18:02:28 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team meeting
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18:02:56 <flexlibris> since it is the end of November, I'd like to check in about where we are on our November roadmap tasks
18:03:19 <flexlibris> after that we can do other updates from team members
18:03:54 <flexlibris> here is the team roadmap for anyone following along: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biph8qhxvUc_VetcaJjkS9H3kKC95yPB9Z1VhZLypIQ/edit#gid=0
18:04:14 <flexlibris> (sorry for using google, suggestions for stable, shareable spreadsheets with access controls welcome)
18:05:18 <flexlibris> so the first two items regarding community team funding....
18:05:32 <flexlibris> t0mmy: are you here? otherwise I can give this update
18:05:46 <t0mmy> hi! I'm here.
18:06:11 <t0mmy> sorry I thought this meeting was at 11 (/me shakes first at UTC) but I'm here.
18:06:17 <flexlibris> hiya, do you wanna talk about where these drafts are and what needs to happen and what help you need
18:06:28 <flexlibris> t0mmy: why are timezones so hard, I hate them
18:07:05 <t0mmy> Yeah sure I can talk about them.
18:09:23 <t0mmy> So there are three areas of funding on the community team that I'm looking at this month and next: the first two are connected -- one is GS outreach, where we're looking to fund meetings in the Global South, and the second is a Global South support position, I.e. someone to facilitate work. Essentially, we're looking at ways to grow, strengthen, and support Tor in the GS region.
18:10:53 <t0mmy> These drafts are at the early stage, with an eye to getting letters of inquiry out next month. Right now I'm figuring out how best to define "grow the community" in concrete terms, and figure out what success would look like.
18:12:27 <flexlibris> I'm ready to help whenever you summon me
18:12:29 <t0mmy> The second main area (and, confusingly, the third grant) is relays, and figuring out how best we can support relay operators in general.
18:12:52 <t0mmy> Thanks! I'm still sort of playing catchup after Thanksgiving but I'll have something for you by the end of this week, I hope.
18:13:08 <flexlibris> don't sweat it, this is the most terrible time of the year
18:13:25 <flexlibris> plus I'd say this roadmap task is achieved bc the initial research is happening
18:13:37 * flexlibris distributes gold stars
18:13:52 <flexlibris> thanks for working on those t0mmy
18:13:57 <t0mmy> We want to grow the number of relays in existence, and I/flexlibris suspect that having a dedicated person doing outreach (monitoring the network, being a point person, and maybe doing relay operator meetups) would be a good way of doing that.
18:14:00 <t0mmy> fin
18:14:06 <flexlibris> that's right
18:14:22 <flexlibris> human beings need care in order to care for their relays
18:14:28 <t0mmy> thanks! I think this is a cool project and we've identified something cool, so it's something I'd like to get right.
18:14:38 <t0mmy> "who cares for the relay carers" indeed
18:14:45 <flexlibris> <3
18:14:48 <Phoul> +1 :)
18:14:58 <flexlibris> next item
18:15:10 <flexlibris> the Tor meetup at Primavera Hacker
18:15:24 <flexlibris> this is happening this weekend and lots of folks on the tor-south mailing list organized it
18:15:46 <flexlibris> and there's also a blog post coming out very soon about the goals of the meetup
18:16:12 <flexlibris> Tor covered the travel for some people to go to the meetup, and sent stickers and other swag
18:16:48 <flexlibris> so we'll see how the meetup goes. the idea is to have many more meetups like this beginning with Latin America
18:17:30 <flexlibris> after Primavera I'll be checking in with the organizers to see how it went and what we can replicate for next time
18:17:51 <flexlibris> those meetups of course tie in with the grants t0mmy is working on, because we're going to ask for them to be better funded
18:18:00 * t0mmy nods
18:18:03 <flexlibris> okay next item
18:18:11 <flexlibris> "initiate new frontdesk@ alias"
18:18:16 <flexlibris> hey we did this one too, woooo
18:18:41 <flexlibris> the frontdesk@ handle is basically a stopgap for user inquiries until we get support.torproject.org live
18:20:09 <flexlibris> "analyze survey feedback from Tor Montreal Meeting" well, I collected the feedback, and I organized it, but I have not analyzed it yet
18:20:23 <flexlibris> once I do I'll share some sanitized feedback with the team
18:20:51 <flexlibris> Phoul: I am talking a lot, do you want to talk about what the relay ops blog post is and where we are with it?
18:20:59 <Phoul> Sure :)
18:22:38 <Phoul> Alison and I have started writing a blog post, currently titled "So you wanna run a relay?". The idea is to explain the different aspects of running a relay, some best practices, and some social information about getting involved with Torservers / universitys/ etc.. We are pretty close to having this finished, if anyone would like to look it over before it goes up, this is probably the time. I'm happy
18:22:44 <Phoul> to send the pad link to anyone interested.
18:23:09 <flexlibris> yeah I think we really want to get some feedback on this! it's meant to be very comprehensive but that means it's also long, and maybe confusing!
18:23:41 <kat5> What's the timeline? I can't look at it today, but I could tomorrow.
18:24:00 <flexlibris> kat5: that would be great. we don't have a deadline, but I think it would be great to get it published next week
18:24:21 <flexlibris> we're trying to get all the basic relay ops resources in one place so that people can refer back to this post
18:24:30 <moananddrone> I'd be interested in having a look.
18:24:41 <kat5> Cool. I can do a pass over it tomorrow.
18:24:45 <flexlibris> so many of the questions we get on frontdesk@ are "I want to run a relay but I need better instructions than the ones on the website
18:24:56 <flexlibris> moananddrone, kat5: I will dm the link to you each right now
18:25:10 <Phoul> flexlibris: thanks :) was just grabbing the link.
18:26:16 <flexlibris> the next item is "begin support wiki to portal migration" and that is well underway with the UX team
18:26:57 <flexlibris> what's happening now on this time is copyediting the content that will go up on the portal
18:27:23 <flexlibris> that means the FAQ stuff of course, but also the basic text that's in support portal mockups
18:27:42 <flexlibris> and we're also always finding more stuff to add in the FAQ, so that will continue in December
18:28:16 <flexlibris> if anyone wants to get in on that work, it's a good idea to attend the UX meetings too when possible
18:28:33 <flexlibris> moving along...
18:28:40 <flexlibris> the libreplanet proposal: I submitted it
18:28:50 <flexlibris> I think we will get in, which is great bc LibrePlanet is really fun
18:29:10 <flexlibris> I hope we'll have both a talk and a Tor table, and the latter will need some people to staff it :)
18:30:12 <kat5> Is that in the US?
18:30:26 <flexlibris> kat5: yes (unfortunately). it's in Cambridge, MA
18:30:49 <flexlibris> this item fits into another theme which is getting more Tor talks at important conferences, and getting a different set of Tor people to give those talks
18:31:03 <flexlibris> so this one will be a panel featuring a few people who have not spoken for Tor before
18:31:12 <Phoul> Nice!
18:31:50 <kat5> That's cool
18:32:00 <flexlibris> next item (trying to get through these so that we still have time to talk)
18:32:09 <flexlibris> "Coordinate with network and application teams for monthly support checkins" -- we have our new Outreachy intern, Parinishtha, working on this
18:32:22 * gwolf will probably be at LibrePlanet as well \o/
18:32:40 <flexlibris> she's monitoring blog comments, IRC, and questions submitted to frontdesk@ and collecting user questions
18:32:40 <gwolf> (of course, I'm also between "people who have not spoken for Tor" :)
18:33:21 <flexlibris> then categorizing them in ways that can be helpful to the devs, eg "this same windows 10 error came up this many times in this version of Tor Browser"
18:33:52 <flexlibris> once she's comfortable with the job we'll have her share her findings on tor-project@ every month (without identifying users of course)
18:34:05 <flexlibris> gwolf: omg come staff the table with us please?
18:34:13 <flexlibris> or maybe we can get you to talk :D
18:34:46 <gwolf> flexlibris: I'd be honored to :) My only requisite is my talk (on Debian) to be approved
18:35:22 <flexlibris> gwolf: will you keep me posted about it?
18:35:59 <gwolf> OK! I don't know when they will announce the accepted talks
18:36:19 <flexlibris> I don't either
18:36:46 <gwolf> You are going to Chile this weekend, right?
18:37:00 <flexlibris> I wish :(
18:37:11 <flexlibris> but I couldn't make it happen
18:37:37 <gwolf> :(
18:37:49 * flexlibris is saving my pennies and jetlag for Cryptorave next year
18:38:25 <flexlibris> okay, next item
18:38:39 <flexlibris> "Preliminary planning for Library Freedom Institute"
18:38:48 <flexlibris> gosh I am sure talking a lot in this meeting. I will keep this brief.
18:39:11 <flexlibris> Library Freedom Institute is the new thing I'm doing with Library Freedom Project where I'm building a six month privacy training program for librarians
18:39:30 <flexlibris> the funding only allows me to have US based participants but I am open sourcing all the materials and I already have some translators lined up
18:39:55 <flexlibris> it begins officially december 1 and so I've been getting the website ready. I will share it next week. :)
18:40:12 <flexlibris> Phoul: hey can you talk about transifex and I will stop talking :x
18:40:26 <Phoul> hehe, sure :P
18:42:10 <Phoul> So we decided to get the downloads page on Transifex, and then Transifex seemingly stopped handling webml the way they had for the last couple years. I've spent some time working on this, and recently reached out tto a transifex dev to ask about what specifically changed. I've also been looking into other ways to get the strings up, if putting them up in webml wont work (extracting strings into a po
18:42:16 <Phoul> file, or similar).
18:42:56 <Phoul> So progress is being made. THe good news is Lektor (the planned system for portal migration currently), has much better support for l10n.
18:44:12 <flexlibris> yaaaay i love having the right tools for the job
18:44:25 <Phoul> Thanks to a volunteer on the GS list, we do have an ES translation ready and on staging.
18:44:58 <Phoul> They did it on their own without transifex, but it llooks like they did a good job :)
18:47:01 <Phoul> I think thats all for that item.
18:47:33 <flexlibris> wow look at us we did so many of our roadmap items
18:47:44 * flexlibris throws confetti in the air
18:48:03 <flexlibris> does anyone else have a status update they want to discuss?
18:48:46 <Phoul> I wrote a status update before the meeting as usual, however a lot of it was covered. Can still post it, if no one else has anything.
18:49:09 <flexlibris> please do
18:49:19 <flexlibris> or at least whatever you feel like wasnt covered
18:49:22 <Phoul> Since the last meeting I worked more on getting the site on Transifex, which isn't going great currently. I have sent an email to a Transifex dev to ask about an issue I am seeing, and am waiting to hear back. I've also been working
18:49:26 <Phoul> on the script to allow us to push translations back up to Transifex faster, and this should be done soon. I've also been working on the relay blog post with Alison, as well as documenting what certain log entries mean for the suppo
18:49:30 <Phoul> rt wiki. I've also been answering translator requests, and answering users on RT. Last night I started writing up our process for accepting translators, which will be posted on the wiki as well as sent to the HTTPS-Everywhere people
18:49:34 <Phoul> , who requested this information.
18:50:36 <Phoul> I really need to fix that line breaking.
18:52:00 <kat5> I'm just keeping on keeping on on the t-shirt front.
18:52:28 <flexlibris> in an uncertain world, I'm glad we can always count on you kat5
18:52:35 <kat5> lol
18:52:49 <flexlibris> anyone else?
18:53:22 <flexlibris> we have a few more minutes, we can look over the December roadmap some
18:53:57 <gwolf> kat5: Lets talk after the meeting re: T-shirts
18:54:40 <flexlibris> a few things that will be new next month: recruiting more people to give Tor talks covering all 12 Tor Browser languages
18:55:21 <flexlibris> there are a few languages that are especially critical, like Japanese and Korean, where we don't know many people in our community who could do it
18:55:41 <flexlibris> and we will also start thinking about getting a Tor contigent to Cryptorave in Brazil
18:57:21 <flexlibris> but we can really check in about the december tasks at our next meeting
18:57:32 <flexlibris> it is two minutes til the hour, anyone have anything else to share?
18:58:51 <flexlibris> okay then!
18:58:56 <flexlibris> #endmeeting