18:59:26 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser
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18:59:32 <GeKo> alright
18:59:37 <isabela> !
18:59:39 <GeKo> happy new year to everyone
18:59:46 <Riastradh> Hi!
18:59:59 <GeKo> i hope you are all well rested and are looking forward to the coming tasks :)(
19:00:07 <sysrqb> o/
19:00:11 <GeKo> s/(//
19:00:24 <mcs> hi
19:00:33 <igt0> hi!
19:00:34 <sysrqb> Happy new year
19:00:34 <boklm> hi and happy new year!
19:00:34 <GeKo> let's look at the notes we have so far
19:00:36 <pospeselr> Hello!
19:00:40 <GeKo> the link is https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
19:00:49 <arthuredelstein> happy new year!
19:00:56 <GeKo> please add the things you did last weekish and plan to do this week
19:04:21 <tjr> sysrqb: Sandboxing on Android is disabled because we don't have e10s on Android
19:04:42 <GeKo> alright.
19:05:08 <GeKo> so, we dodged two chemspill releases due to our patches and being on esr52, yay!
19:05:31 <GeKo> but the next release, 7.5 is near
19:05:51 <pospeselr> chemspill releases?
19:06:25 <GeKo> yes, mozilla needed to get unplanned releases out to fix various things
19:06:26 <isabela> GeKo: when is the freeze day for that?
19:06:45 <GeKo> next week wednesday/thursday
19:06:49 <isabela> tx
19:07:01 <GeKo> isabela: we have #21847 in the alphas
19:07:12 <GeKo> it would be neat if the ux team could check that out
19:07:14 <isabela> i saw that on my install!
19:07:23 <GeKo> neat
19:07:28 * isabela played with it a bit
19:07:38 <GeKo> if there are things we should change for the release there is still time
19:07:43 <isabela> i think we can close anotehr copy ticket
19:08:07 <isabela> let me find
19:08:24 <GeKo> all: let me know if you have strong feelings about what to go into 7.5 and what not
19:08:40 <GeKo> i have the selfrando things for linux on my radar and sandboxing for windows users
19:08:55 <isabela> so this one #24200
19:09:01 <GeKo> i am torn about the latter as i fear we did not have neough testing for it yet
19:09:08 <tjr> I have a strong feeling that selfrando is not worth spending any significant time on :)
19:09:22 <GeKo> i tend to agree
19:09:32 <isabela> What we have now is already something new that linda created - i decided to keep that and do some user testing to know how to improve it rather than trying to improve that now
19:09:42 <isabela> mcs: ^^
19:10:00 <isabela> mcs: can i close the ticket with this comment? is that ok
19:10:03 <mcs> isabela: I am okay with that approach.
19:10:23 <isabela> cool i will close then
19:10:25 <isabela> :)
19:10:32 <mcs> thx
19:10:54 <GeKo> boklm: i can look at the sandboxing win64 issue, i guess my patch is missing the 64bit case somewhere
19:11:10 <GeKo> i'd take it from where you are.
19:11:31 <boklm> ok
19:12:21 <GeKo> what you could do instead is starting to work on getting windows away from precise
19:12:38 <GeKo> because it is EOL and i fear ubuntu will just plug the cable anytime soon
19:12:49 <boklm> ok. do we have a ticket for this?
19:12:50 <GeKo> and then we'll have a serioius problem getting it built at all
19:12:57 <GeKo> yes, let me find it
19:13:39 <GeKo> boklm: #16891
19:13:43 <GeKo> err
19:13:48 <GeKo> #18691
19:14:00 <boklm> thanks
19:15:29 <GeKo> alright igt0, i guess you put the torbutton proposal item up?
19:15:41 <GeKo> how has it been going?
19:16:44 <GeKo> meanwhile: igt0 has tsent the proposal to tbb-dev a couple of minutes ago
19:17:15 <igt0> yep, I sent a proposal where we would move the current tor button extension to the guts of the browser, this way we still could reuse a good amount of code. For the chrome side, it would be great to talk with the UX team. however, the proposal for desktop made by antonela could easily work on mobile.
19:17:25 <sysrqb> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tbb-dev/2018-January/000723.html
19:18:21 <GeKo> which proposal by antonela do you mean?
19:18:30 <isabela> igt0: you mean the circuit display one?
19:18:52 <igt0> isabela, yep
19:18:58 <GeKo> #24309 i guess
19:19:05 <isabela> yes
19:19:14 <igt0> however for mobile it would be a modal
19:19:32 <GeKo> isabela: i guess we'll talk about that one on wed as well?
19:19:38 <igt0> instead of doorhanger
19:19:39 <isabela> our goal was to have it be the same on mobile or any browser that want to port it but i think we can talk more about that on wed
19:19:42 <isabela> GeKo: yes
19:19:42 <isabela> hehe
19:19:48 <isabela> that is the goal of that meeting
19:19:51 <GeKo> :)
19:19:53 <GeKo> good
19:20:16 <GeKo> igt0: i generally like the idea of getting away from torbutton as a separate extension
19:20:25 <GeKo> so, i am excited :)
19:20:45 <mcs> Once some of the UX issues are worked out, the proposal should be updated to include info about what code in torbutton.js will be kept and what can be removed.
19:20:58 <GeKo> yes.
19:21:00 <mcs> Maybe there is a refactoring phase for this task overall.
19:21:09 <mcs> I dream of cleaner code :)
19:21:13 <isabela> hehe
19:21:17 <pospeselr> lol
19:21:18 <GeKo> heh, you are not alone
19:21:26 <arthuredelstein> I'm wondering if this can be done in separate stages. It seems like moving to tor-browser.git, refactoring, and UX improvements are all separate tasks
19:21:28 <mcs> Tor Launcher will also need some of the same kind of work.
19:21:55 <arthuredelstein> Doing all 3 tasks at the same time scares me :)
19:22:04 <igt0> mcs, yep! and I also notice we can rewrite few of the xul markup documents.(Even if we don't have a new design).
19:22:23 <igt0> rewrite to xhtml
19:22:48 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: yes, but moving to tor-browser-git and doing the refactoring while doing so does not seem too far-fetched to me
19:22:56 <GeKo> tor-browser.git
19:23:49 <arthuredelstein> I guess my inclination would be to do just the minimal refactoring needed to make the move possible as stage 1.
19:24:04 <GeKo> yes
19:24:28 <arthuredelstein> Just because it's nice to keep small iterations.
19:24:55 <mcs> Is the issue with XUL vs. XHTML that XUL is not supported within the Android front end?
19:25:23 <mcs> (showing my Android Firefox ignorance here)
19:27:11 <GeKo> igt0: ^
19:27:14 <arthuredelstein> I remember somebody mentioning the concept of a system or privileged extension in Firefox. Does anyone know if this actually exists and if it works on desktop and mobile?
19:27:16 <sysrqb> (I'm guessing for webextension compatability)
19:27:25 <igt0> it is supported, however *I* am inclined to prefer xhtml for more visual stuff. Since it is something more people understand, any can make changes and review.
19:27:29 <igt0> mcs, ^
19:28:03 <mcs> igt0: thanks
19:28:24 <igt0> s/any/anyone
19:28:33 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: i think it exists at least for desktop, tjr mentioned that
19:28:39 <GeKo> but dunno about mobile
19:29:05 <tjr> Also not sure about mobile, but not sure why it wouldn't work?
19:29:16 <GeKo> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/17248#comment:16
19:29:25 <sysrqb> I'll take a look into that, too
19:29:38 <GeKo> alright, do we have anything else for today?
19:29:42 <sysrqb> tjr: thanks, btw. is e10s on the roadmap for android or is that
19:29:43 <arthuredelstein> That might be a way to get torbutton and torlauncher integrated without any refactoring needed
19:30:09 <sysrqb> tjr: err...or is that not needed?
19:30:15 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: yes, but it requires special signatures and keys etc.
19:30:27 <GeKo> so, if we could avoid that complexity i'd be happy
19:30:44 <tjr> I don't think e10s is on the roadmap
19:30:51 <arthuredelstein> I see
19:30:58 <tjr> Chrome just recently went to multi-process on Android, I think we're behind them
19:31:04 <sysrqb> tjr: okay. hrm. thanks
19:31:19 <tjr> AIUI the complexity is around resource use and android killing process and such
19:31:29 <tjr> Which Chrome may get an exemption from? Don't know.
19:31:50 <sysrqb> ok, makes sense. i'm curious
19:32:04 <sysrqb> i'll take a look at chrome and see what they have documented
19:32:14 <sysrqb> (if anything)
19:33:52 <GeKo> okay. thanks for the meeting today, i think we are done
19:34:09 <sysrqb> cool, thanks :)
19:34:20 <GeKo> if any of you feel that they are needing something from me to get unblocked, as always, just ping me
19:34:37 <GeKo> that said, happy tor-browser-improving *baf*
19:34:40 <GeKo> #endmeeting