14:29:17 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:29:19 <karsten> hi!
14:29:21 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Ou-1QRctynWbF4yedi-MfDsjImFMFSIEP20fbVGCPRa <- agenda pad
14:29:27 <irl> hi!
14:29:31 <karsten> hi!
14:31:06 <karsten> shall we start?
14:31:16 * irl is ready
14:31:48 <karsten> iwakeh: do you need more time to come up with topics?
14:32:26 <iwakeh> no, I'm fine.
14:32:39 <karsten> ok!
14:32:40 <karsten> * Feedback from Relay Search blog post (irl)
14:32:46 <irl> https://blog.torproject.org/recent-relay-search-improvements
14:32:53 <karsten> https://blog.torproject.org/we-made-big-improvements-searching-relays
14:32:56 <karsten> which one?
14:33:14 <irl> they appear to be the same
14:33:41 <irl> maybe we can count it as two blog posts though
14:33:53 <irl> feedback was good, not as many comments as i was expecting, but no complaints
14:34:11 <karsten> yes, noticed that. all good comments.
14:34:14 <karsten> positive.
14:34:21 <iwakeh> good!
14:34:29 <karsten> gah, door bell. back in 2.
14:34:36 <irl> heh ok
14:35:37 <karsten> back.
14:36:18 <irl> that's all the feedback, there wasn't as much engagement as on the blog post from march
14:36:20 <karsten> okay, it's curious why both urls work. it's the same post, right?
14:36:36 <irl> it is the same post, t0mmy retitled it though
14:36:46 <irl> to make it more exciting
14:36:56 <karsten> hehe
14:36:56 <irl> the blog engine must have just kept the slug in the database
14:37:20 <karsten> still good to have this blog post. thanks for writing it, together with tommy and steph!
14:37:52 <irl> (:
14:38:05 <karsten> next topic?
14:38:07 <irl> ok
14:38:11 <karsten> * metrics-bot now deployed on Digital Ocean (irl)
14:38:17 <irl> ?selftest
14:38:17 <metrics-bot> Hello. I am metrics-bot. Bleep. Bloop.
14:38:38 <irl> so i realised that the reason it kept crashing was that i was connecting to my work vpn, and the connection to irc was dying
14:38:58 <irl> i have now finally moved metrics-bot to digital ocean on a $5/month droplet
14:39:07 <karsten> ok.
14:39:17 <irl> it is built using metrics-base also now, so i just build the jar and copy the jar over
14:39:20 <karsten> at some point early in 2018 we should pick up the bot topic again.
14:39:27 <karsten> great!
14:39:47 <irl> i think until november i have free credit from digital ocean for "open source things" so this is covered
14:39:56 <irl> later when it's more mature we can move it to tpo infra
14:40:00 <karsten> and then (in early 2018) we should move it to a tor host.
14:40:03 <karsten> yep.
14:40:07 <iwakeh> yes
14:40:08 <irl> cool (:
14:40:50 <karsten> great. that's all on the bot topic?
14:40:57 <irl> for this year, yes
14:41:02 <karsten> hehe. ok.
14:41:09 <karsten> moving on to:
14:41:10 <karsten> * Completing tasks on the remaining day of December (karsten)
14:41:17 <karsten> we already completed a few.
14:41:27 <karsten> what can we do in the remaining day?
14:41:33 <iwakeh> days?
14:41:46 <iwakeh> #24218 is under review at the moment.
14:41:49 <karsten> well, I didn't count next week.
14:42:00 <karsten> how's #24218 going?
14:42:01 <iwakeh> day=friday, ok.
14:42:34 <iwakeh> rebasing and should be done tomorrow
14:42:49 <iwakeh> i.e., the review and some suggestions.
14:43:22 <karsten> ok. so then it depends on whether next week has a work day or two or not.
14:43:31 <karsten> in theory, I'm around.
14:43:36 <karsten> it's just that tor is closed next week.
14:43:39 <iwakeh> for deployment?
14:43:52 <karsten> for anything. in theory.
14:44:23 <karsten> but in this case I'd rather finish it this month than import more data next month.
14:44:41 <iwakeh> I'm aiming at getting the review done early.
14:44:52 <karsten> can I help with anything?
14:45:00 <karsten> like, clarify something or so?
14:45:14 <karsten> if not, that's okay.
14:45:17 <karsten> just offering.
14:45:18 <iwakeh> all fine.
14:45:21 <karsten> okay.
14:46:57 <karsten> what about the others?
14:47:07 <karsten> b. is something I'll do.
14:47:21 <karsten> d. is something I could do, but it would require review.
14:47:26 <karsten> (door bell again, wtf)
14:48:38 <karsten> (re)
14:48:40 <iwakeh> d)is merge-ready
14:48:55 <iwakeh> and deployed
14:49:04 <karsten> ah, I meant the news page part.
14:49:41 <karsten> reformatting things there, too, to save some space and make things more readable.
14:50:18 <iwakeh> you know best what's missing in this area :-)
14:50:48 <karsten> okay. so, we covered c. already.
14:50:57 <karsten> and l is something you'll do, iwakeh.
14:51:12 <iwakeh> already updated.
14:51:22 <karsten> I saw some progress on k (#23169).
14:51:50 <karsten> irl: what's your plan there? is that going to be done tomorrow? if not, move to 2018?
14:52:03 <irl> it's not going to be done tomorrow
14:52:18 <irl> i'm working with caching some recent statistics (most recent) to be used in the jsps
14:52:28 <karsten> ok.
14:52:58 <karsten> I guess the others are for 2018, too?
14:53:07 <karsten> i, h, j, f.
14:53:10 <irl> for the OONI one, i may talk to OONI people at CCC
14:53:17 <karsten> ah, good idea.
14:53:28 <iwakeh> regarding privcount proposal 288
14:53:41 <irl> i can show them the existing csv files and explain how we'd like the file to look
14:53:43 <iwakeh> I think (from skimming)it is still
14:54:31 <karsten> still 2017?
14:54:31 <iwakeh> at the internal stage.
14:54:35 <karsten> ah.
14:54:46 <iwakeh> I want to read it more carefully, but
14:54:57 <iwakeh> regarding metrics it is not advanced.
14:55:10 <iwakeh> It discusses the internal communication.
14:55:27 <karsten> okay. but response will be in 2018?
14:55:28 <iwakeh> As before in 280.
14:55:57 <iwakeh> Yes, that makes more sense.
14:56:23 <karsten> alright.
14:56:49 <karsten> sounds good to me what we have on that list now.
14:56:58 <karsten> last topic on the agenda?
14:57:04 <karsten> err, last but one?
14:57:25 <karsten> * Monthly report items (karsten)
14:57:50 <iwakeh> ?
14:57:54 <karsten> given that not many work days remain this month,
14:58:07 <karsten> shall we start collecting input for the monthly report?
14:58:27 <karsten> memory is still fresh now, which might not be the case in 1-2 weeks.
14:58:34 <karsten> I started collecting some items on the pad.
14:58:44 <karsten> maybe fill in anything that's missing.
14:58:49 <iwakeh> true, many releases, posts, finished tickets.
14:59:10 <karsten> yep. it's a short month, but still a long list of things done. yay. :)
14:59:42 <iwakeh> where on the pad?
14:59:53 <karsten> part of the agenda. but we can move it elsewhere.
15:00:08 <iwakeh> never mind
15:00:20 * iwakeh needs an extra coffee.
15:00:31 <karsten> there.
15:00:59 <karsten> okay. last topic:
15:01:02 <karsten> * Next team meeting (karsten)
15:01:16 <karsten> I think we should skip next week's meeting.
15:01:36 <karsten> however, I might also not be around the week after.
15:01:45 <karsten> that's still unclear, though.
15:01:47 <iwakeh> x-mas break.
15:02:20 <iwakeh> not that much to discuss the week after.
15:02:34 <karsten> should we just skip these two meetings and coordinate via email/trac in the meantime?
15:02:49 <karsten> and schedule the next team meeting for the 11th?
15:03:01 <iwakeh> yes, makes sense.
15:03:06 <irl> i may not be around for the 11th
15:03:19 <karsten> earlier that week?
15:03:27 <karsten> like, on the 8th?
15:03:41 <irl> that sounds safer
15:04:00 <karsten> iwakeh: how would the 8th work for you?
15:04:16 <iwakeh> also ok.
15:04:35 <karsten> okay. keeping that in mind. will send a reminder a few days before that.
15:05:12 <karsten> alright!
15:05:17 <karsten> I guess that's all.
15:05:36 <karsten> thanks to both of you!
15:05:42 <iwakeh> Thanks!
15:06:01 <irl> (:
15:06:05 <karsten> after the last remaining work things are done, enjoy the holidays and CCC!
15:06:11 <irl> have fun!
15:06:25 <iwakeh> yep.
15:06:30 <karsten> bye, bye! :)
15:06:38 <karsten> #endmeeting