16:00:49 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in
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16:00:53 <isabela> hiro: boom
16:01:01 <isabela> alright
16:01:05 <antonela> aloo
16:01:07 <isabela> lets open the roadmap :)
16:01:19 * isabela has mushy brains today be aware!
16:01:25 <antonela> haha
16:01:51 <antonela> the styleguide is done! [!]
16:01:54 <GeKo> but you have more than one!1!!
16:02:13 <isabela> GeKo: haha
16:02:16 <isabela> antonela: nice!
16:02:36 <antonela> could we have a content review by comms sometime this/next week?
16:02:41 <isabela> we dont have the tickets on the roadmap but any updates on this: Get started with mocks of other portals
16:02:51 <isabela> antonela: yes, i will send them an email
16:02:59 <antonela> is not too much content, but you know
16:03:02 <isabela> :)
16:03:05 <isabela> doesnt hurt
16:03:11 <antonela> yes, im working with dev.tpo this week
16:03:17 <isabela> so
16:03:23 <isabela> cool
16:03:26 <antonela> com.tpo is updated on marvel, still wip
16:03:32 <antonela> *everything*
16:03:38 <isabela> btw i was thinking if we should talk about style.tpo when we launch support.tpo
16:03:49 <antonela> maybe yes
16:03:51 <antonela> hiro: !
16:03:57 <antonela> some things will need adjust
16:04:09 <isabela> yes
16:04:26 <isabela> ok
16:05:02 <isabela> actually might be better not to do one blog post for both
16:05:09 <isabela> and keep them separated
16:05:13 <isabela> sorry mushy brains!
16:05:22 <antonela> yes, agreed
16:05:26 <isabela> k i have on my list to call attention from comms to it :)
16:05:38 <isabela> and we can start blog, copy review etc for telling the world
16:05:44 * antonela thinks hiro's dog needed a paseo
16:05:51 <isabela> hehe
16:05:54 <isabela> np
16:06:00 <antonela> haha she was around 1 min before
16:06:41 <isabela> she can jump in when she is back is ok
16:06:45 <antonela> yep
16:06:50 <isabela> about support site i did sync with hiro on that last week
16:07:06 <isabela> finished the sitemap for her and we decided that the way it will work for tb high security level
16:07:16 <isabela> is that the articles will be displayed all already open
16:07:19 <antonela> cool
16:07:21 <isabela> (cuz of js)
16:07:27 <antonela> yep
16:07:30 <isabela> they are small and it wont be something crazy to do it ;)
16:07:44 <hiro> no sorry
16:07:47 <hiro> I was here
16:07:48 <isabela> yo!
16:08:03 <hiro> I was doing the support page and messing around hiding panels
16:08:11 <antonela> :D
16:08:16 <hiro> let me read
16:08:31 <isabela> ok
16:09:02 <hiro> ok yes what do we need to change in style.tpo?
16:09:08 <hiro> I can do it pretty quickly
16:09:11 <antonela> nothing now
16:09:14 <hiro> ah ok
16:09:27 <antonela> but we may need some updates/adjustments (maybe)
16:09:29 <isabela> next is to have comms review it and prepare blog post
16:09:43 <isabela> yeah, maybe there will be changes after comms review
16:09:45 <antonela> during the website development
16:09:48 <antonela> oh yes
16:09:54 <isabela> and what antonela says :P
16:09:58 <hiro> ok
16:10:17 <isabela> but we are declaring it done
16:10:19 <isabela> \o/
16:10:34 <antonela> ☜(˚▽˚)☞
16:10:39 <hiro> yes so that JS to hide and show panels, is already in the styleguide
16:10:44 <hiro> w bootstrap
16:11:04 <hiro> so we do not have to add more complexity
16:11:12 <isabela> nice
16:11:15 * antonela thanks bootstrap
16:11:39 <isabela> hiro: can we control the state when js doesnt work ? to make sure its showing the content (open state not the hiding state)
16:12:30 <hiro> yes that's what I was trying to figure out.. I think i works by declaring all the classes as "show" and then calling collapse() when the page loads
16:12:43 <hiro> if there is no JS collapes() is not called
16:12:53 <isabela> ack
16:12:56 <hiro> but I need to test this a lil bit
16:13:02 <isabela> cool
16:13:15 <isabela> this week is do or die to finish: #24513
16:13:21 <isabela> oh no bot
16:13:28 <isabela> well that is guerrilla testing in india :)
16:13:44 <isabela> cuz the event will be saturday!
16:13:52 <antonela> yes!
16:13:53 <antonela> https://rootconf.in/2018-tor-meetup-mumbai/
16:13:56 <isabela> !
16:14:06 <antonela> im still waiting for the venue definition to start sharing it
16:14:23 <antonela> it could happen tomorrow morning
16:14:46 <antonela> tomorrow also we have the sync with sukhbir, he already said ok to the schendule
16:14:51 <isabela> antonela: ssup with the data of this registration form? is it necessary?
16:15:27 <antonela> seems like it, zainab mentioned it on the thread today
16:15:59 <isabela> ok, sorry i havent read the thread the last couple of days :(
16:16:05 <antonela> just the name is required
16:16:09 <isabela> ah
16:16:09 * antonela is checking it
16:16:16 <isabela> that is better
16:16:25 <antonela> oh no, the email too
16:16:25 <antonela> :/
16:17:02 <antonela> sukhe: are you around?
16:17:18 <isabela> i think is just how they do it and they might not be thinking with the concerns we have. maybe share with them some of our concerns might help figure out if there is an alternative
16:17:39 <isabela> for the nyc meetup ppl are doing 'registration' at the door to by pass the university BS hehe
16:17:44 <antonela> yep, will do
16:18:10 <isabela> tx!
16:18:26 <antonela> about it too, i added a pad with a quick presentation about the UX team in your doc
16:18:34 <isabela> any solution that can minimize data collection of participants (and storage of this data) is welcomed
16:18:45 <isabela> nice
16:18:57 <antonela> feel free to edit/remove/add things there
16:19:13 <isabela> what doc?
16:19:15 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KdnEsAlXdkQT4EBsRUAEgzqz5lkdmjNBUB29YfEFLSE/edit#
16:19:21 <isabela> ^^ this one?
16:19:35 <antonela> yep
16:19:41 <isabela> ah the riseup pad?
16:19:45 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/zZOKv0168qsC
16:20:13 <isabela> nice
16:20:19 <isabela> anything you want to use from this:
16:20:39 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16GoPHkZDuECn-NkDyePiZAeyJ_E7Y41YW_3l1KFUb4I/edit
16:20:42 <isabela> is old
16:20:43 <antonela> i stolen some lines from the sida proposal
16:20:44 <antonela> haha
16:20:45 <isabela> but it was my first attempt to explain ux
16:20:50 <isabela> and user testing model
16:20:51 <antonela> oh great
16:20:56 <antonela> will add them too
16:21:05 <isabela> might be useful as inspiration
16:21:19 <isabela> not necessary as the actual slides :)
16:21:19 <isabela> hehe
16:21:28 <antonela> yes yes, but i can include it
16:21:32 <antonela> thanks for the remainder!
16:21:40 <isabela> i have another one which is a 2017 update of this
16:21:58 <isabela> but is less about ux team and more about the execution, wont be as useful
16:22:03 <isabela> anw
16:22:17 <isabela> we will sync tomorrow on all this at 9am EST
16:22:22 <isabela> antonela: maybe we do it here?
16:22:26 <isabela> instead of jitsi
16:22:36 <antonela> yes, the same for me
16:22:46 <isabela> cool i will ping sukhe on that
16:22:49 <antonela> super, thanks
16:22:50 <isabela> alright ppl moving on!
16:23:16 <isabela> Activity 4.1: Improve how circuits are displayed to the user
16:23:33 <isabela> i think this is done on our side
16:23:39 <isabela> with version 8
16:24:13 <antonela> for now, i think so
16:24:18 <isabela> ok
16:24:52 <isabela> all the translation stuff on our roadmap we can follow up on support site syncs on wed
16:25:08 <antonela> yep
16:25:26 <isabela> 2.1 is pending on Geko doc, 5.1 we haven't started yet, which is ok, maybe we should even move it to Feb /me thinks
16:25:36 <isabela> i would like to have a good time to map this out
16:25:38 <isabela> and make a plan for that
16:25:49 <antonela> yes!
16:25:50 <isabela> because is important to be strategical on what we present to users and how
16:26:09 <isabela> anything we puts there must have a reason why
16:26:13 <isabela> anw
16:26:47 <isabela> maybe each gives an update on their plans for the week? who wants to go first?
16:27:10 <hiro> i can
16:27:24 <isabela> go! :)
16:27:48 <hiro> ok so this week I am building the structure for the support site
16:27:59 <hiro> + possibly starting configuring search
16:28:32 <hiro> there are also some leftovers regarding the survey
16:28:50 <hiro> and I think that's all regarding ux
16:28:55 <antonela> I have for this week, planning + sorting things for the event on Saturday, working on dev.tpo, finish relays cover illo for the relays guide post and write specs for the website illustrator
16:29:41 <antonela> mcs already included our Moat svg loader made last week ;)
16:29:44 <isabela> hiro: do you think we can use the survey for india?
16:30:15 <hiro> the survey is working
16:30:44 <hiro> there is something limesurvey is doing https side but besides that you can start testing
16:30:45 <isabela> ok, i meant whatever is left to be done is not going to wipe the DB
16:30:55 <isabela> hmm
16:30:55 <hiro> nope :)
16:31:08 <hiro> that's interfeering w/ the onion service
16:31:35 <hiro> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24882#comment:1
16:31:56 <isabela> so the https thing is just for .onion service.. but https is working if i send folks to https://survey.tpo
16:32:13 <hiro> yes
16:32:18 <isabela> ok
16:32:26 <isabela> if we have .onion for saturday is a bonux
16:32:28 <isabela> bonus
16:32:34 <isabela> but we can survive without it :)
16:33:03 <isabela> ok
16:33:18 <isabela> from me, i finished the work plan to sponsor9
16:33:22 <hiro> I am sure that's just a config hidden in limesurvey
16:33:31 <isabela> i am dealing with sponsor4 end of contract, we might need extension for moat work
16:33:48 <isabela> but i do want to prioritize the user testing in india which i am late with
16:34:08 <isabela> i will ask folks for help (tommy and pari too)
16:34:52 <isabela> another priority for me is start the job post for user research coordinator
16:35:13 <isabela> because hiring process will take some time and ideally this person should be around by rome meeting!
16:35:21 <antonela> oh yes!
16:36:03 <isabela> ok
16:36:41 <isabela> that is it, today i will be done with the high priority stuff and then i will be focus on india user testing to make sure folks has everything they need
16:36:51 <antonela> thanks isa!
16:37:01 <isabela> o/
16:37:12 <antonela> o/
16:37:17 <isabela> is there any discussion points?
16:37:22 <isabela> any blocker? any worries?
16:37:32 <isabela> or any other updates
16:37:38 <hiro> I am groot
16:37:51 <antonela> good me 2
16:38:02 <isabela> alright!
16:38:05 <isabela> i will end the bot then
16:38:10 <isabela> #endmeeting