14:29:25 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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14:29:28 <karsten> hi!
14:29:51 <irl_work> hi!
14:30:08 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Ou-1QRctynWbF4yedi-MfDsjImFMFSIEP20fbVGCPRa <- agenda pad
14:30:16 <karsten> hi irl_work!
14:30:24 <iwakeh> hi!
14:30:47 <karsten> pretty short agenda so far.
14:31:26 <iwakeh> well, it always depends ;-)
14:32:15 <iwakeh> what to compare to.  Some cities phone listings are longer.
14:32:25 <karsten> hehe
14:32:46 <karsten> shall we start with the topic and see if we'll find another one after that?
14:32:56 <iwakeh> fine
14:33:25 <irl_work> ok
14:33:46 <karsten> * Priorities for completing tasks in "remaining week of December" from highest to lowest (karsten)
14:33:55 <karsten> so, I realized that we only have 1 week left this month.
14:34:30 <karsten> it would be great if we could complete some tasks in that time, rather than picking them up again in january.
14:34:41 <karsten> not all that are listed on the pad though.
14:34:53 <karsten> let me assign letters..
14:35:04 <irl_work> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/Metrics2017Tickets is a useful link
14:35:56 <karsten> that's another useful list of things we once thought we'd finish in 2017, yes.
14:36:12 <karsten> I'm afraid we'll have to move some of those tickets to 2018.
14:36:24 <iwakeh> true.
14:36:39 <irl_work> just looking to see if there's anything that is so close to done that it might as well be done
14:36:47 <karsten> yes, good point.
14:37:01 <karsten> okay, shall we add new items first?
14:37:05 <karsten> say, in the next 5 minutes or so?
14:37:20 <iwakeh> I added the one I could think of.
14:38:23 <irl_work> i don't think there are more that i can think of for me
14:38:30 <karsten> ok.
14:38:39 <karsten> shall we order them by priority?
14:38:44 <karsten> the current order is just what I came up with.
14:39:09 <iwakeh> well, a should be first.
14:40:00 <irl_work> for the blocking bug for compass, that's something i plan to do this evening
14:40:08 <karsten> okay, neat!
14:40:29 <irl_work> it's just making the search form be able to do both aggregate by country *and* as
14:40:46 <irl_work> the logic is already there and you can go straight to the URL, but there's no button
14:41:17 <karsten> oh, okay.
14:47:58 <karsten> okay, I think we have reviewed all of them by now, right?
14:48:07 <iwakeh> yep
14:48:08 <karsten> shall we go through the list?
14:48:47 <karsten> here, I mean?
14:48:53 <irl_work> ok
14:48:54 <iwakeh> maybe, prioritize now?
14:48:57 <karsten> yes.
14:49:07 <karsten> a can stay on top.
14:49:11 <irl_work> bubble sort?
14:49:11 <iwakeh> +1
14:49:21 <karsten> bubble sort!
14:49:35 <iwakeh> we don't have prio numbers assigned :-)
14:49:46 <iwakeh> for sorting.
14:50:11 <karsten> so, bubble sort means we compare a to b and leave them as they are.
14:50:19 <irl_work> yes
14:50:29 <karsten> b and c look okay, too.
14:50:37 <karsten> switch c and d?
14:50:51 <irl_work> quick vs. big task, i would think yes
14:51:15 <karsten> did that.
14:51:17 <iwakeh> as I'm not involved in b that much; d could move up more.
14:51:54 <irl_work> b is essentialy karsten doing a git pull at the end of december
14:52:04 <karsten> yes.
14:52:12 <iwakeh> ah
14:52:18 <karsten> should be safe to leave d there and get it done anyway.
14:52:38 <iwakeh> g,i
14:52:49 <karsten> switch those two?
14:53:05 <iwakeh> move all in-between with 2018 to the end
14:53:28 <iwakeh> move g,i up to d
14:53:29 <karsten> I'm confused. want to make changes on the pad?
14:54:55 <karsten> what about k?
14:55:05 <karsten> should we move that up a fair bit?
14:55:11 <karsten> also, l?
14:55:13 <iwakeh> seems possible.
14:55:22 <iwakeh> l definitely
14:55:42 <karsten> after g?
14:55:51 <iwakeh> or before
14:56:10 <karsten> irl_work: what about k?
14:56:15 <karsten> k. About Metrics #23169 (irl)
14:56:19 <iwakeh> choose alphabetical order when in doubt
14:56:46 <irl_work> k is the last thing in my priority list for this year, with b and the blog post being the other things
14:56:52 <irl_work> it's above j
14:56:58 <irl_work> but below b
14:57:07 <irl_work> that looks fine
14:57:15 <iwakeh> yes.
14:57:25 <karsten> I think we should move some from the middle to the bottom.
14:57:31 <karsten> f and h?
14:57:48 <iwakeh> i,h
14:58:02 <iwakeh> ,j,f
14:58:45 <irl_work> does h have a ticket? this is something i would be interested to follow and I could read up on along with privcount
14:59:03 <iwakeh> that is not really a ticket.
14:59:37 * iwakeh cannot find the link immediately ...
14:59:51 <irl_work> RAPTOR: Routing Attacks on Privacy in Tor?
15:00:01 <iwakeh> oh h has a ticket wait ...
15:01:08 <iwakeh> #24229
15:01:49 <karsten> iwakeh: is l something you'd do?
15:02:03 <irl_work> iwakeh: thanks
15:02:12 <iwakeh> ok :-)
15:02:16 <karsten> and, hmm, c should be higher.
15:02:24 <iwakeh> what about the relay search tickets?
15:02:41 <karsten> we now have an imported database here that is a few days old.
15:02:50 <karsten> updating that in a week from now will be okay. next month a tiny bit harder.
15:03:16 <iwakeh> true
15:03:18 <karsten> iwakeh: how much can we raise c so that it doesn't collide with your other tasks?
15:03:33 * iwakeh keeps mixing this up with webstats for whatever reason.
15:03:41 <karsten> heh
15:03:55 <iwakeh> dc
15:04:05 <iwakeh> acdc
15:04:17 <karsten> almost :)
15:04:20 <karsten> great!
15:04:25 <karsten> what relay search tickets?
15:04:36 <karsten> you mean should you reassign those to 2018?
15:04:37 <iwakeh> when I move tickets around?
15:05:04 <karsten> fine question. irl_work?
15:05:19 <irl_work> good question
15:05:39 <karsten> speaking of, should we rename the Atlas component to Relay Search?
15:05:53 <irl_work> we should, i was thinking to do this at the end of the year
15:05:55 <iwakeh> I can just move all remaining at the end of next week?
15:06:24 <irl_work> reassign all unclosed to metrics-2018, there's no reason that they can't all be done next year
15:06:25 <karsten> irl_work: please open a ticket when you think is a good time.
15:06:36 <irl_work> i think i'm actually an admin
15:06:37 <iwakeh> fine
15:06:41 <karsten> ah!
15:06:53 <irl_work> not sure why, perhaps it was a bug
15:06:55 <karsten> what I usually do is file a ticket when renaming components.
15:07:05 <karsten> maybe also do that to document the change.
15:07:09 <karsten> file ticket, rename, close ticket.
15:07:15 <irl_work> yep, good plan
15:07:30 <irl_work> i'll have to update links at the same time
15:07:35 <irl_work> so i need to work out where those lnks are
15:07:39 <karsten> true.
15:08:00 <karsten> so, what's the plan for reassigning all unclosed to metrics-2018? now or end of next week?
15:08:14 <irl_work> probably end of next week
15:08:17 <karsten> ok.
15:08:33 <iwakeh> end of next week, otherwise it takes up time from other tasks.
15:09:15 <irl_work> how likely is the jetty switch to be done?
15:09:23 <irl_work> i mean, by the end of next week?
15:09:37 <karsten> I haven't seen the branch yet.
15:09:45 <karsten> I just heard the number 30 commits.
15:09:52 <karsten> which is great, because I asked for splitting up commits. :)
15:10:01 <karsten> but it's still 30 commits. I have no idea.
15:10:07 <irl_work> i took a look at the branch, but it's not yet got a readme
15:10:08 <iwakeh> you could use the branch for your integration work, if needed.
15:10:26 <iwakeh> oh, I can add a small version.
15:10:27 <karsten> is it blocking things?
15:10:42 <irl_work> just a list of "these jars are needed and they're in these packages"
15:11:02 <irl_work> for the about stuff and actually doing the relay search integration for real
15:11:06 <iwakeh> ah, ok, I will compile this list.
15:11:12 <irl_work> thanks (:
15:11:33 <karsten> irl_work: just wondering after seeing your R code,
15:11:49 <karsten> would you be able to take a quick look at the R code for #24218? (if that makes sense?)
15:12:04 <karsten> it even uses more recent R packages tidyr and dplyr.
15:12:20 <irl_work> ok, i can take a look
15:12:28 <irl_work> can you CC me on the ticket so i get an email at home?
15:12:30 <karsten> iwakeh: does that make sense to split?
15:12:49 <iwakeh> another pair of eyes is always fine.
15:13:05 <karsten> irl_work: done. thanks!
15:13:39 <karsten> okay then. I think we have a plan now.
15:13:45 <irl_work> indeed
15:13:53 <iwakeh> yep
15:14:05 <karsten> great! anything else to discuss today?
15:14:15 <iwakeh> I'm fine.
15:14:22 <irl_work> there was an analysis ticket
15:14:27 <irl_work> i made it into a relay search ticket
15:14:41 <karsten> I noticed but haven't looked in detail.
15:14:55 <karsten> should be fine!
15:15:00 <irl_work> Ana is currently working on a second version of the aggregated map to make it not-aggregated
15:15:15 <karsten> it means progress will be made on a ticket that otherwise would not move forward soon.
15:15:24 <irl_work> i'll review and merge that when it's ready and it solves that use case as long as geoip is present
15:15:37 <karsten> present where?
15:15:50 <irl_work> some relays don't have geoip information
15:15:53 <karsten> ah.
15:15:55 <irl_work> not many though
15:16:22 <karsten> sounds great! say thanks for working on the map thing!
15:16:40 <irl_work> she says she appreciates the thanks (:
15:16:46 <karsten> heh
15:16:57 <karsten> okay, sounds like we're done for today!
15:17:07 <iwakeh> :-)
15:17:24 <karsten> thanks, everyone! have a good afternoon. bye, bye!
15:17:30 <irl_work> bye!
15:17:32 <iwakeh> bye, bye!
15:17:35 <karsten> #endmeeting