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16:00:33 <isabela> !
16:00:51 <isabela> i will say we go down the list of what we had for november
16:01:02 <isabela> and if we think we can't finish it by thursday we move to december
16:01:12 <isabela> then we should review what we have in december (at the end of the meeting)
16:01:14 <isabela> sounds good?
16:01:30 <antonela_> perfect!
16:01:38 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:01:53 <isabela> first one was to give feedback to metrics folks
16:02:19 <antonela_> yes! i saw the lastest mockup. They took our suggestion about using the full column
16:02:27 * karsten waves
16:02:32 <antonela_> :)
16:02:35 <isabela> nice
16:02:39 <isabela> karsten: do you need anything from us?
16:02:51 <isabela> should we have an item to do another review in december?
16:03:17 <karsten> I think we can move on with the timeline thing now.
16:03:20 <antonela_> karsten: what did happen with the icon-font? do you need specific icons there?
16:03:36 <karsten> antonela_: no, I fixed that. we already have icons.
16:03:45 <isabela> no more tofus!
16:03:47 <isabela> hehe
16:03:52 <karsten> so, the question whether we need anything in december is a hard one.
16:04:01 <isabela> is ok
16:04:05 <antonela_> oh super karsten!
16:04:08 <isabela> just let us know if something comes up
16:04:18 <karsten> okay!
16:04:31 <isabela> i will mark this as done in the roadmap \o/
16:04:37 <antonela_> yeeee
16:04:42 <karsten> (I just happened to be around. I don't have anything specific for this meeting.)
16:04:51 <isabela> #24280
16:05:03 <isabela> I GUESS
16:05:04 <isabela> ops
16:05:05 <isabela> !
16:05:09 <antonela_> yes! hiro and I we have been working on it :)
16:05:15 <antonela_> we need to define some things isa
16:05:16 <isabela> i guess we should talk about #24281
16:05:17 <isabela> first
16:05:28 <antonela_> yes, is almost the same
16:05:48 <isabela> what needs to define? do you need my help on anything?
16:06:09 <antonela_> yes :)
16:06:09 <antonela_> https://share.riseup.net/#vfQKntz-FRj8XTYsC8zuyg
16:06:29 <isabela> ok
16:06:36 <antonela_> i made this quick mock to show hiro what i have in mind for styleguide.torproject.org
16:07:05 <hiro> yep basically we might get rid of the jekyll complexity?
16:07:17 <hiro> althouh I liked the pre-made templates
16:07:23 <isabela> yes
16:07:28 * isabela likes that
16:07:37 <isabela> pre-mode?
16:07:40 <isabela> the ones on examples?
16:07:43 <hiro> yes
16:07:45 <hiro> those
16:07:48 <hiro> the example templates
16:08:01 <isabela> we can have that as another category on that left column/menu
16:08:25 <isabela> like 'Getting started', 'Components', 'Templates Examples'
16:08:57 <isabela> antonela_: brand assets are logos etc right?
16:09:20 <antonela_> yes! those text/sections are just an approach, Id like to review them with you isa so we are in the same page about what we are going to have there
16:09:22 <antonela_> yes!
16:09:31 <hiro> also isabela: this is a good opportunity to decide if we want the media stuff here w the brand mojo :D
16:09:35 <antonela_> people ask for them often, and if we are goign to have it live, maybe we can add it there
16:09:46 <hiro> yes that
16:09:57 <isabela> yes
16:10:02 <isabela> all the little goodies elio did a while back
16:10:12 <isabela> download button, donate button, logos etc
16:10:17 <antonela_> yes
16:10:23 <isabela> i think this is great
16:10:30 <isabela> and is a great v1 for it
16:10:51 <antonela_> as i said in the emails, I prefer to have fewer components but looking good than having all the set looking too standard
16:11:11 <isabela> yes, and the ones showing on this screenshot are the ones you have already selected?
16:11:16 <antonela_> yes
16:11:18 <isabela> that we will ship on v1
16:11:18 <isabela> ok
16:11:19 <isabela> that is great
16:11:22 <antonela_> is okey?
16:11:24 <antonela_> cool
16:11:24 <isabela> yep
16:11:39 <isabela> so all we should add are the templates examples
16:11:52 <isabela> ?
16:12:11 <hiro> yes probably
16:12:19 <isabela> great
16:12:32 <hiro> but maybe we want to think that a little longer? and make different template examples? I am not sure
16:12:51 <isabela> hiro: for v1 i would stick with what bootstrap has
16:12:58 <hiro> ok
16:13:08 <isabela> so hall y'all feel about it? do you think these tickets can be closed by thursday?
16:13:32 <isabela> or should we wait and see? and review next check in meeting?
16:13:33 <antonela_> if hiro will be working on it this week, I
16:13:38 <antonela_> 'd like to review them next one
16:13:45 <isabela> k
16:13:56 <hiro> yep
16:13:58 <isabela> i feel we are pretty close too
16:14:04 <isabela> so lets leave it there and review next week
16:14:19 <antonela_> yes we are, is the first version, seems hard but we can do it  :)
16:14:25 <isabela> :)
16:14:27 <isabela> i agree
16:14:56 <isabela> please ping me if you need anything. i think the index page is on me but i moved last week to december so i coud focus on other stuff this week
16:15:23 <hiro> I think you should hold on the index
16:15:31 <isabela> yeah i wont touch it this week
16:15:35 <hiro> since we won't be using jekyll but something static
16:15:35 <isabela> dont worry
16:15:36 <isabela> hehe
16:15:49 <hiro> also easier to build it
16:15:55 <isabela> yeah
16:16:40 <isabela> alright - can we move to lektor?
16:16:54 <isabela> or is there any styleguide boostrap thing left to discuss?
16:17:00 <antonela_> nono, we are ok
16:17:04 <isabela> cool
16:17:08 <isabela> for the lektor one
16:17:19 <isabela> i want to declare the 'test it' task as done
16:17:23 <isabela> can i declare that?
16:17:26 <hiro> ok we have a winner!
16:17:30 <antonela_> yeee
16:17:40 <isabela> hehehehe
16:17:51 <isabela> hiro: do we see a need to keep this open: Collect extra requirements if any regarding the chosen framework
16:17:59 <hiro> nope let's close it
16:18:02 <isabela> ok
16:18:06 <isabela> will marke both as done
16:18:22 <antonela_> ⌐■_■
16:18:32 <hiro> also: this might not affect you, but I might change the search engine.. was doing some test already and I think I might switch to solr
16:18:59 <hiro> it was in my december tasks
16:19:07 <isabela> actually i remember hearing good stuff on solr
16:19:47 <isabela> ok
16:19:49 <hiro> yep since I wasn't working on the styleguide I am actually hoping to have a test ready for that
16:20:29 <hiro> so yeah. not strictly related to ux stuff.
16:20:43 <isabela> i cant find the task related to the search tool in the roadmap
16:20:49 <isabela> i guess that was on your roadmap
16:20:54 * isabela gets confuse with so many!
16:21:19 <hiro> yeah sorry about it. anyways I'll send the link when it is ready so you all can get an idea regardign the support portal
16:21:49 <isabela> hiro: maybe update the ticket to be just notabout one particular searach engine
16:21:54 <isabela> but research and you can add that info there
16:22:44 <hiro> ok
16:23:38 <isabela> this way we centralize info
16:23:45 <isabela> alright
16:23:49 <isabela> support mocks!
16:23:59 <antonela_> i made 2 options for the footer iteration based on last week comments. you can check them
16:24:05 <antonela_> Footer A
16:24:05 <antonela_> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35210130
16:24:05 <antonela_> Footer B
16:24:07 <antonela_> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35210129
16:24:21 * antonela_ should update the ticket? I think so - Doing now
16:24:33 <isabela> hehe yes
16:25:05 <isabela> so! should i ping ppl again to join us tomorrow for review?
16:25:08 <isabela> i think it would be cool
16:25:17 <isabela> and we can start getting copy from folks too
16:26:12 <isabela> thanks for making those options
16:26:36 <antonela_> yes! if we can start getting copy, that could be awesome
16:26:41 <isabela> i think both are good tbh i have an inclanation towards the B for being more 'clean' but i know the A might drive more people
16:26:56 <isabela> i would like to know steph thoughts on it
16:27:18 <antonela_> #24130 -  updated
16:27:23 <isabela> awesome!
16:27:24 <isabela> thanks
16:27:34 <isabela> i will email folks and remind them on the copy stuff
16:27:56 <isabela> t0mmy: yo i know comms has a meeting today, please remember about our copy!
16:27:57 <isabela> :)
16:27:59 <isabela> hehe
16:28:03 <antonela_> haha
16:28:06 <antonela_> cool, thanks isa!
16:28:13 <t0mmy> yo!
16:28:16 <t0mmy> is on the agenda =)
16:28:20 <isabela> awesome
16:28:39 <t0mmy> where should we focus?
16:29:29 <isabela> title above search box
16:29:34 <isabela> call to action inside search box
16:29:56 <isabela> and i would say call to action to sign up for newsletter
16:29:58 <isabela> at the footer
16:30:04 <t0mmy> noted, got it!
16:30:15 <isabela> also
16:30:15 <isabela> sorry
16:30:27 <isabela> those call to action on the left column for more support
16:30:29 <isabela> :)
16:30:41 <isabela> 'Get in Touch' - stays this way? should we change?
16:31:20 <isabela> 'chat with us live!' <- is that a true thing? hehe should we say that?
16:31:22 <isabela> hehe
16:31:27 <isabela> all these little UI strings
16:31:36 <antonela_> you comms, you can change everything. This copy is just a placeholder
16:31:42 <isabela> yes
16:31:43 <t0mmy> gotcha
16:31:46 <isabela> all the UI strings
16:31:49 <antonela_> :)
16:31:53 <t0mmy> okay made a note, we meet at 17:30 (in an hour)
16:32:04 <isabela> but remember navigation menu on the header and footer are 2 things already decided hehe
16:32:10 <antonela_> oh yes
16:32:10 <antonela_> haha
16:32:21 <isabela> ok!
16:32:43 <isabela> i will move on to #24371
16:33:08 <isabela> I have been digging into this and found a couple of things
16:33:23 <isabela> i will leave it there for the rest of week to keep playing whenever i have a break
16:33:31 <isabela> antonela_: you have been playing too right?
16:33:36 <antonela_> cool, i have notes too, will update it this week
16:33:37 <antonela_> yes
16:33:56 <isabela> awesome! if you feel like something should be a children ticket (like a bug or a task) please create them
16:34:02 <isabela> under that main QA ticket
16:34:05 <antonela_> yes sure
16:34:10 <antonela_> i have been working for TTB team too
16:34:10 <isabela> mcs and brade are watching it :)
16:34:24 <isabela> sweet!
16:34:29 <antonela_> and I want to be sure if i'm lost or i'm in the right pad lol
16:34:48 <antonela_> we have #23247 and #21952
16:34:58 <isabela> yes
16:35:04 <antonela_> and i made a first approach here
16:35:05 <antonela_> https://marvelapp.com/59a164g/screen/35513646
16:35:10 <isabela> oh nice
16:35:29 <isabela> this looks great
16:35:45 <antonela_> we have an issue. The old firefox UI has different details related with the new Quatum browser UI
16:36:08 <antonela_> im designing right now to be consistent with the Firefox UI we have running at the Tor Browser [the old one]
16:36:14 <isabela> yes
16:36:18 <antonela_> cool
16:36:24 <isabela> we have an item for March 2018 too
16:36:31 <antonela_> i wanted to know if that is ok
16:36:35 <antonela_> oh fantastic
16:36:40 <isabela> Activity 1.2: Make sure Firefox Photon UI works with our style guidelines
16:37:02 <isabela> which will hopefully address these stuff
16:37:22 <isabela> antonela_: i am tracking these .onion stuff for december tho
16:37:26 <antonela_> yes! i have a comment for it. We are using Bootstrap for our Web-based projects. Photon UI will define our browser product.
16:37:38 <isabela> yes
16:37:59 <antonela_> the tor browser will keep Photon UI if all the interface is updated
16:38:03 <antonela_> cool
16:38:04 <antonela_> perfect
16:38:47 <isabela> antonela_: lets add your design to #23247
16:38:53 <isabela> can be an attachment to the ticket or a comment
16:39:00 <isabela> i will try to use that one to track this work
16:39:06 <antonela_> yes will do, wanted to check with you before he
16:39:24 <isabela> yeah, i plan on updating the google doc etc
16:39:26 <isabela> but only in december
16:39:27 <isabela> hehe
16:39:57 <isabela> sorry, i do need to be a little diciplined on it because of other deadlines for november i have, i need to keep thsoe prioritized
16:40:10 <isabela> that is why i havent touch it yet
16:40:15 <antonela_> no worries, i have a list too _nerd emoji_
16:40:16 <antonela_> haha
16:40:16 <isabela> but thanks for getting started with it
16:40:23 <isabela> i think that will help others see our vision
16:41:58 <isabela> i do have something frfom november
16:41:59 <isabela> *from
16:42:09 <isabela> #24309
16:42:12 <isabela> our last item there
16:42:20 <isabela> i organized this ticket!
16:42:36 <isabela> antonela_: please review what i wrote in there and let me know what you think
16:43:58 <antonela_> yes!
16:44:54 <isabela> also let me know if you like this format 'problem' 'solution' 'testing ideas' 'next iterations ideas'.. i will try to collect user problems and write summaries like this for our ux tickets
16:46:00 <isabela> i think this ticket will be dragged a little bit to december
16:47:09 <antonela_> will review it this week isa
16:47:53 <isabela> thanks
16:48:09 <isabela> antonela_: do you remember is we set a follow up sync with asn and GeKo on the .onion thing?
16:48:25 <isabela> i kind want to have it on december 6 not this week
16:48:39 <antonela_> ohh im not sure
16:48:51 <antonela_> i think i said i'll have things to review (i have!)
16:48:54 <antonela_> so i'll update the ticket
16:48:59 <isabela> yes
16:49:03 <antonela_> and you tell me if we should join them or not this wed
16:49:07 <isabela> i will send an email and ask
16:49:14 <antonela_> awesome, thanks
16:49:25 <isabela> i will copy you and asn and GeKo
16:49:27 <isabela> k
16:49:33 <isabela> lets look at december!
16:50:30 <isabela> i dont think this will happen in december:
16:50:31 <isabela> - First version with translations - native speaker of each supported lang review the site
16:50:34 <isabela> hehe
16:50:44 <isabela> row 18
16:51:03 <isabela> we should for sure have the first version up and translations goign on transifex by december
16:51:14 <isabela> but i think lang review will only happen in january
16:51:20 <isabela> giving that there is a week off in december
16:51:50 * isabela moved to jan
16:52:32 <isabela> i will have tickets for all the stuff going on in december
16:52:38 <isabela> by the end of this week
16:52:51 <isabela> the rest looks alright
16:53:53 <isabela> karsten: if you are still around let us know if the metrics item related to atlas and compass are stuff you would like us to review
16:54:21 <antonela_> i think they have
16:54:29 <antonela_> #24399
16:54:47 <antonela_> not sure the priority, but yesterday I talked about it with hiro
16:55:18 <hiro> :)
16:55:24 * Samdney has to go. o/
16:55:31 <hiro> i think it would be good to have these also for other projects
16:55:39 <hiro> maybe not top priority
16:55:56 <isabela> Samdney: o/
16:56:23 <isabela> yeah
16:56:30 <isabela> that would be nice to have indeed
16:56:38 <isabela> do you want to add that on december?
16:57:02 <isabela> (I just added 2 items: copy for the help windows of tor launcher and guerrilla tsting in india)
16:57:38 <antonela_> i have news! i will be in india on january (80% confirmed)
16:57:44 <isabela> !!!!!!!!!
16:57:50 <isabela> that is great stuff
16:57:52 <antonela_> YES
16:58:11 <isabela> i will make sure you are in touch with sukhbir
16:58:17 <antonela_> so, I can do testing irl there if we coordinate that
16:58:31 <antonela_> i *want* to do testing there if we can coordinate ha
16:58:31 <isabela> awesome!
16:58:36 <isabela> hehehe
16:58:45 <isabela> this is great news
16:58:59 <antonela_> \o/
16:59:39 <isabela> ok
16:59:44 <isabela> we made the hour ppl!
16:59:51 <isabela> should we call it?
17:00:27 <isabela> antonela_: to recap - tomorrow at normal meeting time i will invite comms and community folks again for follow up sync
17:00:39 <isabela> antonela_: and I will also send an email to check on .onion sync
17:00:47 <antonela_> gotcha - will update the ttb ticket today
17:00:55 <isabela> tx
17:01:14 <isabela> ok i will end the bot
17:02:24 <isabela> #endmeeting