17:02:56 <isabela> #startmeeting support.tpo sync: ux, community and comms teams
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17:03:02 <isabela> hello pari !
17:03:04 <isabela> welcome!
17:03:16 <flexlibris> does everyone know Pari?
17:03:17 <isabela> give me one min to get the pad
17:03:21 * isabela does
17:03:49 <antonela> hi Pari!
17:04:08 <Phoul> Back in a moment, terminal is messing up
17:05:11 <Phoul> Back
17:05:37 <isabela> sorry
17:05:42 <isabela> getting things together :)
17:06:03 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24129
17:06:14 <isabela> our main ticket has a list of things we need to do to launch this site
17:07:30 <isabela> i pasted it here
17:07:31 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
17:07:39 <isabela> for us to interact with
17:08:03 <isabela> ok
17:08:12 <isabela> can anyone give an update on the state of the articles?
17:08:28 <flexlibris> isabela: those are edited and pretty much ready to be incorporated
17:08:32 <flexlibris> let me get the link to that doc
17:08:50 <flexlibris> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bOX9KSTFrc7rkMbw-QgKG9jAu6JIGMA83bvz7TMsaLE/edit?usp=sharing
17:09:10 <flexlibris> now, I think we will continue writing more, since we're getting a lot of great ideas from Pari's user issues research
17:09:25 <pari> :)
17:09:31 <flexlibris> so let me know how we could best incorporate new articles
17:09:57 <flexlibris> we can add them to this doc as we have them, or we can make a new doc, or we can wait until the site is launched and just add them there
17:10:24 <isabela> flexlibris: i think that we will build the site with what you have on that doc
17:10:30 <isabela> create a new one with new articles
17:10:30 <flexlibris> cool
17:10:38 <isabela> and then we roll them out later
17:10:41 <isabela> what about that?
17:10:42 <flexlibris> sounds great
17:10:53 <isabela> awesome
17:11:02 <isabela> and then
17:11:30 <isabela> a think one thing to build is for the team who will keep support updated (that is community team or will this be tor browser team?)
17:11:44 <flexlibris> that's something we never came to consensus on
17:11:46 <isabela> should have a process for adding new articles
17:11:49 <flexlibris> I agree
17:11:58 <isabela> which includes, revision, translations etc
17:12:01 <isabela> ok
17:12:05 <isabela> maybe we do that in rome!
17:12:10 <flexlibris> sure
17:12:14 <isabela> is a good timing
17:12:25 <flexlibris> I personally think some combination of the two teams would be best
17:12:28 <isabela> but please, keep wwriting new ones in a new doc, more the better :)
17:12:29 <flexlibris> like a support sub-team
17:12:30 <Phoul> I'd imagine it will be maintained by the community team, kinda like the tb manual is. But hoppefully with assistance from tb team?
17:12:30 <flexlibris> great
17:12:42 <Phoul> wow.. sorry, my terminal is replacing lines again. Going to reconnect.
17:12:56 <flexlibris> I think it's ideal to have some TB people working on it too, because it's a prompt for them to interact with the content
17:12:59 <isabela> poor phoul ;(
17:13:08 <flexlibris> and that can give them a better sense of what issues users are facing and all that
17:13:22 <isabela> yes, maybe this process includes tb as reviewers or someething
17:13:28 <flexlibris> yes totally
17:13:52 <isabela> great! so as for adding those to the site
17:14:02 <isabela> hiro will add them at first, as she is building it
17:14:15 <isabela> but for after launch, y'all should know how to do it yourselves with leckotr
17:14:29 <isabela> *lecktor and hiro would just 'merge and push'
17:14:57 <flexlibris> yes, should be simple, I already familiarized myself with using Lektor
17:15:15 <isabela> cool!
17:15:17 <isabela> moving on
17:15:20 <Phoul> I have as well
17:15:52 <isabela> antonela: for support site, do you think we need this? update high definition mockups with real content
17:16:02 <antonela> not really
17:16:03 <isabela> i dont think so, because we did for the UI strings
17:16:08 <isabela> and the rest is articles
17:16:14 <antonela> we have all the styles ready with the styleguide
17:16:20 <isabela> ok
17:16:23 <isabela> will cross it then :)
17:16:25 <antonela> yes, we are good to go there
17:16:58 <isabela> alright! let me explain this: 6) guerrilla user testing #1
17:17:23 <pari> yes I was wondering how that will be done
17:17:36 <isabela> i will create a quiz, stating problems and asking for people to type words they would use to search our site for articles to solve this problem
17:17:58 <isabela> sukhe and antonela will apply this to folks in India when they do their user testing
17:18:17 <isabela> goal here is to latter figure out how well we are doing with our search indexing etc
17:18:35 <isabela> i think this is the main functionality to test in this site
17:18:44 <antonela> pari: user testing will be happening on Mumbai, Saturday 20th
17:18:48 <isabela> and with what will have by the time antonela and sukhe will be there in india
17:18:59 <isabela> the quiz is the best input for test that we can do
17:18:59 <pari> hey I think I am going to be in Mumbai that tme
17:19:00 <pari> time
17:19:07 <isabela> pari: nice!
17:19:20 <antonela> pari: awesome, you should join us there
17:19:25 <isabela> so, i will share the quiz with you all too
17:19:28 <flexlibris> cool!
17:19:38 <pari> Yes would love to join!
17:19:42 <antonela> :)
17:19:50 <isabela> because i think your input on the issues we will state for folks to think of keywords will be importatn
17:20:26 <isabela> pari: btw your spreadsheet is something i plan to use for inspiration :)
17:20:30 <Phoul> If you need anything translated before that, let me know and I can try and make that happen.
17:20:31 <pari> yes exactly, it is important we simulate it to be as close to real issues as possible
17:20:33 <isabela> very useful
17:20:41 <antonela> pari: I'll share with you the details about the event next week
17:20:47 <isabela> great
17:20:47 <pari> thank you so much
17:20:58 <pari> I'm glad it was useful
17:20:58 <flexlibris> yessss I'm so glad you're incorporating Pari's research here
17:21:07 <isabela> so that is that :) we can coordinate more off meeting just want to make sure everyone understands what we will do here
17:21:16 <pari> do share. I will email you my PGP signature
17:21:41 <isabela> awesome! next one
17:21:58 <antonela> pari: super, thanks!
17:22:41 <pari> antonela: :)
17:22:41 <isabela> 7) start coding the pages
17:22:49 <isabela> hiro: said she would be a bit late i think
17:22:51 <isabela> hiro: ping
17:23:05 <isabela> but i know she started this and i know she needs the sitemap to know if she is done hehe
17:23:22 <hiro> I am here
17:23:26 <isabela> i think now with the articles will be good for her
17:23:27 <isabela> aha!
17:23:47 <isabela> hiro: you also wanted Phoul to review how you internationalizing stuff right/
17:23:50 <isabela> ?
17:23:51 <hiro> yes
17:24:17 <hiro> Phoul have you had time to look at my email? would that be ok?
17:24:28 <hiro> I know it's from a while ago
17:25:02 <hiro> but basically: https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal/blob/master/databags/menu.ini
17:25:12 <hiro> for localising the menus
17:25:35 <flexlibris> did Phoul have another terminal issue?
17:25:54 <Phoul> Sorry, was just checking for the email.
17:26:07 <flexlibris> ah it's okay, just checking on you :)
17:26:09 <hiro> and in https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal/tree/master/content there is a contents.lr for english and contents+es.lr for spanish
17:26:20 <Phoul> That should work as expected, however right after this I will throw up a test version on Transifex to make sure and respond to that email.
17:26:26 <Phoul> I'm sorry, somehow I missed this email entirely.
17:26:31 <hiro> sure no worries
17:26:44 <isabela> Phoul: oh that would be super to test it
17:26:52 <hiro> also how do we want to do the url structure? this is not urgent but good to have it in mind
17:27:00 <Phoul> flexlibris: appreciated, the buffer seems to randomly decide to stop scrolling and just replace the last line. Annoying.
17:27:07 <flexlibris> ugh annoying
17:27:51 <Phoul> hiro: Hrm, Ill put some thought into that. I imagine what we decide for this we will want to carry over to other portals once they are up.
17:27:51 <isabela> hiro: yes, i will think about it. i need to refresh my brain on what is better for search etc
17:28:11 <hiro> yes also we can easily localise the urls or not
17:28:17 <flexlibris> yes, namespace continuity for the other portals definitely
17:28:18 <isabela> i mean
17:28:20 <flexlibris> I'll think on it some too
17:28:53 <isabela> if we dont use /en/p918230139 but .html&=title.blah.dlasl.dlas
17:29:21 <hiro> I mean we could have /about and /es/about or we could have /acerca
17:29:27 <isabela> yes
17:29:44 <isabela> with lang define on url or just the title
17:29:48 <isabela> ok
17:29:49 <isabela> i will think
17:29:50 <hiro> or /es/acerca ... not sure... just think about it this can be easily changed
17:29:50 <isabela> :)
17:31:23 <isabela> ok i added it to the pad
17:31:32 <isabela> next one is : 8) once content is finished we upload them on transifex for translation to start
17:31:45 <isabela> Phoul: i added you will test the internationalization
17:31:55 <Phoul> Great! :)
17:31:58 <isabela> about the onboarding doc we start chatting over email
17:32:33 <Phoul> I will go ahead and expand the wiki page to include onboarding information, and some more specific information for users.
17:32:34 <isabela> how folks feels about that? organizing the process end to end and document it, then update the wiki to include screenshots and have a full onboarding for translators
17:32:58 <Phoul> s/users/translators, oops.
17:33:19 <isabela> Phoul: thanks! i think we should have one document with the whole end to end process and who does what (which includes the translators steps but ours too)
17:33:31 <isabela> and one for the translators only
17:33:45 <isabela> the first one is more for internal use
17:35:55 <Phoul> I'm happy to make a translator-only document, however aside from the approval process, I'm not sure if it would be significantly different from the guide Transifex puts out.
17:36:27 <isabela> Phoul: maybe i can draft in a pad the steps i am thinking for this internal doc
17:36:40 <Phoul> isabela: I think that would help :)
17:36:53 <isabela> i was thinking of including ssteps like 'push to stage for review'
17:37:23 <isabela> ok i will do that
17:37:25 <isabela> :)
17:37:29 <isabela> let me write this down
17:37:49 <isabela> Phoul: btw t0mmy offered to help with the translator doc too if you need any help :)
17:37:53 <isabela> maybe ping him later
17:38:05 * t0mmy is lurking =)
17:38:31 <Phoul> t0mmy: I will likely take you up on that. Will get the basic content together, and then we can figure out making it look / read nicer for translators.
17:39:09 <isabela> t0mmy: o/
17:39:15 <isabela> ok
17:39:32 <isabela> so this is it :) is where we are with the project and what we need to do next
17:39:49 <isabela> i think we could try to launch this by end of jan or early feb
17:40:01 <isabela> depending on how long translations take
17:40:26 <Phoul> For that, are we wanting to wait for all major languages to be complete before launching? Or launch with what we have and add to it?
17:40:37 <isabela> Phoul: we are doing just the tier 1 langs
17:40:49 <Phoul> Sorry, thats what I meant by major in this case. Should be more specific.
17:40:59 <isabela> aha
17:41:02 <isabela> yes
17:41:04 <isabela> you right
17:41:06 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/21222
17:41:08 <isabela> the ones listed here
17:41:17 <isabela> at the 'what about translation?' section
17:41:18 <isabela> hehe
17:41:44 <Phoul> My only concern is if one language lags on translation, it could delay us if we are waiting on all of them.
17:41:57 <Phoul> Will try and be sure that doesn't happen.
17:42:11 <isabela> yeah, if it does we can make a call at the time
17:42:19 <Phoul> Sounds good
17:42:21 <isabela> we can always leave one behind if we think is ok to do so
17:42:28 <isabela> and then release it
17:42:41 <isabela> but lets think of that if we need to think of that :)
17:42:46 <isabela> hehe
17:42:50 <t0mmy> Phoul Sounds good, we'll be in touch.
17:43:15 <isabela> Phoul: i would say to prepare the reviewers too
17:43:22 <isabela> like give them a heads up that this load will come
17:43:55 <Phoul> isabela: Good idea, will send an announcement out this week with that information.
17:44:32 <isabela> cool!
17:44:49 <isabela> i think we good for this sync, catching up after the holidays etc
17:44:55 <isabela> how folks feel?
17:45:07 <isabela> i also want to keept his every wed
17:45:10 <isabela> till we launch
17:45:18 <Phoul> That works for me.
17:45:27 <isabela> even if its just a 10in update sync
17:45:34 <antonela> +1
17:45:38 <isabela> but will be godo to keep the mojo
17:45:39 <isabela> hehe
17:45:58 <isabela> fantastic!
17:46:14 <flexlibris> feeling good
17:46:15 <isabela> does anyone has anything ? questions, comments, worries, blockers
17:46:26 <flexlibris> excited to see this really taking shape
17:46:30 <Phoul> +1 ^
17:46:31 <isabela> :)
17:46:35 <antonela> :)
17:46:45 <pari> sounds exciting :)
17:46:55 <isabela> indeed
17:47:03 <isabela> alright people! I will end the bot then
17:47:09 <isabela> #endmeeting