 <sukhe> Jonathon from the Toronto Public Library who leads the series will be speaking but he asked me to be there just in case there are questions
18:06:55 <sukhe> if you know someone in Toronto who may be interested, pass along the link :) it's a public event, no registration needed
18:07:43 <Phoul> Might be worth tweeting about from the tpo account, if it hasnt been done already :)
18:07:51 <sukhe> On Jan 25 next year, I will be speaking at the library for their Data Privacy Day. more information later
18:08:30 <sukhe> yeah
18:08:44 <t0mmy> sukhe any chance you could ping the library and ask them to change TOR to Tor? =)
18:08:56 <sukhe> t0mmy: already did but it was not reflected :)
18:09:03 <t0mmy> ah, rats
18:09:04 <sukhe> I will ask again
18:09:13 <t0mmy> but yes to tweeting, I think
18:09:50 <sukhe> the hackbeach organizers (https://hackbeach.in/) want us to give a Tor talk but I am currently debating whether a trip to the other side of the world makes sense for just a two hours talk
18:09:56 <sukhe> I may go if there is funding and if there are other talks
18:10:07 <sukhe> that's it from me. please let me know if you have any questions
18:11:22 <Phoul> Thanks sukhe !
18:11:42 <Phoul> If there are no questions, who would like to go next?
18:13:24 <Phoul> I can go if no one else has an update at this stage :)
18:13:50 <kat5> oi
18:13:58 <Phoul> Hi kat5 !
18:18:25 <Phoul> I spent some time answering tickets on RT, answering translator questions, getting more TB manual translations online, and investigating issues a few people reported with tx which seem to be resolved. I've also been working with the frontdesk@ team to come up with a solution to some of the issues RT has (mainly not being able to interface with it via email). We also had a meeting last week about
18:18:31 <Phoul> getting website translations going, and we will be putting up the downloads page right away. I fell behind on that a bit. I've also been looking into a way for people to contribute translations to Transifex without actually having to use Transifex if they want, this goes together with a request from the TB team for a more instant update system for Transifex allowing us to push strings to it, vs waiting
18:18:37 <Phoul> for transifex to poll our git repo.
18:19:32 <Phoul> Thats all from me. If people have questions, happy to answer :)
18:19:49 <sukhe> Phoul: quick question: so what's the alternative to Transifex?
18:20:31 <kat5> Phoul: Did you see my email re: translations?
18:21:12 <Phoul> We dont want to entirely move away from Transifex because we have thousands of contributors who would likely not move off Transifex (people who translate for lots of projects). The idea here is to use the tx tool to push translations to transifex if people want to translate outside of the platform. This would  keep all of the work synced.
18:21:47 <Phoul> There are a decent number of alternatives, but any alternative means we lose a significant portion of our translator community currently.
18:22:08 <Phoul> kat5: I did, I was going to ask, is the downloads page safe? Thats what we'd like to start with.
18:22:22 <kat5> Yes. I guess I should say for the team..
18:22:45 <sukhe> Phoul: yeah
18:22:51 <kat5> I'm going through the website and updating hidden service -> onion service.
18:23:08 <stephw> :D
18:23:15 <kat5> So we shouldn't translate pages that that hits until that's done.
18:23:28 <kat5> But the downloads page is fine.
18:24:12 <Phoul> Awesome! Thanks for doing that.
18:24:12 <kat5> I was just worried that you all were further along, so I wanted to o/.
18:25:10 <Phoul> I appreciate it :)
18:25:23 <Phoul> Does anyone else have a status update before I hand this over to t0mmy ?
18:26:50 <Phoul> t0mmy: Go for it :)
18:26:54 <t0mmy> cool!
18:27:24 <t0mmy> I never know whether I should do a status update in these meetings. =)
18:27:36 <Phoul> If you want to, definitely do :)
18:28:03 <sukhe> yeah ^!
18:28:09 <t0mmy> but I just wanted to ping this meeting briefly about a Global South grant I'm working on, to put it on the radar here. If you're planning on being at the GS meeting this coming Monday, I beg your indulgence if I repeat myself.
18:28:39 <sukhe> t0mmy: can you talk a bit more about what is this "GS meeting"?
18:29:27 <t0mmy> I can! Are you on the global south Tor list?
18:29:37 <sukhe> I am. I guess I missed it
18:30:03 <sukhe> oh got it
18:30:22 <t0mmy> actually instead of me talking more I'm gonna let flexlibris do it -- https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/global-south/2017-November/000090.html
18:30:50 <sukhe> yup; sorry had not read it yet!
18:31:08 <sukhe> t0mmy: please continue; I will keep questions for the end
18:31:32 <t0mmy> Np. =) So I'm Tor's writer/editor, and a large chunk of that is grants-related, and basically this is a meeting to figure out a) what needs funding and then b) what sort of funding, from where, etc. etc.
18:31:41 <t0mmy> (b) is sort of my job to figure out and research.
18:32:15 <t0mmy> So if you have opinions/want to attend, I suggest you do. =)
18:32:53 <t0mmy> The second Community Team grant I'm working on is a relay operator support grant. This also has to do with the GS in that the capacity and speed of the Tor network is slower in some areas of the world that are short on relays.
18:33:08 <sukhe> yeah
18:34:05 <t0mmy> And so we're thinking of a grant to hire someone to do relay operator support/liaison -- monitoring the network, doing outreach. Without using too much Silicon Valley-speak, think customer relationship management, but for volunteers. =)
18:34:25 <Phoul> :)
18:34:37 <t0mmy> None of this is reinventing the wheel, we just need someone to be on top of this stuff.
18:34:57 <t0mmy> So -- if you have opinions about that, you should reach out and we should chat, either on IRC or email.
18:35:38 <t0mmy> That's it from me, grants-wise -- I just wanted to give a heads up of what I'm working on, since these are both on the roadmap, and to say that you can nudge me if you have thoughts.
18:35:49 <t0mmy> /fin
18:35:53 <Phoul> t0mmy: Those both sound great! Thanks for the update :)
18:36:57 <Phoul> Was there any other topics people wanted to cover / did anyone have questions about anything discussed?
18:37:25 <sukhe> t0mmy: thanks for tackling the GS issue. I will be there at the meeting.
18:37:32 <t0mmy> cool!
18:39:48 <Phoul> Alright, thanks everyone! I hope you all have a good day :)
18:39:57 <Phoul> #endmeeting