16:00:55 <isabela> #startmeeting ux weekly check in
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16:00:56 <hiro> hello bot!
16:01:01 <isabela> buenas!
16:01:10 <antonela> hello
16:01:15 <antonela> ^___^
16:01:16 <hiro> hello humans too
16:01:18 <antonela> emojis for the records
16:01:18 <isabela> ok i have roadmap updates
16:01:31 <isabela> a lot for ux not too much for infra (yet!!) sorry hiro :(
16:01:36 <isabela> i will get there!
16:01:58 <hiro> isabela no problems :) last week I got stuck anyways because of the blog issues
16:02:11 <hiro> and yesterday I got to clean the website queue
16:02:12 <isabela> damn drupal
16:02:12 <isabela> hehe
16:02:34 <isabela> https://oniongit.eu/groups/ux/-/issues?milestone_title=April
16:02:43 <isabela> antonela: your life for this month should be there
16:02:49 <isabela> not yet prioritized or anything
16:02:54 <antonela> yes i know
16:03:03 <isabela> i am building may now :)
16:03:04 <antonela> im so happy about our board
16:03:19 <isabela> and i also created this:
16:03:27 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1joFGDiHaqlorGeXhytKakiSnWY9TqTDv5XqmbT3FkX8/edit#gid=774470494
16:03:37 <isabela> i version of TB roadmap with things we care
16:03:37 <antonela> ohh
16:03:38 <isabela> hehe
16:03:46 <antonela> good move
16:03:59 <isabela> color code is part of my process right now organizing things
16:04:06 <isabela> will make more sense eventually :)
16:04:13 <isabela> also:
16:04:48 <isabela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/questions-about-kanban-gitlab
16:04:53 <isabela> was updated
16:04:58 * GeKo conditional formatting ftw!
16:05:15 <isabela> hehe
16:05:18 <antonela> lol
16:05:49 <isabela> hiro: i will try to prioritize those rules for you for the trac + gitlab sync thing
16:06:01 <hiro> ok
16:06:09 <isabela> that will be useful moving fwd
16:06:17 * asn conditional formatting
16:06:46 <GeKo> lol
16:07:04 <isabela> ok so, in short - our roadmap is almsot there, i also created a kanban for sponsor9 work yall know about :)
16:07:16 <hiro> yay
16:07:21 <antonela> yep
16:07:25 <isabela> btw! i am moving all portal site discussions to friday at sponsor9 syncs
16:07:30 <isabela> that includes support one
16:07:40 <isabela> wednesdays will be tor browser ppl
16:07:41 <isabela> GeKo: ^^
16:07:44 <antonela> super, we should send an email to the list
16:07:48 <isabela> yes
16:07:51 <isabela> i will udpate ppl
16:07:58 <isabela> ok i am done
16:07:58 <antonela> wed at normal time?
16:08:21 <GeKo> isabela: what about wed?
16:08:24 <isabela> i think its an hour later maybe
16:08:32 <antonela> we used to have an .onion meeting on wednesdays with ttb but we can have just one meeting at our ux time
16:08:33 <antonela> yes
16:08:33 <isabela> GeKo: we want to have weekly syncs with ppl from TB
16:08:46 <GeKo> sounds... good. when?
16:08:47 <isabela> ppl will depend on the tickets we will be talking about
16:08:55 <antonela> yep
16:09:01 <isabela> GeKo: 1800 utc?
16:09:06 <isabela> what is a good time for you?
16:09:18 <isabela> 1900?
16:09:33 <GeKo> not before 1800 UTC
16:09:37 <isabela> ok
16:09:42 <isabela> lets keep it 1800 then
16:09:59 <GeKo> ok
16:10:04 <isabela> cool
16:10:11 <antonela> super
16:10:27 <isabela> alright lets move to weekly status
16:10:45 <hiro> if it is ok I'd like to start :)
16:10:50 <isabela> go!
16:11:46 <hiro> so my weekly status is almos the same as last week, since last week the major blog update got me stuck for a few days on a few drupal issues (something I also discovered was that the view we use to update the website blogs snippets was broken too)
16:11:54 <hiro> I have to finish the search test
16:12:13 <hiro> also something that I got ready for review last week was the lektor packaging for debian
16:12:29 <hiro> and today we also tested the chinese localisations in the portal
16:12:42 <isabela> i saw the screenshot!
16:12:52 <hiro> yeah its'
16:12:57 <hiro> good and it was easy to setup
16:13:04 <isabela> that's great
16:13:25 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#5btS_PipD368paSOrZp2jw
16:13:26 <antonela> yes!
16:13:30 <hiro> we should make sure it works as expected, for example we were wondering if we should consider zh-CN left to right or right to left
16:13:54 <isabela> we need to push it to stage
16:13:54 <hiro> but the strings are displayed correctly and with minimum effort
16:13:59 <isabela> and get translators to review
16:14:05 <hiro> yep will have it in staging this afternoon
16:14:42 <antonela> some glyphs are bold, not sure if is because our current font is not loading them and it is loading another font to render it, or what
16:14:54 <antonela> anw, having it in staging is useful
16:15:06 <hiro> also in the website queue I moved everything we will do during the redesing with the redesign milestone
16:15:17 <hiro> and everything else I either solved or closed because it was not valid.
16:15:23 * antonela hiro the hero
16:15:26 <hiro> so now we almost have a clean queue
16:15:30 <isabela> zh-CN should be rtl
16:15:41 <isabela> but we should have a person who knows :)
16:15:43 <isabela> looking at it
16:15:51 <hiro> isabela so we should change that
16:16:20 <hiro> ok that's my update
16:16:25 <isabela> we can ask phoul to ask a native speaker
16:16:38 <isabela> hiro: thanks for organizing the queue!
16:16:50 <antonela> also, if we can have a list of poc for each localization, could be awesome
16:17:01 <isabela> i will also add those items we identified at our roadmap planning to do the archives of old content
16:17:10 <hiro> also I did some organization in the board for infra on gitlab... but it isn't 100% finished yet
16:17:11 <isabela> items == tickets
16:17:15 <antonela> *would
16:17:22 <hiro> isabela that I am partially doing
16:17:33 <isabela> gotcha
16:17:35 <hiro> I have a few issues also that have identified and are already in the backlog
16:17:41 <isabela> antonela: that is on phoul list
16:17:44 <antonela> yess
16:17:45 <hiro> with the link to the trac ticket
16:17:58 <isabela> great!
16:18:03 <isabela> this shows how i havent touched infra yet
16:18:04 <isabela> hehe
16:18:05 <isabela> :)
16:18:11 <hiro> hahaha
16:18:25 <isabela> thanks for organizing it!
16:18:32 <hiro> no worries working on it
16:18:42 <isabela> okidoki
16:18:44 <antonela> so, my update
16:18:45 <isabela> antonela: want to go?
16:18:46 <antonela> sponsor 9: multiple mockups update, working with you and comms on our next travels, illustrators porposals were sent to stakeholders and I got the answers, so I'll back to the thread this week
16:19:01 <isabela> \o/
16:19:14 <antonela> I’ll be focused on Browser all April and maybe May. I’m working hard on security controls. I'm preparing something to discuss tomorrow (if we start our ttb ft ux meetings then )
16:19:22 <antonela> Browser*s*
16:19:25 <isabela> !!!!!!!!1
16:19:38 <isabela> big deal
16:19:45 <hiro> 1 thing I thought we were doing this meeting 1 hour ago. I have to leave to pick up a puppie but I can read the backlog if you want to send something my way. I will be back at 1800 utc or earlier.
16:19:46 <antonela> it is, but HOW FUN
16:19:51 <isabela> hehe
16:20:02 <isabela> hiro: np!
16:20:04 <hiro> thanks
16:20:05 <antonela> go, yoda needs pee
16:20:09 <isabela> lol
16:20:28 <antonela> we have mozilla sync today also
16:20:33 <hiro> haha no I am picking up yoda lil brother :P
16:20:35 <isabela> 10k meetings
16:20:51 <antonela> about the roadmap/board/kanban and everything
16:20:53 <antonela> im so happy
16:21:00 <antonela> how do you feel about the changes?
16:21:05 <isabela> i like it too
16:21:12 <isabela> is a good investiment to do it
16:21:16 <antonela> yes
16:21:19 <isabela> :)
16:21:28 <hiro> I love it
16:21:41 <isabela> i wonder if we can have sekrit boards there
16:21:44 <isabela> on gitlab
16:21:47 <hiro> I think we can
16:21:53 <isabela> if so i would move the one for sponsor9 to it
16:22:00 <hiro> let me find out
16:22:05 <isabela> k
16:22:08 <isabela> so its all one place
16:22:13 <isabela> hmm
16:22:21 <isabela> or maybe not for this phase1
16:22:26 <isabela> since is already built
16:22:27 <antonela> oh that sounds ideal, but maybe next phase
16:22:27 <antonela> hyes
16:22:28 <hiro> btw I was able to manage to clean the website queue because of the board
16:22:32 <antonela> exactly, you already did it
16:22:33 <isabela> lets not freak bout it
16:22:39 <isabela> :)
16:22:41 <antonela> please
16:22:53 <isabela> hiro: :) gamification works
16:23:52 <isabela> antonela: anything else?
16:23:56 <antonela> not sure if we shared it here, but ux kanban is here
16:23:56 <antonela> https://oniongit.eu/groups/ux/-/boards
16:24:00 <antonela> nope, im groot
16:24:23 <isabela> anyone worried about anything? how can we help?
16:24:38 <hiro> haha it's not just that... it's like having a few buckets to sort things
16:24:54 <hiro> helps not to have to sort everything in one bucket :D
16:25:08 <isabela> indeed
16:25:11 * hiro steps out
16:25:14 <isabela> o/
16:25:20 <isabela> maybe this is a short meeting?
16:25:40 <antonela> looks like it!
16:25:55 <isabela> alright i will kill bot and go back to organize tasks
16:26:04 <isabela> #endmeeting