20:03:46 <isabela> #startmeeting tb mobile discussion
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20:03:54 <isabela> n8fr8: ping
20:03:57 <isabela> arthuredelstein: ping
20:04:01 <arthuredelstein> here! :)
20:04:02 <isabela> just in case you want to lurk
20:04:04 <isabela> hehe
20:04:11 <isabela> alright folks!
20:04:45 <isabela> at first I wanted to call this meeting to kick off some of the work related to tb for android - present the ux team to folks and have a conversation about the roadmap
20:04:48 <isabela> but!
20:04:53 <isabela> then there was mozilla all hands hehehe
20:04:58 <isabela> and we learned a lot of new things
20:05:03 <sysrqb> plans ruined
20:05:19 <antonela> hehe
20:05:26 <isabela> so maybe we should start this meeting talking about the stuff me and arthuredelstein sent to y'all about geckoview
20:05:43 <isabela> have everyone had a chance to read those?
20:05:54 <GeKo> i did
20:06:06 <igt0> yep
20:06:08 <antonela> +1
20:06:49 <isabela> ok
20:06:56 <isabela> what are your thoughts?
20:08:41 <n8fr8> Hello!
20:08:46 <isabela> #endmeeting