16:02:00 <isabela> #startmeeting UX Team weekly check in meeting
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16:02:28 <isabela> lets take a look at our roadmap
16:02:59 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:03:18 <isabela> antonela: i will jump the other sites design (or do you have updates?)
16:03:36 <antonela> not yet!
16:03:42 <isabela> :) thought so :)
16:04:02 <isabela> i think hiro's pings are not working
16:04:15 <antonela> well i have but under the hoods hehe
16:04:18 <isabela> antonela: do you want to talk about #24597
16:04:33 <isabela> since you are working with hiro on it
16:04:42 <isabela> we will share something tomorrow with folks?
16:04:57 <antonela> yes! i have been working on UI there. Hiro also has everything working from the backend side
16:05:08 <isabela> maybe we can ask in an email for everyone to get the repo and/or update it
16:05:21 <isabela> on lektor
16:05:27 <antonela> i'd like to discuss tomorrow how the questions should be listed there, anw, the style is almost ready
16:05:35 <isabela> great
16:05:48 <isabela> lets talk about that tomorrow
16:05:56 <antonela> i made some screenshots ->
16:06:07 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#j6OyLztUknX7Jdqcq-45Eg
16:06:16 <antonela> just if people wants to lurk :)
16:06:56 <isabela> nice :)
16:06:57 <isabela> tx
16:07:01 <antonela> everything is merged on /master
16:07:08 <antonela> https://oniongit.eu/infra/portal
16:07:11 <isabela> i will send an email
16:07:24 <isabela> with all the info for everyone to be able to see it locally etc before the meeting tomorrow
16:07:26 <antonela> cool :)
16:07:42 <isabela> and your screenshot preview
16:07:43 <isabela> hehe
16:07:49 <antonela> hehe
16:07:49 <hiro> I am here
16:07:51 <isabela> !
16:07:53 <antonela> !
16:08:04 <hiro> sorry missed the initial ping
16:08:14 * isabela gives hiro a min to catch up with the backlog
16:08:37 <hiro> yep done
16:09:28 <isabela> alright!
16:09:37 <hiro> screenshot looks good
16:09:52 <t0mmy> +1
16:09:54 <isabela> alright #24309
16:10:26 <isabela> i need to send an email to TB team scheduling a sync to next wed at 1500UTC
16:10:27 <antonela> styleguide is done, also with Steph review!
16:10:28 <antonela> [!]
16:10:36 <isabela> man
16:10:41 <isabela> i havent read anything there still
16:10:45 <isabela> :( /me feel bad
16:11:16 <antonela> no worries, we are going to make it public maybe on Feb?
16:11:30 <stephw> the “the” in the footer doesn’t seem to be updated, but it looks great!!
16:11:32 <hiro> it's nice tho: https://styleguide.torproject.org/
16:11:39 <isabela> yes
16:11:40 <isabela> i will do it
16:11:42 <isabela> i promisse
16:11:45 <isabela> maybe in the airport
16:11:45 <isabela> hehe
16:11:48 <isabela> ok
16:12:05 <antonela> stephw: the first or the second?
16:12:08 <stephw> i was also asking about how it will align with the new site, it seems like headers and footers should?
16:12:13 <isabela> the circuit thing, me and antonela will brainstorm some ways we can introduce this new location of the feature to users
16:12:18 <stephw> “by the Tor Project"
16:12:34 <antonela> like "by Tor Project. The Tor Project"
16:12:52 <stephw> “by the Tor Project. The Tor Project"
16:12:54 <antonela> stephw: thanks! fixing now
16:13:23 <stephw> thanks!
16:13:58 <isabela> antonela: we jumped the guerilla testing
16:14:03 <isabela> but you want to give an update on it?
16:14:30 <antonela> yes! We got our first time ever Tor Meetup in Mumbai. I ran a bunch of user testing sessions about .onion services indicator and Tor Browser Launcher. Data was shared with Isa
16:15:01 <antonela> people was pretty excited and curious about the UX team work, so was pretty easy to catch volunteers (:
16:15:07 <isabela> :) yes, this is the program: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KdnEsAlXdkQT4EBsRUAEgzqz5lkdmjNBUB29YfEFLSE/edit
16:15:33 <antonela> isabela did an amazing job putting all the tests together and ready to be done !
16:15:36 <isabela> next is to analyse the responses and write a report with what to do based on that
16:16:03 <antonela> yep
16:16:07 <isabela> tons of goodies
16:16:39 <isabela> antonela: how is #24717 going?
16:17:14 <antonela> i made a version, irl is reviewing it. I should ping him this week to check i think
16:17:21 <isabela> cool
16:17:42 <isabela> and for Activity  2.1 i will ping GeKo
16:17:48 <isabela> might move to feb
16:17:52 <isabela> alright ppl
16:18:06 <isabela> lets give status update for what we doing this week :)
16:18:13 <isabela> who is first?
16:18:26 <hiro> I can go first
16:18:29 <GeKo> isabela: this is planned for this week
16:18:35 <isabela> GeKo: ! thanks
16:18:37 * GeKo hides again
16:18:40 <isabela> lol
16:18:55 <antonela> haha
16:19:08 <antonela> so maybe should we meet this week?
16:19:19 <isabela> nah
16:19:21 <isabela> i think is ok
16:19:37 <isabela> i could only do it tomorrow and i dont think GeKo will be done by then
16:19:37 <isabela> hehe
16:20:02 <isabela> hiro: go!
16:20:08 <hiro> !
16:20:33 <antonela> isabela: super
16:20:47 <hiro> So this week I want to finish the search part of the support portal and style the result page. I will also continue w the fix to the lektor part.
16:21:42 <hiro> 2 things that would help me are: 1. feedback on running lektor and the portal over all so far. 2. feedback on localization and menus
16:22:02 <isabela> cool
16:22:13 <isabela> i will add that to the email calling the support meeting tomorrow
16:22:32 <hiro> yes I think also Phoul is on 2. from last week
16:22:38 <hiro> which did help
16:22:42 <isabela> :)
16:23:11 <hiro> that's all from me
16:23:18 <isabela> tx!
16:23:23 <isabela> antonela: tu?
16:23:42 <hiro> lol switching to spanish? :)
16:23:49 <isabela> creio q podemos hacer esta reunion en espanol
16:23:50 <antonela> I'd like to help Hiro on everything what is needed for the portal on the UI side. I have to write specs for website illustrations and I'd like to write a recap about the mumbai meetup. I went back to website redesign. I have a ton of ideas about color palettes and patterns. I'm working on it :)
16:23:51 <isabela> :P
16:23:53 <antonela> hahaha
16:24:02 <antonela> si claro
16:24:27 <hiro> :) vamonos
16:24:37 * t0mmy entiendo más o menos
16:24:50 <isabela> y tambien hizo unos gifs para el blog post de la nueva interface de Tor Launcher
16:24:54 <antonela> y, voy a ping irl to move #24717 forward
16:25:01 * isabela 's portunol
16:25:11 <isabela> dale
16:25:12 <antonela> ah si, pero eso ya lo hice haha
16:25:27 <isabela> :)
16:25:31 <isabela> algo mas?
16:25:38 <antonela> also I updated SimplySecure about our work on January
16:25:39 <antonela> i hope we can meet on Feb
16:25:43 * t0mmy entiende, porq estoy en tercero persona aqui
16:25:45 <isabela> yes
16:25:57 <isabela> so we need to get our shit together for rome
16:26:17 <isabela> that means: 1. define the meetings we want to have the vegas team meeting day
16:26:20 <isabela> which is the 11 btw
16:26:24 <isabela> so please arrive before that :P
16:26:40 <isabela> also, who we need for these meetings to make sure they know they should be there
16:26:55 <isabela> these days are close to vegas teams and their invites
16:26:59 <antonela> haha
16:26:59 <antonela> yes, all website portals are going to be ready to review for Rome
16:26:59 <antonela> !
16:26:59 <antonela> on mockup/prototype level
16:27:01 <isabela> i will write more about it
16:27:26 <isabela> with info for where folks are organizing the meeting
16:27:33 <isabela> we might be invited to other teams meetings too
16:27:40 <isabela> so we must make sure schedule doesnt overlap
16:27:58 <isabela> antonela: yes! and prepare for our sessions at the meeting days with everyone else
16:28:09 <isabela> we also will do our next 6 months roadmap etc
16:28:12 <isabela> so lots going on
16:28:19 <hiro> isabela is this for you an antonela or me too?
16:28:23 <isabela> yes
16:28:25 <isabela> you too!
16:28:27 <hiro> ok
16:28:29 <isabela> :)
16:28:30 <hiro> just making sure
16:28:49 <isabela> i will get a pad goign for us to make a todo list of all the things we need to do to prep ourselves for it
16:28:57 <hiro> okis
16:29:03 <antonela> super
16:29:19 <isabela> from my side, i am working on the tor launcher new ui launch (going out this week on stable!!)
16:29:40 <isabela> and some sponsor9 prep work
16:29:46 <isabela> and reports reports reports
16:29:52 <isabela> because life aint easy
16:29:54 <isabela> :P
16:30:14 <isabela> thursday and friday i am on seattle people hands.. all day meetings etc
16:30:17 <antonela> (~‾▿‾)~ㅤ
16:30:22 <isabela> that's it
16:30:34 <hiro> is there anything I can have prepared for you to help w/ all the writings?
16:31:37 <isabela> i will ping you if i can think of it, right now i am collecting the info etc (is sponsor8 Q4 report due end of this month)
16:31:44 <hiro> okis
16:31:47 <isabela> tx!
16:32:05 <isabela> alright people
16:32:07 <isabela> anything else?
16:32:12 <hiro> I am groot
16:32:17 <tjr> Soy groot.
16:32:17 <isabela> we are meeting tomorrow with all support site ppl
16:32:20 <isabela> at 1700utc
16:32:33 <isabela> hehe
16:32:51 <hiro> ok@
16:32:55 * isabela ends bot
16:32:58 <antonela> yep
16:32:58 <antonela> see you there!
16:33:03 <isabela> #endmeeting