15:00:07 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team check in / weekly status update
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15:00:10 <isabela> hello!
15:00:23 <antonela> holaa
15:00:26 <hiro> holaa
15:00:35 <isabela> alright lets talk a bit about building roadmap with kanban (I spent a bunch today on that)
15:00:40 <isabela> then we can move to weekly updates
15:00:44 <isabela> whatabout that?
15:00:45 <antonela> yess please
15:00:55 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/questions-about-kanban-gitlab
15:01:05 <isabela> this is a big log of what i've been doing
15:01:30 <isabela> so! let me explain how i am organizing things on kanban
15:01:33 <antonela> yes
15:01:46 <isabela> for now i am messing only with the ux group there
15:02:05 <isabela> https://oniongit.eu/groups/ux/-/boards#
15:02:09 * flexlibris is lurking
15:02:15 <isabela> i created more columns for our flow
15:02:27 <antonela> yes
15:02:33 <hiro> ah nice
15:02:33 <isabela> one that is 'current month tasks' which right now i am populating with march and april stuff
15:02:54 <isabela> sorry
15:02:59 <isabela> in progress was missing from there
15:02:59 <isabela> hehe
15:03:02 <isabela> now is there
15:03:05 <antonela> is okey
15:03:07 <isabela> so the follow would be:
15:03:11 <antonela> how do you feel about using kanban?
15:03:18 <isabela> 1. move thigns from backlog to the current month
15:03:50 <isabela> 2. move to in progress what you are doing at the moment
15:04:01 <isabela> 3. move to review when you done and want stakeholders to review
15:04:06 <hiro> I started this https://oniongit.eu/groups/infra/-/boards
15:04:08 <isabela> maybe from there will go back to inprogress
15:04:15 <antonela> looks like a plan! I like it
15:04:17 <hiro> but I didn't think about your nice organisation
15:04:18 <isabela> hiro: i saw, i will get there too
15:04:45 <isabela> once we close ticket on trac we should move it to 'closed' column
15:05:01 <hiro> yes!
15:05:06 <isabela> for our roadmap, i am creating milestones for each month
15:05:20 <isabela> so we can also view it as a per month timeline
15:05:22 <isabela> kindof
15:05:33 <isabela> not only as a big list on backlog column
15:05:35 <antonela> oooo fancy
15:05:36 * hiro likes it
15:05:42 <antonela> *_______*
15:05:45 <isabela> hahahaha
15:05:47 <isabela> so!
15:05:51 <isabela> i have a few questions for hiro
15:05:56 <hiro> yes I saw the pad
15:05:59 <hiro> hehe
15:06:00 <isabela> oh
15:06:02 <isabela> not on the pad
15:06:03 <isabela> :)
15:06:04 <hiro> ah ok
15:06:05 <isabela> other questions
15:06:06 <hiro> more questions
15:06:09 <isabela> yes
15:06:09 <isabela> haha
15:06:26 <isabela> i want to automate a bit trac tickets + gitlab issues sync
15:06:41 <antonela> :fire_emoji:
15:06:47 <isabela> i am not sure yet how i want to do that, like what would trigger syncronization
15:06:53 <isabela> but one thing i think would save us time
15:06:53 <hiro> network peeps told be a few ideas and I looked a few things up :P
15:07:02 * hiro works in the dark
15:07:10 <isabela> is for every ticket with ux-team keyword on trac an issue is created on gitlab
15:07:13 * antonela dark purple
15:07:22 <isabela> the problem there is 'under what project on gitlab' question
15:07:34 <isabela> hiro: ah great
15:07:57 <hiro> isabela
15:08:02 <hiro> we can use keywords from trac tickets
15:08:19 <hiro> if no keywords are used it goes to the board in a specifc column
15:08:29 <hiro> ux board that is
15:08:55 <isabela> so, for every ticket with ux-team keyword on trac i can automatically create a ticket for ux 'backlog' column
15:08:58 <isabela> ?
15:09:10 <isabela> then we will organize it to the right milestone etc
15:09:13 <hiro> yes or a specifc column we create on that board (like untracked)
15:09:13 <antonela> yes
15:09:23 <isabela> i would prefer backlog
15:09:25 <hiro> or from-trac
15:09:30 <hiro> sure sounds good to me
15:09:51 <isabela> ok, i will continue organizing this and do the same for the tickets from services too
15:09:57 <isabela> or infra
15:09:59 <hiro> is this something only for ux?
15:10:08 <hiro> or more people will use this?
15:10:12 <isabela> i think we will have different rules per team
15:10:22 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~ux-team&max=300&order=priority
15:10:27 <isabela> but for now i believe only ux and infra
15:10:28 <hiro> because we can either script this or use something like https://github.com/huginn/huginn
15:10:31 <antonela> it could be the query for our tickets
15:11:11 <hiro> that's an app that you host and works like if-this-then-that
15:11:21 <isabela> ha
15:11:25 <antonela> yes
15:11:33 <hiro> and like there are different people that could use it
15:11:45 <isabela> sounds good
15:12:04 <hiro> also if for example you want to monitor reddit or stackoverflow if they talk about tor related things
15:12:35 <antonela> at some point we can use the ux repo as a hub for all ux related issues that came to us
15:12:42 <isabela> i dont see trac listed on their list of things they connect to (but they are not listing everything and it goes seem we could get info from trac via email or rss)
15:12:58 <hiro> isabela we can use rss right
15:13:05 <isabela> k
15:13:08 <hiro> I had look into this already ;)
15:13:20 <isabela> maybe what i can do is write to you the rules i would use
15:13:33 <isabela> like if trac ticket has X Y and Z do A B and C
15:13:37 <hiro> also like irl was saying that he might be interested to use it too for metrics related things
15:13:41 <hiro> yes that would help
15:13:53 <isabela> i will write my rules at the pad i shared
15:13:56 <isabela> at the top
15:14:04 <hiro> ok
15:14:43 <isabela> antonela: i have a request :) to not prioritize the .onion ux work for april, just the browser stuff that is related to otf grant
15:14:54 <antonela> perfect
15:15:01 <isabela> but i think all that will make more sense once i finish organizing everything
15:15:16 <isabela> any questions, suggestions, concerns about this stuff
15:15:18 <isabela> ?
15:15:28 <isabela> hopefully we will have nice roadmaps by eow
15:15:47 <antonela> nope, i think is a good plan
15:15:49 <hiro> nope sounds good
15:16:06 <isabela> thank you both for suggesting us to use it
15:16:07 <isabela> :)
15:16:28 <isabela> i will continue to mass with it and ping you for questions etc
15:16:46 <isabela> ok! should we move to weekly status?
15:16:50 <antonela> to be honest, yesterday i was pretty afraid to left the spreadsheet ha, but i think it will improve not just our workflow but other teams too
15:16:58 <isabela> hahaha
15:17:20 <antonela> if the sync with the trac works as expected, kanban is tooooo much better
15:17:21 <isabela> i am more happy with this possibility of automate the sync between trac and gitlab
15:17:24 <antonela> yes yes
15:17:55 <isabela> one day we kill trac
15:18:13 <antonela>15:18:17 <isabela> i am happy we are doing this cuz is a step towards that
15:18:29 <isabela> lol
15:18:32 <antonela> yes
15:18:41 <hiro> I am happy we are doing this so I know what I am doing :D!!!
15:18:47 <antonela> lol
15:18:50 <isabela> rip trac - managed so many issues till it became an issue itself
15:18:52 <isabela> :)
15:19:09 <isabela> k
15:19:14 <isabela> weekly status! who starts?
15:19:19 <hiro> I can start
15:19:35 <hiro> so I can also answer the pad questions
15:19:42 <isabela> :)
15:20:12 <hiro> ok the portal repository on gitlab was supposed to be used only to test a mock of a portal
15:20:21 <hiro> I should change the name
15:20:48 <isabela> tx, i was hoping to have one for each portal i.e. community
15:20:57 <isabela> tpo etc
15:21:16 <hiro> sure
15:21:17 <isabela> can a project (repo) be shared between groups?
15:21:35 <hiro> uhm I do not think so
15:21:36 <isabela> like the one anto created for torproject site on UX group could be used by infra?
15:21:40 <isabela> ok
15:21:42 <isabela> np
15:21:45 <isabela> we can survive :)
15:21:57 <isabela> (little PM noia, you can ignore hehe)
15:21:57 <hiro> so I didn't anticipate that we were really going to use gitlab
15:22:14 <hiro> in fact this will be the repository that we will build https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/support.git/
15:22:20 <hiro> maybe infra should be called web
15:22:26 <hiro> like on torgit
15:22:32 <isabela> hmm
15:22:45 <isabela> i am not thinking of it as repositories more like categories
15:22:47 <isabela> to be honest
15:22:50 <hiro> ok
15:22:53 <isabela> (the ones at gitlab)
15:23:11 <antonela> i have tpo-org as a repo, but maybe we can take issues from each portal repo
15:23:12 <antonela> idk
15:23:34 <isabela> antonela: i am thinking of that only for torproject.org site work
15:23:39 <antonela> k
15:23:40 <isabela> i will create another for support
15:23:44 <antonela> cool
15:23:59 <isabela> so maybe if infra can have something similar
15:24:12 <isabela> i think we can organize tasks per site as well
15:24:28 <isabela> hiro: does that sounds ok?
15:24:31 <hiro> yes
15:24:40 <isabela> cool, please continue with your udpate :)
15:24:42 <hiro> so we want different projects for each portal
15:24:45 <hiro> correct?
15:24:48 <isabela> yes
15:25:03 <hiro> which also makes sense for me because each portal will have a repository :)
15:25:33 <hiro> ok good so this week I did a bit of planning of my things and also finished the deb pkg for lektor
15:25:44 <hiro> I need irl to review it and then it should be good
15:26:24 <hiro> uhm I meant last week to be honest.. this week since it is only tuesday, I am going to do cleanup of tickets (the one that have been closed already)
15:26:59 <hiro> and have the search up for testing with real results from support-staging
15:27:36 <isabela> cool (remind about my other note on udpating that ticket to reflect what we discussed in rome)
15:27:47 <hiro> ok sorry I should expand "planning of my things" -> I meant breaking down the issues on tasks that I need to do
15:28:12 <hiro> yes, I did this work in order to update the ticket and start documentation as discussed in rome
15:29:05 <hiro> also one thing I have ongoing is blog update. there is a big update coming up and an issue with a current update that I am not able to fully debug
15:29:25 <isabela> !
15:29:27 <hiro> so I was going back and forth with pantheon.
15:29:44 <hiro> I think that's all for me
15:30:34 <isabela> thanks for taking care of the update
15:30:37 <isabela> blog udpate
15:30:48 <isabela> antonela: wanna go?
15:30:59 <antonela> sure
15:31:10 <antonela> I have all the illustrators proposals delivered. We have a meeting on Friday about SIDA so I want to be sure that stakeholders have it in their inbox before it. For sneak peekersss
15:31:15 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6i9b2x72ye9eb1t/AACdmUA-A5DewxHfT5vYWk3Ma?dl=0
15:31:35 <antonela> Irl and Hiro opened tickets for the styleguide during Rome and I'd like to review/work on what i can solve on then this week
15:32:00 <antonela> also, continue working on TTB/TBA tasks
15:32:18 <antonela> as i saw so far, just circuits related for march (this week)
15:32:31 <antonela> aaand, I'm wondering if should I back to website mockups based on our landings and community portal sessions at Rome. If yes, we can use fridays SIDA meetings to review them too. About the content
15:33:01 <antonela> do we have something somewhere? or just the brainstorming postit photos?
15:33:07 <isabela> TBD/TBA
15:33:08 <isabela> hehe
15:33:44 <antonela> TBA <3
15:33:44 <isabela> i think for march and april will be more TB stuff
15:33:54 <isabela> i will finsih creating the tickets
15:34:05 <antonela> yes march ends this week, so OTF will be april mostly
15:34:07 <isabela> but the devs have this stuff for them to build soon
15:34:13 <isabela> yes
15:34:22 <isabela> i am mostly ignoring March and treating it as April
15:34:22 <isabela> haha
15:34:42 <antonela> exactly, but i dont want to carry things to april, so im still thiking about march
15:34:43 <antonela> haha
15:34:47 <isabela> but for the sites we will ship for sure till June we should focus on torproject and support
15:35:04 <antonela> bolkm opened a great ticket about support qa
15:35:05 <isabela> community will be done but after we can get these two in a good shape
15:35:25 <antonela> perfect, so I'll work on landings mocks so we can make a round of review by friday
15:35:28 <isabela> i need to have them added as child to the main ticket
15:35:38 <antonela> based on our Rome discussions
15:36:29 <isabela> that sounds good
15:36:35 <antonela> super
15:36:41 <isabela> but for friday sync i actually want help with organizing the trips
15:36:51 <isabela> that is what is very behind from everything else
15:37:02 <isabela> and its more priority for now
15:37:13 <isabela> also the work for the trips / all the training and surveys etc
15:37:37 <antonela> gotcha
15:37:47 <antonela> any news on the user research coord job post?
15:37:49 <isabela> by friday we will have a list!
15:38:00 * antonela is anxious
15:38:03 <isabela> erin was on vacation
15:38:06 <isabela> so i havent heard much yet
15:38:11 <isabela> i will see if she is back from it
15:38:11 <antonela> ohh yes
15:38:23 <stephw> it needs to be changed?
15:38:27 <stephw> i was just about to reshare it
15:38:38 <stephw> sorry to jump in :)
15:38:40 <isabela> stephw: what needs to be changed?
15:38:44 <stephw> https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs-userresearchcoordinator.html.en
15:38:57 <antonela> hii, nope it is ok
15:39:09 <isabela> yeah
15:39:10 <antonela> i shared it yesterday too
15:39:17 <isabela> that was a fe wchanges on the community liaison
15:39:20 <isabela> but hiro did it back in rome
15:39:23 <hiro> I changed the other one from part-time to full time
15:39:26 <antonela> haha
15:39:35 <hiro> that's the only thing I changed
15:39:36 <isabela> and removed that part saying it would work with ux team right?
15:39:44 <hiro> I think so
15:40:07 <isabela> yep you did :)
15:40:10 <isabela> hehe
15:40:14 <antonela> yep[
15:40:15 <antonela> hahahha
15:40:26 <isabela> antonela and isabela are hiro's memory
15:40:36 <antonela> hahaha
15:40:38 <hiro> everybody knows I have no memory
15:40:42 <isabela> lol
15:40:53 <isabela> ok from my part!
15:41:03 <isabela> i will continue on my PM noia kanban organizing mode
15:41:19 <isabela> keep the pad with my log updated and add the rules for hiro
15:41:24 <hiro> ok
15:41:30 <hiro> sounds good
15:41:34 <antonela> cool
15:41:41 <isabela> and will prep for friday sync - hiro let us know if you feel like following sponsor9 organizing and i can add you tot he thread :)
15:41:48 <antonela> tomorrow we dont have ux meeting
15:41:51 <antonela> or do we have?
15:42:01 <hiro> isabela sure add me
15:42:07 <isabela> so tomorrow i will be afk all day pretty much doing my highschool thing
15:42:18 <isabela> i do have a list of udpates and would like to receive updates
15:42:22 <antonela> yes
15:42:26 <isabela> so we can have a sync on support site antonela
15:42:31 <isabela> i can spam ppl and you can lead it :)
15:42:33 <antonela> i wanted to sync with colin about translates
15:42:34 <antonela> yes
15:42:36 <antonela> cool super
15:42:49 <isabela> alright sounds like a plan
15:42:51 <isabela> hiro: will do!
15:43:08 <isabela> anything else people? yall good to be back in the game after rome?
15:43:40 <hiro> isabela antonela one thing that would help me is starting to have translated databags
15:43:48 <hiro> to build the site and see if is there any issues
15:44:13 <hiro> even if the translations are incomplete
15:44:45 <isabela> gotcha
15:44:57 <isabela> will add this to my spam so phoul knows before the meeting tomorrow
15:45:03 <hiro> sounds good
15:45:28 <isabela> alright
15:45:34 <hiro> talk later people
15:45:35 <isabela> we cool? can i kill the bot?
15:45:38 <antonela> yesss
15:45:40 <antonela> thanks!
15:45:41 <hiro> kill it
15:45:43 <isabela> #endmeeting