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18:01:59 <flexlibris> pasting what I already said for the sake of the log
18:02:01 <flexlibris> <flexlibris> here are the notes from the meeting we had in Rome: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018Rome/Notes/CommunityMeeting
18:02:01 <flexlibris> <kushal> checking
18:02:01 <flexlibris> <Phoul> Hi all
18:02:02 <flexlibris> <flexlibris> I'm going to start working on our six month roadmap in the next week or so
18:02:03 <flexlibris> <flexlibris> there are a few main areas that have emerged as things we're focusing on --
18:02:05 <flexlibris> <flexlibris> 1. volunteer recognition (namely #24148)
18:02:07 <flexlibris> -zwiebelbot/#tor-meeting- tor#24148: Start a program where Tor people can call out volunteers for swag and glory - [closed] - https://bugs.torproject.org/24148
18:02:33 <flexlibris> 2. support (frontdesk@, user issues documentation, and support.torproject.org)
18:02:52 <flexlibris> 3. developing content for community.torproject.org
18:03:12 <flexlibris> 4. other sponsor 9 work, like connecting with users in target countries and working on user testing
18:03:49 <flexlibris> 5. planning the next meeting (Santiago!). in Rome we came up with the idea of a subteam to work on meeting prep.
18:04:35 <flexlibris> 6. support for relay operators (we will soon make an announcement about a relay advocate position)
18:04:59 <flexlibris> 7. Library Freedom Institute
18:05:27 <flexlibris> 8. and translation (there's a new project idea in the works collaborating with other teams and other FOSS projects)
18:05:40 <flexlibris> anyone have any ideas for themes that I missed? Phoul?
18:06:35 <Phoul> I think that covers it? We will also have another 1 or 2 outreachy interns joining us again when the next period starts.
18:06:48 <flexlibris> yes!
18:06:51 <Samdney> :)
18:06:58 <flexlibris> we'll have them working in one of the above areas
18:07:14 <flexlibris> the community portal will need a lot of work for example
18:07:14 <t0mmy> 6. announcement coming at either 3pm EST or PST, whichever the blog runs on.
18:07:19 <flexlibris> nice
18:07:29 <Samdney> I'm looking for a new task, so ... where can I help? ;)
18:07:37 <flexlibris> so basically the next steps for roadmapping are that I will start to cobble together ideas for each of these areas
18:07:38 <kat5> I expanded 1 on the fly last night.
18:07:47 <flexlibris> kat5: really excited about it
18:07:58 <kat5> Every intern, SoC, SoP, etc person should get a shirt as part of onboarding.
18:08:08 <flexlibris> then I'll share out a preliminary timeline for the next six months
18:08:16 <Samdney> and stickers! :)
18:08:30 <flexlibris> kat5: yeah and actually one of the things I wanted to discuss today was your request for the first set of volunteers
18:08:33 <Phoul> kat5: When we accept the next outreachy batch / SoP candidates, will get you their info.
18:08:58 <flexlibris> exciting
18:09:18 <flexlibris> so if you are working on one of those specific areas I will reach out to you to talk about the roadmap soon
18:09:35 <kat5> Cool.
18:09:47 <flexlibris> it might take me some time....I am...very swamped
18:10:00 <flexlibris> also! we have an open position on our team
18:10:02 * flexlibris finds link
18:10:34 <flexlibris> https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs-communityliaison.html.en
18:10:55 <flexlibris> if you have questions about the position you can message me
18:11:43 <kat5> Was there any interest in it from anyone at the meeting?
18:11:45 <kushal> What are the target regions for the community team in the nearby terms?
18:11:49 <flexlibris> kat5: yes
18:11:59 <flexlibris> kushal: can't talk about that on here. can talk about it semi-privately.
18:12:08 <kushal> flexlibris, Ah, thank you.
18:12:40 <flexlibris> kat5: at least two people who were at the meeting are interested
18:13:13 <kat5> Cool.
18:13:21 <Phoul> nice!
18:13:29 <flexlibris> going into this new roadmap, Id like to try again to find a better meeting time for us
18:14:20 <flexlibris> so I'm going to ping the active members of the team first to get their available times
18:14:24 <flexlibris> and then create a poll for the list from there
18:14:36 <Samdney> sounds good
18:14:46 <Phoul> +1, sounds good to me :)
18:15:10 <flexlibris> last thing that I have on my list, and then we can hear updates if people have them
18:15:20 <flexlibris> kat5 is working on a volunteer recognition initiative
18:15:24 <flexlibris> #24148
18:15:40 <pari> hi everyone. sorry I'm late
18:15:53 <flexlibris> are there any volunteers we'd like to recognize right now?
18:15:54 <flexlibris> hi pari
18:16:03 <flexlibris> I'd like to recognize nusenu for all their work on the relay operator wiki
18:16:07 <Phoul> +1
18:16:13 <flexlibris> I think they deserve "special" level recognition
18:16:13 <kat5> Great!
18:16:18 <ggus> hi everybody!
18:16:21 <Phoul> There are some translators who have also been going above and beyond.
18:16:22 <flexlibris> hi ggus
18:16:32 <Phoul> Emmapeele(sp) comes to mind
18:16:40 <kat5> Do we have a way to contact them (nusenu)?
18:16:49 <flexlibris> Phoul: that's emma from tails right?
18:16:52 <Phoul> Yeah
18:16:54 <flexlibris> kat5: I have their email
18:16:57 <flexlibris> Phoul: she's awesome
18:17:01 <Phoul> She is :)
18:17:20 <kat5> flexlibris: don't know if you know, but you should at least sign your email to them.
18:17:29 <flexlibris> kat5: yes I heard :)
18:17:34 <kat5> :-)
18:17:51 <flexlibris> do you need me to do anything to make the nomination happen? like do I need to contact them?
18:18:55 <kat5> The process is that the team tells me who they are nominating and the level.
18:19:38 <kat5> The team contacts the person, tells them they're swell,  and invites them to contact me at tshirt@.
18:19:49 <flexlibris> cool
18:19:51 <kat5> Then Jon and I use our normal process to get the stuff to them.
18:19:53 <Phoul> Great! :)
18:20:01 <flexlibris> i will compose that email now then
18:20:01 <ggus> maybe we can every month make a list of collaboratos that we want to reward?
18:20:06 <flexlibris> ggus: yes
18:20:15 <flexlibris> btw it can be people on the team
18:20:17 <kat5> We did it that way so that a random Tor person wouldn't be saying, "hey send me your address."
18:20:19 <flexlibris> most of you are volunteers
18:21:07 <Samdney> :D
18:21:18 <flexlibris> okay so I'll take care of emailing nusenu
18:21:38 <Phoul> I will talk with Emma :)
18:21:40 <kat5> ggus: that's the idea. But they should be people who've made a reasonably significant contribution.
18:21:54 <ggus> agree!
18:22:06 <kat5> flexlibris: can you wait a little bit?
18:22:20 <kat5> I need to get my key up on the website.
18:22:23 <flexlibris> kat5: yes
18:22:24 <flexlibris> just ping me
18:22:30 <kat5> kk
18:22:58 <flexlibris> okay, that is all I had to discuss. anyone have any updates to share?
18:23:11 <ggus> me me
18:23:23 <Phoul> ggus: Go ahead, I will go after :)
18:23:26 <flexlibris> ggus you you
18:23:47 <ggus> the deadline of cryptorave CFP is this weekend. we are going to submit some tor/tails activities
18:23:48 * kushal too
18:24:00 <flexlibris> woooo CR
18:24:22 <flexlibris> (I have Phoul, then kushal in the update queue)
18:24:35 <t0mmy> I'll nip behind kushal if there's no objections
18:24:44 <ggus> i'm also trying to find a place to have a tor/tails training after the event. like tor for heavy user
18:24:47 <ggus> users*
18:24:50 <flexlibris> oh cool
18:24:56 <ggus> i'll keep yoy updated
18:24:58 <flexlibris> ggus: you should talk to some of the people who've been running meetups
18:25:01 <ggus> you*
18:25:07 <flexlibris> eg gman999 and asn
18:25:22 <ggus> ok!
18:25:25 <flexlibris> I know you've run meetups before but it's nice to do some knowledge sharing
18:25:37 <flexlibris> gman at least is trying to document some meetup tips and things like that
18:25:47 <Phoul> ggus: Im also happy to help however I can, have done meetups locally.
18:25:55 <ggus> cool, i'll talk to him
18:26:03 <ggus> nice, Phoul :)
18:26:14 <kushal> gman999, Do you have any link handy for that document?
18:26:20 <kushal> flexlibris, ^^
18:26:32 <flexlibris> I don't have a link, I don't know if it's on the wiki yet or anything
18:26:45 <flexlibris> he's just been diligent about getting all that kinda info in one place
18:26:48 * armadev has read backlog and listens in, in case he's needed for anything
18:26:52 <flexlibris> and keeping track of meetups that have happened
18:27:38 <flexlibris> I wish I could go to Cryptorave but I think it will be challenging for me to make the travel happen. so I look forward to hearing about it.
18:27:54 <flexlibris> anything else from/for ggus?
18:28:13 <ggus> nope, that's it!
18:28:21 <flexlibris> thanks ggus!
18:28:33 <flexlibris> next up is Phoul
18:29:53 <Phoul> For the last week and a bit ive been mostly busy with SoP and Outreachy emails. Especially starting end of last week, the numer of outreachy emails we are getting (due to the deadline being tomorrow) as ramped way up. Have been working with a number of candidates, and I think we have some promising ones. Have also been working on getting interested SoP applicants connected with their potential mentors,
18:29:59 <Phoul> and it seems to be going well from the mentors I've spoken with (Arthur, Juha, etc..). Once the Outreachy application period is finished tomorrow, I will be less burried in email and back to other things.
18:30:22 <flexlibris> thanks for taking care of the mentorship this round
18:30:33 <Phoul> I've also been working on cleaning up the Transifex issue list, especially if we are thinking about moving, as those should all be resolved first (or risk losing that input).
18:30:42 <Phoul> Emma has been helping a lot with that
18:31:20 <Phoul> Oh, and I've been involved with the group talking with LocalizationLab about Transifex migration (to Weblate).
18:31:24 <pari> phoul: I will be putting up a wiki of my work and process, with links to the spreadsheet and the Rome session. Will share that with you. It may help out this round's interns
18:31:36 <Phoul> pari: Thank you!
18:31:44 <flexlibris> thanks for doing that pari
18:31:59 <flexlibris> and thanks for working on Outreachy and Linguine Phoul
18:32:26 <Phoul> (Linguine is the list talking about the migration, if anyone was confused)
18:32:50 <flexlibris> ha yeah sorry
18:32:54 <flexlibris> inside baseball
18:33:05 <flexlibris> which is also an inside term if you don't know it, what am i doing
18:33:12 <Phoul> lol
18:33:26 <flexlibris> kushal is next if nothing else for/from Phoul
18:33:29 <Samdney> argot ;)
18:33:35 <Phoul> I think that covers a lot for me. I spent much of the Rome week sick, so that early week was a write off for me.
18:33:39 <Phoul> Go ahead kushal :)
18:33:41 <flexlibris> oh sorry Phoul
18:33:44 <flexlibris> didn't mean to cut you off
18:33:50 <flexlibris> also sorry to hear that you were sick!
18:33:57 <kushal> I am planning to start regular monthly meetup/get-together in Pune, India. It will be about standard privacy tools/opsec, + how to do upstream contributions in the related projects + helping out new users. The idea is to talk about a few generic terms so that we can get more people joining us regularly. Tor will be a major part of the discussion + trainings.
18:34:19 <flexlibris> cool!
18:34:25 <kat5> That's great.
18:34:36 <flexlibris> so you should definitely be in touch with gman999
18:34:49 <flexlibris> and also, maybe you can write a short blog post for blog.torproject.org announcing the meetup?
18:34:50 <pari> kushal: sounds cool
18:34:51 <kushal> I was a normal user before, never spent more time reading and understanding. As I am doing that more and more, this will help get new folks interested.
18:35:11 <t0mmy> kushal happy to write or edit a post on this
18:35:25 <t0mmy> me and stephw can def. promote on social too
18:35:26 <kushal> We had a good discussion during GopherCon India among a group of participants.
18:35:31 <stephw> yes :D
18:35:34 <kushal> t0mmy, Thank you.
18:35:44 <jaruga> Hello everyone :]
18:35:46 <kushal> I will do a write up and share it across in the IRC channel.
18:35:51 <t0mmy> great stuff
18:35:53 <kushal> That is everything from me.
18:36:00 <Phoul> jaruga: Hello!
18:36:22 <flexlibris> thanks kushal
18:36:26 <Phoul> Everyone, jaruga is one of the outreachy applicants for this time around. She has been working on the project to review docuemntation for torrifying third-party apps.
18:36:28 <flexlibris> t0mmy you wanna go ahead?
18:36:39 <t0mmy> sure thing
18:36:43 * jaruga waves
18:36:59 <t0mmy> So the relay advocate position post is live now: https://blog.torproject.org/protect-open-web-ford-mozilla-fellow
18:36:59 <kat5> Hi jaruga!
18:37:06 <flexlibris> ooooh yay
18:37:10 <kat5> Woo hoo!
18:37:12 <flexlibris> now we have two open positions on this team :)
18:37:13 <jaruga> Hi! ^-^
18:37:15 <pari> Hello Jaruga :)
18:37:17 <t0mmy> This is a cool position we've wanted to fill for... at least as long as I've been here if not longer
18:37:24 <t0mmy> So share with all interested parties
18:37:33 <jaruga> Hi there :]
18:37:43 <armadev> we also managed to get our session notes up from the rome session on the relay advocate position:
18:37:44 <t0mmy> $60k salary plus health and childcare for 10 months, it's a sweet gig
18:37:44 <armadev> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018Rome/Notes/RelaysAdvocate
18:37:53 <armadev> so these should go well together
18:38:01 <Phoul> t0mmy: Just to clarify, what happens after those 10 months for whoever is the person? Do we have any plan for that?
18:38:32 * kushal will go to sleep, passed midnight here. Good bye everyone.
18:38:41 <t0mmy> kushal cya!
18:38:45 <Phoul> Night kushal!
18:38:46 <t0mmy> Phoul we want this to be a full time paid position, so I expect 5 months in, I'll start sniffing out alternate funding
18:38:49 <armadev> t0mmy, phoul: this is especially a good question if we're framing it as "this person becomes the middle of the relay community"
18:38:55 <flexlibris> night kushal
18:39:08 <flexlibris> and the lateness there is part of the reason we want to have these meetings at a different time lol
18:39:08 <t0mmy> which brings me to point #2
18:39:31 <t0mmy> ...if it loads
18:40:01 <t0mmy> Okay so -- https://pipeline.torproject.net is a thing hiro designed for me. We're trying to streamline the "what needs money" question at Tor
18:40:21 <Phoul> Cool!
18:40:29 <flexlibris> nice
18:40:45 <t0mmy> You describe what the money would be for, what problem it fixes, who it benefits, how much money it'd take, and who's funded it in the past
18:40:46 <kat5> Very cool.
18:41:05 <t0mmy> the aim is for me to embrace my inner yenta and match make between funders I know and thing you want funded
18:41:44 <t0mmy> What I work on (and what Tor diverts time and money into) isn't entirely my call, but this gets the conversation started, and it gives me a better sense of what needs money, what's ending soon, etc.
18:42:03 <flexlibris> it's an awesome idea
18:42:14 <t0mmy> I need to do a better job promoting its existence so I wanted to mention it briefly to y'all here.
18:42:16 <t0mmy> But those are my two things! am around if there are Qs
18:42:45 <flexlibris> thanks t0mmy
18:43:00 <armadev> pipeline is for the people who want to do the thing? or for people who wish we would find somebody to do the thing? or both
18:43:13 <t0mmy> both
18:43:16 <t0mmy> good point
18:43:28 <armadev> great
18:43:35 <t0mmy> it's for teams to be like "I'd love to do x" and "Tor should really do y at some stage."
18:44:44 <flexlibris> rad
18:44:47 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
18:45:24 <armadev> i realized that the firefox fusion effort is going to fail if we don't take on https://blog.torproject.org/call-arms-helping-internet-services-accept-anonymous-users
18:45:38 <armadev> then i realized i should say that to more people. so there, i just started saying it to more people. :)
18:45:59 <armadev> (the fusion people are going to be like "awesome, we have tor working in firefox. wait, why are our users angry because some sites don't load. what's going on.")
18:46:04 <flexlibris> armadev: on that note I am sitting on a bunch of emails from relay operators who are blocked from editing wikipedia
18:46:12 <flexlibris> I will get to it someday I promise
18:46:21 <armadev> if only we had a relay advocate!
18:46:25 <flexlibris> if only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:46:51 <Samdney> Does somebody needs help for anything? I feel me a bit useless, at the moment. ;)
18:47:10 <armadev> in the rome relay operator meetup we realized that while most consumer-level ISPs won't give you two addresses, in italy at least, many will give you one ipv4 and one ipv6. so you could do your browsing from the ipv6 address, and poof you win.
18:47:20 <flexlibris> wooooo
18:47:45 <Phoul> armadev: Depends on the country, I think. In Canada its not too bad to get a second address from most ISPs, at least the ones ive ever dealt with.
18:48:24 <Phoul> I think my ISP gives me 4 :P
18:48:47 <gamambel> in germany lots of ISPs don't even give you a single v4 any more :)
18:48:52 <gamambel> carrier-grade NAT
18:49:01 <Phoul> Ouch! Canada is taking all yer addressing! ;)
18:49:36 <sysrqb> ipv6 is great, until it's not and you can't reach some website because the peering agreements are non-existent :/
18:50:42 <flexlibris> anything else folks?
18:51:11 <Samdney> not from me. If I can help with anything, please ping me ;)
18:51:23 <flexlibris> okay then. gonna call it. I will follow up about roadmapping and meeting time stuff.
18:51:26 <flexlibris> #endmeeting