17:06:25 <isabela> #startmeeting support.tpo website
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17:06:33 <stephw> hello
17:06:34 <flexlibris> oi
17:06:40 <stephw> t0mmy just boarded a flight so wont be joining
17:06:49 <isabela> k
17:06:49 <antonela> hola!
17:06:51 * hiro things about signals convolution everytime isabela says convo :D
17:07:11 <hiro> *thinks
17:07:25 <isabela> hehe
17:07:35 <isabela> alright folks
17:07:43 <isabela> i sent the door or die letter yesterday
17:07:43 <isabela> :)
17:07:49 <isabela> how yall feel about that?
17:07:50 <isabela> too much?
17:07:57 <flexlibris> good with me
17:07:58 <isabela> or we can try?
17:08:07 <isabela> *do or die
17:08:08 <isabela> sorry :)
17:08:08 <flexlibris> I was going to ping Phoul about working on that later today
17:08:16 <Phoul> +1, I think that should be do-able.
17:08:22 <flexlibris> personally I want to do, not die
17:08:23 <flexlibris> :)
17:08:27 <flexlibris> don't kill me Isa
17:08:27 <isabela> lol
17:08:32 <Phoul> ^ Likewise, fwiw.
17:08:51 <isabela> hehehe me hides from erin
17:08:51 <antonela> lets do ittt no dieee
17:08:53 <hiro> I think I can put the missing questions in the repos as soon as you guys have reviewd them
17:08:59 <isabela> :P
17:09:21 <stephw> where are the new questions?
17:09:23 <isabela> no one will die :D
17:09:38 <isabela> so since everyone is in the mojo of getting shit done
17:09:43 <isabela> lets do that now?
17:09:52 <isabela> how is that? lets look each section questions and close the deal on copy?
17:09:55 <isabela> too much?
17:10:01 <flexlibris> that sounds fine
17:10:08 <flexlibris> can you paste the doc here, i don't have it handy
17:10:14 <isabela> yes
17:10:25 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bOX9KSTFrc7rkMbw-QgKG9jAu6JIGMA83bvz7TMsaLE/edit?usp=sharing
17:10:38 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
17:10:41 <isabela> ^^ our todo pad btw
17:10:48 <isabela> in case folks are looking for that too
17:10:59 <flexlibris> so let's read down the pad and flag anything that we think needs to be changed?
17:11:05 <flexlibris> and then when we get to the end, think about what is missing?
17:11:09 <isabela> the google doc
17:11:16 <isabela> we know for sure the censorship thing needs it
17:11:17 <flexlibris> right the google doc, not the pad
17:11:19 <flexlibris> yes
17:11:36 <isabela> but we should work there right now and fix it, so if you find something use 'suggestions' and do it
17:11:44 <isabela> we give like 15min for that
17:11:50 <isabela> then we go down all suggestions done
17:11:53 <isabela> and approve etc
17:11:56 <antonela> hiro: we should work on UI mobile, if you catch the top and secondary menu, I can review the footer + some font-size things, que dices?
17:11:56 <isabela> how that sounds?
17:13:28 <hiro> perfecto
17:13:35 <flexlibris> hey quick question
17:13:44 <flexlibris> I am changing instances of "OSX" to "macOS" which is correct
17:13:49 <flexlibris> but for gettor, is this updated?
17:13:57 <flexlibris> or should people still email gettor and write "osx"
17:14:06 <stephw> it still says osx
17:14:17 <Phoul> our bundles are still "osx" too
17:14:24 <flexlibris> hmm okay
17:14:39 <flexlibris> maybe I will put OSX in parentheses where i am changing it. and the not change it for gettor.
17:14:45 <antonela> hiro: cool :)
17:14:58 <stephw> i think that works for now
17:15:27 <Phoul> flexlibris: +1, I didn't actually know that was an official change. Apparently I dont keep up with mac world well enough.
17:15:39 <flexlibris> i honestly only learned it recently
17:16:25 <stephw> doesnt seem to be consistent yet
17:16:48 <flexlibris> stephw: consistently used you mean? yeah
17:16:54 <stephw> yea
17:17:39 <stephw> but yea it is official since sept 2016 i see
17:17:44 <stephw> so we should get those changes started
17:18:00 <isabela> folks
17:18:05 <isabela> the contact part at the end
17:18:12 <isabela> i left a question about it there
17:18:23 <antonela> wikipedia -> macOS (/ˌmækoʊˈɛs/;[7] previously Mac OS X, then OS X)
17:18:29 <flexlibris> I think the TorBSD part might be FUD
17:18:40 <isabela> FUD?
17:18:46 <flexlibris> fear, uncertainty, and doubt
17:18:53 <flexlibris> it's true that TB is out of date for BSD
17:18:59 <flexlibris> but we might want to say this differently, I dunno
17:19:03 <flexlibris> the BSD people might get upset
17:19:49 <flexlibris> maybe we can say "is not officially supported"
17:20:41 <Phoul> I'd be OK with that, though their browser has lagged pretty heavily in the past. "Not officially supported" should cover that though, we dont maintain it and cant update it ourselves.
17:20:49 <flexlibris> yeah
17:21:07 <gman999> here!
17:21:13 <pari> I came across quite a few people asking doubts about running Tor BSD. So maybe we can suggest an alternative too?
17:21:23 <flexlibris> gman999: help us!
17:21:25 <Phoul> isabela: For the contact portion, most of this is taken directly from the website contact page. I'm not sure if we need it in the portal at all if that contact page will still be available? (I could be wrong)
17:21:27 <gman999> what is 'running torbsd?'
17:21:34 <gman999> tb on openbsd?
17:21:34 <flexlibris> Tor Browser on BSD
17:21:39 <pari> yeah
17:21:45 <gman999> yeah... we're usually a little behind
17:22:20 <flexlibris> I am going to change "where can I get bridges" to something about censorship
17:22:25 <flexlibris> per Isa's email about this
17:22:47 <isabela> tx
17:23:11 <isabela> Phoul: sounds good
17:23:19 <isabela> Phoul: even on redesign that page will have this info
17:23:28 <Phoul> Yeah, I'm not sure duplicating it makes sense.
17:23:30 <isabela> so should stay cool that way
17:23:39 <isabela> we will ignore it then :)
17:23:43 <Phoul> :)
17:23:48 <isabela> i will update the comment to ignore that part
17:24:15 <stephw> should we cut the relay questions and link to the new guide?
17:24:22 <Phoul> stephw: Was just thinking about that
17:24:38 <stephw> at least link to them
17:24:48 <flexlibris> i wonder if we should just replace the text with what is on the relay guide
17:24:52 <Phoul> I think for the technical details, that would make the most sense. For questions like "should I run this from my home", I think keeping it in might make sense, as those details wont likely change and sending people elsewhere seems overkill.
17:24:55 <flexlibris> and also link to the guide
17:25:05 <hiro> hey quick favour (I hope) to ask: could you flag all the questions that you are changing so that I know?
17:25:05 <stephw> we don’t want to have to end up editing multiple pages in the future though
17:25:36 <stephw> sure we can highlight yellow
17:25:41 <hiro> thanks
17:25:57 <flexlibris> hiro: I just started adding mine as suggestions
17:26:10 <flexlibris> the only changes I made that were not suggestions were small, like OS X -> macOS
17:26:25 <flexlibris> or we can highlight yellow if that is easier
17:26:26 <Phoul> (likewise, made a few spacing changes as words were smushed together, but thats all ive changed so far)
17:26:40 <flexlibris> but I bet  hiro needs us to highlight those small changes too
17:26:44 <Phoul> Yeah
17:27:03 <isabela> yes
17:27:21 <isabela> lets make sure we either use suggestions for changes or highlight it somehow
17:27:28 <isabela> so we can track it
17:28:17 <isabela> hiro: do you need me to leave a remind that for the censorship section we should copy the whole answer there again
17:28:22 <isabela> remember we discuss this?
17:28:49 <hiro> yes that would be nice
17:29:09 <hiro> to have a reminder I mean
17:29:42 <isabela> will do :)
17:30:37 <Phoul> Was just reading the answer for "running exits from home", and the final line "you never should use that machine for any illegal purpose". Should we actually state this? I mean... technically you should do that if its not Tor as well.
17:30:58 <flexlibris> yeah.....
17:31:05 <flexlibris> I think best to leave it off
17:31:46 <isabela> flexlibris: you will fix the bridge question under censorship?
17:31:57 <flexlibris> isabela: yes, first i fixed it under TB
17:32:09 <flexlibris> then I am going to copy paste all the censorship related questions into that section too
17:32:57 <isabela> k
17:32:58 <isabela> tx
17:36:56 <flexlibris> okay I read through all the questions, now I am c&ping censorship-related ones in that section
17:37:10 <flexlibris> just the question, not the answer, for easy copying
17:37:10 <Phoul> If the general plan is to still have an operator portal, I wonder if we should strip the operator section from this, rewrite it to point more at wiki answers and save it for that portal?
17:37:28 <flexlibris> the community portal will come later
17:37:32 <flexlibris> and that will have operator stuff
17:37:43 <flexlibris> so maybe for now this is fine
17:37:58 <flexlibris> since what we have here are the most frequently asked questions
17:38:27 <Phoul> True. Once the community portal exists, we can evaluate if we want to keep that section in the support one.
17:38:44 <flexlibris> yeah i think once the community portal exists we should take out that entire section and point it to the community portal resources
17:38:52 <Phoul> *nods*
17:42:35 <flexlibris> okay i duplicated the censorship ones
17:43:27 <Phoul> I added a line to the "How do I view the Tor Browser message log?" question, just to finish the answer.
17:43:57 <flexlibris> now I am looking through Pari's most recent user issues report to see if we should add anything new
17:44:12 <isabela> k
17:44:15 <isabela> thanks for doing this
17:44:29 <flexlibris> thoughts about those...
17:44:44 <flexlibris> people are asking about Orfox to TB for Android switch, but I think we don't have a timeline to give them yet, right?
17:44:57 <isabela> i mean we are working on it
17:45:01 <isabela> but the final final version no
17:45:04 <isabela> we dont have that yet
17:45:06 <flexlibris> yes that's what I meant
17:45:11 <flexlibris> so I think better to not include it yet
17:45:20 <isabela> we might have another alpha soon
17:45:25 <flexlibris> should we include something about donating to Tor?
17:45:27 <isabela> but little alphas like that for a while
17:45:32 <flexlibris> people want to know if they can donate with cryptocurrencies
17:45:44 <flexlibris> tho they might not care about that so much after this week :)
17:45:45 <isabela> donation has a whole faq
17:45:46 <pari> yeah that is one thing I came across
17:45:52 <pari> in a lot of places
17:45:52 <isabela> maybe send ppl there?
17:45:55 <flexlibris> yes
17:46:17 <hiro> fexlibris maybe they care more because they don't know what to do w their bitcoins?
17:46:17 * isabela might have eraised all her phone data by mistake while on this meeting btw
17:46:20 <isabela> hehe
17:46:23 <isabela> not sure if that is good or bad
17:46:23 <isabela> :)
17:46:43 <isabela> thankfully i got out of support call with drl before that happened
17:46:50 <Phoul> eep
17:47:14 <isabela> sorry for the distraction
17:47:59 <Phoul> Usually what I do when people ask about unreleased projects like that, I advise them to watch the blog for updates. I could write an answer like that, if it would be helpful.
17:48:04 <Phoul> Can also leave it off though
17:48:09 <Phoul> (Android TB)
17:48:40 <isabela> Yes, i think somehting like we are working on it, you might see some alpha releases with new things coming out. Watch our blog for mroe updates
17:48:51 <Phoul> Will write that up
17:48:56 <isabela> tx
17:49:02 <pari> +1 I think that'll be good to include
17:49:37 <pari> to let people know it is something that's being worked on by people at Tor
17:51:29 <flexlibris> okay i added another one from pari's research that advises people to use the low security slider setting if twitter, facebook, etc is disfunctional
17:51:48 <Phoul> Added the Android TB question
17:52:56 <isabela> k (please remember to mark it somehow so hiro knows)
17:52:59 <Phoul> I realize my hilights look different from everyone elses, and I dont know how to use gdocs. Sorry about that.
17:53:03 <flexlibris> i highlighted all of mine
17:53:05 <isabela> hehe
17:53:06 <Phoul> I did mark mine though, there is a suggestion attached to it and its hilighted.
17:53:10 <isabela> is alright
17:53:11 <Phoul> Its just hilighted... in a funny way
17:53:12 <Phoul> lol
17:53:13 <isabela> dont need to be equal
17:53:31 <isabela> just need to shine
17:53:32 <isabela> hehe
17:53:50 <isabela> k
17:54:15 <isabela> if we are feeling this is good for at least launch with (of course will change over time)
17:54:25 <isabela> i think next is for hiro to update the text on the site
17:54:34 <isabela> then Phoul export it to transifex
17:54:35 <isabela> or import it
17:54:43 <isabela> depends on how you see it :)
17:54:59 <Phoul> Yup! As soon as I get the thumbs-up from Hiro, I will get it into Transifex.
17:55:15 <hiro> ok you should get that tomorrow Phoul
17:55:16 <isabela> ok
17:55:28 <Phoul> hiro: Perfect! I will be able to get it into tx tomorrow as well.
17:55:40 <isabela> i think doing this at this meeting was a good way to get progress fast and move on w stuff
17:55:44 <flexlibris> yes
17:55:46 <flexlibris> love working meetings
17:55:47 <Phoul> +1
17:56:01 <isabela> next homework for everyone is to update the git repo (maybe early next week)
17:56:08 <isabela> with the new content there and play with it
17:56:12 <isabela> lets find funky behavior
17:56:20 <isabela> cool?
17:56:56 <Phoul> Ideally, the new content will be in git before it goes up on Transifex. But we can work around that if not possible. Generally its best to set the string location during resource setup (where the strings live in git).
17:57:42 <isabela> oh i mean
17:57:55 <isabela> in parallel
17:58:09 <isabela> like while things from git are on transifex for translation
17:58:12 <Phoul> Oh, oops, I misunderstood :)
17:58:23 <isabela> we should use it for debugging the UI and normal functionalities
17:58:26 <isabela> hehe
17:58:27 <isabela> is alright
17:58:57 <isabela> if nothing else, i think we are cool for today
17:58:57 <hiro> do you guys think it would be ok to have it up for testing at support.tpo ?
17:58:59 <flexlibris> yep i will get on that towards the end of this week/beginning of next
17:59:17 <hiro> or shall I put it up on a tmp vm?
17:59:19 <isabela> hiro: i think so, if we are not promoting it
17:59:31 <Phoul> hiro: It might be worth making a beta / alpha URL or something, I've run into needing that with the manual recently and wish I had done it initially.
17:59:35 <isabela> is not super sekrit project
17:59:38 <Phoul> Or staging or whatever we want to call it
17:59:48 <isabela> yeah
17:59:53 <isabela> staging sounds like a good idea
18:00:00 <hiro> ok so I will ask tpa to make a staging
18:00:02 <antonela> somewhere live will be easier for testing cross devices
18:00:09 <isabela> yes
18:00:12 <Phoul> :)
18:00:17 <isabela> and on tor browser security levels
18:00:20 <stephw> could we have a question that goes into more detail about what how the security slider settings differ?
18:00:36 <flexlibris> btw the community team meeting is supposed to happen in here now
18:00:41 <kat5> hi
18:00:43 <stephw> I don’t see a question about just the security slider but we might need one
18:00:43 <isabela> yes
18:00:44 <flexlibris> hi kat5
18:00:46 <isabela> we need to go
18:00:47 <isabela> :)
18:00:49 <antonela> byeee
18:00:52 <antonela> haha
18:00:52 <flexlibris> stephw: yes good idea
18:00:53 <isabela> #endmeeting