18:00:11 <Phoul> #startmeeting
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18:00:36 <Samdney> saw people my email? ;)
18:00:51 <Phoul> Welcome to the community team meeting! Since flexlibris is away today, some of the agenda items will have to wait for an email update from her. Lets start with updates :)
18:00:55 <Phoul> Would anyone like to go first?
18:01:45 <ggus> I can start
18:01:58 <Phoul> Go ahead! :)
18:03:20 <ggus> Cryptorave is +100% funded. Isabela is going to be keynote. I don't know if everything is fine with antonela flight tickets. And I hope to see ilv here.
18:03:28 <ggus> that's it.
18:03:34 <Phoul> Awesome!
18:03:47 <antonela> ggus: it is! i'll be there \o/
18:03:52 <kat5> Yay!
18:03:57 <antonela> is just cross the bridge from arg :)
18:04:12 <Samdney> *lol*
18:04:13 <isra> i am 90% there too :p
18:04:59 <ggus> antonela: yay!! :D
18:05:13 <sukhe> awesome!
18:05:16 <antonela> (:
18:05:27 <Phoul> Who would like to go next?
18:05:34 <Samdney> o/
18:05:51 <Phoul> Samdney: go ahead :)
18:06:05 <Samdney> maybe people saw my email on the mailing list(?)
18:06:33 <Samdney> had a short chat with arma about our mirro list page at our website and its future
18:06:41 <Samdney> *mirror
18:07:23 <Samdney> we should define "goals" for it, in the sens if we still want this site and for which we could use it
18:07:32 <Samdney> that's it
18:07:48 <Samdney> *sense
18:07:56 <Samdney> not sens ;)
18:08:05 <Phoul> Sounds good, will reply on list to your email after the meeting. :)
18:08:46 <Phoul> Who would like to update next? (Or if anyone has questions about above, go ahead)
18:09:41 <isra> us the mirrors list considered in the new portals?
18:09:48 <isra> is*
18:10:27 <Samdney> idk :/
18:10:40 <t0mmy> [hi, sorry I'm late!]
18:11:03 <Samdney> long time ago I opened a ticket for not forgetting it to integrate in the new website redesign
18:11:19 <Phoul> I'd expect it would be, provided we keep the mirror system. Since we rely on the mirrors for documentation as well as just TB downloads, I'd be hesitant to drop the mirror system.
18:11:40 <Phoul> Not sure if there is a good way for something like gettor to send someone a website worth of content.
18:12:10 <Samdney> and btw, we do not really know who this mirrors runs
18:12:31 <Phoul> Our current mirror list says who runs them, doesnt it?
18:12:32 <Samdney> how trustable they are
18:12:45 <isra> gettor sends a list of mirrors, but probably outdated
18:13:00 <Samdney> yes, but that's the information which were given from the people
18:13:06 <Samdney> we do not check anything
18:13:19 <isra> true
18:13:58 <Phoul> While true, for domains like tor.eff.org, its pretty clear that its the EFF's. Same with a number of others, but good point. Not sure if there was ever a requirement to sign your mirror request.
18:14:34 <Samdney> currently we only check if they the mirrors are available
18:14:49 <Samdney> at the time we update our list
18:15:24 <isra> to check if mirrors are good ideally we should check the integrity of the files periodically
18:15:56 <isra> but that takes lot of bandwidth and storage
18:16:26 <Guest2177> Kushal is here, but need to get the nick back first.
18:16:31 <isra> maybe we should have more requirements for being a mirror
18:16:36 <Phoul> This conversation might be better on the list, just looking over Arma's comments and its a bit long to paste here.
18:16:53 <isra> yeah lets do that
18:16:54 <Samdney> I think the current list script only fetches a file for "oh it works"
18:17:05 <Samdney> list update script
18:18:13 <Samdney> moving this conversation to the mailing list would be fine :)
18:18:17 <Phoul> Would anyone like to go next?
18:18:37 <isra> i have no updates
18:18:53 <t0mmy> I have a quick update if nobody else does?
18:19:05 <Phoul> t0mmy: go ahead! Don't need to always be last ;)
18:19:54 * kushal has one update
18:19:54 <t0mmy> Phoul heh, cool =)
18:20:39 <t0mmy> So Tor is going to be going for more global south meeting funding over the next few months
18:21:21 <t0mmy> I don't know how much the community team is going to be actively involved in this research/writing, but this is just a note to say that GS meetings are important and that we're going to be kinda formally working toward it
18:21:55 <isra> cool :)
18:21:55 <Phoul> Sounds good, please reach out if I can be of any help there.
18:21:56 <kat5> Cool.
18:22:20 <t0mmy> Phoul wilco, thanks!
18:23:02 <kushal> May I go next?
18:23:08 <Phoul> (I need to step away for just a minute, but go ahead kushal)
18:23:56 <kushal> We had the first privacy meeting in Pune, India, last month. We had 13 people in the meetup. We will be doing the next meetup this month in 2 weeks.
18:24:21 <kushal> People had a lot of questions, mostly about usage and ideas (which is good).
18:24:37 <Phoul> kushal: Thats awesome! (I'm back)
18:24:51 <kushal> Before next meetup, I am trying to write down a few more blog posts with steps about how to use Tor in different real life use cases.
18:25:12 <kushal> https://kushaldas.in/posts/using-znc-on-tor-network-for-freenode-and-oftc.html is the one already up.
18:25:15 <kushal> EOM
18:25:37 <Phoul> Will definitely take a look at those, thanks for writing them!
18:26:03 <kat5> Should I go next?
18:26:09 <Phoul> kat5: Go for it :)
18:27:15 <kat5> I've had zero uptake on the "nominate volunteers for swag" front. So if you mentioned someone last meeting (Phoul, flexlibris) please go ahead and reach out to them and let me know about it.
18:27:59 <Phoul> kat5: will do, one of the people reached out through l10lab directly after and Jon hooked them up, but will get the others sent to you.
18:28:01 <kat5> I'm going to spend some time this week thinking about how to best nudge people on other teams to join in.
18:28:08 * Samdney is looking for the word "uptake" in her dictornay ...
18:28:24 <kat5> "participation" works in this sentence.
18:28:36 <kat5> That's all from me.
18:29:07 <sukhe> kat5: question: is this where we can nominate people for swag other than the ones running the relays?
18:30:05 <kat5> sukhe: Yeah. The idea is to recognize volunteers who've made a reasonably significant contribution.
18:30:25 <kat5> And for the teams to nominate people they work with directly.
18:30:34 <sukhe> ok thanks
18:31:22 <Phoul> Great! Who would like to go next?
18:31:29 <sukhe> I can go next
18:31:34 <Phoul> :)
18:32:08 <sukhe> I last gave an update regarding the Tor Browser pilot in Toronto Public Library
18:32:37 <sukhe> it's still in progress and hopefully we have some positive news in the coming months
18:33:00 <sukhe> so for those not aware, we are trying to have the Toronto Public Library do a pilot Tor Browser program at one of their branches
18:33:06 <sukhe> and then eventually, run an exit as well
18:33:38 <kat5> That's so excellent, sukhe!
18:33:41 <isra> :D
18:33:51 <sukhe> !
18:34:05 <Phoul> If they have any questions about exit operation in Canada that you're unsure of, please feel free to connect them with me / coldhak. We have dealt with the Canadian legal side of this a decent amount.
18:34:28 <sukhe> Phoul: that was my plan! I have already mentioned Coldhak to the person leading this project
18:34:52 <Phoul> Cool! I know the group would be more than happy to help.
18:35:14 <sukhe> btw credit where it's due: this has been made possible due to the work of Jonathon Hodge @ TPL
18:35:19 <kat5> I'm sure Ian would be happy to talk to them about his experience at UWaterloo, too.
18:35:46 <Phoul> sukhe: Has Jonathon Hodge gotten some Tor swag? :)
18:35:59 <sukhe> kat5: I already mentioned that and that was in the initial report that was sent to them, per the information I have :)
18:36:28 <kat5> Phoul: good call!
18:36:30 <sukhe> it is easier convincing people when a university is doing it; I sent them the link the gurgle as well
18:36:53 <sukhe> we should definitely send him some swag. I will get in touch with kat5 about this
18:36:59 <kat5> Great.
18:37:00 <Phoul> Excellent!
18:37:06 <sukhe> (gurgle is the exit at waterloo: https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/BCEDF6C193AA687AE471B8A22EBF6BC57C2D285E)
18:37:41 <sukhe> that's it from me
18:37:45 <isra> kat5 : about that, i am interested in Ian's experience at uwaterloo. this could ve helpful to the people at UNAM in México that are trying to set up an exit
18:38:26 <isra> (sorry for the spelling, its hard on mobile)
18:38:33 <kat5> isra: Do you want me to tell him that you'll contact him about it? Is email or jitsi or something better for you?
18:38:59 <kat5> He'll definitely be happy to talk to you about it.
18:39:06 <isra> yes, please. i guess email is fine for now
18:39:12 <isra> awesome, thanks
18:39:16 <kat5> Okay. I'll let him know.
18:39:42 <Phoul> Was anyone else waiting to go?
18:40:09 <ggus> i have a question
18:40:16 <Phoul> ggus: sure :)
18:41:20 <ggus> do we have a collaboration template for universities explanining what's tor and why an university should/could host a node? a lot of students ask me this everytime
18:42:00 <Phoul> I dont *think* we have something like htat. I have a LaTeX document I wrote for CMHR (Canadian Museum of Human Rights) that could be easily adapted though.
18:42:36 <Samdney> I think universities are always a special case, or
18:42:41 <t0mmy> Phoul is that online somewhere? would be interested in taking a look
18:42:59 <Phoul> t0mmy: It is, I will dig it up and send the link to whoever is interested. Its been some time since I looked at it.
18:43:07 <t0mmy> Phoul cheers
18:43:26 <ggus> Phoul: send to me :)
18:43:32 <ggus> we could start a wiki page
18:43:36 <isra> me too, please
18:43:56 <Phoul> Will dig it up and get it sent after the meeting.
18:44:17 <isra> (:
18:44:56 <Phoul> I don't think anyone else was waiting to give an update, so I will give mine. Inc paste with likely funny line breaks.
18:45:11 <Phoul> Started working on a new proposal for handling frontdesk@, debugged an issue with the tx tool, worked with Outreachy interns and handled the mentor tasks for pre-intake, worked with SoP mentors and potential students (application period ended last week), looked into some issues for linguine / localizationlab, helped a new potential Canadian relay operator with firewall issues, pulled first set of
18:45:17 <Phoul> translations out of Transifex for the support portal (more to come now that the tx tool issue is resolved), reviewed RT permissions and queues, reviewed a number of articles written by Jaruga. A lot of my last weeks was spent on reviewing Outreachy applicants material, and I'm happy to say we have some great candidates.
18:47:17 <isra> awesome \o/
18:47:33 <sukhe> good to hear Outreachy is going well
18:48:24 <Phoul> Thats all from me. If anyone had questions about my stuff, or anyone elses, or anything else they wanted to raise in this meeting, please go ahead.
18:49:25 <isra> i wanted to discuss the idea of having localized mailing lists
18:49:53 <isra> specifically a tor-es or something like that
18:50:47 <ggus> users maling list? or more like community?
18:51:10 <sukhe> isra: IIRC we had this discussion about localized mailing lists during some dev meeting (can't remember which one)
18:51:15 <Phoul> I think that might be something that needs discussing with the group as a whole and not just community, as that would take a few dedicated es speakers to moderate and watch that list for problems that might require someone who doesn't speak the language. Also would have to determine which languages we would offer lists like that for, as im sure as soon as we have a tor-es list we will get requests for
18:51:21 <Phoul> many other locales.
18:52:12 <Samdney> and too much mailing lists are not helpful anymore
18:52:19 <isra> i am not sure of the procedure for doing this
18:52:33 <isra> ggus: only one, general
18:52:48 <Phoul> isra: I'd suggest sending an email to the tor-project mailing list with your idea
18:53:36 <isra> alright, imo there are enough folks to justify a new mailing list
18:53:51 <isra> in spanish at least
18:54:35 <isra> ok i will send the idea to tor-project
18:54:55 <Phoul> isra: Thanks! I will respond on list once its sent :)
18:55:25 <isra> great :)
18:56:57 <Phoul> Just found the TeX document. If people can PM me their desired email addresses, will get that sent right away.
18:57:14 <Phoul> If anyone else had something, please go ahead. Otherwise will call this meeting to a close as we are approaching an hour.
18:57:25 <t0mmy> Phoul my usual TPO would be super, thanks!
18:57:36 <Phoul> t0mmy: Sounds good
18:58:47 <Phoul> ok, calling this meeting to a close. Thanks everyone!
18:58:52 <Phoul> #endmeeting