16:18:55 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in o/
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16:19:17 <isabela> alright people, lets review roadmap really quick and move to people's updates
16:19:40 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=110727321794293958725
16:19:46 * antonela finds the roadmap tab
16:20:11 * hiro is loading the roadmap
16:20:15 <isabela> heheh
16:20:17 <antonela> #24717 from last month was marked as done!
16:20:27 <isabela> nice!
16:20:42 <antonela> ast week irl launched the new cards for @toratlas and i'm super happy about how they are looking :)
16:20:52 <isabela> fancy fancy
16:20:55 <isabela> they look great
16:20:59 <flexlibris> nice
16:20:59 <antonela> thanks irl! (if you are reading)
16:21:06 <isabela> \o/
16:21:41 <isabela> i think review of support is happening, and phoul hass the git from hiro so translations will be in motion soon
16:21:50 <isabela> #24918
16:21:53 <isabela> we synced last week
16:21:55 <isabela> and anto is on it
16:21:58 <antonela> we had a meeting last week with GeKo and Arthur, i'm working on the new iteration
16:21:58 <antonela> yes
16:22:08 <irl> hello
16:22:08 <antonela> will we meet this week or next?
16:22:17 <isabela> next
16:22:21 <antonela> hi irl :)
16:22:22 <isabela> geko is on vacation mode this week
16:22:30 <antonela> oh so next, super
16:22:59 <isabela> i think in general
16:23:12 <isabela> everything is moving or in a good known state
16:23:21 <isabela> from what we have at the roadmap
16:23:30 <isabela> we could move to updates if folks want to
16:23:40 <hiro> yeah let's do that
16:23:45 <isabela> cool
16:23:54 <isabela> hiro: you first :P
16:23:55 <isabela> haha
16:23:59 <hiro> I am doing the css fixes
16:24:14 <hiro> also now that the website is online I can check things on mobile too
16:24:28 <isabela> yes
16:24:33 <hiro> not just for ... what's that word that's not accessibility?
16:24:36 <isabela> and on high level security at tbb
16:24:48 <isabela> responsive design
16:24:51 <hiro> yes
16:24:52 <hiro> that
16:24:53 <isabela> :)
16:25:01 <hiro> I am also checking the interactions
16:25:06 <isabela> yes
16:25:18 <isabela> i wonder about cutting off some fancy js stuff
16:25:25 <isabela> like the effect of loading the titles
16:25:25 <antonela> !
16:25:29 <antonela> please
16:25:31 <isabela> haahha
16:25:33 <hiro> like I have some things that are on hover... but maybe should be implemented w a different css trick
16:25:50 <hiro> so I am doing this little things
16:25:57 <hiro> also the sidebar w the topics
16:26:08 <hiro> I know that it goes behind the footer
16:26:11 <antonela> funkysidebar
16:26:21 <isabela> (on my update/todo list is to review it and give you feedback too)
16:26:24 <irl> if it's not already been done, can you test in IE 10 on windows 7?
16:26:29 <hiro> but I am not sure how to implement this in a way that it stops...
16:26:37 <isabela> yes, also is missing some feedback of which topic you are on
16:26:42 <isabela> like it should stay highlighted
16:26:57 <isabela> now it goes back to gray
16:27:02 <isabela> after you click on it
16:27:06 <antonela> i collected the to-do's here
16:27:06 <hiro> yes
16:27:07 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
16:27:19 <hiro> that too the scrollspy doesn't work for some reasons
16:27:21 <isabela> antonela: thank you i will add mines after my review
16:27:27 * antonela adding irl's suggestion
16:27:28 <antonela> cool
16:27:37 <isabela> hiro: lets try to clean all extra effect js
16:27:40 <isabela> and keep it simple
16:27:56 <hiro> isabela what do you mean?
16:28:03 <isabela> like the loading of titles
16:28:14 <isabela> we dont need that they can just show up without the effect
16:28:20 <irl> antonela: the reason i ask is #24450, people do actually use this platform to show off things we do to people in enterprise environments
16:28:36 <isabela> hiro: i will write it for you on the pad later today
16:28:40 <isabela> hiro: with reference on js
16:28:47 <isabela> i think that will be easier to explain
16:28:49 <hiro> ok but that loading comes w bootstrap
16:28:54 <isabela> yes
16:28:55 <hiro> it's in the class
16:28:59 <isabela> but i think we can remove it
16:28:59 <antonela> irl: cool, thanks for the reference
16:29:18 <hiro> but we want the accordion right?
16:29:34 <hiro> the things that when one is open the others are clsoed
16:29:41 <isabela> yes
16:30:02 <hiro> ok so I think we could pass the transition none attribute somewhere
16:30:14 <antonela> hiro: we talked about it, but we need to touch the js
16:30:43 <isabela> hiro: yes, i think so too
16:31:11 <hiro> antonela, at the moment I do not recall the conversation but you are right
16:31:21 <hiro> so isabela, if that's the case are we ok leaving it?
16:31:32 <antonela> me either lol but i'll find the stackoverflow link haha
16:31:46 <hiro> or you'd like me to write the code to keep out the js transition?
16:31:58 <isabela> hiro: you mean if we can pass none attribute we dont need to remove any code
16:32:01 <isabela> yes
16:32:27 <isabela> that is right too, the goal is to remove this fancy effects because at the end of the day they are just making it funky
16:32:40 <isabela> specially as you click around a lot
16:32:42 <hiro> no if we can't pass the attribute and removing the transition meant writing more js
16:32:57 <isabela> ahhh
16:33:14 <isabela> well, do you mind? and from my side i can wait on other things to get this right
16:33:46 <hiro> no fine by me
16:34:29 <isabela> i am being a bit picky on the ux of this site because is a site aimed to help our users
16:35:13 <hiro> so I have to look this up
16:35:23 <hiro> I am sure there is an easy way to get rid of the transitions
16:35:48 <hiro> the only reasons I asked about writing the code ourselves is because of possible compatibiliy issues with different browsers and bootstrap
16:35:51 <hiro> but we can find that out
16:36:11 <isabela> true
16:36:55 <hiro> but maybe I am overthinking this
16:36:58 <isabela> let us know as you investigate
16:37:07 <hiro> I am sure lots of people wnat to get rid of the transitions
16:37:13 <isabela> hehe
16:37:21 <isabela> yeah i think that are sample code out there
16:37:28 <isabela> what we want is a simple behavior
16:37:31 <isabela> or basic
16:37:36 <antonela> yes yes
16:37:42 <isabela> ok
16:37:45 <antonela> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13119912/disable-bootstraps-collapse-open-close-animation/24149281
16:37:52 <isabela> hiro: other updates?
16:37:54 <isabela> antonela: tx!
16:38:17 <hiro> nope
16:38:19 <hiro> all good
16:38:32 <isabela> antonela: wants to go or should i?
16:38:36 <antonela> sure
16:38:43 <antonela> on my end, like the roadmap says, this week for me is hardly website, working at dev.tpo and landing pages + support portal style tweaks required
16:38:58 <antonela> i also will work on TTB's circuits, for desktop and mobile
16:39:54 <isabela> awesome!
16:39:54 <antonela> devs portal is 75% done, but i like to work with all portals at the same time just to keep consistency between them :)
16:40:17 <antonela> lots of mocks need real content, but i'm sure we can iterate over them once we have it
16:40:26 <isabela> (for anyone who is reading this! we will be presenting all these designs at dev meeting in rome o/)
16:40:35 <antonela> oh yes
16:41:01 <isabela> cool
16:41:04 <isabela> anything else?
16:41:20 <antonela> nope, im groot
16:41:27 <isabela> ok
16:41:35 <isabela> from me i want to send the jan report out
16:41:46 <isabela> hiro: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/JwW1WnyIEqIhrwmP_eNngaM4gtQfcwhX4Ra_AWhXNkH
16:41:47 <hiro> groot groot
16:41:52 <isabela> antonela added stuff there
16:41:58 <antonela> yes, hiro too i think
16:41:59 <isabela> if you have some time today to review and add
16:42:03 <isabela> ah
16:42:04 <isabela> perfect
16:42:13 <isabela> then i will get this out today :)
16:42:28 <antonela> we could include the fancy cards, which are part of last month roadmap
16:42:31 <isabela> second is what i said already: review support and give hiro feedback
16:42:42 <isabela> i also hope DDG reply us soon!
16:42:49 <isabela> antonela: yes please
16:42:55 <hiro> yeah reagarding DDG we didn't have the support online
16:43:00 <hiro> so I am using tpo as a test
16:43:01 <isabela> last week i updated ux team invades rome pad
16:43:13 <isabela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Gp6t9gVIz2NbVSXN30B_-Cew_u6noAleZWUKbcyV8y9
16:43:13 <hiro> but we will have support.tpo when everything will be deployed
16:43:21 <isabela> please help keep this updated
16:43:27 <isabela> will guide us as we are there
16:43:49 <isabela> hiro: gotcha
16:44:03 <isabela> and i hope on friday when i am on a bus for 8 hours \o/
16:44:15 <isabela> to get the job description done for the user research coordinator
16:44:34 <isabela> on the sync with scott i got some good suggestions from her on that too
16:44:41 <isabela> that's it :)
16:44:42 <isabela> ahh
16:44:42 <antonela> isabela: !
16:44:47 <isabela> i am on process of booking airbnb
16:44:59 <isabela> but i am using tor stuff and that means i need to wait a validation thing
16:45:00 <isabela> blah
16:45:02 <isabela> :)
16:45:03 <antonela> haha
16:45:07 <isabela> but we will have a house
16:45:13 <isabela> or we camp at the beach
16:45:14 <hiro> isabela otherwise use booking
16:45:17 <isabela> hahah
16:45:20 <hiro> no regisration required
16:45:32 <isabela> hiro: is cool, tor has an airbnb payment support thing
16:45:37 <hiro> ah good
16:45:45 <isabela> yeah
16:45:49 <isabela> that makes it easier
16:45:53 <isabela> just take a couple days
16:46:07 <isabela> cuz they need to validate you and that is what i am waiting
16:46:12 <isabela> they == airbnb
16:46:30 <isabela> ok
16:46:33 <isabela> so that is that from me
16:46:35 <isabela> ahhh
16:46:38 <isabela> sorry
16:46:40 <isabela> sitemapping
16:46:44 <isabela> is also on my list :)
16:46:54 <isabela> probably on the 8 hours bus ride
16:47:06 <isabela> :)
16:47:37 <antonela> offline hours, most productive hours
16:47:43 <isabela> indeed
16:47:56 <isabela> ok now we done with updates
16:48:02 <antonela> but i need internet like breathing hahahaha
16:48:16 <isabela> that is always my phone that can give me that (hotspot)
16:48:22 <antonela> yes sure
16:48:22 <isabela> hehe
16:48:43 <isabela> re: ux invades rome
16:49:01 <isabela> i like the principles note
16:49:12 <isabela> should we addd a retrospective too?
16:49:18 <antonela> oh i just a nice-to-have, i know we have another priorities
16:49:19 <isabela> (for our internal sessions)
16:49:25 <isabela> nah
16:49:27 <isabela> we should do that
16:49:28 <hiro> yah
16:49:30 <antonela> yes yes
16:49:34 <isabela> that is what valencia is for too
16:50:06 <antonela> re: ux invades rome
16:50:16 <antonela> Eileen from simplysecure is joining us in Rome
16:50:24 <isabela> !
16:50:51 <antonela> and also she/he is making IFF too, so we can work together a bit :)
16:50:58 <isabela> yes
16:51:02 <isabela> and they are having a ux thing
16:51:14 <isabela> (which i heard involves food maybe? :P)
16:51:17 <isabela> is like a hangout thing
16:51:20 <antonela> lol
16:51:23 <antonela> we will be there for sure
16:51:23 <antonela> so
16:51:52 <isabela> we should add this info to the pad
16:51:56 <isabela> and add more as we get more
16:52:00 <isabela> like day/time of this stuff
16:52:15 <isabela> maybe at teh bottom under valencia section
16:52:24 <antonela> good, will add my findings
16:53:01 <isabela> great
16:53:04 <isabela> anything else
16:53:05 <isabela> ?
16:53:09 <Phoul> Just one question from me
16:53:14 <isabela> Phoul: oi!
16:53:31 <Phoul> hiro: Can I go ahead and upload the strings to tx now? Not sure if they are still in flux. I'm assuming with the migration to git.tpo i can move forward?
16:53:43 <isabela> i think you can
16:53:45 <hiro> yes I think we are good to go
16:53:50 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
16:53:52 <isabela> :)
16:53:53 <Phoul> Will get that done today
16:53:54 <hiro> I remved contacts tho
16:53:59 <hiro> removed contacts
16:53:59 <isabela> hiro: yes!
16:54:02 <hiro> let me make a push
16:54:02 <isabela> tx
16:54:03 <flexlibris> yesss translate that shit
16:54:07 <isabela> hahaha
16:54:08 <hiro> so that's not in the databags
16:54:10 <antonela> ahahha
16:54:10 <Phoul> hiro: Thank you :)
16:54:14 <Phoul> flexlibris: +1 hehe
16:54:18 <flexlibris> :D
16:55:14 <hiro> Phoul: pushed
16:55:23 <hiro> groot now
16:55:38 <Phoul> hiro: yay! Thank you :)
16:55:47 <isabela> awesome
16:56:08 <isabela> alright we good people?
16:56:13 <hiro> yes
16:56:24 <Phoul> That was all from me :)
16:56:37 <antonela> yes
16:56:50 <isabela> coolio i will kill the botz
16:56:58 <isabela> #endmeeting