17:00:22 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 27 Nov 2017
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17:00:26 <nickm> hi everybody!!!
17:00:31 <ahf> hello
17:00:32 <asn> \o/
17:00:32 <isabela> o/
17:00:35 <catalyst> hi
17:00:45 <komlo> hello
17:00:47 <nickm> Pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/takGJ0e0100J
17:01:02 <dgoulet> hello
17:01:38 <nickm> whoa, lots of updates
17:01:44 * asn starts reading updates
17:02:27 <nickm> let's all read the updates, answer little questions, and boldface discussion issues
17:03:21 <asn> wrt "On the roadmap spreadsheet", can we have the link to spteadsheet?
17:03:27 <asn> or is it not on the pad for a reason?
17:03:32 <nickm> one moment
17:03:38 <asn> dont have those emails on this laptop
17:04:02 <nickm> added it
17:04:16 <isis> o/
17:04:20 <nickm> hi isis !
17:04:43 <isis> hey nickm! how's it going
17:04:50 <asn> hoho dgoulet getting an android XD
17:04:57 <nickm> not bad!  Trying to get my brain back into code
17:05:03 <dgoulet> asn: not a phone! :P
17:05:25 <ahf> :-D
17:05:31 <ahf> a big phone
17:05:44 <isis> i see we have dragons
17:06:43 * nickm has an old collection of quotations and needed a place to put them
17:06:45 <asn> lovely
17:07:42 <komlo> i like the quotation :)
17:08:03 <asn> mikeperry: we have "List of guard discovery proposals to write" in November in the pad, but i haven't actually thought much about it. should we move to december?
17:08:04 <mikeperry> $ fortune --cypherpunk
17:08:20 <asn> i think december i will finally have time to do this stuff
17:09:10 <mikeperry> asn: I thought about it a bit as part of writing https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/SponsorV
17:09:36 <mikeperry> I couldn't find anything that really needed an immediate proposal other than updates to prop247.
17:10:12 <mikeperry> I want to think about how conflux could help mitigate congestion attacks, but I don't have concrete ideas there yet, and I think the other work should be done first
17:10:33 <mikeperry> so we can wait on that item until december I suppose
17:10:37 <mikeperry> maybe we will think of more to do
17:10:59 <asn> right
17:11:02 <nickm> So, make sure to check the announcements this time -- they're all things that we need to do in order to keep organized
17:11:12 <asn> i guess the improvements on prop247 can also be seen as microproposals
17:11:48 <asn> since i dont think they are just gonna be trivial changes
17:11:53 <isabela> nickm: i will move the bucket stuff to december so we can try have armadev catch up with it
17:11:59 <nickm> isabela: ok
17:12:27 <asn> mikeperry: moved it to dec
17:12:35 <nickm> first discussion topic I see is isabela's question for isis
17:13:05 <ahf> isabela: are you/we going to do s8 reporting/network tests this week or is that going to be sometime in december?
17:13:30 <isabela> ahf: i will write the report for Q4 in january
17:13:33 <nickm> isabela: also, question for you: Is there anything we should be doing this week to help you out?
17:13:40 <ahf> isabela: oki, cool!
17:13:41 <isis> isabela: you have a question for me?
17:13:42 <isabela> help me with?
17:13:52 <isabela> isis: checking on the status of moat server
17:14:38 <isis> isabela: it's done, but i got an email about a bug that i need to look into where if you do the captcha succssfully it doesn't give bridges
17:16:24 <isabela> isis: is that the issue mcs mentioned on those check in emails?
17:18:13 <asn> mikeperry: actually i marked the "list of proposals" as DONE, and I will move "All guard discovery proposal drafts written" to december
17:18:24 <asn> mikeperry: since your work on sponsorv wiki page is indeed the list
17:19:36 <nickm> isis: question for you above?
17:19:54 <isis> isabela: i am a bit behind on email, but assuming it is the one i saw last week, then yes
17:20:01 <nickm> isabela: help you with reports and whatnot.
17:20:07 <nickm> and proposals and deadlines and all those things
17:20:32 <isabela> nickm: i dont have anyone know related to network team work, thanks tho! o/
17:20:44 <isabela> *anything
17:20:45 <isabela> hehe
17:21:15 <nickm> so, next person with discussion topics seems to be me
17:21:29 <nickm> I'm going to be doing backporting and security fix prep this week
17:21:29 <isabela> isis: yep, do you mind sending an update on that email from last week?
17:21:31 <isis> i'm not sure if there is an issue because the unittests and the integration tests are happy so it might just be that something in the test environment setup went wonky
17:21:32 <nickm> (yes, I'll get CVEs)
17:21:36 <GeKo> isis: so we don't need follow-up tickets for the remaining things of #22871?
17:21:40 <isis> isabela: nope, will do
17:22:07 <isabela> isis: thank you
17:22:08 <isis> GeKo: also will do that, i forgot
17:22:09 <nickm> I'm going to need folks to help review and test this stuff again; sorry there's so much of it
17:22:33 <nickm> dgoulet: there's the -12 issue, and there's the issue that teor believes should be -13.
17:23:18 <dgoulet> nickm: yes what do you need from me on those? basically weigh in for the -13 ?
17:23:25 <nickm> yes please on that one
17:25:23 <nickm> I think I"m going to propose a revision in our security policy to split "high" into "high"/"critical"
17:25:33 <nickm> so, that'll be going around too, and I'd like comment
17:26:00 <ahf> critical > high ?
17:26:04 <nickm> y
17:26:13 <nickm> and the last thing is that I think I was useful last week when people grabbed blocks of time for me to chat about their ongoing design stuff.  Please feel free to do that again this week if you're trying to figure anything out
17:26:18 <nickm> and that's all for me
17:27:27 <nickm> anything for me , 9or do we move on to asn below?
17:27:46 <ahf> dgoulet: i didn't have any rotation duties in november, but you had one, do you mind if i take your rotation duties next week?
17:27:52 <dgoulet> ahf: sure go
17:27:53 <nickm> asn's question is "is asn missing aqnything we need asn to do"?
17:28:24 <ahf> dgoulet: thanks
17:29:19 <nickm> asn: not on my side
17:29:19 <asn> nickm: i guess we good here
17:29:33 <nickm> ok.  So, I think we may be out of discussion topics.  Does anybody have anything else?
17:30:01 <nickm> if not we can end early
17:30:09 <nickm> and everybody can review one of the tickets in review-group-26
17:30:13 <ahf> oh! should we find a conclusion for the meeting time before next week?
17:30:22 <nickm> oh, indeed we should.
17:30:42 <nickm> What does the takeaway from the thread look like?
17:30:49 <catalyst> i interpret the consensus as 18:00 UTC is ok but opinions mixed on tracking DST; does that sound right?
17:30:54 <ahf> yep
17:31:11 <isabela> so one hour up
17:31:17 <mikeperry> I didnt reply yet. I am in favor of tracking DST
17:31:20 <ahf> and on the ml thread it was mentioned if europeans were OK with it, and i think both asn and i said ok during last meeting?
17:31:40 <nickm> okay.  So let's say that it's 1800 UTC, and defer a DST decision for a couple of months :)
17:31:41 <mikeperry> wait, it's 17:30 UTC now, right? so 18:00 is one hour later
17:31:42 <catalyst> we will have to figure out how to avoid conflicting with tbb-team once they go back to 18:00 UTC
17:31:47 <asn> im good with 18:00 change, and fine with tracking DST
17:32:06 <isabela> i like that so i dont eat as i am in the meeting :)
17:32:26 <nickm> Let's say that we _are_ tracking DST (us or eu?) and that we can change our mind between now and the dst transition?
17:32:33 <asn> nickm: yes ye syes
17:33:13 <nickm> okay.  Anything else for this meeting?
17:33:26 <ahf> cool! so 18 next week
17:33:33 <asn> great
17:34:15 <isis> GeKo: isabela: i created #24432 and #24433
17:34:24 <GeKo> thanks
17:34:53 <nickm> okay.  Going to call the meeting done; I'll be hanging around on #tor-dev for at least another 30 min before I go grocery shopping though
17:35:24 <ahf> cool
17:35:31 <nickm> Thanks, everybody!  Let's end 2017 in privacy-enhanching style.
17:35:33 <nickm> #endmeeting