14:31:06 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:31:16 <iwakeh> Hi!
14:31:27 <irl_train> i get my internet in chunks of 15 minutes and then i have to change my MAC address, so if i disappear it shouldn't be for too long
14:31:28 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Oh4g0hNenh65QZNWRsIe5zxpB3e0axASeSgo5hKOp2A <- agenda pad
14:31:35 <karsten> irl_train: heh, okay.
14:32:00 <karsten> alright, I added some topics to the pad.
14:32:06 <karsten> anything missing?
14:32:21 <irl_train> looks good to me
14:32:31 * iwakeh waiting for the pad to load ...
14:32:57 <karsten> while we're waiting, let's start with an item that doesn't need the pad.
14:33:01 <karsten> * Thoughts on #25035: Create a mailing list for metrics-specific Nagios alerts (karsten)
14:33:07 <karsten> what do you think?
14:33:29 <karsten> basically, we'd send onionoo notifications from nagios to that list for now.
14:33:38 <iwakeh> +1
14:33:43 <irl_train> do we need an archive?
14:34:04 <karsten> not sure. does it hurt to have one?
14:34:20 <irl_train> perhaps if you can learn something from logs of bug outputs over time
14:34:21 <karsten> might be useful to have a link to say "this was reported on X at Y".
14:34:29 <karsten> yes, and that.
14:34:37 <irl_train> it's nice that errors have urls though and you get transparency in the data we have
14:34:39 <karsten> I think having an archive is the default.
14:35:06 <karsten> okay. how about metrics-alerts@ ?
14:35:08 <karsten> other suggestions?
14:35:21 <irl_train> metrics-alerts sounds good to me
14:35:30 <irl_train> alerts or alarms are commonly used words
14:35:31 <iwakeh> seems fine.
14:35:42 <karsten> ok.
14:35:52 <karsten> moving forward with that, after the meeting.
14:35:57 <irl_train> cool
14:36:32 <karsten> iwakeh: pad is loaded?
14:36:47 <iwakeh> yep
14:36:57 <karsten> shall we start, or is there anything else not yet on the pad?
14:37:38 <iwakeh> let's start.
14:37:42 <karsten> ok.
14:37:46 <karsten> * format for sponsor13 deliverables; decide on level of detail; (iwakeh)
14:37:51 <karsten> that's from last week.
14:38:06 <iwakeh> We discussed that further
14:38:06 <karsten> I wonder, is this discussion better done on the ticket/doc?
14:38:18 <iwakeh> already on the ticket, yes.
14:38:22 <karsten> okay.
14:38:25 <karsten> moving on.
14:38:29 <karsten> * webstats (iwakeh)
14:38:29 <iwakeh> and with the internal feedbac.
14:38:39 <karsten> internal feedback?
14:38:52 <karsten> ah, that we expect to get?
14:38:59 <iwakeh> to the detail level audience's expectations.
14:39:08 <iwakeh> yes.
14:39:11 <karsten> alright.
14:39:17 <karsten> so, webstats,
14:39:24 <iwakeh> Working on the
14:39:31 <karsten> I just put it on the agenda in case there are things we can discuss more easily while we're here.
14:40:02 <iwakeh> no, I think we discussed that fine on ticket.
14:40:08 <karsten> great!
14:40:19 <karsten> nothing new from me on that topic.
14:40:36 <karsten> moving on then.
14:40:42 <karsten> * Review roadmap (karsten)
14:40:43 <iwakeh> Working on the next version of a memory reduction.
14:40:52 <karsten> looking forward to that!
14:41:13 <karsten> so, the roadmap is on the pad.
14:41:18 <karsten> let me pull it up.
14:41:59 <karsten> there.
14:42:10 <karsten> last time we added a short summary where we are.
14:42:31 <karsten> before this meeting I made up a percent number.
14:42:45 <karsten> want to go through the list and see where you disagree?
14:43:07 * iwakeh skimming through the %%%%
14:44:16 <irl_train> i think that's all my % updates
14:44:21 <karsten> great!
14:44:54 <iwakeh> I couldn't find anything to disagree with.
14:45:00 <karsten> great!
14:45:32 <karsten> I'll update the wiki page and maybe even draw a burndown chart after this meeting.
14:46:00 <irl_train> (:
14:46:04 <karsten> okay, moving on.
14:46:09 <karsten> * Gather input for January monthly report (karsten)
14:46:15 <karsten> I put four items on the pad.
14:46:21 <karsten> what did I miss?
14:46:49 <irl_train> i will fill in the relay search/compass bits when i am home later today
14:46:53 <irl_train> there's nothing else from me
14:46:58 <karsten> okay, sounds good!
14:47:12 <iwakeh> when do you intend to finish?
14:47:27 <iwakeh> i.e., deadline for additions?
14:47:31 <karsten> how much time do you need?
14:48:09 * iwakeh just needs to dive up out of Java code to process this better :-)
14:48:23 <iwakeh> not much
14:48:33 <karsten> want to ping me when you're done?
14:48:42 <karsten> I could send the report tomorrow or monday or tuesday.
14:49:12 <iwakeh> tomorrow ought to be fine; irl wants to add topics this evening.
14:49:22 <karsten> sounds good!
14:49:39 <karsten> okay, moving on to the last topic?
14:49:52 <karsten> * Assigned Trac tickets (karsten)
14:49:52 <irl_train> ok
14:49:54 <karsten> - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?owner=karsten&owner=iwakeh&owner=irl&owner=metrics-team&status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&group=owner&max=300&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&col=changetime&desc=1&order=changetime
14:50:48 <karsten> this is just a gentle reminder to keep your lists small.
14:50:51 <karsten> or, short.
14:51:07 <karsten> by releasing tickets you're unlikely to work on in the next week.
14:51:14 <irl_train> i haven't yet triaged the metrics-bot tickets, but i did reassign tickets for RS
14:51:34 <karsten> ok.
14:51:36 <iwakeh> ok, but all that's merge_ready and the like should not be on the list.
14:52:18 <karsten> you mean #16513? I'm still chewing on that one.
14:52:34 <iwakeh> or, it should be accepted by the current 'chewer' ;-)
14:52:53 <iwakeh> it's fine,
14:52:56 <irl_train> i think we can ignore needs_review and merge_ready in the list
14:53:03 <iwakeh> we get a good overview from this list.
14:53:07 <karsten> yes, I think I could grab #16513.
14:53:20 <karsten> and yes, it's fine to ignore those tickets mentally.
14:53:30 <karsten> I'd like to leave them in, so that we don't forget they exist, though.
14:53:37 <iwakeh> true.
14:53:45 <irl_train> ok
14:53:53 <karsten> alright.
14:54:11 <karsten> I just added another topic and removed it again.
14:54:18 <karsten> I'll just use trac, as usual.
14:54:30 <iwakeh> +1
14:54:31 <karsten> what else should we talk about?
14:54:41 <iwakeh> I'm fine.
14:54:48 <karsten> good to hear. :)
14:54:59 <irl_train> for the onionoo bw data/graphs i'm going to see if i have time to get that fixed next week
14:55:16 <irl_train> at least "fixed" as in not confusing people
14:55:46 <karsten> okay. maybe ping me before fixing something. or look out for #16513 and other tickets related to onionoo graphs.
14:55:58 <irl_train> ok
14:56:12 <irl_train> i don't have a plan yet, so i'll ping you with the plan once it exists
14:56:17 <karsten> sounds good!
14:56:23 <irl_train> no more things from me
14:56:40 <karsten> great! sounds like we're done early today. more time to do work! :)
14:56:49 <karsten> thanks, and good bye! :)
14:56:50 <iwakeh> yep!
14:56:53 <iwakeh> bye, bye!
14:57:01 <karsten> #endmeeting