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18:02:15 <flexlibris> I'd like to start by checking in on outstanding roadmap tasks from December/current roadmap tasks in January
18:02:28 <flexlibris> roadmap is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biph8qhxvUc_VetcaJjkS9H3kKC95yPB9Z1VhZLypIQ/edit?pli=1#gid=0
18:02:59 <flexlibris> there are two december tasks that are either not noted or ongoing
18:03:05 <flexlibris> the ongoing one is mine -- starting the Rome meeting planning
18:03:33 <flexlibris> save the dates have gone out, and Jon is going to send the invites soon. gunner, Shari, and I are starting to work on other logistics like agenda planning
18:03:46 <flexlibris> Phoul: can you give an update on the downloads page translation?
18:03:53 <flexlibris> err, integration
18:05:19 <flexlibris> you there Phoul?
18:05:30 <Phoul> The transifex developer I was speaking with stopped responding shortly before Christmas. I sent a follow-up email at the beginning of the week, but have not heard back. If I dont hear anything, I will progress with the slightly hacky way I can do it without needing webml support in Transifex. However, unfortunately, this makes things a bit more confusing to translate. When I looked at Lektor initially,
18:05:36 <Phoul> it had proper l10n support, so this will not be an issue as soon as we switch.
18:05:40 <Phoul> Unfortunately until we switch, we have to deal with webml's oddness.
18:06:01 <flexlibris> that's annoying
18:06:12 <flexlibris> I wonder if the hacky solution is worth the work required if it's just a temporary fix?
18:06:31 <Phoul> That is a good question. I think it depends how long we expect the important pages to remain in webml format.
18:06:53 <flexlibris> yeah, and I'm not sure the answer
18:06:54 <flexlibris> can we do this
18:06:56 <kat5> Did funding ever come through for the website redesign?
18:07:08 <flexlibris> can you start an email with you, me, and the ux team, and talk about a timeline for the main part of the website?
18:07:16 <flexlibris> and tell them you're trying to solve for this problem
18:07:18 <t0mmy> kat5 it did indeed
18:07:24 <Phoul> flexlibris: Sure!
18:07:26 <kat5> Great.
18:07:26 <flexlibris> and see what they think
18:07:29 <Phoul> Will get that out today.
18:07:33 <flexlibris> thanks!
18:07:38 <flexlibris> I will note it on the roadmap
18:08:16 <flexlibris> great, so, next item for january
18:08:38 <flexlibris> more support portal content, which is work done on #24129
18:08:53 <flexlibris> I wrote up some new articles based on some of the research pari has done
18:08:59 <flexlibris> and those will get integrated into the portal
18:09:05 <pari> cool!
18:09:31 <flexlibris> isa asked that if we're continuing to make more support articles (and we are) we should hang on to them, and then we can integrate them later when the portal goes live
18:09:38 <flexlibris> rather than rolling them into the current copy
18:10:13 <flexlibris> it would be great to do another sprint on this, maybe next month, especially to solve for the user issues pari identified (I didn't get to all of them)
18:10:20 <flexlibris> so I'm going to add that as a roadmap task for next month
18:10:31 <t0mmy> I'd be down with that
18:10:52 <Phoul> +1, that sounds great.
18:11:05 <flexlibris> cool
18:11:20 <flexlibris> pari: do you have a link to your spreadsheet handy? it would be good to share it here if you do
18:11:48 <pari> yes I do, just a moment
18:11:52 <flexlibris> cool, thanks
18:12:02 <flexlibris> just so folks can refer to it now if they want
18:12:26 <flexlibris> Phoul: the next item is about support portal translation, which we just were talking about in the last meeting in here. can you summarize what your next steps are for the team here?
18:12:41 <pari> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Ar5MqT1Bp8FbWZjxLBtwxCoWdXcEcQ3x8P2iC3CxHbg
18:12:43 <flexlibris> wait oops that's in february. okay well I am moving it up since you're doing it now :)
18:13:07 <Phoul> Sure!
18:13:12 <pari> flexlibris: there it is
18:13:21 <flexlibris> thank you pari!
18:14:23 <Phoul> So hiro has gotten a chunk of the coding done, and I will be llooking today at uploading test documents to Transifex based on what she has. I will be sending an announcement this week to reviewers informing them that content should be hitting the portal within the next couple weeks.
18:14:26 <pari> I suggest you refer to the second sheet "doubts and issues" for the support portal content. the first sheet only has bugs, more for devs
18:15:09 <flexlibris> thanks Phoul
18:15:20 <flexlibris> I edited that roadmap item slightly to reflect the work you're doing more specifically
18:15:25 <pari> and drop me a mail if someone needs edit rights. that way you can mark the issues that have been included in the support portal
18:15:35 <Phoul> flexlibris: Thanks!
18:16:07 <flexlibris> pari: oh good thinking. let's talk about marking some issues as resolved in our meeting after this meeting
18:16:10 <t0mmy> pari this is amazingly useful, I'm so glad you're on board.
18:16:20 <Phoul> +1 ^
18:16:20 <flexlibris> +1!
18:16:36 <flexlibris> t0mmy: any update on the funding you're looking into for community stuff?
18:16:44 <t0mmy> flexlibris yes!
18:16:44 <flexlibris> I know that we have plans to discuss/work on this next week
18:16:46 <flexlibris> cool yay
18:17:35 <t0mmy> well, sort of -- the update is that I think we'll be on track with who might fund and ready to send some letters by end of Jan, if not a little before.
18:18:03 <t0mmy> Next week will be useful in terms of specific copy and course correcting if needs be, but this week I've been deep in research and have one or two promising leads.
18:18:15 <flexlibris> awesome
18:18:31 <t0mmy> I'll be blocked a little bit getting final sign-off from Shari but I think we're in good shape.
18:18:38 <flexlibris> it sounds like it
18:18:58 <t0mmy> but if we get it to the stage where that's the only thing we're waiting on, we'll be doing well
18:19:14 <flexlibris> heck yeah
18:19:21 <t0mmy> =) </fin>
18:19:28 <flexlibris> cool
18:19:32 <flexlibris> next item is about cryptorave planning
18:19:50 <flexlibris> I am hoping we can support travel costs for intrigeri to go
18:20:13 <flexlibris> and be a presenter or at least a facilitator for a Tor/Tails talk
18:20:31 <flexlibris> I am asking the vegas leads tomorrow what kind of financial support we might have to send more than just him
18:20:44 <flexlibris> so I hope to update that soon. it would be ideal to get a small group of Tor people to attend.
18:20:56 <flexlibris> that conference is in May btw
18:22:16 <flexlibris> the next item is done -- November 2018 Tor Meeting is going to happen in Brazil :) :)
18:22:42 <flexlibris> dates TBD. city will likely be Sao Paulo
18:22:42 <Phoul> Woo!
18:22:50 <tjr> Get your visas early :)
18:22:57 <kat5> Wow!!
18:23:00 <flexlibris> tjr: +1
18:23:07 <flexlibris> that is why the planning is happening so early
18:23:12 <flexlibris> Jon is doing his thing now
18:24:11 <flexlibris> okay moving on
18:24:14 <flexlibris> speakers bureau conferences
18:24:26 <flexlibris> so I've been trying to get more/better Tor representation at various conferences across the world
18:25:29 <flexlibris> mainly for "state of the onion" style generalist talks, but any Tor talks are good
18:25:55 <Phoul> I've been asked to give a few talks on settings up relays, will have more information on those as planning progresses.
18:26:23 <flexlibris> so far we've got proposals accepted for this year's LibrePlanet in Cambridge and nullcon in India, plus proposals out to RightsCon in Toronto, and will submit to CryptoRave and HOPE once the CFP's open
18:26:31 <flexlibris> oh and bornhak too, when that opens
18:26:49 <flexlibris> any ideas for other conferences to submit to?
18:26:57 <flexlibris> Phoul: that's great! make sure to get it on the events calendar!
18:27:14 <Phoul> For areas that dont have a lot of conferences, could look into BSides events to see if they might be worth attending.
18:27:24 <armadev> in the past the 'state of the onion' style talks have been a huge amount of work to put together. we should probably avoid dumping that work on whichever person steps up to do one of the talks.
18:27:39 <flexlibris> Phoul: oh yeah good idea
18:28:04 <flexlibris> armadev: good point. I am trying to mitigate it in a couple of ways
18:28:12 <flexlibris> one, having multiple Tor people presenting or on a panel
18:28:39 <flexlibris> and two, creating some slide decks that can be reused
18:30:13 <flexlibris> okay, moving on
18:30:28 <flexlibris> this next item is one that I have been putting off because it takes time and thought, two nonrenewable resources
18:30:36 <flexlibris> "define the scope of the community team"
18:31:12 <flexlibris> what we have as the scope on the wiki is not perfect: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam#Overview
18:31:26 <flexlibris> and armadev has pointed out that a few things that have been grouped with the community team might be better somewhere else, like support
18:31:47 <flexlibris> so, I am putting this forward for people to think about. what is the community team's scope/what should it be?
18:32:12 <flexlibris> I may start an email thread on the community team list to work through this idea some. but it's on your minds now.
18:32:27 <Phoul> Sounds good
18:32:57 <armadev> i have some vague memories of also suggesting that people brainstorm "things that tor ought to be doing that have fallen into the cracks between teams"
18:33:04 <flexlibris> armadev: yes
18:33:14 <flexlibris> I think we should talk about that in some Big Way in Rome
18:34:21 <flexlibris> speaking of Rome
18:34:26 <flexlibris> the next thing is outreach for the open hacking days
18:34:32 <flexlibris> and I will need help with this
18:34:46 <flexlibris> but before it happens, based on the survey feedback I want to get some broader feedback about the open days
18:35:03 <flexlibris> cause their intended purpose is unclear and they aren't working well in the current form
18:35:41 <flexlibris> so by our next meeting on the 24th I will have a better sense of this, and some people here can help me track down all of the Italian Tor people and ask for their assistance on this
18:36:18 <flexlibris> the next item is also mostly done/ongoing bc it's essential to meeting planning
18:36:41 <flexlibris> all of the sponsor 9 stuff is for me and Isa to deal with
18:36:51 <flexlibris> which leaves the relay ops wiki
18:37:30 <flexlibris> we've done SO much work on this since it started as a blog post idea from me and Phoul. here's the ticket: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24497
18:37:56 <flexlibris> if you've been working on this, please take a look at the most recent ticket comments and see if there are any remaining issues you can help resolve.
18:38:21 <Phoul> I will be reviewing the ops wiki this week for content, as I havent kept up with all the changes since a bunch of people jumped onto it. Will also be cleaning up the kinda random way the coldhak script ended up being listed, I think its a bit confusing at the moment.
18:38:32 <flexlibris> thanks Phoul
18:39:19 <flexlibris> so, overall we're making good progress on January's roadmap
18:39:33 <flexlibris> now I'd like to talk about some of the open tickets this team has and what's happening with them
18:40:06 <t0mmy> if nobody has any objections, I'm going to step out and prep for this call -- I'm around in the afternoon if anyone needs anything
18:40:14 <flexlibris> t0mmy: later!
18:40:18 <t0mmy> thx!
18:40:58 <flexlibris> there's a bunch of open tickets about mirrors that don't seem to be moving at all
18:41:40 <flexlibris> 22150, 22178, 22179, 22181, 22182
18:41:42 <Phoul> That is samdney's right?
18:41:52 <Phoul> Wow, im magic.
18:41:55 <flexlibris> lol
18:42:05 <flexlibris> Samdney: we were just wondering about all these open mirror tickets and what their status is
18:42:12 <flexlibris> eg 22150, 22178
18:42:53 <Samdney> moment I'm looking...
18:42:59 <Samdney> #22150
18:43:09 <Samdney> #22178
18:43:35 <flexlibris> there is also 22179, 22181, 22182
18:43:49 <Samdney> #22179
18:43:50 <Phoul> (I think if you add #, it will do the links)
18:44:09 <Samdney> ok this ticket is not from me
18:44:11 <flexlibris> (thanks, I know, I just didn't want zwiebelbot to start spamming us if not needed)
18:44:27 <Phoul> :)
18:44:45 <Samdney> ok ... mmm
18:44:52 <Samdney> #22181
18:45:01 <Samdney> #22182
18:45:16 <Samdney> yeap this tickets are from me...
18:45:48 <flexlibris> are you working on them?
18:46:11 <Samdney> yes and no. I work on the last one.
18:46:41 <Samdney> 22178 is a reminder, that we not forget the mirror page during website redisgn
18:46:46 <Samdney> *redisign
18:46:52 <Samdney> *redesign
18:47:21 <Samdney> 22181 is a community team ticket :)
18:47:51 <flexlibris> okay. if you need some help getting these tickets completed then we should find some other people who may want to work on it
18:47:56 <Samdney> 22179 is also redesign :)
18:48:35 <flexlibris> something else that could use some help is responding to the trademark usage requests: #19911 and #23632
18:48:56 <Samdney> "What can we do for mirro people?" is a question for everbody. not only me :)
18:49:02 <Samdney> *mirror
18:49:25 <flexlibris> I asked you only because you are the owner of the majority of those tickets, and you reported that one, so I thought you might have an update
18:49:31 <Phoul> Do we currently send mirror ops t-shirts and stuff?
18:49:48 <Samdney> I don't think so.
18:50:56 <flexlibris> there is so much more that we could be doing for the mirror ops community, which is one reason I'd really like to identify some people to work on these tickets
18:51:25 <flexlibris> but for now we have to move on bc we have only a few minutes left in this meeting
18:51:37 <flexlibris> another open ticket that people should be aware of: #22079
18:51:56 <flexlibris> if you have suggestions for community governance docs that should exist, or edits for existing docs, please leave a comment on that ticket
18:52:39 <kat5> Where do the ratified docs live?
18:53:27 <flexlibris> kat5: https://gitweb.torproject.org/community/policies.git/tree/ and also linked to from the community team wiki
18:53:32 <flexlibris> better discoverability would be good
18:53:33 <flexlibris> if you have ideas
18:53:35 <kat5> Thanks.
18:53:54 <flexlibris> this is a fun idea that needs some love #24148
18:53:56 <kat5> I noticed that the mailing list wiki page has outdated info on getting onto internal lists. Will update.
18:54:08 <flexlibris> it is assigned to me and I would like to do it if I have time someday
18:54:12 <flexlibris> kat5: thanks for that
18:54:19 <Phoul> flexlibris: Thats an awesome idea.
18:54:42 <flexlibris> Phoul: maybe we can revisit it in a few weeks
18:54:51 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
18:55:06 <flexlibris> I am going to start working on #24757 after I finish #24758
18:55:21 <flexlibris> I have been collecting anecdata from relay operators about the second one
18:55:46 <flexlibris> okay, so now everyone knows about the outstanding tickets and where we are on the roadmap. yay.
18:55:57 <flexlibris> anything else to discuss in the last four minutes of the meeting?
18:56:10 <flexlibris> oh I will be sending a community team update to tor-project today (or tomorrow lol)
18:57:24 <Phoul> Just a note on the wikipedia thing, I seem to recall someone reaching out to them a few years ago and them being... very not helpful. Hopefully things have changed or im remembering wrong, but just so you're aware.
18:57:39 <armadev> wikipedia is full of all sorts of people
18:57:45 <armadev> most editors fear tor because they fear the internet
18:57:46 <flexlibris> ^^
18:57:49 <flexlibris> ha
18:57:54 <armadev> some of their tech people are smarter about it
18:57:59 <armadev> problem is, their tech people are very rare
18:58:03 <Samdney> O.O
18:58:26 * armadev gets in a "who likes ice cream" attack on flexlibris's "^^"
18:58:31 <Samdney> yeap only a few number of persons
18:58:35 <flexlibris> once I have the data organized, we can figure out who the right people are to approach, and what the right approach is
18:59:17 <flexlibris> armadev: lol wat
19:00:01 <Samdney> there is somewhere a site with all employees and their positions ...maybe that also helps ;)
19:00:08 <flexlibris> okay cool it's 1900
19:00:21 <flexlibris> shall we end this meeting or do we have anything else to discuss
19:00:28 <pari> there is a mail on tor-project on creating 'How to Run a Relay' Brochure/Fliers for use at Defcon, HOPE, and a bunch of other places.
19:00:32 <tjr> i sent an email to -project about brochures :)
19:00:40 <flexlibris> pari: yes, just saw that. thanks tjr.
19:01:12 <pari> I can help with the graphics part if reqd
19:01:17 <pari> let me know
19:01:24 <tjr> whoo! thanks!
19:01:53 <pari> tjr: :)
19:01:58 <Phoul> Once the wiki page is deemed complete, I'm happy to look into boiling the info down to what we'd put on something like that.
19:02:03 <flexlibris> great
19:02:04 <armadev> flexlibris: the "who likes ice cream" attack is a common issue in group chat. one person says "who likes ice cream", you answer "me!", and somebody else said "who likes hitler" in the mean time and the order of messages shows up in a way that surprises you.
19:02:04 <Phoul> As is, it would be a little bookish.
19:02:15 <flexlibris> armadev: ah lol
19:02:22 <armadev> security is hard :)
19:02:31 <flexlibris> good thing I agreed with both statements you said
19:02:40 <flexlibris> good thing you wouldn't ask 'who likes hitler'
19:03:06 <Samdney> I don't like ice cream ;P
19:03:17 <flexlibris> okay I am going to call this meeting finished
19:03:21 <flexlibris> #endmeeting