16:01:22 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team check in
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16:01:40 <isabela> alright
16:01:51 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:02:19 <isabela> last week we marked a few things in november as done already
16:02:20 <hiro> hello
16:02:28 <isabela> lets start by checking whatelse got done
16:02:35 <isabela> and see what we move to december
16:02:42 <isabela> #24280
16:02:51 <isabela> #24281
16:02:59 <antonela> hiro has a version updated, we need to review the content and i need to review the style
16:03:07 <antonela> will work on it this week too
16:03:48 <antonela> the styleguide is a task that is going to be open all the time we work on the website
16:04:17 <hiro> also I am going to add the examples section while we speak :)
16:04:20 <antonela> because I am still updating components
16:04:21 <antonela> yess
16:04:22 <hiro> since we hav ethe url now
16:04:32 <hiro> it's https://styleguide.torproject.org
16:04:41 <isabela> nice!
16:04:44 <antonela> ☜(˚▽˚)☞
16:04:56 <hiro> I managed to got those into lektor too
16:05:10 <isabela> lets put it on dec just to be truthful (is that a word?)
16:05:25 <antonela> yes
16:05:26 <antonela> yes
16:06:36 <isabela> ok!
16:06:38 <isabela> #24371
16:06:54 <isabela> i think i am good with this one, but i might do another QA in Jan
16:07:00 <isabela> after some fixes has been done etc
16:07:08 <antonela> perfect
16:07:18 <isabela> cool
16:07:21 <isabela> so lets mark it as done
16:07:22 <isabela> :)
16:08:00 <isabela> #24309
16:08:24 <isabela> should we move this one? because we might have a couple of back and fwd with the TB team on it still
16:08:36 <antonela> TB team is reading and making comments there
16:08:44 <antonela> i'm making iterations based on the comments
16:08:44 <isabela> yeah
16:08:51 <isabela> so maybe we move to december and keep working on it
16:09:00 <antonela> we are still working on it, so yes
16:09:01 <hiro> back
16:09:09 <isabela> ah!
16:09:22 <isabela> did you saw on t0mmy's update that we got the otf thing?
16:09:27 <antonela> YES
16:09:28 <isabela> it came yesterday
16:09:34 <isabela> \o/
16:09:38 <antonela> \o/
16:09:49 <isabela> hehe
16:09:57 <isabela> so we are ahead on it!
16:10:03 <isabela> k i will move
16:10:24 <isabela> alright
16:10:29 <isabela> next
16:10:37 <antonela> december looks hot
16:10:41 <isabela> lol
16:10:50 <antonela> ha
16:11:00 <isabela> so lets review it and see what we should mvoe to jan
16:11:02 <isabela> move
16:11:03 <antonela> yes
16:11:22 <isabela> cuz we actually have like 2 weeks (after this one)
16:11:24 <isabela> right?
16:11:26 <antonela> yes
16:11:29 <isabela> is not a lot of time on dec
16:11:39 <hiro> I am not doing xmas vacations.. although I am not sure I can say that
16:11:49 <isabela> lol
16:11:55 <isabela> i think all tor is off from one date to another
16:11:58 <isabela> xmas to new years
16:12:09 <antonela> but, some tasks are already happening like #23247 #21952
16:12:13 <antonela> so lets review each of them
16:12:17 <isabela> yes
16:12:20 <hiro> yeah but for personal reasons I'd rather work so if you need to finish stuff let me know
16:12:32 <isabela> :) ok
16:12:34 <isabela> alright
16:12:42 <isabela> i will move all that has tickets to the top
16:12:54 <isabela> for #23247
16:13:10 <isabela> antonela: i still need to update the google doc
16:13:15 <isabela> but i want to do it today
16:13:24 <antonela> no worries
16:13:27 <isabela> did you added the cropped onions to the ticket?
16:13:31 <isabela> sorry i havent looked at it
16:13:50 <antonela> onions are on the ticket but not in your doc
16:13:56 <isabela> ok
16:14:05 <isabela> thats good
16:14:06 <isabela> tx
16:14:14 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23247#comment:9
16:14:23 <antonela> it is the comment
16:14:35 <isabela> #21952 - the idea here was to create a banner or some type of notification for the user
16:15:00 <antonela> keep it for december
16:15:12 <antonela> im already working on it
16:15:34 <isabela> cool
16:15:46 <isabela> hiro: -> - Hiro: start building the site
16:15:49 <isabela> i will create a ticket for it
16:15:53 <isabela> this is support site
16:16:01 <isabela> and i think we can keep it for december too
16:16:09 <hiro> yep I can start that :)
16:16:24 <antonela> :D
16:16:38 <isabela> i will move the translation stuff to jan
16:16:53 <isabela> if we are ready earlier than that
16:16:58 <isabela> we can still pick it up
16:17:04 <isabela> and do it in dec
16:17:24 <antonela> we need to setup a workflow so people can collaborate in the right way
16:17:37 <isabela> yes
16:17:40 <antonela> talking about translations
16:17:44 <isabela> so we will work on getting that prepared
16:17:57 <isabela> then Phoul can upload strings to transifex
16:18:07 <isabela> but for that he has to work with hiro
16:18:15 <antonela> awesome, people is complaining about transifex but i'm sure we picked that for a reason
16:18:18 <isabela> so the site can do its thing w it
16:18:31 <hiro> yep
16:18:39 <isabela> yes, it has important features
16:18:41 <hiro> I think I need to have the site half built
16:18:45 <isabela> yes
16:18:46 <hiro> so we can have the strings in a certain format
16:18:50 <isabela> that is why i moved to jan
16:19:03 <isabela> that has to happen first, the i18n of the strings
16:19:17 <hiro> the good news is that since we are doing the styleguide w lektor I have lots of template and small things already built that we can use
16:19:29 <isabela> :)
16:19:34 <antonela> lekt<3r
16:19:41 <isabela> for #24513
16:19:51 <isabela> i think we can totally plan it this month
16:19:59 <isabela> and has the stuff ready for doing them in jan
16:20:03 <antonela> YES
16:20:05 <isabela> lol
16:20:22 <antonela> :D
16:20:27 <isabela> ok lets keep it
16:20:39 <isabela> i am doing this #24200 this month too
16:20:41 <isabela> btw
16:20:48 <isabela> ux stuff with tor launcher
16:20:57 <isabela> the stable release is jan 23
16:21:06 <isabela> moat might not go out on this stable one
16:21:15 <isabela> but the new ui will
16:21:19 <antonela> cool, i have been working on #23136
16:21:22 <isabela> and we need to make sure this text is done for that
16:21:23 <antonela> which is not on our roadmap
16:21:31 <antonela> but i know is related with jan23
16:21:31 <isabela> yes
16:21:35 <isabela> so
16:21:36 <isabela> that part
16:21:39 <isabela> will be on alpha
16:21:42 <antonela> ohh
16:21:45 <isabela> not on the stable reelase of jan 23
16:21:47 <antonela> sorry
16:21:51 <isabela> is coll
16:21:52 <isabela> cool
16:21:57 <isabela> we do need to get it done too!
16:21:58 <isabela> hehe
16:22:04 <antonela> yes, we need to get all done haha
16:22:20 <isabela> with tor launcher we divided the project into pieces like this to make it easier the implementation
16:23:03 <isabela> so, for the new ui we did the QA and are doing these copies
16:23:13 <isabela> they will be on the jan 23 stable release
16:23:24 <isabela> and that means tor browser manual and support pages etc
16:23:27 <isabela> need to be udpated too
16:23:48 <antonela> cool
16:23:53 <isabela> i have a ticket for that (which is also not on the roadmap right now)
16:23:57 <isabela> but we should have it htere
16:24:01 <isabela> and work with community team on those
16:24:24 <isabela> so:
16:24:25 <isabela> Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and control by clarifying Tor Browser’s security features (the Security Slider and NoScript).
16:24:37 <isabela> do we have bandwidth for this one? ^^^
16:25:01 <antonela> yes we have, but we have 3 tickets from the metric team + tb mobile
16:25:37 <isabela> yes
16:25:39 <antonela> so, i'd prefer to work on ttb and move mobile to jan
16:25:46 <antonela> not sure which implications it has
16:25:49 <isabela> row 22 i think we did in nov
16:25:56 <antonela> ooohh
16:26:10 <isabela> and 23 too
16:26:23 <antonela> so, we are ok with everything i think
16:26:27 <isabela> oh at least they didnt need anything from us
16:26:39 <isabela> for mobile!
16:26:51 <isabela> i will organize a meeting with the new folks
16:27:04 <isabela> for us to review the project plan and when they will need our help
16:27:27 <antonela> cool, yes
16:27:33 <isabela> by when our mocks needs to be ready for them to implement
16:27:41 <isabela> so we can leave it there, this is just a meeting
16:28:06 <antonela> okey
16:28:25 <isabela> hiro: should I add the search ticket here too?
16:28:41 <hiro> so the search thing is kinda tested with solr
16:28:58 <hiro> as testing is concerned we are good
16:29:10 <hiro> what we need now is figuring the implementation details
16:29:13 <isabela> cool,  so we can close that on your roadmap
16:29:21 <isabela> ok
16:29:41 <hiro> so yeah we can close the testing phase
16:29:47 <isabela> one sec
16:29:48 <hiro> and open the implementation phase
16:29:50 <isabela> someone at my door
16:30:02 <hiro> which will last longer I suppose (sure no problems)
16:30:15 <hiro> (if they have cake let em in)
16:31:07 <isabela> back!
16:31:28 <antonela> haha
16:31:37 <isabela> no cake
16:31:43 <isabela> hehe
16:31:46 <isabela> sorry
16:31:56 <isabela> ok so i will close that ticket and open the implementation one
16:32:05 <hiro> ok for me
16:32:37 <isabela> antonela:
16:32:38 <isabela> "Get started with mocks of other portals
16:32:38 <isabela> - torproject.org
16:32:38 <isabela> - community.torproject.org
16:32:38 <isabela> - dev.torproject.org"
16:32:44 <antonela> yesss
16:32:44 <isabela> how does you feel about this?
16:32:50 <isabela> *do
16:33:00 <isabela> stay in december?
16:33:01 <antonela> worked with comms last week, working with dev this week
16:33:02 <antonela> :)
16:33:11 <isabela> cool
16:33:19 <antonela> first approach here
16:33:22 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35696611
16:33:22 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35696613
16:33:22 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35696631
16:33:24 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35696625
16:33:25 <isabela> i will start opening design tickets for those sites too
16:33:32 <antonela> super, thanks
16:33:35 <isabela> so you can organize this stuff there if you want
16:33:40 <antonela> i wanted to share it with comms tomorrow
16:33:50 <antonela> so they can start to leave comments, copy updates, etc
16:33:51 <isabela> sorry i didnt get to do it before this meeting
16:33:56 <isabela> nice!
16:34:00 <isabela> that will be cool
16:34:13 <stephw> we still want to update support copy too, but we want to do a bigger overhaul
16:34:19 <antonela> yes
16:34:37 <isabela> i think we should also organize in early jan
16:34:45 <isabela> a review with the rest of the community
16:34:49 <isabela> like folks from dev teams
16:35:06 <antonela> yes, it was the original plan
16:35:10 <isabela> yes
16:35:16 <antonela> invite different teams to review their own portals
16:35:30 <antonela> just to be everybody in the same page
16:35:33 <isabela> i will add an item to organize this calendar
16:35:41 <isabela> for jan
16:35:45 <stephw> is all of the copy and questions for the support portal in one location somehwere?
16:36:16 <isabela> should be at the marvel
16:36:24 <isabela> we are trying to centralize there
16:36:29 <isabela> or
16:36:32 <stephw> where was it pulled from? it is hard to see all text at once there
16:36:35 <isabela> you mean the actual articles
16:36:35 <antonela> mmm, i think stephw is asking about all the questions and answes
16:36:42 <antonela> *answers
16:36:42 <isabela> !
16:36:52 <isabela> they are in trac
16:36:56 <isabela> in a wiki page
16:37:00 <isabela> let me get it
16:37:16 <stephw> it’s straight from that support wiki page?
16:37:32 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam/Support
16:37:51 <isabela> stephw: people worked on this content and put it on the wiki while they didnt had a site
16:38:01 <isabela> so now with the site we will migrate it to it
16:38:03 <stephw> ah yes i remember, thanks
16:38:09 <isabela> np
16:39:39 <isabela> ok
16:39:59 <stephw> sorry to just jump in, not sure if it’s the best time, but is there a new version of the support portal which includes comments we added last week?
16:40:31 <isabela> i asked on my email
16:40:46 <antonela> stephw: 1 sec
16:40:46 <isabela> for folks to share stuff if they had new thigns to be reviewed for tomorrow's sync
16:41:56 <antonela> stephw: DM :)
16:42:16 <stephw> thanks :)
16:43:30 <antonela> no problem
16:45:54 <isabela> hehe
16:46:13 <isabela> anything else for the check in?
16:46:31 <isabela> antonela hiro -> i am assuming you will ping me when you need reviews etc
16:46:36 <isabela> for guideline and other stuff
16:46:43 <antonela> yes sure
16:46:48 <isabela> unless you need stuff now :)
16:46:58 <antonela> im ok
16:47:00 <hiro> nope it is good for the moment
16:47:10 <hiro> if you keep checking the styleguide you will see little changes every day
16:47:56 <isabela> sounds good
16:47:59 <isabela> i will end the bot then
16:48:08 <isabela> #endmeeting