17:03:04 <isabela> #startmeeting support.torproject.org work
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17:03:11 <isabela> alright
17:03:15 <isabela> so let me opent he pad
17:03:24 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
17:03:45 <isabela> we will go down the pad for updates and then we can talk other stuff if needed :)
17:03:57 <isabela> i did the sitemap for hiro 0.
17:04:04 <t0mmy> [okay, I have one thing but it can wait until after the pad]
17:04:10 <isabela> k
17:04:31 <isabela> hiro: do you want to talk about coding the pages and adding the content there?
17:04:37 <isabela> which is 4. and 7.
17:05:01 <isabela> (then we go back to 6. for update on the user testing)
17:05:12 <isabela> oh
17:05:18 <isabela> i wonder if hiro is around
17:05:28 <isabela> i didnt sent a reminder this week
17:05:42 <isabela> i can say that hiro is doing 4. and 7. :)
17:05:43 <isabela> hehe
17:05:51 <antonela> yes she is ha
17:06:02 <flexlibris> :)
17:06:12 <isabela> yes, just a fyi
17:06:45 <isabela> since suppport.tpo has javascript we decided the state for it on high security level at tor browser will be to display all articles for a topic opened
17:07:00 <isabela> that will be the behavior when js is blocked
17:07:02 <Phoul> =1, i think thats a good solution
17:07:25 <isabela> alright!
17:07:32 <isabela> antonela: want to talk about saturday?
17:07:36 <antonela> yes!
17:07:38 <isabela> :)
17:07:53 <antonela> as you may know we are going to have a Tor meetup + user testing sesion here in Mumbai on Saturday
17:08:11 <antonela> people from HasGeek is helping us to sort all the things related with the event
17:08:12 <antonela> https://rootconf.in/2018-tor-meetup-mumbai/
17:08:18 <isabela> boom!
17:08:21 <Phoul> (Sukhe just emailed the community list about this)
17:08:30 <flexlibris> yes just saw that
17:08:32 <stephw> we should have on our site too
17:08:42 <flexlibris> I was about to respond to him and make sure he added it to events
17:08:42 <isabela> stephw: you mean the blog?
17:08:44 <antonela> if you comms wants to share on social media, there is the meetup registration
17:08:46 <antonela> link
17:08:48 <isabela> or the events calendar
17:08:56 <stephw> the events calendar at least!
17:09:04 <flexlibris> stephw: I'll reply and make sure he did
17:09:07 <isabela> antonela: do you have an account at the blog?
17:09:16 <isabela> can someone add there for us?
17:09:32 <antonela> also, since im in mumbai and i dont have proper tor swag with me, i ordered some stickers to a local provider [Jon is following it]
17:09:35 <stephw> i can do it
17:09:36 <antonela> lets see what happens :)
17:09:42 <antonela> isabela: i don't
17:09:44 <isabela> stephw: tx
17:09:50 <isabela> antonela: we will fix that :)
17:09:56 <antonela> :D thanks
17:10:45 <isabela> i asked t0mmy and pari for help with the quiz we will do to collect search queries to test our search at the support site
17:11:02 <isabela> t0mmy: was that your update ? or do you have any update on that you want to share ?
17:11:03 <t0mmy> oh, this was my thing that I wanted to raise
17:11:06 <t0mmy> it was indeed
17:11:10 <isabela> cool! go for it!
17:11:16 <antonela> yes, Allison, i cc'd you at pari's email today just to give you visibility on it
17:11:24 <t0mmy> my update is just that "I'm working on this and should have something for you in an hour or so"
17:11:32 <isabela> !!!
17:11:36 <flexlibris> antonela: I saw, thanks! glad you've got her working on it
17:11:38 <isabela> this fast ! :)
17:11:46 <t0mmy> hey, you said you needed it. =)
17:11:48 <flexlibris> lemme know if I can help with anything
17:11:49 <isabela> heheheh
17:11:53 <antonela> flexlibris: yes!
17:11:53 <isabela> t0mmy: thanks a bunch!!
17:11:58 <t0mmy> flexlibris I'll loop you in
17:12:11 <flexlibris> cool
17:12:28 <isabela> anything else with user testing?
17:12:28 <flexlibris> it's weird to be typing this to you t0mmy while I'm looking at you :)
17:12:31 <Phoul> t0mmy: im happy to help as well
17:12:51 <t0mmy> help! I'm being surveilled!
17:12:53 <t0mmy> Phoul cool, will share too
17:13:05 <antonela> flexlibris: lol
17:13:09 <isabela> if folks wants to review and give feedback i just need this the latest by friday my morning
17:13:12 <isabela> so build thesurvey for it
17:13:29 <isabela> t0mmy: maybe put it on a gdoc or something when you feel is good to share?
17:13:47 <flexlibris> yeah I'm happy to take a look
17:13:49 <t0mmy> isabela yep that's where it lives right now
17:14:03 <isabela> there was some orientation i wrote to t0mmy and pari regarding what is the goal there
17:14:06 <isabela> i can put i on the pad too
17:14:39 <isabela> another thing i would like to remind is the english to be easy
17:14:40 <isabela> hehe
17:14:51 <t0mmy> oh I just fwded flexlibris and Phoul your email with a link to my gdoc.
17:14:52 <t0mmy> will share with you soon
17:14:53 <flexlibris> good suggestion
17:15:01 <t0mmy> yep, good reminder
17:15:02 <Phoul> t0mmy: thanks
17:15:47 <isabela> great! thanks a lot everyone for the help on this
17:15:54 <isabela> i am pasting the orientation at the end of the pad
17:16:37 <isabela> ok!
17:16:56 <isabela> any update on the localization docs
17:17:13 <isabela> I havent had the time to do the steps i mentioned i would write down
17:17:18 <isabela> :|
17:17:49 <Phoul> Yes! So for the translator document, im just waiting to hear from localizationlab about their process. I was made awware that they have a mini-test thing they send out to judge comprehension, so im waiting on getting a copy of that and then will push everything to the wiki.
17:18:20 <isabela> sweet!
17:18:25 <Phoul> And for the tests I mentioned doing, they are done. The menus went up on Transifex without issue once we switched them to JSON
17:18:47 <Phoul> I sent an email before this meeting with one minor issue where it doesnt like having all the languages smushed together in one json file, but thats fixable outside of Transifex and Lektor if needed.
17:18:54 <Phoul> I think it should be doable within lektor though
17:19:03 <isabela> ah i saw that
17:19:34 <Phoul> since it takes whatever we give it as the "source", having all languages in there means we are giving translations as english source.
17:19:48 <Phoul> So once we resolve that, will be completely ready
17:20:06 <isabela> glad we are catching all this now
17:20:09 <flexlibris> nice
17:20:16 <isabela> thanks for the tests Phoul
17:20:30 <Phoul> :) Glad we tested now too, good to get this out of the way.
17:20:39 <isabela> wow! things are moving smooth people!
17:20:43 <flexlibris> :D
17:20:47 <Phoul> For the internal doc regarding getting things translated, im happy to do that as well. There are not a lot of steps.
17:20:55 <antonela> \o/
17:20:58 <Phoul> Its mostly "Make sure you're using a supported format and contact colin"
17:21:03 <isabela> Phoul: if you dont mind i would appreciate the help
17:21:10 <Phoul> For sure :)
17:21:21 <isabela> i think we need to add the steps for review too
17:21:24 <isabela> translation review
17:21:37 <Phoul> There are not really dev steps for that, but I can add that as well.
17:21:40 <Phoul> Thats all handled within Transifex.
17:21:41 <isabela> maybe something like ping hiro to push to stage for review
17:21:48 <Phoul> ahh that kinda review
17:21:54 <Phoul> That would only apply for websites though
17:21:55 <isabela> yes :)
17:22:00 <isabela> true
17:22:07 <isabela> maybe about:tor
17:22:07 <Phoul> A lot of our other projects dont have good "staging" like this.
17:22:10 <isabela> and the manual too
17:22:28 <Phoul> One note on the manual: That will have staging soon. I sent a message to our admins to set that up on Friday.
17:22:30 <isabela> we could make plans to create staging for the ones we can do it
17:22:35 <isabela> i know for builds are harder
17:22:40 <isabela> is more like in alpha
17:22:43 <isabela> or something
17:23:05 <Phoul> *nods* sounds good
17:23:13 <isabela> cool!
17:23:33 <isabela> alright! time to speak! anything worring you? any blockers?
17:23:41 <isabela> anything you want to discuss about this site?
17:23:42 <Phoul> I have one thing
17:23:46 <isabela> yes!
17:24:26 <Phoul> I'm handling GSOC this year, and will be sending our proposal by the end of the week (its due next week). If the UX team has projects theyd like to be included, please reach out to me and I will get them on the website. These dont need to be in before our proposal goes out, just before students start applying.
17:24:40 <flexlibris> good idea Phoul
17:24:43 <isabela> ohhhhhhhhhh
17:24:48 <isabela> good to know
17:25:03 <Phoul> Thats all from me
17:25:05 <isabela> is thre anything we should know about project rules?
17:25:15 <Phoul> I think it needs to be coding, but thats about it.
17:25:29 <isabela> ok
17:25:40 * isabela will think about it
17:25:57 <Phoul> Oh, it should also be something that has realistic goals. Like... the project probably should be something like
17:25:58 <isabela> i also might have another one related to network work
17:26:06 <Phoul> "Make TB look nicer
17:26:10 <Phoul> as thats hard to judge.
17:26:23 <isabela> not that i will be monitoring anyone :P just need to convince others hehe
17:26:33 <Phoul> For sure, if you have stuff for other teams send as well. :)
17:26:55 <isabela> k will do
17:27:02 <isabela> thanks for the heads up on that
17:27:28 <isabela> stephw: fyi we are looking to launch this site in early feb
17:27:37 <isabela> stephw: for you to prep the buzz
17:27:37 <isabela> hehe
17:27:52 <stephw> hehe alright
17:28:01 <isabela> ok
17:28:07 <isabela> anyone has anything else?
17:28:07 <antonela> i have two things for comms
17:28:19 <stephw> go for it
17:28:20 <isabela> antonela: go ahead
17:28:35 <antonela> first - we finished the styleguide, could we have a content review?
17:28:39 <antonela> second - comms I have been working on the illos for this month featured posts, still on wip but I wanted to check your throughts on it
17:28:49 <antonela> relays - alison
17:28:49 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/s/iulbyt0uj1y36b1/relays.png?dl=0
17:28:49 <antonela> onions - steph
17:28:51 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/s/fn0k6zcxy2zfos4/onions.png?dl=0
17:29:21 <stephw> wow awesome :)
17:29:28 <isabela> !!!!
17:29:35 <flexlibris> yessss antonela I love these!
17:29:38 <stephw> these are so great
17:29:38 <Phoul> Nice!
17:29:40 <antonela> feel free to make comments, email me, or DM me, i would like to work on some details, but i just wanted to share with you :)
17:29:43 <stephw> yay
17:29:44 <antonela> <3 thanks
17:29:50 <flexlibris> amazing really
17:29:52 <isabela> these are amazing
17:29:56 <stephw> yesss
17:30:23 <antonela> oh thanks, im still trying to find a "Tor style", anyways, thanks for inviting me to doing it
17:30:37 <isabela> thanks for playing hehe
17:30:38 <isabela> :)
17:30:47 <antonela> isa: yes, im playing
17:30:48 <antonela> :D
17:30:52 <t0mmy> whoa!
17:30:52 <isabela> hehehe
17:30:53 <t0mmy> so cool
17:31:22 <antonela> thanks !
17:31:41 <stephw> antonela: and for the first item, can you send me the new style guide? happy to review!
17:31:53 <isabela> stephw: antonela I will send comms an email with more details on styleguide stuff too because we need to plan how to tell the world about it etc
17:31:53 <antonela> oh thanks, its live ha
17:31:57 <antonela> styleguide.torproject.org
17:31:57 <stephw> great
17:32:13 <isabela> i havent myself had the time to review the text there tbh
17:32:33 <isabela> but the last time i checked it was pretty close :)
17:32:40 <isabela> but anw
17:32:46 <antonela> if you want to email me the fixes/updates i'll apply them
17:32:48 <stephw> it’d like to give it an edit
17:32:52 <stephw> cool will do!
17:32:55 <isabela> yes
17:32:56 <antonela> super, thanks a lot!
17:32:58 <isabela> we should put it on a gdoc
17:33:03 <isabela> so folks can work together
17:33:10 <antonela> oh good call isa
17:33:16 <stephw> cool, i can do that
17:33:21 <isabela> great
17:33:27 <isabela> thanks for the help
17:33:33 <antonela> yes, thank you so much
17:33:59 <isabela> cool, any other updates?
17:34:20 <isabela> we will keep these meetings, so there is a meeting next wed same time
17:34:45 <flexlibris> great
17:34:49 <Phoul> Sounds good!
17:34:54 <antonela> yes, so fast and productive !
17:34:59 <stephw> cool! such great work!
17:35:13 <isabela> i will end the bot
17:35:24 <isabela> #endmeeting