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18:01:35 <flexlibris> I'd just like us to take some time to review the December roadmap and our progress
18:01:41 <flexlibris> and then talk about some of what we need to do in January
18:01:50 <flexlibris> our next meeting will go back to our regular schedule, so it will be January 10
18:02:19 <flexlibris> the roadmap is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biph8qhxvUc_VetcaJjkS9H3kKC95yPB9Z1VhZLypIQ
18:02:44 <flexlibris> I've marked a few of the items that are done and we don't have to review those unless folks want to
18:03:06 <flexlibris> review and editing of support content -- steph sent me her edits on it, t0mmy I'm not sure if you had any further edits?
18:03:29 <Phoul> (back in one moment, someone at door)
18:03:53 <flexlibris> there are some things I need to do to that text....some of the questions need to be duplicatd under different subject headings, and there are a small handful of questions that I can add
18:03:59 <flexlibris> but it's very close to finished
18:04:12 <t0mmy> I haven't had a chance to look at the support content yet -- I've been waylaid by two grants.
18:04:23 <t0mmy> It's something I'd like to do so I'm planning on carving out some time Fri
18:04:27 <flexlibris> t0mmy: no worries, I think the text is fine
18:04:32 <flexlibris> if you don't have time it's not a big deal
18:04:37 <t0mmy> I think so too; Steph is a good editor
18:04:37 <flexlibris> steph gave edits already
18:04:40 <t0mmy> yep
18:05:30 <flexlibris> t0mmy: the next item is about the community team grants. have you sent any letters of interest?
18:05:34 <flexlibris> if not we can move this item to next month
18:06:03 <t0mmy> I haven't, this is a January to-do. Sorry!
18:06:31 * flexlibris moves it
18:07:04 <flexlibris> the next outstanding item is about the code of conduct
18:07:11 <Phoul> Back
18:07:17 <flexlibris> which I have ready to go out for a proposal, but I am going to wait until after the break
18:07:39 <flexlibris> I got some feedback on it from people doing diversity and inclusion work at Mozilla at their meeting last week
18:09:40 <flexlibris> well I just started typing in a completely different window
18:09:42 <flexlibris> lol
18:09:52 <Phoul> *passes coffee*
18:09:54 <flexlibris> anyway we started thinking about cryptorave now that we have firm dates for when it happens
18:10:04 <flexlibris> Phoul: F literally just asked me if I want some. yes please.
18:10:42 <flexlibris> LFI is recruiting for participants libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi
18:11:05 <flexlibris> I'm working on the curriculum now and into the foreseeable future. I'll probably ask Tor people for some feedback.
18:11:15 <flexlibris> like if you had a six month privacy trainers course, what would YOU teach
18:12:07 <flexlibris> the last thing on the December roadmap is the downloads page translation/integration
18:12:10 <flexlibris> Phoul: ?
18:13:16 <Phoul> This stalled a bit waiting on responses from Transifex, I will follow-up again. Basically Transifex dropped proper support for webml, so am working on a temporary solution for us until we switch to a less old platform for the website. I will follow-up with Transifex again today.
18:13:34 <flexlibris> Phoul: what's the temporary solution look like?
18:14:31 <flexlibris> and also can you please send me an email summarizing the issue and how our old website platform is contributing to it?
18:14:57 <Phoul> Pulling strings out of the webml documents into .po and uploading that. Currently it breaks the strings in weird ways that will make translation confusing, however I'm hoping this is something we can correct with Transifex's comment system / possibly their system for live editing websites.
18:15:12 <Phoul> However their live editing websites system is not documented well, so has been a lot of emails asking "What if we do X"
18:15:34 <Phoul> I will get you that email after this meeting :)
18:16:31 <flexlibris> cool. just so we can have some documentation for when people are like "hey, why isn't this bit translated?"
18:16:44 <flexlibris> okay so let's talk about what we have upcoming in January
18:16:47 <Phoul> Yup! I'm so excited Lektor wont have this issue.
18:16:51 <flexlibris> me too
18:17:27 <flexlibris> Phoul: I'm adding a roadmap item in January for getting this webml problem resolved
18:17:40 <Phoul> Perfect. Thank you
18:18:26 <flexlibris> another item in January is about getting the support portal onto Transifex
18:18:49 <flexlibris> that too will be dependent of where the support portal site is in development, but we can leave this here for now
18:20:39 <flexlibris> another item: getting more support portal content up for Tor on Mobile
18:20:49 <flexlibris> now that I'm seeing this it feels ambitious too, lol
18:21:03 <flexlibris> because we will already have lots of additional content to add from what Pari is working on
18:21:27 <flexlibris> for those that don't know, Pari our Outreachy intern is collecting user issues from around the web and putting them in a doc that will get shared on tor-project@ once a month
18:21:30 <Phoul> I wonder if Guardian people would like to help fill in mobile stuff
18:21:42 <flexlibris> so I actually am going to change this item to include content from Pari, and maybe we can get to both
18:21:50 <flexlibris> Phoul: yes good idea
18:22:39 <flexlibris> there are a lot of items for the SIDA grant in here, and Phoul in the meeting we have after this one we can talk about some of them
18:23:01 <Phoul> flexlibris: sounds good!
18:23:07 <flexlibris> anything else on the january roadmap that folks want to discuss? i think we are in a good place from december.
18:23:16 <catalyst> flexlibris: it sounds like collecting user issue can help us measure error conditions that are frustrating for users for sponsor8 reporting :)
18:23:55 <flexlibris> catalyst: I hope so! Pari is about to send her first report to tor-project (she got some feedback from a small group of us first), so please do let her know if it proves helpful
18:24:00 <Phoul> flexlibris: the ooni collab, is this the rapid response, or something else?
18:24:39 <flexlibris> Phoul: something else...it's about getting in touch with more of their network to do outreach
18:24:49 <Phoul> Ahhh ok.
18:25:00 <flexlibris> some of that will benefit the SIDA work (geez which sponsor is that)
18:26:23 <flexlibris> sponsor9 :D
18:26:45 <flexlibris> anything else to cover in this meeting?
18:28:18 <flexlibris> cool okay I'm gonna call it then
18:28:20 <flexlibris> #endmeeting