15:59:59 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in meeeeeeting o/
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16:00:10 <isabela> buenas!
16:00:15 <antonela> alo!
16:00:23 <isabela> lets check that roadmap thing :)
16:00:59 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ELMvnIksL-m_r0vJt_rwpIkcjyzZpCyYiQJO1PveRZM/edit#gid=0
16:01:03 <isabela> ^^ if anyone needs it
16:01:07 <isabela> #24918
16:01:10 <antonela> #24918 -> do we have meeting this week? i have it on my plate
16:01:16 <isabela> antonela: should we book a sync this week with folks?
16:01:34 <antonela> we should, not sure if it will happens, anw im working in an update
16:01:46 <antonela> s/in/on
16:01:57 <isabela> we can always book for friday
16:02:01 <isabela> if ppl cant do it tomorrow
16:02:11 <antonela> friday could be good
16:02:24 <isabela> or we can do next week i think it would be fine too
16:02:31 <antonela> cool, thanks
16:02:32 <isabela> whatever you prefer, dont feel we must sync this wed
16:02:36 <isabela> i know you busy with stuff
16:02:39 <antonela> im trying to finish website first
16:02:40 <antonela> yes
16:02:45 <isabela> is cool
16:02:48 <isabela> lets push this to later :)
16:02:54 <antonela> cool, thanks <3
16:03:12 <isabela> feb is a short month and we have to prep for rome so is a lot
16:03:22 <antonela> yep, but we are making ittt
16:03:29 <isabela> btw
16:03:34 <isabela> sorry for not declaring this before
16:03:42 <isabela> i declare lost on DDG case :D
16:03:47 <antonela> LOL
16:03:50 <hiro> :D
16:03:55 <isabela> no answer no nothing
16:03:56 <isabela> :(
16:03:57 <hiro> what do we do?
16:04:01 <isabela> brazuka hopes destroyed
16:04:06 <antonela> goes to the backup plan
16:04:08 <isabela> i think we will have to go with solr
16:04:15 <hiro> argentitalian pesimist wins
16:04:22 <antonela> hahahah
16:04:24 <isabela> lol
16:04:27 <isabela> totaly
16:04:30 <isabela> tango wins over samba
16:04:33 <antonela> hahaha
16:04:52 * antonela prefers samba
16:04:56 <isabela> haha
16:04:58 <isabela> alright!
16:04:59 <hiro> we can also do ddg minimal templating
16:05:07 <hiro> what do you prefer?
16:05:14 <isabela> nah
16:05:18 <isabela> different url etc
16:05:28 <isabela> antonela: ^
16:05:32 <isabela> what u think?
16:05:33 <antonela> yes, any ddg option will open a new tab
16:05:50 <hiro> just think that the html pages live on support.tpo
16:05:57 <hiro> but search will live on search.tpo
16:06:03 <hiro> so the url will slightly be different
16:06:19 <antonela> hiro do you mean the serp page?
16:06:23 <antonela> the search result page
16:06:29 <isabela> we wont do a global search thing
16:06:31 <hiro> yes the search results page
16:06:38 <hiro> if no js is used
16:06:55 <isabela> cant it be support.tpo/search=lbalal
16:06:56 <isabela> ?
16:07:11 <hiro> uhm that could potentially be done too
16:07:21 * antonela hiro the hero
16:07:24 <isabela> hehe
16:07:56 <hiro> isabela I think we could do something a little similar to the donation page that is partially hosted somewhere else
16:08:05 <hiro> but it could be political
16:08:11 <antonela> lol
16:08:11 <hiro> we'll see
16:08:11 <isabela> ok
16:08:17 <isabela> lets organize this approach experience (using solr)
16:08:27 <hiro> okis
16:08:36 <isabela> maybe we could use the support pad to list what we need to think of for the experience
16:08:45 <isabela> like urls, new tabs, no js.. etc
16:08:54 <isabela> and work on addressing them
16:09:00 <isabela> UI too
16:09:16 <antonela> we have mocks for the result page
16:09:20 <isabela> sounds good? we can talk more tomorrow
16:09:25 <isabela> antonela: yep, i mean css review etc
16:09:29 <antonela> oh yes
16:09:37 <hiro> yeah we also have a result page with mock stuff online
16:09:47 <hiro> ;)
16:09:50 <isabela> nice
16:10:03 <hiro> yeah I didn't stop working on it just in case haha
16:10:20 <isabela> ok, i would say to work on the todo list for this search implementation on the pad and put that on our plate for this week (to do the todo list)
16:10:53 <isabela> hiro: aha! :D the realist italian, permissimist argentian and optimist brazuka
16:11:12 <antonela> we are a good team
16:11:14 <antonela> hahaha
16:11:15 <isabela> hehe
16:11:23 <antonela> balanced
16:11:59 <isabela> alright people! giving this quick look at roadmap and where we are with things and how much longer we have left
16:12:06 <hiro> okis
16:12:07 <isabela> my suggestion is website website website :)
16:12:24 <isabela> for february, whatever is left is left and we pick up in march
16:12:44 <isabela> lets move on to weekly status
16:12:52 <isabela> is that cool?
16:12:56 <antonela> yep
16:13:16 <isabela> who is first?
16:13:32 <hiro> i can go
16:13:36 <isabela> go!
16:13:46 <hiro> so last week we managed to fix a few bugs on the css and the experience
16:14:02 <hiro> I think we are in good shape now also the scroll effect works nicely
16:14:14 <hiro> there are a few minor things to revise but over all is nice
16:14:22 <hiro> so that's left to do for this week
16:14:29 <hiro> and also reviewing the search setup
16:14:39 <hiro> I will share what I have at this point
16:14:39 <antonela> http://support-staging.torproject.org/
16:14:45 <hiro> and we can take it from there
16:14:52 <hiro> (search wise i mean)
16:15:10 <isabela> oh yeah
16:15:18 <isabela> navigation is much nicer indeed
16:15:24 <antonela> (:
16:15:39 <hiro> there is something that I was reading today... and I didn't try before, but not sure it would work with our current css structure
16:15:50 <antonela> about?
16:15:53 <hiro> that is trying to remove the double scrolling and have a body scrolling css thingy
16:15:59 <antonela> ohh
16:16:07 <antonela> that could be good
16:16:17 <antonela> not sure how you can do that without js
16:16:17 <hiro> yeah at this point i am reading crazy dom css things
16:16:22 <antonela> haha
16:16:24 <antonela> i could imagine
16:16:25 <isabela> hahahahah
16:16:27 <hiro> nope wout js it doesn't work
16:16:43 <antonela> isabela, we talked about this -> no js experiece should work and looks good
16:16:47 <hiro> but you won't have the double scrolling in all cases which helps on small screens
16:17:03 <hiro> the no js experience would be unchanged
16:17:22 <antonela> but js experience will fix some major things and works better
16:17:23 <antonela> yes
16:17:29 <isabela> antonela: yes i am playing with it on tor browser
16:17:38 <isabela> yes
16:18:45 <antonela> you groot hiro?
16:19:20 <hiro> yep
16:19:24 <hiro> i am groot
16:19:30 <antonela> cool
16:19:31 <antonela> on my side
16:19:32 <antonela> last week i finished dev.tpo and comms.tpo, I'm working this week with the about section and landings like /download /home  etc
16:20:24 <antonela> i shortlisted 5 illustrators who are aligned with our idea of illos and budget and I'm going to send the task this week
16:20:37 <hiro> can we see them? :D
16:20:43 <antonela> yes :)
16:20:59 <antonela> isabela, could i share here?
16:21:06 <isabela> yep of course
16:21:15 <isabela> things will start to look legit pretty soon :)
16:21:24 <antonela> Turgay Mutlay
16:21:24 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/TurgayMutlay
16:21:24 <antonela> Artur Stotch
16:21:26 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/ArturStotch
16:21:28 <antonela> Zhenya Artemjev
16:21:30 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/brskstrb
16:21:32 <antonela> Vera Voishvilo
16:21:34 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/vv_voishvilo
16:21:36 <antonela> Alon Braier
16:21:38 <antonela> https://www.behance.net/alonbraier
16:21:40 <antonela> https://www.behance.net/gallery/57308337/Bad-Habits
16:22:00 <antonela> and our task is detailed here ->
16:22:06 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/illustrator-request
16:22:33 <hiro> turgay is my fav :D
16:22:38 <antonela> haha
16:22:41 <isabela> hehehe
16:22:42 <isabela> :D
16:22:51 <antonela> no spoilers!
16:23:29 <isabela> antonela: anything else to share?
16:23:30 <antonela> so, basically we are going to share the paid task to them and then we will make the decision. This person will also help us with all the product illos we are going to need in the next few months
16:23:35 <isabela> ops!
16:23:36 <isabela> :)
16:24:07 <antonela> i have also outline the blog post about the styleguide and if we are moving ttb for next week, i think that is all
16:24:37 <isabela> cool! thanks for working on the post
16:24:50 <antonela> no worries, they are notes i already have somewhere lol
16:25:16 <isabela> i will spend this week giving feedback to antonela designs :) and helping yall w/ support/search and QA
16:25:48 <isabela> i am moving the sitemaps to be done latter because i also need to help other teams with their preparation to rome
16:25:54 <isabela> so is bit intense hehe :)
16:26:44 <isabela> i will be on a call with some folks in south asia who wants me to talk with users/trainers about our ux work
16:26:47 <isabela> problems we are trying to fix etc
16:26:58 <antonela> cool!
16:27:26 <isabela> they will also give feedback to us on waht problems they have etc
16:27:30 <isabela> i will report back!
16:27:38 <isabela> ahh
16:27:47 <isabela> invade rome (and valencia) pad has been udpated
16:27:51 <isabela> (again!)
16:28:12 <isabela> i am adding things we are saying 'yes' to ppl who are asking to meet us or inviting us to things
16:28:20 <antonela> thanks for it!
16:29:03 <isabela> ok
16:29:11 <hiro> hey can you sahre the pad again?
16:29:18 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/grain/anHChe3eDwWbKPBgavZJep/
16:29:21 <isabela> yep
16:29:26 <isabela> oh needs to be a shared link no?
16:29:31 <hiro> I forgot to mention that the localization meeting was very good last year
16:29:43 <isabela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/aZQ8k4j-OgTN-N4RSnBVpYMJJ5qiEmtaZYQAlE_QYsY
16:29:52 <hiro> I was there with sysqrb and we got to talk to people that use tor in like difficult places
16:29:58 <hiro> and learn their needs
16:30:02 <isabela> i think there is a mdf thing too
16:30:06 <isabela> i need to add to the pad
16:30:11 <hiro> also we learned where our translations are bad
16:30:24 <isabela> hiro: nice
16:30:40 * isabela knows that sysrqb will be there as well as ooni ppl
16:31:01 <hiro> simply secure peeps are fancy
16:31:11 <isabela> hahaha
16:31:37 <isabela> blarg oysters
16:31:38 <antonela> haha
16:31:55 <isabela> should we start drafting this 'todo list for search'
16:31:56 <isabela> ?
16:32:00 <isabela> since we have some time left?
16:32:21 <antonela> yes sure
16:32:45 <isabela> let me open the support pad
16:33:26 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/support-tpo
16:35:00 <isabela> go to the end of todo lists
16:35:03 <isabela> i am writing at the end
16:40:26 <isabela> ok
16:40:40 <isabela> looks like we have infra stuff that is our main dependency here
16:41:45 <hiro> yes
16:42:02 <hiro> unless we are happy w my hetzner arrangement
16:42:21 <isabela> ok
16:42:22 <isabela> :)
16:42:27 <antonela> haha
16:42:42 <isabela> hiro: you can add what is the task we depend on tpa?
16:42:45 <isabela> for the domain thing
16:43:11 <hiro> yes
16:43:38 <isabela> ty
16:44:22 * antonela is strikingthrough
16:45:23 <isabela> antonela: ty
16:46:36 <isabela> hiro: but you mentioned the server where it is now is slow
16:47:04 <isabela> i mean even if you maintaining it we should get a faster one no? or ....
16:48:02 <hiro> no it's great
16:48:10 <hiro> it was slow if it was on greenhost
16:48:10 <isabela> ahhhh
16:48:15 <isabela> ahhhhh
16:48:16 <isabela> :)
16:48:21 <hiro> because greenhost has only hong kong instances
16:48:31 <hiro> antonela tested the search it's quite fast
16:48:41 <antonela> it is fast
16:48:42 <antonela> yes
16:48:47 <antonela> not sure exacly why
16:48:55 <antonela> exactly
16:50:25 <isabela> ok
16:50:30 <isabela> i organized things there
16:50:33 <hiro> ok
16:50:42 <isabela> let me know if something is wrong :_
16:50:44 <isabela> :)
16:51:12 <isabela> i guess my next question would be
16:51:23 <isabela> what information we need to provide to open a ticket for the domain request
16:51:42 <isabela> can we make a list under the 1.1. todo item?
16:52:11 <isabela> like will ppl ask where is pointing? does any https settings matter? does any other settings info they will ask about this?
16:52:32 <isabela> lets brainstorm it so we can prepare a ticket
16:52:44 <hiro> uhm there is no https atm because it's only the ip
16:53:23 <hiro> sure
16:54:04 <isabela> sure
16:54:11 <isabela> but lets think of the final result
16:54:17 <isabela> and list all we need to cover to make this request
16:55:10 <isabela> i need help identifying this so i can get this resolved for us
16:55:58 <isabela> we can work on this more lattter too
16:56:03 <isabela> we are almost at the hour :)
16:56:17 <antonela> hiro i just made a commit with the menu things
16:56:27 <antonela> to <master>
16:57:09 <isabela> can i kill the bot?
16:57:17 <antonela> bye bot !
16:57:52 <isabela> #stopmeeting
16:57:55 <isabela> ops
16:57:58 <isabela> #endmeetings
16:57:59 <isabela> #endmeeting