17:01:42 <hiro> #startmeeting
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17:01:54 <antonela> oh thanks hiro
17:01:55 <antonela> hi all!
17:02:02 <antonela> any comm folk around?
17:03:20 <antonela> isabela is afk today, but we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have an update about support portal translations
17:05:07 <antonela> phoul, any updates on it?
17:06:25 <hiro> also if anyone has any updates or questions regarding the portal in staging please either open a ticket or get in touch w me or antonela or isa
17:08:10 <antonela> btw, thanks boklm for commenting on #24599 !
17:09:25 <boklm> :)
17:12:18 <hiro> actually I have a note regarding the functionalities of some stleguide visuals that are not documented on our styleguide but are documented in bootstrap
17:13:03 <hiro> I was talking with irl at the rome meeting about this. for example irl told me how we use a set of class in the support portal and styleguide, for example in the navbar, but haven't documented those
17:13:43 <antonela> yesss
17:13:53 <hiro> I'd say that this info is more into bootstrap documentation. but maybe we have made a few adjustments and we should document what we have done
17:14:31 <antonela> good idea, based on what i remember I should provide updated components for cards:hover
17:14:35 <antonela> and yes, menues
17:15:04 <t0mmy> hi, sorry, I'm here!
17:15:11 <antonela> hey! hi t0mmy!
17:15:18 <hiro> maybe we should just make a review of our css (_tor.scss) to see if we should remove some customisations or move them
17:15:29 <antonela> yep
17:16:12 <pari> hey t0mmy
17:16:59 <antonela> hiro: do you have the number of those tickets?
17:17:17 <hiro> nope these were informal talks
17:17:24 <hiro> chats actually
17:17:27 <antonela> oh
17:20:12 <hiro> also there was the issue to consider printing information from the website
17:20:17 <hiro> how would that look like
17:20:25 <hiro> maybe I can create tickets
17:20:30 <hiro> I have all these notes still
17:21:05 <antonela> found them
17:21:12 <antonela> #25487
17:21:24 <antonela> #25488
17:21:31 <antonela> #25490
17:21:37 <antonela> #24489
17:22:07 <antonela> and yes, the print css
17:24:47 <antonela> hiro: we can talk about them
17:25:22 <hiro> ok
17:25:40 <antonela> not sure if take them this week or later when we will work on next portals dev
17:25:47 <antonela> idk
17:27:01 <antonela> so, as hiro said, if you have any review, suggestion, bug-report, or anything, feel free to write me directly or to update the trac ticket
17:27:27 <antonela> that said, i think we should end this meeting here
17:27:37 <hiro> #endmeeting