17:01:45 <isabela> #startmeeting support site do or die till lasagna
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17:01:55 <isabela> alright people!
17:02:08 <isabela> here is the game between now and lasagna :)
17:02:25 <antonela> haha
17:02:27 <flexlibris> mmm lasagna
17:02:30 <pari> hehe
17:02:32 <pari> :D
17:02:37 <isabela> I moved everything else in the pad all the way to the bottom:
17:02:38 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
17:02:48 <isabela> and organized the list of things to do on the site so we can launch it
17:03:06 <isabela> our goal now on is to use the stagging site that hiro shared
17:03:18 <isabela> if you see something that is not in the pad - document it
17:03:43 <antonela> it could be good to include which browser and/or devices are you testing on too
17:03:44 <isabela> if you see something in the pad you can help fix or make sure it happens the way the pad is indicating
17:03:47 <isabela> do so
17:03:51 <isabela> antonela: +1
17:04:03 <isabela> and hiro - cross things as you do them
17:04:05 <isabela> and also
17:04:07 <hiro> yo
17:04:09 <antonela> i have been testing on high security mode at TorBrowser and i didn't say anything
17:04:13 <isabela> let us know when you update support staging site
17:04:13 <antonela> and is confusing
17:04:23 <isabela> so we know we have new version to look at
17:04:50 <hiro> also I have an update regarding the transitions
17:05:15 <isabela> go!
17:05:17 <isabela> :)
17:05:36 <hiro> yeah so if we want to use bootstrap accordion we can't remove the transitions
17:05:51 <hiro> we can write a simple accordion
17:05:56 <hiro> it's not that complicated
17:06:12 <hiro> but we were discussing how it feels w antonela an it is confusing
17:06:13 <isabela> nice
17:06:22 <isabela> oh
17:06:25 <isabela> confusing how
17:06:27 <hiro> like things jump around
17:06:31 <hiro> and there is no transition
17:06:32 <isabela> vixe
17:06:41 <isabela> blah
17:06:42 <hiro> when I say jump around
17:06:48 <isabela> i think we are between two options
17:06:48 <hiro> I don't mean that the css is broken
17:06:59 <hiro> just that you click and the thing appears
17:07:07 <hiro> now we have the little sliding
17:07:13 <isabela> 1. if we have js an user can see all the questions right away - but there are tons of funky experience with it
17:07:32 <isabela> 2. if we leave thing open and forget about js there wont be funky experience but the user cant see all questions at once
17:07:56 <hiro> uhm
17:08:03 <antonela> hiro: another option could be have all the questions listed and jump between them with the sidemenu like an anchor
17:08:09 <antonela> im thinking about it now
17:08:26 <hiro> the sidemenu does that already
17:08:36 <antonela> right now, we have everything listed but display:none
17:08:50 <antonela> what if we show everything and we navigate with the sidemenu
17:09:02 <hiro> like if there is no js
17:09:09 <hiro> the sidemenu jumps among the topics
17:09:14 <antonela> not :hidden sets
17:09:19 <pari> antonela: maybe like a two-column layout? with questions listed on the left in a smaller column and the issue opened viewable on the right in a wider column space?
17:09:30 <antonela> well, the collapsable question/answer could still living there
17:09:53 <antonela> pari: yes, like we have in the styleguide right now
17:10:09 <pari> yeah!
17:10:23 <antonela> hiro, isabela makes sense?
17:11:06 <hiro> antonela the only thing that concerns me is that some questions are long
17:11:23 <isabela> i am trying to see the styleguide example
17:11:37 <hiro> so they will splattered across a few lines
17:11:42 <antonela> yes, but
17:11:45 <hiro> https://styleguide.torproject.org/components/
17:11:49 <antonela> i dont think we should have 3 columns
17:11:51 <hiro> isabela ^
17:11:51 <isabela> ha
17:11:59 <isabela> i guess on tor browser that doesnt show up
17:12:03 <isabela> cuz of screen size
17:12:04 <pari> I am trying to locate the wireframe for something similar I worked on a while back. be back in 2
17:12:06 <antonela> the same layout we have right now, but without the collapsable thing on the core topics
17:12:07 <isabela> that is why i could not see it
17:12:24 <hiro> yeah that's what I thought
17:13:01 <isabela> also it doesnt show on mobile
17:13:12 <isabela> so is a trick that will work only on big screens
17:13:31 <isabela> maybe that and open questions and we live with it
17:13:47 <hiro> maybe a select box for questions?
17:13:49 <isabela> or maybe we dont do it and just go with 2
17:13:53 <hiro> is that too hacky?
17:13:57 <isabela> hehe
17:14:01 <antonela> wait, for mobile we have a select
17:14:08 <antonela> is not working 100% now, but will do
17:14:20 <antonela> so you select a section and the menu collapse
17:14:24 * isabela opened styleguide on mobile and didn't saw it
17:14:25 <hiro> antonela that was a select? because I have implemented a collapsable menu
17:14:29 <hiro> you can pull and see it
17:14:31 <isabela> ah
17:15:20 <antonela> yes
17:15:42 <antonela> hiro is good as how it works right now, BUT we need to close the select menu once people tap
17:15:57 <hiro> yes I am rtying to figure it out
17:15:58 <antonela> because if we dont, user can not easy see the changes on the listing
17:16:00 <hiro> how to do that in js
17:16:00 <antonela> yes i know
17:16:02 <antonela> haha
17:16:08 <hiro> sorry in no-js
17:16:13 <antonela> yep
17:16:21 <hiro> because w/ the hoover trick it was getting messy
17:16:24 <antonela> yes yes
17:16:45 <isabela> ok
17:17:00 <hiro> I wonder if we should document all this weird css things we do so that they work in no-js
17:17:20 <isabela> +1
17:17:33 <antonela> imo, the most annoying thing about the animation is when you click on a new topic. If we list all the questions closed + subhead topics
17:17:37 <Phoul> im sure they will be helpful tricks for other portals too
17:17:52 <antonela> and then we use the topics as an anchor, will work
17:17:54 <pari> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ji7t68goow5s2ii/wireframe.jpg?dl=0
17:18:08 <pari> antonela: sorry for the time I took.
17:18:11 <pari> but this was what I was talking about
17:18:21 <isabela> antonela: agreed
17:18:39 <isabela> ok
17:18:41 <isabela> here is my proposal
17:18:45 <antonela> pari: thanks!
17:18:52 <isabela> antonela and hiro try out a couple of things
17:18:58 <isabela> cuz i think yall understand the problem
17:19:16 <antonela> yes
17:19:21 <isabela> when you think you have a good solution you share
17:19:59 <isabela> i would like to chat a bit about the styleguide official launch
17:20:00 <hiro> ok
17:20:08 <isabela> stephw: ping
17:20:11 <stephw> hii
17:20:14 <isabela> not sure if t0mmy is around
17:20:21 <stephw> no i dont think so
17:20:28 <isabela> is cool
17:20:31 <antonela> isabela: cool, we will deal with it and share on the list
17:20:34 <isabela> we can get him updated later
17:20:35 <stephw> he is mostly off this week
17:20:36 <stephw> yes
17:20:42 <isabela> so!
17:20:53 <isabela> styleguide.torproject.org exist
17:20:54 <isabela> :)
17:21:01 <isabela> you might have heard of it :P
17:21:04 <isabela> but the world havent
17:21:13 <isabela> we would like to write a blog post and tell the world :)
17:21:19 <isabela> and are looking for your help
17:21:29 <stephw> great
17:21:39 <stephw> let me check the blog calendar just a sec
17:21:47 <isabela> cool
17:22:05 <antonela> one main thing there: could someone who knows about it, give us recommendations about the licence?
17:22:14 <isabela> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
17:22:14 <isabela> yes
17:22:18 <isabela> good reminding
17:22:32 <isabela> shari was suppose to get me in touch with the eff lawyer or person that knows this stuff
17:22:36 <antonela> cool
17:22:45 <antonela> because Copyright seems not the best approach for it
17:22:49 <stephw> how would the week of feb 25 be?
17:22:49 <isabela> yes
17:22:57 <isabela> sounds good
17:23:02 <stephw> cool
17:23:08 <isabela> hopefully we get the right license by then
17:23:12 <stephw> want us to take the lead on the draft?
17:23:19 <antonela> steph, the folks from simply secure wanted to be involved on the writing, so once we have something we will have them on the pad too :)
17:23:19 <hiro> I am out that week w limited internet
17:23:31 <hiro> but I am sure you don't need me for the post
17:23:41 <isabela> hiro: you can collaborate before you are out
17:23:41 <stephw> who are the folks at simply secure?
17:23:49 <antonela> scout and
17:23:52 <antonela> isa help me
17:23:58 <isabela> i think we can just ping scout
17:24:05 <antonela> oh cool
17:24:15 <isabela> stephw: they were part of starting this
17:24:17 <antonela> just a remainder about it since they were involved on it even before me :)
17:24:35 <stephw> ahh okay, didnt realize
17:24:37 <isabela> scout might ping elio too
17:24:37 <antonela> s/remainder/reminder
17:24:45 <antonela> yes, elio too
17:24:55 <isabela> antonela: you saw his email?
17:24:58 <isabela> with a couple of things
17:25:02 <antonela> yes, i saw the email
17:25:10 <isabela> cool
17:25:37 <isabela> stephw: do you want a bullet point list of things we want to pass in the blog post
17:25:43 <antonela> i disagree about reduce to Source sans font since we are using the serif, sans and mono families too
17:25:44 <isabela> like why we did what we did
17:25:47 <antonela> anw, will back to him this week
17:25:50 <isabela> how useful we hope it to be
17:25:56 <stephw> isabela: yes, thatd work
17:26:05 <isabela> i think antonela could draft that
17:26:07 <stephw> we can use those to make a draft, that can be easier than having many original authors
17:26:10 <antonela> yes :)
17:26:11 <antonela> i have notes
17:26:12 <stephw> to have a consistent voice
17:26:15 <isabela> :)
17:26:17 <antonela> already :nerd_face:
17:26:20 <isabela> hehe
17:26:31 <antonela> will clean and share with you soon steph
17:26:36 <isabela> cool
17:26:37 <stephw> great thanks
17:26:51 <isabela> another thing
17:27:09 <isabela> styleguide.torproject was part of the bigger project of redesigning the site etc
17:27:17 <isabela> and our support site is using it
17:27:33 <antonela> yes, all next portals too
17:27:34 <isabela> so keep that in mind too :) cuz hopefully right after that we will have a blog post about our support site
17:27:41 <isabela> and then
17:27:49 <isabela> we could link back to the styleguide post
17:27:50 <stephw> yes, could do a lil tease about it
17:27:52 <stephw> yes
17:27:54 <isabela> :)
17:28:29 <isabela> ok
17:28:36 <isabela> any other updates people?
17:28:39 <isabela> or points of discussion?
17:28:41 <isabela> or questions?
17:28:43 <isabela> worries?
17:28:44 <isabela> hehe
17:29:05 <isabela> Phoul: please see my note regarding languages - translation at the pad
17:29:09 <Phoul> Strings have started to get onto Transifex. About half the databags are up, the other half will be up today. Translations have started to come in, I believe the censorship databag has completed french translations.
17:29:18 * Phoul looks again
17:29:24 <hiro> nice :D
17:29:30 <antonela> cool Phoul!
17:29:33 <hiro> so those databags are working
17:29:34 <isabela> we should push for the tier 1 for launch
17:30:09 <isabela> stephw: btw Phoul will ping you to coordinate call for help with the translations :)
17:30:15 <isabela> on the interwebz
17:30:28 <stephw> sounds good :)
17:30:39 <isabela> Phoul: we have another mission for you :)
17:30:52 <Phoul> After seeing how fast people are jumping on the strings, for tier1, we may not actually need to put out that call.
17:31:05 <isabela> we are looking for someone who are fluent in left to right language
17:31:05 <Phoul> As I was uploading the second databag, the first one was being completed for multiple languages.
17:31:09 <isabela> like arabic or farsi
17:31:25 <Phoul> isabela: For testing the portal?
17:31:26 <isabela> because antonela will need to sit with this person (virtually sit) and review the ux
17:31:29 <antonela> yes
17:31:30 <isabela> yes
17:31:30 <antonela> yes
17:31:34 <isabela> because we will flip everything
17:31:47 <isabela> and things needs to feel the way it should for left to right
17:31:52 <isabela> for instance
17:31:58 <antonela> we have considered support for right to left languages, but we should review them with a native speaker
17:31:59 <isabela> the topics column should flip
17:32:02 <Phoul> I will find someone and get in contact. I'm still in contact with Sherief (the old paid arabic translator / support person), I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
17:32:03 <isabela> be on the right not left
17:32:05 <hiro> isabela there is support for that in the styleguide and bootstrap
17:32:13 <isabela> hiro: nice
17:32:19 <antonela> yes
17:32:24 <isabela> Phoul: great
17:32:35 <antonela> hiro: but could be nice to have a human reading everything so we can check if it makes sense
17:32:48 <antonela> even if we are changing the layout
17:32:53 <hiro> https://styleguide.torproject.org/visuals/#typography
17:32:57 <antonela> yes :)
17:33:03 <hiro> check out the arabic test
17:33:11 <hiro> sure :)
17:33:26 <antonela> also the arabic source font is beautiful <3
17:33:32 <Phoul> I'll reach out to Sherief and a couple others, and see who has time. Which TZ are you in antonela?
17:33:41 <antonela> i'm GMT-3
17:33:45 <antonela> but i can jump anytime
17:33:49 <antonela> to a call phoul
17:33:52 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
17:34:00 <antonela> antonela@tpo just in case
17:34:08 <Phoul> :) thanks
17:34:12 <antonela> thank you :)
17:34:21 <isabela> alright
17:34:25 <isabela> lets think whatelse :)
17:34:39 <isabela> we have the search novela
17:34:41 <isabela> i know
17:34:46 <isabela> i will give myself a deadline for hope from ddg
17:34:50 <isabela> and make a call :)
17:34:52 <isabela> i promise
17:34:55 <antonela> this week isa?
17:34:58 <isabela> yes
17:35:00 <antonela> cool
17:35:07 <isabela> my question was should i say today or friday
17:35:11 <antonela> cool
17:35:21 <isabela> i might go w friday tho
17:35:25 <antonela> honestly, i dont think we can do what you want ha
17:35:30 <antonela> but lets see
17:35:37 <antonela> how far we can go :)
17:35:42 <isabela> i just wanted the ddg guy to say that
17:35:43 <isabela> hehehe
17:35:46 <hiro> LOL
17:35:47 <antonela> hahah
17:35:48 <isabela> cuz is a last hope
17:36:11 <isabela> but i am working myself out of it
17:36:11 <antonela> goood
17:36:15 <isabela> just hang in there :)
17:36:21 <antonela> haha
17:36:32 <isabela> i am trying to lose hope
17:36:34 <isabela> see :)
17:36:37 <antonela> hahah
17:37:10 <isabela> ok ok!
17:37:15 <isabela> after loosing hope  :P
17:37:18 <isabela> whatelse?
17:37:36 <isabela> i think we are good this week
17:38:07 <isabela> just keep testing - whenever antonela and hiro ping us with a solution for the problem with the js stuff
17:38:10 <isabela> we should mega test it
17:39:23 <antonela> yep
17:39:45 <isabela> ok
17:39:49 <isabela> i think we good
17:39:55 <isabela> should i kill the bot?
17:40:03 <hiro> yep kill it
17:40:18 * Phoul watches isabela sneak up on MeetBot
17:40:22 <flexlibris> lol
17:40:26 <isabela> #endmeeting