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18:00:15 <sukhe> hi all
18:00:26 <Phoul> hi sukhe
18:00:27 <kushal> sukhe, hello there :)
18:00:42 <flexlibris> anyone want to start with an update of their last two weeks?
18:01:04 <sukhe> kushal: hi!
18:01:13 <Phoul> I can
18:01:43 <flexlibris> Phoul go ahead
18:03:21 <Phoul> I've been working on organizing the Tor Summer of Privacy (more information to come soon), as we were rejected from GSoC this year. I've also been uploading the content for the support portal to Transifex, and working with translators to get this content done. I also made a plan with Arthur for next steps in adding languages to the Tor Browser. Our French translation coordinaotr sent a bunch of notes
18:03:27 <Phoul> on the user manual, which I have been working on adding to the manual. Also spent some time on RT, and answering general translator requests on Transifex.
18:04:16 <flexlibris> Phoul I think you have also taken on being an Outreachy mentor yes? :)
18:04:42 <flexlibris> not that there has been much work to do for that yet
18:05:11 <Phoul> Yup! That too, I worked with Tommy getting the proposal up, and have been answering questions from interns as they come to me. Tommy has been fielding most of the initial-contact emails.
18:05:49 <flexlibris> last time we got tons of applicants, not so many this time. but maybe it's still early.
18:06:06 <flexlibris> any questions or comments for Phoul?
18:06:15 <Phoul> It sounds like a number of projects with a lesser-number of intern positions are seeing fewer applications. There is a thread on the mentor mailing list about it currently.
18:07:14 <flexlibris> thanks for taking that on Phoul
18:07:22 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go ahead with an update?
18:07:45 <sukhe> I can go next but not an update :)
18:07:52 <flexlibris> sukhe go ahead
18:08:21 <sukhe> the HasGeek folks emailed me to see if someone from Tor can be at https://rootconf.in/ in May this year
18:08:40 <sukhe> perhaps someone who is already in India can attend if they want to, or if they are funds
18:08:49 <kushal> That is at the same time of PyCon US :(
18:09:23 <sukhe> :) maybe we can Amogh
18:09:26 <flexlibris> sukhe: what are they looking for? a talk?
18:09:32 <sukhe> I think it will be a good venue to attend
18:09:39 <flexlibris> is kushal Amogh?
18:09:49 <sukhe> Kushal is Kushal Das from FoP
18:09:53 <flexlibris> ohhh okay
18:10:03 <flexlibris> when you said Amogh's name I was like, wait, is that him
18:10:03 <flexlibris> lol
18:10:28 <flexlibris> Amogh would be a good person to ask. he is doing a Tor talk at nullcon very soon and so maybe he can just give the same talk.
18:10:29 <kushal> flexlibris, https://kushaldas.in is me :)
18:10:44 <sukhe> I will forward you the exact details but it's a talk + a table where people will come to ask questions
18:10:51 <flexlibris> kushal nice to meet you :)
18:10:52 <sukhe> flexlibris: yeah I think so
18:11:08 <Phoul> +1, nice to meet you kushal
18:11:10 <flexlibris> sukhe, great, yes send me the details and then we can ask amogh if he is interested and what support he'd need
18:11:47 <sukhe> ok thanks! that's all from me. no updates on the Toronto Public Library front yet; let's hope it works out!
18:12:01 <flexlibris> i hope so too
18:12:10 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
18:12:13 <flexlibris> if not i can give one
18:12:28 <flexlibris> okay i'll do it then!
18:12:49 <flexlibris> this week and last I've been working a lot on Library Freedom Institute (libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi)
18:13:15 <flexlibris> I think I have narrowed down a set of diverse US participants so I hope to be announcing that soon
18:13:24 <flexlibris> and also doing a lot on the curriculum
18:13:41 <flexlibris> the code of conduct/statement of values conversation continues on core contributors list
18:13:43 * kushal has an open floor question/request.
18:13:54 <flexlibris> it's a bit stalled right now, which is unfortunate, but I am prioritizing finishing it in Rome
18:13:59 <flexlibris> kushal yes go ahead
18:14:03 <kushal> Hi,
18:14:03 <kushal> I organize an online summer training over IRC for 10 years. https://dgplug.org/summertraining17 is URL for last year's sessions.
18:14:03 <kushal> We are still having guest sesisons on the channel. I am wondering if someone from here can take a session in that?
18:14:03 <kushal> Everything will be text based on IRC only.
18:14:46 <flexlibris> sure, I think lots of people could potentially be interested, it just depends on what topics you want to see
18:14:57 <Phoul> kushal: I'd have to look at the website, but I might be interested in that.
18:15:04 <Samdney> oh cool stuff. online training.
18:15:07 <kushal> First session should be on a general intro of Tor, and why people should care.
18:15:14 <flexlibris> maybe you could send more info/ideas to the tor-community-team@lists.torproject.org
18:15:26 <kushal> flexlibris, Okay, I will drop a mail.
18:15:33 <flexlibris> great
18:15:42 <flexlibris> either that or tor-project@lists.torproject.org
18:15:57 <kushal> flexlibris, Also, personally I would love to get more involved, so any pointers where I can help will be useful.
18:16:16 <flexlibris> kushal definitely. the best thing I can suggest is to come to the different meetings and see what appeals to you
18:16:20 <flexlibris> and it looks like you're already doing that :)
18:16:28 <kushal> flexlibris, Okay, thanks.
18:16:37 <flexlibris> and follow the mailing lists for each team as well
18:16:52 <flexlibris> okay so some more updates from me
18:17:07 <Samdney> kushal: I would be also interested in this online training thing :)
18:17:12 <flexlibris> I sent out an email soliciting agenda ideas for Rome. please, tell your Tor friends who are coming to Rome. we need their agenda ideas.
18:17:18 <flexlibris> we can't have a meeting without an agenda :)
18:18:02 <flexlibris> also Rome related: I sent an email to the community team list with a link for ideas for our retrospective and roadmapping meetings
18:18:22 <flexlibris> so anything you want to discuss about our work over the last six months, and anything you want us to focus on in the next six months...add it to that pad please
18:18:59 <flexlibris> finally, I gave a Tor talk at Barnard College (in NYC) last week, and also participated in the NYC Tor Meetup (it was great!)
18:19:16 <flexlibris> and I am working on Tor talks for LibrePlanet (Cambridge) and HOPE (NYC) coming up
18:19:19 <flexlibris> that's it for my update
18:20:18 <flexlibris> if there are no questions or comments from me, does anyone else have an update?
18:21:08 <flexlibris> okay great, let's check in on our roadmap then
18:21:16 <kushal> Samdney, I will talk to you after the meeting.
18:21:25 <flexlibris> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biph8qhxvUc_VetcaJjkS9H3kKC95yPB9Z1VhZLypIQ
18:21:28 <Samdney> great, kushal :)
18:21:56 <flexlibris> the sponsor 9 roadmap stuff is all me and is basically stalled bc LFI and meeting planning takes all my time :P
18:22:12 <flexlibris> Phoul can we mark the support portal translation as done or ongoing?
18:22:46 <Phoul> Ongoing would make sense I think. The strings are all available for translation, however the primary languages are not complete yet.
18:22:52 <flexlibris> cool
18:23:32 <flexlibris> we are going to only do low-key outreach for this meeting, since we realized that we can't really support tons of community members showing up and wanting something to do
18:23:35 <flexlibris> (for Rome I mean)
18:23:58 <Phoul> Sounds good. Do you happen to know if anyone is planning a relay meetup yet?
18:24:03 <flexlibris> so I will rework this outreach item...people can invite locals to the open days but they should be responsible for that person finding something to do
18:24:07 <flexlibris> Phoul not as far as I'm aware
18:24:22 <Phoul> Cool, will look into that.
18:24:33 <flexlibris> great
18:24:40 <flexlibris> we won't make it conflict with the party this time :)
18:24:49 <Phoul> Hehe, yay!
18:24:54 <Samdney> lol
18:25:00 <flexlibris> the relay ops support needs thing...
18:25:07 <flexlibris> I think this is something for us to work on some in Rome
18:25:16 <flexlibris> because we already made the wiki which covers a lot of this
18:25:27 <flexlibris> in Rome, we can decide what other resources should go on community.torproject.org
18:25:33 * Phoul nods
18:25:49 <flexlibris> well that's basically it
18:26:02 <Phoul> If we positioned the meetup earlier in the week, could solicit feedback on materials and know what to work on later in the week.
18:26:13 <flexlibris> good idea
18:26:26 <flexlibris> the dinner is on the 11th right?
18:26:34 <flexlibris> so maybe the evening of the 12th
18:26:40 <flexlibris> let's double check that nothing else is happening then
18:27:17 <Phoul> 13th is also a self-structured day, so could hold it during the day.
18:27:21 <flexlibris> yes
18:27:43 <flexlibris> anyone else have anything to discuss for this meeting?
18:28:48 <flexlibris> looks like no
18:29:01 <flexlibris> okay, please make sure to get me your agenda items for Rome -- both for the community team meetings and for the rest of the week
18:29:05 <flexlibris> thanks all, ending the bot
18:29:07 <flexlibris> #endmeeting