17:00:32 <isabela> #startmeeting support.tpo site work sync
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17:00:36 <isabela> ok!
17:00:40 <isabela> let me get that pad
17:00:52 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
17:01:10 <isabela> for 6) guerrilla user testing #1
17:01:20 <isabela> we did created the test
17:01:40 <flexlibris> Phoul said he may have to miss this meeting bc of work being done in his apartment
17:01:42 <isabela> but the exercise was not walked through with folks
17:01:46 <isabela> just shared the url
17:02:02 <isabela> and that ended up not giving us responses
17:02:03 <isabela> :(
17:02:18 <isabela> i think just one
17:02:27 <flexlibris> :( but look, this is a learning experience
17:02:27 <isabela> so far
17:02:33 <isabela> yes indeed
17:02:38 <isabela> just wanted to give the update on it
17:02:42 <flexlibris> yes
17:03:18 <isabela> i am crossing number #4 too
17:03:19 <isabela> 4) start organizing content for the pages
17:03:23 <isabela> since this was done a while ago
17:03:27 <flexlibris> :)
17:03:30 <isabela> ok!
17:03:46 <isabela> hiro and antonela - should we talk about the site building part and the landpage?
17:03:51 <isabela> before we move to translation stuff
17:04:35 <hiro> yep I just sent antonela the latests things
17:05:00 <hiro> I actually pushed in the repo, so you can all look at that if you wanted
17:05:03 <isabela> (btw everybody should be able to run locally with lektor and see how things are going)
17:05:12 <antonela> hiro, already commited (:
17:05:14 <hiro> I think the questions were more on antonela side
17:05:20 <isabela> (if you cant do it let us know and we will help you)
17:05:33 <hiro> regarding if the questions should be opened or closed
17:05:54 <isabela> antonela: do you want to share the options you are thinking for landing page?
17:05:58 <antonela> what i wanted to talk here is which questions are we going to show on the right side. I thought that as a user i click on the left nav and i can see all the questions related with this topic
17:06:12 <antonela> right now, we have all questions listed on the content side
17:06:14 <isabela> oh
17:06:14 <antonela> yes, 1 sec
17:06:35 <hiro> uhm we have only the topics
17:06:38 <isabela> (we have a set of default questions that will be displayed when page loads)
17:06:40 <hiro> the questions are closed
17:06:45 <isabela> is marked on the content google doc
17:07:38 <antonela> hiro: yes, i mean, everything closed but just the sub categories ones
17:07:41 <antonela> something like
17:08:06 <isabela> no
17:08:10 <isabela> the way it will work is
17:08:34 <isabela> when you load the page we have the 'common asked question' which is a set selected by folks that will be there
17:08:43 <isabela> all the others only shows up if you click on their topic
17:08:48 <isabela> and when that happens
17:08:58 <antonela> exactly
17:09:11 <isabela> it should only display the topic questions (other questions should disappear)
17:09:15 <isabela> ok
17:09:39 <antonela> yes
17:09:41 <antonela> like -> https://share.riseup.net/#uz4sOq9sm_6-dFrLOuwiFg
17:09:59 <isabela> are these all the questions?
17:10:00 <antonela> so you are <inside> Tor Browser category, and you just see "tor browser" questions, closed
17:10:04 <isabela> or questions of one topic?
17:10:04 <antonela> lol yes
17:10:11 <antonela> questions about tor browser
17:10:19 <isabela> ok
17:10:22 <isabela> yes, that is ok
17:10:24 <antonela> questions under Tor Browser sub-cat
17:10:42 <isabela> and when i click on one title of an article it expands and shows me the article
17:10:48 <antonela> yes
17:10:51 <isabela> ok
17:11:03 <antonela> and by default you have most frequently asked questions selected
17:11:10 <isabela> yes
17:11:14 <antonela> by default = first time user = landing state
17:11:18 <isabela> yes
17:11:24 <isabela> when you load the page it loads like that
17:11:45 <antonela> hiro: is that possible?
17:11:54 <isabela> this is the original behavior tho
17:12:00 <isabela> i am not sure what is changing hehe
17:12:23 <hiro> so the only thing I have to change (from what we have now is)
17:12:44 <hiro> 1. open the Most Frequently Asked questions TOPIC
17:13:00 <hiro> 2. hide the titles of all the other TOPICS
17:13:03 <hiro> is that correct?
17:13:23 <hiro> the titles comes out only if the person clicks on the left hand sidebar: correct?
17:13:25 <isabela> yes
17:13:39 <isabela> and others should hide if their topic is not selected
17:13:48 <hiro> yes that's how it works
17:13:49 <isabela> that is the original behavior
17:13:55 <hiro> it just displays the title
17:14:09 <hiro> but I think I can hide it
17:14:21 <hiro> and that's it
17:14:25 <isabela> title == article title
17:14:29 <isabela> ?
17:14:36 <hiro> no I mean topic title
17:14:39 <isabela> no
17:14:42 <isabela> topics are never hidden
17:14:48 <isabela> they need to stay on the left column
17:14:48 <hiro> ah ok
17:14:51 <isabela> for the user to find them
17:14:53 <hiro> nono
17:14:55 <isabela> and navigate
17:14:55 <hiro> wait a sec
17:15:00 <hiro> let me send you a screenshot
17:15:01 <hiro> :D
17:15:02 <isabela> ok
17:15:45 <hiro> https://screenshots.firefox.com/VUnYMB8AetzCloD8/
17:16:08 <hiro> topics are both on the left and in the center
17:16:14 <hiro> I have to hide those in the center
17:16:36 <isabela> most frequent asked questions on the left column should be highlighted no? as it's active
17:16:58 <isabela> antonela: should the topic name be bigger? above the article titles?
17:17:05 <isabela> its looking like another article now
17:17:21 <hiro> so in the end it will be like this: https://screenshots.firefox.com/BI9ziDZNdDvgR6p0/
17:17:37 <hiro> but the other topics in the centre should be hidden
17:18:13 <antonela> hiro: basically we just need to show the titles of the active sub-category
17:18:23 <antonela> we should never show all the titles at the same time
17:18:33 <isabela> no
17:18:35 <isabela> hiro: no
17:18:44 <isabela> hiro: what anto says :)
17:18:54 <antonela> phew
17:18:55 <antonela> ha
17:19:03 <hiro> yes isn't that what I am saying?
17:19:05 <hiro> :D
17:19:18 <isabela> hiro: your second screenshot is not showing that tho
17:19:44 <hiro> it's showing the titles of the most FAQ
17:19:55 <hiro> and we need to hide the other topic titles
17:20:23 <hiro> so like Tor Browser, Tor Messenger, Tor Mobile... need to be hidden
17:20:30 <antonela> yes yes
17:20:31 <antonela> like this
17:21:08 <isabela> https://share.riseup.net/#1XmF3xP2RJD1wAY0U5lOdw
17:21:15 <isabela> here
17:21:18 <isabela> that should go away
17:21:27 * antonela loves red arrows
17:21:30 <hiro> yes
17:21:31 <isabela> and antonela do you think that font is big enought?
17:21:33 <antonela> isabela: it will change the style
17:21:36 <hiro> that!! I know now
17:21:39 <isabela> antonela: k
17:21:40 <antonela> couldnt be clikeable and will be grey
17:21:43 <isabela> hiro: :)
17:22:00 <antonela> :D
17:22:01 <antonela> cool
17:22:09 <isabela> antonela: i ask because
17:22:43 <isabela> i was looking for a thing and cant find
17:22:53 <isabela> hehe
17:22:59 <isabela> ok!
17:23:03 <antonela> no worries, is just an style update
17:23:06 <antonela> nothing big
17:23:13 <isabela> so that is that :) and seems like hiro will update behavor
17:23:26 <antonela> yep, we are working on the footer too
17:23:26 <isabela> antonela: do you want to talk about having articles open or closed by default?
17:23:36 <isabela> or we are good on that? (I am not sure :)
17:23:44 <antonela> actually you convinced me yesterday
17:23:47 <isabela> heheheh
17:23:58 <antonela> we will have them open on high-sec mode
17:24:03 <isabela> yes
17:24:06 <antonela> so its okey to keep it closed by default
17:24:11 <antonela> is something easy to change btw
17:24:15 <isabela> ok :)
17:24:16 <antonela> so lets keep it as it for now
17:24:19 <isabela> yes, i imagine
17:24:26 <isabela> alright !
17:24:29 <antonela> !
17:24:33 <isabela> anything else with development?
17:24:40 <isabela> should we move to translation world?
17:24:44 <hiro> yes
17:24:46 <antonela> yep
17:24:50 <isabela> alright!
17:24:57 <isabela> that is Phoul and hiro
17:24:58 <isabela> hehe
17:25:03 <isabela> updates!
17:25:36 <flexlibris> Phoul said he sent his updates to hiro (since he thought he might miss this meeting)
17:25:48 <isabela> ahh
17:25:50 <isabela> great
17:25:52 <isabela> i saw emails
17:25:57 <isabela> but i iddnt read them :P
17:26:12 <isabela> hiro: do you have anything? or is all moving on with Phoul via email
17:26:58 <hiro> it's good
17:27:15 <hiro> Phoul said it's working fine from what he can tell from the test
17:27:20 <hiro> so it's good
17:27:51 <hiro> all the strings will be separated from the code
17:28:01 <hiro> it will be a big improvement from the current setup
17:28:03 <isabela> ok
17:28:11 <isabela> ! i forgot
17:28:35 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24597
17:28:42 <isabela> if you are playing with the site locally with lektor
17:28:48 <isabela> and find a bug
17:28:56 <isabela> please add it as a childticket here
17:29:00 <isabela> (i just found one :)
17:29:40 <isabela> we are hoping that everyone plays with the site to help us find bugs soon
17:30:00 <isabela> hiro: do you have an idea when the strings will be on transifex?
17:30:08 <isabela> like in a week or 2?
17:31:05 <hiro> is the content finished?
17:31:18 <hiro> I have topics without questions from the google doc
17:31:32 <isabela> yes
17:31:33 <hiro> as soon as the content is finished it can be added to transifex
17:31:35 <isabela> content is finished
17:31:42 <hiro> I have all the questions then already in the files
17:31:46 <isabela> everything on that google doc is frozen
17:31:54 <isabela> great
17:32:02 <hiro> this can go to transifex already if you want
17:32:06 <isabela> so then maybe we can ping Phoul to send them to transifex
17:32:13 <isabela> i would like to get translation started soon
17:32:23 <hiro> but I think he was doing that already? not sure tho, better ask
17:32:33 <isabela> i thought y'all was testing so far
17:32:38 <isabela> and he was waiting for a go
17:32:40 <isabela> or is waiting
17:32:50 <isabela> i will make sure he has the 'go' :)
17:33:11 <isabela> another thing with translation
17:33:41 <isabela> our flow is to have things on stage server for translators to do review within the stie (within context)
17:34:23 <isabela> hiro: so lets keep that in mind :)
17:34:38 <hiro> ok
17:35:01 <isabela> ok!
17:35:23 <isabela> any other updates? or points i havent cover?
17:35:36 <isabela> or worries
17:36:17 <hiro> not here
17:36:30 <isabela> i have a random question
17:37:32 <isabela> there is no way to update my git repo via lektor right? I need to do it like with command line git or something and then open it with lektor to see the new stuff
17:37:48 <isabela> just checking if i am not missing a easy button to udpate stuff
17:37:50 <hiro> yes I'd like to add a button for that
17:37:56 <isabela> hehe
17:38:06 <hiro> there is a button to update gh-pages
17:38:12 <isabela> yes
17:38:20 <hiro> and I asked the lektor people if they would be happy with a button to update a repo
17:38:29 <hiro> and they said they might not understand why that's needed
17:38:43 <isabela> cuz ppl are lazy
17:38:44 <isabela> like me
17:38:45 <hiro> so I have to get back onto that and show them the code and the case when it's useful
17:38:45 <isabela> :D
17:38:58 <antonela> do this button work?
17:39:07 <isabela> hiro: you can say 'i know a lazy brazuka that thinks is useful'
17:39:08 <antonela> or will work at some point?
17:39:21 <hiro> it's not there yet
17:39:24 <hiro> I have to add it
17:39:27 <antonela> that could be :fire-emoji:
17:40:00 <isabela> alright
17:40:12 <isabela> if no ones has anything
17:40:15 <isabela> we could kill the bot
17:40:23 <hiro> kill it kill it kill it
17:40:28 <hiro> :D
17:40:29 <isabela> !
17:40:42 <isabela> #endmeeting