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16:00:19 <isabela> welcome to frebruary !
16:00:26 <hiro> yay!
16:00:40 <isabela> we should review our roadmap first, as always
16:00:57 <antonela> :D
16:01:04 <isabela> then we should do personsal status updates and then i want to talk about feb/rome
16:01:08 <isabela> sounds good?
16:01:11 <antonela> perfect
16:01:19 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:01:19 <hiro> ok
16:01:28 <isabela> roadmap needs some love
16:01:47 <isabela> like row 19 should be break down per ticket/site
16:01:58 <isabela> i start doing that for feb
16:02:08 <isabela> but still missing dev and homepage tickets
16:02:20 <antonela> i moved/added some tickets on Feb, but are up to review
16:03:14 <isabela> ok, so all design tickets for portal pages are in feb
16:03:26 <isabela> or lines where we should add tickets (if we dont have them yet)
16:03:28 <hiro> ah ok shall I dig those tickets isabela?
16:03:36 <hiro> for dev stuff?
16:03:40 <isabela> not yet
16:03:42 <hiro> ok
16:03:45 <antonela> yes, we talked about to having all mockups that have wireframes for Rome to review
16:03:46 <isabela> i think feb we wont be building those yet
16:03:52 <isabela> we need to finish the support one
16:04:07 <isabela> antonela: yes, so we will prioritize that over other stuff
16:04:24 <antonela> yep :)
16:04:26 <hiro> ok
16:04:44 <isabela> ok
16:04:57 <isabela> so lets continue reviewing jan
16:05:06 <isabela> row 21
16:05:16 <isabela> hiro: that one we should move to feb
16:05:25 <isabela> because i think you will have small fixes still
16:05:30 <hiro> well the site is in a good shape
16:05:33 <isabela> from us testing etc
16:05:40 <isabela> and translations being added
16:05:42 <hiro> what we are missing are some accessibility fixes
16:05:48 <isabela> yes
16:05:56 <hiro> we talked that last week w antonela
16:05:58 <isabela> lets carry this on and keep it till we are 100% done
16:06:03 <antonela> and also some mobile style tweaks
16:06:03 <hiro> ok
16:06:11 <hiro> yeah accessibility I call mobile thing
16:06:14 <antonela> yes yes
16:06:15 <hiro> not sure it's correct
16:06:17 <isabela> hehehe
16:06:23 <isabela> is not :) that is responsive
16:06:30 <isabela> but is cool
16:06:31 <isabela> we get it
16:06:32 <hiro> ah ok
16:06:51 <hiro> isn't it about making it work from all devices? :D
16:06:55 <hiro> or accessing it
16:06:56 <hiro> lol
16:07:01 <isabela> hahaha
16:07:17 <antonela> hiro: not exactly -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accessibility
16:07:21 <isabela> 'accessibility' are making sure it work for vision imperitive folks as well
16:07:24 <antonela> we can talk about accessibility too :)
16:07:26 <isabela> imperitive is a word?
16:07:30 <isabela> hehe
16:07:55 <isabela> i think we still need to fix some of the text
16:08:02 <isabela> for phoul to send to transifex
16:08:15 <isabela> i dont think anyone fixed the questions on the censorship part
16:08:28 <isabela> so i will carry this over to feb too
16:08:31 <hiro> ok
16:09:00 <isabela> #24918
16:09:08 <isabela> will be reviewed tomorrow with TB team
16:09:18 <isabela> so i am carrying this on too
16:09:31 <antonela> yes, yesterday during the browser team meeting we talked a little bit about it
16:09:46 <antonela> but we should consider provide a ux/ui for mobile too
16:09:57 <isabela> yes
16:10:14 <antonela> since some flows are not consistent between desktop and mobile, which is not bad per se
16:10:27 <isabela> yes
16:10:27 <isabela> ok
16:10:37 <isabela> i think i am done w jan
16:10:47 <isabela> for feb i want to move activity 2.1 and 5.1 to march
16:11:01 <isabela> because i want to prioritize the sites
16:11:06 <antonela> thanks <3
16:11:14 <antonela> we can discuss them on Rome also
16:11:29 <isabela> yes
16:11:34 <hiro> ok
16:11:41 <antonela> s/on/at
16:11:45 <isabela> so our february is just launch supprot and get the design for the other 3 sites done
16:11:53 <isabela> and clsoe the loop on the circuit display thing
16:11:56 <antonela> yes
16:11:56 <isabela> which should be ok
16:12:55 <antonela> yes, also onion icon review/update could start on Feb, but finished on March
16:12:56 <isabela> antonela: i will add tasks for myself to get the site map done for all of the sites too
16:13:04 <isabela> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:13:14 <antonela> that would be awesome
16:13:16 <isabela> we need to add feb the summary of the results from user testing
16:13:17 <hiro> :) yay
16:13:20 <antonela> yeee
16:13:50 <isabela> ok i am adding two quick notes in the spreadsheet to reflect this
16:13:52 <isabela> so we can move on
16:14:35 <isabela> alright folks
16:14:41 <isabela> who wants to give status udpate for this week?
16:15:44 <antonela> right, for this week im back to home (!) which means that I will have a better internet connection :)
16:15:52 <isabela> hehe
16:15:57 <antonela> working mostly on website + website + website
16:16:08 <antonela> I updated #24133
16:16:13 <isabela> !
16:16:26 <antonela> i have the specs for the illustrator already outlined, i'd like to review it with you anw
16:16:31 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/illustrator-request
16:16:59 <antonela> we have a sync with Simply Secure today right after this weeting
16:17:05 <antonela> meeting
16:17:35 <isabela> nice
16:17:40 <antonela> and the monthly with the Moz people, after it ha
16:17:42 <isabela> that is cool
16:18:18 <hiro> what's simply secure?
16:18:41 <isabela> is a organization that is focus on giving ux help to security privacy tools
16:18:52 <isabela> they normally work with folks that gets $$ from OTF
16:19:11 <isabela> they helped us build the pdf version of the style guide
16:19:14 <antonela> hiro: https://simplysecure.org/
16:19:15 <isabela> scott
16:19:19 <isabela> and ame
16:19:25 <isabela> are the main poc we work with
16:19:50 <isabela> so we sync with them from time to time
16:20:00 <isabela> exchange what we are doing, feedback on each others work etc
16:20:17 <isabela> they also tend to come to our dev meetings
16:20:24 <hiro> ahhh nice
16:20:48 <isabela> antonela: anything else?
16:20:56 <antonela> nope, im good
16:21:03 <isabela> hiro: wants to go ?
16:22:05 <hiro> yep
16:22:06 <hiro> so
16:22:16 <hiro> last week I put the search online
16:22:24 <hiro> and indexed tpo so that we could test
16:22:37 <hiro> I did the solr installation and I built a simple crawler that we can run
16:22:40 <hiro> and improve w time
16:22:57 <hiro> so if we wanted we could query the search engine with js
16:23:13 <hiro> antonela tested it and it's quite fast
16:23:19 <antonela> it is!
16:23:30 <hiro> what I am doing is a small app to have a minimal interface for search.tpo
16:23:32 <isabela> nice
16:23:37 <hiro> so that when there is no JS
16:23:42 <hiro> it will go there
16:24:10 <hiro> I am coding it w/ pyramid which is a python framework
16:24:23 <hiro> but it will be minimal it will just do the query to the solr installation
16:24:35 <hiro> and display the result on a html page
16:24:39 <isabela> gotcha
16:24:51 <isabela> i am sorry i havent replied to your email about the search yet
16:24:57 <hiro> ah no worries
16:25:01 <hiro> I am groot
16:25:19 <isabela> :)
16:25:58 <isabela> k, from my side, after being sick last week i hope to catch up on stuff and makes ure things are moving
16:26:16 <isabela> february is a very busy month becauase besides everything else we must get ready to rome
16:26:27 <isabela> so is almsot like a do or die month
16:26:36 <antonela> haha
16:26:43 <antonela> lets do it !
16:26:46 <isabela> :)
16:26:48 <isabela> on that note
16:26:53 <isabela> i thought of some things for us
16:27:01 <isabela> since we will be in valencia before rome
16:27:14 <isabela> i want us to take that time to organize our work, organize stuff for rome
16:27:33 <hiro> yep that will be nice actually
16:27:38 <antonela> yessss
16:27:43 <isabela> spending some time together working on this, maybe an afternoon we stay in at the house
16:27:49 <hiro> yep
16:27:49 <isabela> and dont go to the festival
16:28:22 <isabela> cool so we will do that
16:28:39 <isabela> which will give us piece of mind to focus on february work
16:28:44 <isabela> peace
16:28:46 <isabela> and!
16:29:00 <isabela> be available on the 11th to meet with other teams
16:29:09 <isabela> like we must be with tb mobile and desktop when they do their roamdap
16:29:13 <isabela> *roadmap
16:29:42 <isabela> they have dependencies on us, so we must coordiante that with them
16:29:48 <antonela> gotcha
16:30:16 <hiro> ok
16:30:22 <antonela> should we schendule sessions with each team reps to talk about each portal?
16:30:50 <isabela> i thought about it
16:31:03 <antonela> s/schendule/schedule
16:31:11 <isabela> and I think we will do one presentation about it to a crowd that shows up and have office hours
16:31:22 <isabela> on open days maybe
16:31:38 <isabela> i think this is a project that should call attention of all atendees
16:31:42 <isabela> should not compete for attention
16:31:47 <isabela> in the schedule
16:32:37 <antonela> ok
16:32:56 <isabela> i know we want specific feedback from the teams
16:32:59 <isabela> and we will get that
16:33:09 <isabela> but i also want this to be seeing and known by all community
16:33:13 <isabela> after all is about all of them
16:33:43 <antonela> yes exactly
16:33:53 <isabela> and giving the conversations on the list where people were giving feedback that they do want to hear more about what is going on w torproject
16:34:09 <isabela> i think it makes sense to have this not competing with other schedules
16:34:13 <antonela> makes sense
16:34:13 <antonela> yes
16:34:27 <isabela> and then we can have office hours to talk direclty with folks
16:34:39 <isabela> on open days or something
16:35:39 <isabela> i will work on this
16:35:46 <isabela> if its not possible we rethink how we do it
16:36:28 <antonela> great, thanks isa :)
16:36:56 <isabela> for valencia
16:37:08 <isabela> on tuesday we have 2hrs 'shift' on this table sessions
16:37:52 <isabela> maybe we could book 8 slots of 15min each for people to sign up to test stuff with us? I am not sure how to get folks to sign up before hand or at the day or...
16:38:28 <isabela> hmm
16:38:38 <isabela> actually we could have more than that giving that we are 3 ppl
16:39:06 <isabela> anw, i guess the point is that we should think about how this will work :)
16:39:51 <antonela> if we want to do user testing sessions, we can recruit people during the morning and give them a scheduled slot
16:40:00 <isabela> !
16:40:02 <antonela> what do you want to test there? .onions?
16:40:21 <isabela> similar to the ones we did in india
16:40:26 <antonela> perfect
16:40:31 <isabela> maybe add more if we have more things to test by them
16:40:31 <antonela> yes, we can do it
16:40:53 <isabela> hiro: have you seen the scripts for those?
16:41:15 <hiro> nope
16:41:23 <hiro> I have never done user testingh
16:41:25 <isabela> :)
16:41:29 <isabela> is alright
16:41:40 <isabela> we can help you w it
16:41:43 <hiro> okis
16:42:19 <isabela> here:
16:42:20 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KdnEsAlXdkQT4EBsRUAEgzqz5lkdmjNBUB29YfEFLSE/edit#heading=h.ku13qbedwkqg
16:42:30 <isabela> this has links to the tests antonela did
16:42:57 <isabela> the 'tor launcher' and '.onion states' tests
16:43:54 <isabela> ok
16:43:59 <hiro> ok
16:44:04 <isabela> so tomorrow we will sync on support portal stuff
16:44:47 <antonela> yes!
16:44:49 <isabela> we are getting close
16:45:05 <isabela> so lets not loose focus on that so we can have it working for rome :) and we can celebrate it!
16:45:05 <antonela> how we can ask for content? i mean, the structure is already set, but might change based on the content
16:45:19 <isabela> i think all that has to be fixed on content
16:45:27 <isabela> is the censorship questions
16:45:38 <isabela> then we need to make sure stuff is updated on transifex
16:45:42 <hiro> lasagna for everyone? (rome is almost the right place for that)
16:45:52 <isabela> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:45:53 <antonela> oh please
16:45:55 <isabela> hell yah
16:45:56 <antonela> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:46:01 <antonela> lasagna website party
16:46:02 <antonela> hahaha
16:46:07 <isabela> perfect
16:46:43 <armadev> "why were all your software releases in 2018 codenamed with italian food words? i don't get it."
16:46:53 <isabela> hehehehe
16:46:54 <antonela> la dolce vita
16:47:05 <isabela> gelatto release of TB
16:47:11 <isabela> idk what i am doing
16:47:13 <isabela> :)
16:47:33 <hiro> isabela, you can also have gelato lasagna you know, use cookies instead of pasta :D
16:47:57 <isabela> !
16:48:12 <hiro> make everything sekrt by codenaming everything lasagna
16:48:29 * hiro is being carried away
16:48:33 <isabela> i have a very funny lasagna story that must be told f2f only
16:48:36 <isabela> i leave it like that
16:49:13 <isabela> ANW!!! :) i think we can pull this off, and I am looking forward to hang out in the house in valencia too. I think we will be able to get a lot done there before rome.
16:49:20 <antonela> lol
16:49:29 <hiro> isabela do you need help w that? where the links ok?
16:49:52 <isabela> the house?
16:50:01 <hiro> yep I also sent a second set of links in case you didn't want to use airbnb...
16:50:11 <isabela> i think they are ok, the airbnb one you said you liked most looked great to me
16:50:16 <isabela> i just havent had the time to do it myself
16:50:23 <hiro> sure no problems
16:50:43 <isabela> do i need to build reputation to be accepted on renting places in airbnb?
16:50:49 <hiro> usually not
16:50:50 <isabela> i mean, a new account is still ok?
16:50:56 <hiro> I mean people don't really care
16:50:58 <isabela> ok
16:51:00 <isabela> good
16:51:08 <isabela> i am fine creating one and doing it
16:51:13 <isabela> i just need to get my shit together
16:51:17 <hiro> ok no rush
16:51:19 <isabela> i bought my tickets in the wrong name!
16:51:20 <isabela> hehe
16:51:22 <hiro> :)
16:51:23 <hiro> hehehe
16:51:24 <isabela> that was messy
16:51:51 <antonela> ooooo
16:52:15 <isabela> alright ppl
16:52:17 <isabela> are we cool?
16:52:19 <isabela> can i end the bot?
16:52:25 <antonela> bye bot
16:52:43 <hiro> i am groot
16:52:50 <isabela> #endmeeting