15:59:46 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in
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15:59:50 <isabela> boom!
16:00:01 <antonela> heyy
16:00:02 <isabela> welcome to our first team weekly check in meeting :D
16:00:08 <isabela> of 2018!
16:00:16 <isabela> hehe
16:00:46 <isabela> lets open our friend, roadmap: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:01:13 <isabela> and see what we can declare done in december and then we can give updates to what we are doing this week/january?
16:01:24 <antonela> the roadmap has achieved their own place at my tabs
16:01:30 <isabela> hehehehe
16:01:38 <flexlibris> hello roadmap friend
16:01:59 <antonela> yep we can i think
16:02:04 <antonela> flexlibris: hi!
16:02:14 <isabela> #24309
16:02:30 <isabela> i say we might have some review on this on in january
16:02:37 <isabela> giving we are meeting TB tomorrow etc
16:02:37 <antonela> to work with ttb, do we have a meeting tomorrow
16:02:37 <antonela> yep
16:03:09 <isabela> i will move it to jan (literrary carry it there not make a copy)
16:03:30 <isabela> #24280
16:03:40 <antonela> we are 99.9%
16:03:41 <isabela> and all styleguides
16:03:49 <isabela> we should close it this week right?
16:03:56 <antonela> yes
16:04:05 <antonela> hiro made all the remaining to-do list
16:04:08 <antonela> \(^O^)/
16:04:18 <isabela> \o/
16:04:30 <antonela> so, we would like to have a content review and we are ready to announce it
16:04:36 <isabela> yes
16:04:44 <antonela> im so happy about the outcome :)
16:05:11 <isabela> indeed! this is great stuff and it will be super helpful
16:05:16 <antonela> yes
16:05:29 <isabela> alright, i think i will move it to jan, just to be true to it
16:05:31 <isabela> hehe
16:06:03 <antonela> yep
16:06:06 <isabela> i actually moved the user testing in india too
16:06:17 <isabela> we did a lot of organizing and getting in touch with folks there etc in december
16:06:18 <antonela> yes, will happen this month too
16:06:26 <isabela> but we are continuing to do it in jan
16:07:17 <isabela> so we carry - note to ourselfs, we could have break down this task as: a)get contacts and decide cities b)organize tests / and we would have closed a) for december :P
16:07:40 <antonela> exactly
16:07:42 <isabela> this is just PM noia hehe related to organizing work
16:07:43 <isabela> hehe
16:07:54 <isabela> anw ! lets move on
16:08:13 <isabela> #21952
16:08:19 <isabela> ^^ ux work marked as done
16:08:30 <isabela> but there is more work to be done related to the actual implementation
16:08:33 <antonela> huge
16:08:42 <isabela> #23247
16:08:43 <antonela> we talked about some user testing about it too
16:08:45 <isabela> ^^ same
16:08:59 <isabela> yes!
16:09:44 <isabela> #24200
16:10:08 <antonela> no touch from me there
16:10:10 <isabela> i decided to go with Linda's copy (which is a great improvement already) and then test it to see how to improve it
16:10:35 <isabela> #24399
16:10:47 <isabela> done! :)
16:10:49 <antonela> done!
16:10:55 <isabela> #24597
16:11:12 <isabela> i owe hiro a sitemap
16:11:24 <antonela> oh!
16:11:27 <isabela> i will do it after this meeting
16:11:27 <hiro> so this is actually in a good state
16:11:30 <isabela> support is easy
16:11:33 <isabela> aha!
16:11:34 <hiro> the css is almost al there
16:11:36 <hiro> *all
16:11:39 <isabela> great
16:11:45 <hiro> and w the styleguide done we can just import it
16:11:52 * antonela waves
16:12:11 <hiro> if you tell me what pages to build I can continue
16:12:27 <isabela> hiro: awesome!
16:12:34 <isabela> yes i will do it and i will also move it to jan
16:12:37 <hiro> ok
16:12:40 <isabela> cuz we will continue to work on it
16:12:58 <isabela> antonela: i created tickets for this i think
16:12:58 <isabela> "Get started with mocks of other portals
16:12:58 <isabela> - torproject.org
16:12:58 <isabela> - community.torproject.org
16:12:59 <isabela> - dev.torproject.org"
16:13:03 <isabela> i just need to add them to the roadmap
16:13:12 <antonela> perfect
16:13:15 <hiro> also we need to confirm a few things: 1. lektor localization 2. url structure
16:13:17 <isabela> but this should be moved to jan right? and i will break it
16:13:26 <isabela> so each site has its own row on the roadmap
16:13:29 <antonela> yes
16:13:30 <isabela> easier to track
16:13:37 <isabela> k
16:13:47 <antonela> yep
16:13:53 <isabela> alright folks!
16:13:56 <isabela> december is done!
16:13:59 <isabela> i am hiding it :D
16:14:05 <flexlibris> woooo
16:14:14 <isabela> and january is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge
16:14:15 <isabela> hehehe
16:14:22 <isabela> but some stuff is already done
16:14:34 <isabela> ok who wants to give their update for the week?
16:14:46 <antonela> yes!
16:14:49 <antonela> #24696
16:14:58 <antonela> is done
16:15:08 <antonela> (•_•)
16:15:13 <antonela> ( •_•)>⌐■-■
16:15:17 <isabela> uhu!
16:15:19 <antonela> (⌐■_■)
16:15:20 <antonela> haha
16:15:22 <isabela> lol
16:15:43 <antonela> #24664
16:15:46 <antonela> is done too
16:15:56 <antonela> #24717
16:16:04 <antonela> I made a proposal, is over review
16:16:25 <isabela> cool
16:16:36 <antonela> I also created a ticket for illos
16:16:46 <antonela> #24843
16:17:08 <antonela> feel free to add/remove tags/people
16:17:28 <isabela> great thanks!
16:17:51 <antonela> and then we have OTF/TTB tasks which we are going to discuss tomorrow
16:18:02 <isabela> yes
16:18:42 <isabela> re:illos - dont forget to prep a task for the illustrators you would like to participate in the selection process
16:18:56 <antonela> yes! i have it on my todo's
16:18:58 <isabela> maybe add that as a childticket?
16:19:05 <antonela> i can include it there
16:19:12 <isabela> cool
16:19:40 <isabela> anything else for your update?
16:20:24 <antonela> mmm I dont know if is an update but i visited the Mozilla booth at the Maker Fest on Ahmadabad last weekend
16:20:38 <antonela> a lot of students were there hacking and creating cool things
16:20:50 <antonela> and they were so aware about Tor!
16:20:57 <isabela> \o/
16:21:09 <isabela> you met mayur?
16:21:16 <antonela> no, they are on Pune
16:21:35 <isabela> its #privacymonth
16:21:37 <antonela> but the people there were waiting for our visit (:
16:21:42 <isabela> a big campaign they do (global)
16:21:54 <isabela> nice! hehe
16:21:57 <antonela> yes, some tweets mentioning Tor were released
16:22:24 <isabela> i think t0mmy will be tweeting stuff from our account too
16:22:29 <isabela> ok
16:22:33 <antonela> thats great
16:22:37 <t0mmy> o/
16:22:42 <antonela> hi tom!
16:22:46 <isabela> hiro: wanna go?
16:22:49 <hiro> yep
16:22:50 <isabela> t0mmy: hi
16:23:23 <t0mmy> [not really here, just heard my name - yes, there will probably be tweets.]
16:23:24 <hiro> so this week I was finishing the todo list for the styleguide: cleaning up the templates, finishing the getting started section, adding the icons, fixing something regarding fonts.
16:23:40 <hiro> then I am also working on the limesurvey deploy
16:23:48 <hiro> hopefully we will have it this week
16:24:03 <hiro> and then it will be time for the support portal
16:24:27 <hiro> I was also finishing a few things related to how to deploy lektor w/ jenkins
16:24:29 <isabela> hiro: is the deploy of limesurvey also counts having a .onion optino for it ?
16:24:48 <hiro> we will add it. it's hosted on tpo
16:24:57 <hiro> so it will be tpa to add the .onion
16:24:57 <isabela> awesome
16:25:06 <isabela> !!!!
16:25:24 <isabela> never end possibilities
16:25:41 <isabela> we can ask so many things to people with that :) it will be great
16:25:48 <antonela> oh yes
16:26:20 <isabela> hiro: anything else?
16:27:14 <hiro> uhm I think that's all
16:27:30 <isabela> thanks
16:27:45 <isabela> ok, i am swamped with things to write for sponsors
16:28:10 <isabela> so this week that is may main focus.. althought i dont really want to delay things while i am doing that so i organized a few meetings for projects to move on
16:28:28 <isabela> we just had a great sync with sukhe about the user testing in india
16:28:43 <isabela> tomorrow at 1700 we will sync with comms and community on support site stuff
16:29:08 <isabela> and at 1900 with the tor browser team on a long list of things we are changing for tor browser user experience
16:29:20 <isabela> hiro: you are welcomed to hang on that one too if you want to :)
16:29:28 <isabela> all will be here at this channel
16:29:42 <hiro> yep
16:29:48 <hiro> is 1900 tomorrow or today?
16:30:02 <isabela> tomorrow
16:30:04 <antonela> isa, do you think we can make the UX+TTB meeting tomorrow earlier? just if is possible
16:30:37 <isabela> antonela: might be hard for GeKo - but i could try a time like 1500 utc (that might works)
16:30:53 <antonela> oh that could be awesome
16:30:53 <isabela> i can ping that email thread and we see
16:31:03 <isabela> :)
16:31:07 <antonela> thanks a lot
16:31:20 <antonela> it is 00:30 here and we have 6:30am the firefox meeting
16:31:21 <antonela> too
16:31:38 <antonela> so if we can make it earlier, could be great
16:31:41 <antonela> if not, is okey too
16:31:52 <isabela> and this week me and anto (and other tor folks) will join a monthly sync we have w/ mozilla
16:32:00 <antonela> yep
16:32:09 <isabela> antonela: np, i will email the list and we see how it goes :)
16:32:15 <antonela> thanks!
16:32:18 <GeKo> isabela: antonela: ealier is pretty ticky for me
16:32:22 <GeKo> *earlier
16:32:22 <isabela> so for me is meetings and writings
16:32:41 <isabela> GeKo: thought so
16:32:49 <GeKo> 1500 UTC would work, though, if we keept it just one hours
16:32:53 <GeKo> *hour
16:32:59 <isabela> yes
16:33:05 <isabela> it will be 1 hour
16:33:05 <antonela> oh that could be great
16:33:09 <antonela> thanks Geko!
16:33:13 <isabela> we are not talking necessary about the solutions
16:33:26 <GeKo> not sure whether it would work for other folks, though
16:33:33 <isabela> yeah
16:33:35 <GeKo> i am in particular thining about arthur
16:33:39 <isabela> i will send a note to the list/thread
16:33:42 <GeKo> man i can't type today
16:33:49 <GeKo> *thinking
16:33:50 <antonela> thanks a lot both, i really appreciate it
16:33:56 <isabela> that is 7am right
16:34:25 <isabela> alright, we see :)
16:34:28 <antonela> yep
16:34:46 <isabela> but that's it for me re:updates
16:34:58 <isabela> i am really on PM mode this week hehe
16:35:22 <isabela> does anyone has anything to discuss related to the work they are doing? any worries/blockers?
16:35:30 <antonela> nope, im good
16:35:56 <hiro> i am groot
16:36:02 <isabela> root?
16:36:03 <isabela> heheh
16:36:26 <antonela> haha
16:36:28 <isabela> :) ok i will stop the bot then
16:36:46 <isabela> #endmeeting