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18:04:06 <flexlibris> we are going over our january roadmap https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biph8qhxvUc_VetcaJjkS9H3kKC95yPB9Z1VhZLypIQ
18:04:22 <Phoul> sounds good
18:04:24 <flexlibris> the code of conduct proposal is still ongoing...people have a lot of feedback and so I'm just letting it go as long as it needs to
18:04:33 <flexlibris> if you are a core contributor, PLEASE take a look at those pads and give your feedback
18:04:53 <flexlibris> Phoul: how's the webml stuff>
18:04:54 <flexlibris> >
18:04:57 <flexlibris> geez
18:04:58 <flexlibris> ?
18:05:48 <Phoul> During one of our meetings we discussed if we should deploy the hacky solution to resolve the Transifex no longer liking webml option. I discussed with some others on IRC, and it seemed like it might be best to put that effort / the translator effort into the new support portal.
18:07:25 <flexlibris> should we call this resolved, or ongoing?
18:07:50 <Phoul> Transifex themselves did not help a lot, unfortunately. The last email I received from them was just indicating they dropped webml support.
18:08:00 <flexlibris> bleh
18:08:02 <Phoul> I think we can call it resolved for now, I think the plan is to let translators focus on the support strings.
18:08:23 <t0mmy> o/
18:08:34 <flexlibris> okay cool, that is the next item anyway :)
18:08:40 <flexlibris> line 27
18:09:07 <Phoul> This is complete. Test strings went up, translators know its coming and reviewers received the same annoucnement as the translators.
18:09:12 <flexlibris> excellent!!!
18:09:30 <flexlibris> t0mmy: I think the LOI for relay ops is still in progress, right?
18:10:46 <flexlibris> maybe we lost t0mmy to airplane wifi
18:11:17 <flexlibris> cryptorave stuff...I don't know what the status of this is. might need to move to february
18:12:11 <flexlibris> likewise the sponsor 9 stuff is going to Feb
18:12:43 <Samdney> which is what exactly?
18:13:21 <t0mmy> [sorry for the flakiness >__>]
18:13:23 <flexlibris> website redesign and global south outreach
18:13:25 <flexlibris> no worries t0mmy
18:13:33 <flexlibris> do you have an update on relay ops funding?
18:14:14 <t0mmy> still blocked on OSF but will remind Shari tomorrow
18:14:28 <t0mmy> should have more in a week or two, fingers crossed
18:14:32 <flexlibris> let me know if I can help update that
18:14:39 <flexlibris> like if it needs something that it doesnt hvae
18:14:44 <t0mmy> wilco!
18:14:56 <t0mmy> happy to help with Sponsor 9 too
18:15:27 <flexlibris> t0mmy: thanks! I sent Isa some stuff but she was sick a bunch during January
18:15:34 <t0mmy> I think we're good for statements of intent, pending Shari's comments.
18:15:38 <flexlibris> okay great
18:15:44 <t0mmy> But when we get to the full proposal I'll loop back in with you.
18:15:58 <flexlibris> cool, that's it for the January roadmap, so we can move ahead to what needs to happen in February
18:16:12 <flexlibris> Phoul: we have an item here for support portal translation stuff, in case there is anything in particular you want to add to that item
18:16:18 <flexlibris> what is happening now, what needs to happen
18:16:43 <Phoul> The table seems to be view-only
18:16:46 <flexlibris> the OONI partnerships are something I'd like us to work on in Rome
18:16:51 <flexlibris> Phoul: let me give you write access
18:17:15 <flexlibris> sent link
18:17:47 <flexlibris> support.torproject.org rollout plans are in the works with the UX team
18:17:51 <flexlibris> do or die time
18:18:42 <Phoul> seemed to open view-only again, I requested write access.
18:19:12 <flexlibris> Phoul: you didn't get a link to colin@tpo just now?
18:19:26 <Phoul> I did, but the link opened read-only.
18:19:31 <flexlibris> hmmm
18:20:15 <Phoul> I think its because colin@tpo isnt a google account, had to request from my gmail address.
18:20:54 <flexlibris> yeah but it shouldn't matter
18:20:57 <flexlibris> ah well, we can fix that later
18:21:12 <Phoul> sounds good
18:21:55 <flexlibris> and oh, the relay operator wiki is done
18:22:00 <flexlibris> and there will be a blog post this week
18:22:20 <flexlibris> it's here https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide
18:22:50 <kat5> Woo hoo!
18:22:59 <flexlibris> yeah it's exciting!
18:23:01 <flexlibris> it came out great!
18:23:08 <Phoul> My yubikey should be here this week, so will get to nasanu's request of signing the coldhak git tags.
18:23:12 <flexlibris> I can't wait until we start making the community portal and we can make it pretty
18:23:15 <flexlibris> great Phoul
18:23:24 <flexlibris> other than all that, the main thing I am working on is Library Freedom Institute
18:23:41 <flexlibris> so all that roadmap stuff out of the way, does anyone have an update that we didn't cover yet?
18:24:12 <flexlibris> oh, one more thing -- we have another Tor meetup in NYC planned for Feb 15
18:24:51 <sukhe> hi! I can go next
18:24:56 <flexlibris> sukhe yeah!
18:24:59 <Phoul> Ive been working with loclab and the TB people to get more languages added to the browser. Also sent some session ideas to flexlibris for Rome. I also sorted out an issue where the strings from the people handling our donations page were not reaching me, so will be getting those on tx soon.
18:25:01 <Samdney> o/
18:25:04 <Phoul> oops, sorry sukhe
18:25:10 <sukhe> Phoul: sorry go ahead please
18:25:17 <Phoul> That was all from me :) go ahead.
18:25:30 <sukhe> ok...
18:25:30 <flexlibris> thanks for those session ideas Phoul. FYI all, I will be sending out an email about agenda items for Rome soon.
18:26:19 <sukhe> on 19 Jan, I gave a talk at Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore (http://altlawforum.org/). they are lawyers and activists working on human rights
18:26:40 <flexlibris> cool!
18:26:59 <pari> awesome
18:27:20 <sukhe> 25 people signed up but I think there were 35-40 people there. great audience and we ran from 10:00 till 14:00 without any break but tea and cookies in between :)
18:27:29 <flexlibris> very important :)
18:27:39 <Samdney> no coffee? ;)
18:27:46 <sukhe> I will ask Darshana to send a report (she made the event possible so all credit to her) because it's good to have feedback
18:27:56 <sukhe> Samdney: most people drink tea here but yes there was coffee as well :)
18:28:17 <sukhe> then on 20 Jan Antonela and I were at the Mumbai meetup, details of which are at https://blog.torproject.org/secure-communication-gaining-momentum-india
18:28:39 <sukhe> 70 people signed up but only (approx) 15 turned up but Antonela said she got good data so there's that :)
18:28:43 <antonela> :)
18:28:59 <sukhe> antonela: oh hi! I didn't know you were here
18:29:08 <antonela> i'm not haha
18:29:34 <sukhe> then on 25 Jan, I gave a talk at the Toronto Public Library (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/secure-web-browsing-and-anonymity-with-tor-browser-tickets-41241942761)
18:29:40 <sukhe> about 40 people and a great audience as well
18:29:49 <sukhe> thanks to Jonathon Hodge from the library for making it possible
18:30:00 <flexlibris> Jonathon is so awesome and I'm really glad you've worked together now
18:30:03 <flexlibris> I hope it can continue
18:30:09 <sukhe> yes!
18:30:18 <Phoul> Does he go by "Jon"?
18:30:27 <flexlibris> I had the pleasure of visiting that library immediately after the US election and they took very good care of me in that dark time :)
18:30:36 <flexlibris> Phoul I think mainly Jonathon but I am not sure
18:30:39 <sukhe> in related news, he is planning a Tor Browser install (pilot) at one of the Toronto Public Library branches in May and we will work together on that
18:30:49 <sukhe> yeah I think flexlibris is right; mainly Jonathon
18:30:53 <flexlibris> excellent news sukhe
18:31:03 <sukhe> another goal is to run an exit :)
18:31:04 <Phoul> Ahh ok, sorry for the interruption, I know someone with the same name in TO.
18:31:06 <flexlibris> it has been in the discussion phase since I visited them so I am really glad to hear that it's taking off
18:31:10 <sukhe> flexlibris: yup!
18:31:16 <flexlibris> they have tons of computers at TPL, I think 1000
18:31:26 <flexlibris> would you be interested in working with Jonathon on a blog post about that after it happens?
18:31:28 <sukhe> we will be starting with one branch, running the pilot there and then see how that happens
18:31:33 <sukhe> flexlibris: of course
18:31:37 <flexlibris> great
18:31:40 <flexlibris> stephw ^^
18:31:43 <flexlibris> I can help too of course
18:32:00 <sukhe> yup, for now Jonathon is leading it and once I have more information, I will share with the community
18:32:05 <flexlibris> excellent
18:32:11 <stephw> cool
18:32:35 <sukhe> (the slides from the talks are always at https://people.torproject.org/~sukhbir/talks/)
18:32:53 <sukhe> happy to take questions, but otherwise that's it from me :)
18:33:30 <kat5> I don't have an update, but I have a question.
18:33:50 <flexlibris> go ahead kat5
18:34:13 <kat5> flexlibris: are you soliciting agenda items for Rome? Or will that be the email you send?
18:34:21 <flexlibris> thanks for all this awesome work sukhe. I am so glad your talks have finally taken off, especially since it was challenging for you at first!
18:34:23 <flexlibris> kat5 so
18:34:42 <flexlibris> I will send an email in another week or so soliciting ideas, however, in the meantime, you are welcome to add them to the wiki
18:34:54 <flexlibris> lemme get that link...
18:35:10 <sukhe> flexlibris: yes, thanks for the support
18:35:20 <kat5> Well, I'm not sure this is a session, maybe it's something for the unstructured day. But I'd like to see #24148 get resolved.
18:35:31 <flexlibris> yes me too
18:35:42 <flexlibris> unstructured day sessions can go on the agenda ideas too
18:36:03 <kat5> Cool. I don't think it'll take much -- we can just try something and see how it goes. But I do want to get with Jon to see what's easiest for him.
18:36:12 <kat5> Okay, cool. Thanks.
18:36:29 <flexlibris> link https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018Rome/AgendaIdeas
18:36:56 <flexlibris> that's a good segue to our last item, which is talking about Rome
18:37:03 <flexlibris> so if others have agenda ideas, put them at that link for now
18:37:09 <flexlibris> even if they are not fully formed ideas, that's fine!
18:37:25 <flexlibris> we'll have a community team meeting on the first day and I will send time details on that soon
18:37:54 <t0mmy> My visa isn't going to be here in time for me to make it to Rome, but I'll try and be available to Jitsi in if there are meetings it makes sense for me to beam into
18:38:08 <flexlibris> let's discuss what team-to-team meetings we want to have
18:38:11 <kat5> t0mmy: :-(
18:38:13 <Phoul> :((
18:38:21 <flexlibris> t0mmy, sorry we will miss you, but we will definitely get you a jitsi setup
18:38:30 <flexlibris> I think we should have a check in with the UX team
18:38:39 <flexlibris> about the portal progress and next steps and things like that
18:38:46 <flexlibris> any other teams we want to meet with? OONI maybe?
18:39:10 <sukhe> t0mmy: as someone who has to deal with the visa thing all the time, I hear you :(
18:39:16 <t0mmy> cheers all, I feel <3'd. Thankfully this is the stay-working-at-Tor-longer visa, so it's worth the wait, and I'll see y'all in the autumn.
18:39:33 <flexlibris> fuck borders
18:40:31 <flexlibris> anyway, we have some time to think about those team-to-team meetings, so if you have ideas about that just write to the community team list
18:40:51 <flexlibris> another thing I definitely want to do at the Rome meeting is come up with a better meeting time. we have tried and failed at this over email.
18:41:06 <flexlibris> I think we may do better in person. this meeting time doesn't work for many people who want to be on our team.
18:41:23 <Samdney> yeap, ;)
18:41:27 <kat5> Sure.
18:41:52 <flexlibris> I'll follow up on that over email but just an FYI to think about your weekly schedules and be ready to talk about times that do and don't work
18:42:02 <flexlibris> anything else people want to check in about for Rome?
18:42:56 <flexlibris> or anything else to discuss overall?
18:43:41 <sukhe> sorry one thing
18:43:48 <flexlibris> no problem
18:43:52 <sukhe> I wanted to discuss the "recommended tools" thing question I get at talks
18:44:00 <sukhe> "which password manager do you recommend"
18:44:21 <sukhe> I proposed this session the last time as well and no one turned up and that's fine
18:44:29 <sukhe> but this is a recurring question
18:44:31 <flexlibris> oh yeah
18:44:40 <flexlibris> I would love for us to work on this during one of the unstructured days
18:44:41 <sukhe> I would like to discuss how you all handle it
18:44:45 <Phoul> Those are hard, for a lot of tools I look at what Tails is bundling, since we suggest Tails usage already.
18:44:49 <flexlibris> I have some thoughts about this question
18:44:56 <Samdney> I think it can be danger to recommend anything
18:45:05 <flexlibris> Phoul: yep, however, keepass is difficult for many users
18:45:16 <flexlibris> I usually give a few options and tell the benefits and drawbacks of each
18:45:22 <Phoul> Yeah, I think its also basically deprecated in favor of keepassxc.
18:45:27 <sukhe> Samdney: yeah that's why this bothers me so I am hesitant to "recommend"
18:45:36 <sukhe> so I wanted to know how I should handle this
18:45:40 <flexlibris> I think not recommending is more dangerous
18:45:58 <flexlibris> let's definitely talk about this at the meeting. will you add it to the agenda ideas?
18:46:07 <sukhe> do you think we should have a session for this? or just discuss this and come up with a more structured answer?
18:46:12 <sukhe> ok sure
18:46:24 * Phoul would be interested in a session about this
18:46:34 <flexlibris> sukhe: I think a bigger discussion about doing Tor trainings that cover other security/privacy topics would be great
18:46:36 <Phoul> I think it wouldnt be hard to fill time talking about this, and its important.
18:46:38 <flexlibris> at the meeting I mean
18:46:39 <flexlibris> yep
18:47:33 <flexlibris> cool, anything else to discuss?
18:48:23 <flexlibris> seems not!
18:48:29 <flexlibris> I will stop the bot
18:48:31 <flexlibris> #endmeeting