16:59:35 <isabela> #startmeeting support.tpo site meeting
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16:59:40 <isabela> ok!
17:00:04 <isabela> what i would suggest we do is I mention a topic and folks can give updates on it
17:00:13 <isabela> if i miss something you can help remember it ;)
17:00:46 <isabela> lets start with search! -> update is that I officially gave up on DDG
17:00:48 <isabela> hehe
17:01:03 <antonela> haha
17:01:10 <isabela> so we are now on the move of going back to solr and getting it all set
17:01:12 <hiro> good news is that I kept developing search.tpo in the dark
17:01:21 <isabela> hiro: !! smart hiro
17:01:21 <t0mmy> o/
17:01:30 <flexlibris> nice
17:01:35 <antonela> hiro : ⌐■-■
17:01:42 <t0mmy> [thx! fun to work on these with steph]
17:01:45 <isabela> we created a todo list for this in the pad (that might grow as we work more on it)
17:01:57 <isabela> does anyone has udpates on that?
17:02:03 <hiro> I created the ticket
17:02:09 <isabela> cool! can you add to the pad?
17:02:16 <hiro> to see how we can serve the results
17:02:20 <hiro> sure
17:02:39 <antonela> yesterday i strikethrough what is done [almost everything but windows]
17:02:49 <isabela> antonela: yes :) thanks a lot!
17:02:55 <antonela> btw, you can check all the lastest updates here -> https://support-staging.torproject.org/
17:02:59 <isabela> anything else with search?
17:03:07 <antonela> oh sorry
17:03:17 <isabela> is cool
17:03:31 <hiro> before you go there
17:03:38 <hiro> there is a css error that I am trying to fix
17:03:42 <isabela> hiro could you prioritize search to get as much you can figure out before brazuka land?
17:03:56 <hiro> yep
17:03:58 <isabela> tx
17:04:01 <isabela> ok!
17:04:09 <isabela> next :) all the stuff antonela said above!
17:04:20 <isabela> we should do another test (everyone)
17:04:25 <isabela> cuz a lot have improved
17:04:27 <antonela> major improvments on menues and navigation, we know we have a minor bug on desktop about the size of the sidebar nav
17:04:30 <antonela> yes
17:04:34 <antonela> like hiro said
17:05:20 <antonela> but everything slides smoothly know *___*
17:05:24 <isabela> antonela: so i will move all the crossed stuff in the pad to bellow the search stuff
17:05:29 <isabela> so is clean at the top to start a new list!
17:05:32 <antonela> yes cool
17:05:33 <antonela> thanks!
17:06:27 <isabela> done
17:06:28 <isabela> ok
17:06:33 <isabela> translations!
17:06:38 <isabela> Phoul: ? updates
17:07:08 <isabela> antonela: unless there is more stuff on the site testing?
17:07:50 <Phoul> Last week I got all of the databags on Transifex, and the translators have begun going through them. Currently we have 1 fully completed language (Spanish) and a few coming close (French, Chinese). I will be setting up the git side of this today, now that some translations have come in. Also, I spoke with Sherief and he has confirmed that he is willing to sit down with antonela and go through the RTL
17:07:56 <Phoul> version of the website. I'm just waiting to get a current email address from him.
17:08:33 <hiro> nice
17:08:47 <hiro> do you think you could pass me the spanish databags?
17:09:16 <Phoul> hiro: I can send those in an email, or they will be fetchable by end of day from Git. Whatever is best for you.
17:09:19 <antonela> Phoul: awesome!
17:09:32 <hiro> nice yeah whatever works
17:09:46 <hiro> You should have writing access to the repo for the portal
17:09:52 <hiro> because it has the same rights as the website
17:09:58 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
17:10:04 <hiro> but if you have any issue send me everything via email and then I will fix the repo
17:10:12 <Phoul> hiro: Will do.
17:10:38 <isabela> Phoul: that is great stuff!
17:11:44 <Phoul> (thats all for translations, I think)
17:12:34 <isabela> cool
17:12:39 <isabela> styleguide blog post!
17:12:56 <isabela> i believe antonela has updates on that
17:13:23 <antonela> i have it in my to-do list for this week
17:13:31 <isabela> true!
17:13:33 <stephw> :)
17:13:34 <antonela> but i didnt worked on it yet
17:13:38 <isabela> stephw also said feb 25 right
17:13:47 <antonela> steph, can i have today to put it together?
17:13:53 <isabela> like this would be worked on + post on that week
17:14:10 <isabela> antonela: i think you have more than today :) at least till end of week
17:14:10 <antonela> oh okey, yes, i'll put it together today/tomorrow at some point
17:14:16 <isabela> stephw: confirm?
17:14:16 <antonela> cool, thanks
17:14:38 <stephw> yes, totally fine
17:14:45 <stephw> then we can publish early next week.
17:15:01 <antonela> super
17:15:03 <antonela> thanks!
17:15:07 <stephw> thank you :)
17:15:23 <isabela> we are getting pretty close :)
17:15:30 <isabela> any other thing to update on ? that i might be missing
17:17:59 <isabela> guess not :)
17:18:05 <isabela> then i will end the bot
17:18:23 <hiro> I am groot
17:18:27 <antonela> im good too
17:19:50 <isabela> alright
17:19:55 <isabela> #endmeeting