17:17:04 <isabela> #startmeeting support.tpo website meeting
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17:17:22 <flexlibris> hellooo
17:17:31 <antonela> holaaa
17:17:37 <isabela> buenas buenas
17:17:58 <isabela> maybe lets start with design? then we go to copy?
17:18:10 <antonela> yes, sure
17:18:29 <Phoul> \o hi
17:18:36 <antonela> thanks folks for the comments made last week! I updated the mockups and marked them as done
17:18:38 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35210130
17:19:00 <antonela> some threads are still open
17:19:25 * t0mmy is here
17:19:41 <isabela> cool
17:19:49 <isabela> maybe take a min to review it?
17:20:39 <isabela> so
17:20:47 <isabela> 'Can't find your question?'
17:20:52 <isabela> bellow get in touch stays?
17:20:56 <isabela> can we close that too?
17:21:31 <t0mmy> I think we said that can go -- stephw isn't that what we said?
17:21:40 <antonela> +1 with it
17:21:51 <flexlibris> something else I just noticed we need to change -- the subject headings on the left sidebar
17:22:08 <flexlibris> I sent the comms team the list of subject headings we're using on the support wiki, so if they approve of the language of those I will add them in a comment
17:22:23 <stephw> yes i think we were just wanting to have Join us on iRC
17:23:02 <stephw> flexlibris: when did you send that?
17:23:42 <flexlibris> after we talked about changing the copy, let me resend
17:23:53 <stephw> thanks!
17:24:10 * antonela marked it as done + updated mocks
17:24:16 <isabela> cool
17:24:47 <flexlibris> I'll paste the categories here too
17:24:53 <isabela> tx flexlibris
17:25:14 <stephw> flexlibris: cool, i think those are good - would just suggest “Connecting issues” be “Connecting” since all sections are arguably "issues"
17:25:31 <flexlibris> Most Frequently Asked Questions; Tor Browser; Tor Messenger; Tor Mobile; GetTor; Connection Issues; Censorship; HTTPS; Operators; Onions;
17:25:42 <flexlibris> Miscellaneous
17:25:47 <flexlibris> yep stephw you're right
17:25:56 <flexlibris> I also think GetTor belongs in Censorship
17:26:07 <stephw> that makes sense
17:26:22 <isabela> hmm
17:26:39 <isabela> 'Connecting' or 'Connecting to Tor'
17:27:07 <stephw> hrm true
17:27:12 <isabela> and Onions should be Onions or Onions Services
17:27:12 <isabela> ?
17:27:18 <flexlibris> Onion Services yep
17:27:20 <isabela> too short might not be intuitive for new ppl
17:27:23 <flexlibris> I like Connecting to Tor
17:28:06 <antonela> do we have a pad with all this content?
17:28:21 <flexlibris> I'm adding this as a comment antonela
17:28:29 <antonela> oh thanksss
17:28:39 <flexlibris> any further changes to the categories? otherwise I will submit this comment
17:28:52 <hiro> hey just one question... where does the menu for languages go?
17:29:21 <antonela> good point hiro!
17:30:28 <isabela> yes!
17:30:37 <isabela> good good point!
17:31:33 <isabela> ok
17:31:42 <antonela> we could add a select at the footer, similar to this one
17:31:43 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#ltdXyCHL58f0NOJqBAYdXQ
17:31:48 <isabela> hmm
17:32:00 * isabela thinks footer is so hidding tho :(
17:32:00 <antonela> i'll make a comment to make some options
17:32:13 <antonela> mmm yes maybe
17:32:15 <isabela> thanks :)
17:32:45 <isabela> can i ask comms and community - what would be your ETA for copy
17:32:49 <isabela> including the articles etc
17:33:07 <isabela> I am assuming most of december if not all
17:33:08 <stephw> whens ideal?
17:33:11 <isabela> (cuz we dont have a week)
17:33:32 <isabela> stephw: i would say if we can have mock with final copy by EOM
17:33:42 <stephw> cool alright
17:33:44 <stephw> ill put into a doc
17:33:53 <isabela> hiro then could start coding and preping to get this ready for Phoul and transifex
17:33:56 <isabela> in january
17:34:28 <flexlibris> stephw and t0mmy: I sent the copy for the articles to you in that email that I just fwded
17:34:57 <stephw> thankyou
17:35:20 <t0mmy> great stuff, cheers
17:35:52 <isabela> so giving y'all december to finalize that
17:36:06 <stephw> alrighty
17:36:10 <flexlibris> great
17:36:23 <isabela> anything else ?
17:36:25 <isabela> soryr i was late
17:36:41 <isabela> should we do another check in next wed?
17:36:46 <isabela> quick one like this
17:36:51 <flexlibris> sure
17:37:03 <Phoul> sounds good :)
17:37:09 <flexlibris> assuming that those of us who are going to Austin aren't needed elsewhere by mozilla
17:37:11 <stephw> not sure what’s happening at all hands during this time
17:37:11 <stephw> yea
17:37:26 <antonela> i'll have mocks updated by the end of this week so you can take a look :)
17:37:32 <stephw> cool :)
17:37:33 <flexlibris> cool thanks
17:38:55 <isabela> ahh
17:39:01 <isabela> shoot
17:39:07 <isabela> ok we jump next week and do the other
17:39:24 <isabela> which will be good because we can do some assessment if we are on track or
17:39:25 <isabela> :)
17:39:35 <isabela> so i will end the bot then :) is that cool?
17:39:48 <t0mmy> great, and two weeks gives us time to look over copy
17:40:05 <stephw> til end of dec
17:40:21 <stephw> yup we’re good
17:40:26 <antonela> yep
17:40:26 <flexlibris> sure
17:40:27 <t0mmy> oh there is more than 2 weeks left in the year, grand
17:40:28 <t0mmy> greta
17:40:30 <t0mmy> *great
17:40:50 <isabela> #endmeeting