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15:59:56 <asn> hello people
16:00:10 <asn> how should we start?
16:00:19 <asn> arma4: you wanna give super short intro about sponsor?
16:00:26 <asn> or just jump into the snowflake part?
16:00:34 <t0mmy> I started an agenda with what I think are the most important things to hit, but a short intro works
16:00:40 <arma4> asn made a riseup pad. i was thinking step two could be "we spend a few minutes adding things to the agenda that we wanted to make sure we cover"
16:00:54 <arma4> where step one is the super short intro: here it is, while you're looking at the pad:
16:01:22 <arma4> we will soon have funding (i hope) to fund a snowflake developer. i hope to also fund an organizer project manager pusher-forward-of-things
16:01:39 <arma4> there is a bigger picture around the funding, but the snowflake angle is what we're discussing today
16:02:00 <arma4> there are some things i would love to end this meeting knowing or understanding,
16:02:09 <arma4> and i'm going to go put them on the pad rather than try to write them here :)
16:02:12 <asn> ok
16:02:52 <asn> i think one basic thing i'd like to know
16:03:03 <asn> is what's the current state of snowflake
16:04:55 <arma4> ha, i like how somebody put "roger notes" at the bottom of the pad and left the quotes around it while changing the text :)
16:05:10 <asn> not me not me
16:05:13 <arma4> ok, i have put three hopes on the pad
16:05:14 <arma4> - Get a handle on the current state of Snowflake
16:05:14 <arma4> - What should be the future architecture for Snowflake? double down on c-go or be ready to switch?
16:05:14 <arma4> - What do we want most in a Snowflake developer? Skills/background/etc
16:05:23 <arma4> i think #1 is a great one to start with
16:05:27 <asn> yes plz
16:05:32 <arma4> dcf or arlo, can you give us a snapshot of where it is now?
16:05:35 <asn> i think doing the meeting by editing the pad is a bit weird
16:05:40 <dcf1> When you all say "distributor", do you mean what we usually call the "broker"?
16:05:46 <arma4> dcf1: i think so
16:05:47 <t0mmy> [arma4 ergh, me, sorry, but yes, current state]
16:06:11 * Samdney lurks
16:06:17 <arma4> the thing that hears from users that they need a snowflake, and gives out users to snowflakes
16:06:30 <arma4> unless that's not even how this broker works :)
16:06:41 <dcf1> yes
16:07:12 <dcf1> current state is
16:07:13 <arlolra> the facilitator
16:07:32 <dcf1> client software is shipping in alpha bundles for linux and mac (not windows yet)
16:07:47 <dcf1> https://blog.torproject.org/tor-browser-80a5-released, choose snowflake from the menu
16:08:12 <dcf1> A small number of actual current users https://metrics.torproject.org/userstats-bridge-transport.html?transport=snowflake
16:08:29 <dcf1> but enough that we get cypherpunks tickets like https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25600
16:08:40 <asn> (cool)
16:09:11 <dcf1> the broker is currently hosted on app engine, though we are working on moving to one that is separate from app engine
16:09:19 <arlolra> a windows build has happened, but it's not reproducible / automated yet
16:09:36 <dcf1> in fact the separate standalone broker already exists and is running, but (backstory)
16:10:04 <dcf1> the appengine broker (and current badge hosting page) are controlled by serene, who hasn't been responsive to requests for a long time
16:10:22 <arlolra> alas
16:10:25 <dcf1> there is a weird dependency chain of things to happen in order to effect the migration, which I have summarized here:
16:10:39 * arma4 adds "pick a name for the long-term snowflake code hostname" to the list
16:10:42 <dcf1> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23947#comment:3
16:11:24 <dcf1> (In fact we found from testing something else that there are already some people using the standalone broker; I guess they must have configured it themselves.)
16:11:45 <asn> cool
16:11:53 <dcf1> There exists browser-based JS proxy code, as well as a headless standalone proxy (proxy-go)
16:12:16 <dcf1> We're currently running several instances of proxy-go around the clock so that there's always some level of service available;
16:12:27 <arma4> what's the status of the cgo bugs? you squished the big ones identified from montreal, but...some are remaining? or are your recent freeze mysteries in a different component?
16:12:34 <dcf1> they are on a static IP address though, so they don't contribute to actual blocking resistance,
16:12:56 <dcf1> but we wanted at least that someone who tries snowflake out of curiosity would not be disappointed that it doesn't work.
16:13:20 <arlolra> those are in the standalone proxy-go, not the client (re: cgo deadlocks)
16:13:46 <dcf1> arma4: I am not sure that these are "cgo bugs" exactly; a lot of the difficulty is due to the complexity of the C++ webrtc library, partly independent of cgo
16:13:53 <arlolra> you should read https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25592#comment:1
16:14:04 <dcf1> arma4: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25688
16:14:34 <asn> what's proxy-go?
16:14:43 <asn> the standalone proxy (bridge)?
16:14:50 <arma4> i think it's the standalone snowflake
16:14:54 <dcf1> But yes, it's true, until recently there were some memory leak and file descriptor leaks problems, which were especially acute in the client code and made it unstable.
16:14:58 <arma4> the bridge is a different component
16:15:10 <arma4> tor browser -> snowflake client -> snowflake volunteer -> bridge -> tor network
16:15:11 <dcf1> the bridge doesn't use webrtc at all
16:15:43 <arma4> oh, there is probably a bonus item then, between snowflake volunteer and bridge, which unwebrtc's things for the bridge?
16:16:11 <dcf1> that would be the snowflake volunteer itself (browser or proxy-go)
16:16:18 <dcf1> it speaks webrtc on one side and websocket on the other
16:16:22 <arma4> ah ha
16:16:33 <asn> dcf1: arlolra: so basically the current architecture of snowflake (wrt programming language, deployment etc.) is ok?
16:16:38 <asn> we shouldn't blame cgo so much?
16:16:41 <arma4> webrtc for the censored area, websocket because it's simpler and snowflake-to-bridge isn't expected to be interfered with
16:16:46 <asn> because there were some bad feelings about cgo during the rome meeting
16:17:09 <dcf1> Could you say more about the feelings about cgo? Because I fear there is a misunderstanding about how the library works.
16:17:30 <arlolra> again, dcf1 wrote something useful here https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25592#comment:1
16:18:00 <asn> arlolra: i read that but im not sure exaflty what it means
16:18:31 <dcf1> What Yawning wrote about Cgo on #25592 (thread performance) is, I think, not whatever you were concerned about in rome
16:18:31 <asn> dcf1: i felt that roger was saying that cgo has brought many fundamental problems like deadlocks and undeployability (?)
16:19:15 <arma4> i think the rust people were also making comments about go, and cgo bindings in particular
16:19:34 <arma4> i don't do rust or go or cgo much, so i am trying not to be the person with the strong opinions here
16:19:45 <asn> yeah i dont know about cgo either...
16:20:00 <arma4> but, ok. asn, did you get your summary-of-current-state? any more questions there?
16:20:21 <asn> what's up with windows, which i understand is missing right now?
16:20:27 <ahf> i think i've heard two different comments about cgo in the tor community: one is related to some old openssl cgo bindings that had some problems and the other being that if you have a fast-path somewhere with some cgo code, then the transforming the stack format back and forward is visible during profiling
16:20:47 * isabela is around
16:21:14 <arma4> asn: as i understand it, it builds on windows, but not reproducibly, so tor browser hasn't taken it yet
16:21:31 <GeKo> it builds? neat!
16:21:39 <dcf1> okay, so here's the situation as I see it
16:21:40 <arma4> or maybe that was "it built once" :)
16:21:51 <arlolra> it built once, with visual studio
16:21:59 <GeKo> oh!
16:22:11 <arlolra> from https://github.com/keroserene/go-webrtc/pull/69
16:22:34 <dcf1> About "hard to deploy", that is almost completely due to libwebrtc itself, not the golang bindings to the library
16:23:02 * GeKo wanders off and reads the backlog later
16:23:05 <dcf1> In fact native compiling of libwebrtc is not that hard, but doing it in a way tat's compatible with tor brwoser's build, cross-compiling from linux, is hard
16:23:25 <dcf1> In fact, cross compiling libwebrtc only because supported upstream about 5 months ago
16:23:39 <dcf1> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25483#comment:10
16:23:57 <dcf1> Before that, we were trying to work around and make it happen ourselves, like we did for macos
16:23:58 <arma4> is libwebrtc under active development, say by the chrome team?
16:24:10 <arlolra> yes
16:24:13 <dcf1> (where cross compiling is also officially not supported but doesn't take too many hacks to activate)
16:24:28 <dcf1> and yes, it seems that for webrtc, libwebrtc from chrome is about the only game in town
16:24:35 <dcf1> if I'm not mistaken, firefox uses that code also
16:25:03 <dcf1> There was an independent OpenWebRTC (https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22718) but it also did not support windows at all, and isn't maintained anymore
16:25:13 <arma4> ok
16:25:29 <arma4> asn: more questions? or all set?
16:25:36 <dcf1> So that problem is this: even if you decide you don't want to write in Go, and you rewrite the client and the standalone proxy in C++, you have almost all the same problems
16:25:42 <arlolra> gstreamer has webrtc support https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/releases/1.14/
16:25:45 <asn> dcf1: right
16:25:50 <dcf1> That said, cgo does introduce some level of additional complexity
16:25:54 <asn> dcf1: because of libwebrtc being weird
16:26:04 <dcf1> arlolra: oh yes, right, good point
16:26:10 <asn> dcf1: what level of additional complexity?
16:26:28 <dcf1> there could conceivably be a probject to amek a webrtc library that's easier to work with, but that's another thing
16:26:42 <asn> amek?
16:26:44 <asn> make
16:26:45 <asn> ok
16:26:49 <dcf1> asn: in the sense that there's some intrinsic complexity with any foreign-language function binding
16:26:57 <asn> right
16:27:13 <dcf1> like rust in litte-t tor, it doesn't come completely for free
16:27:18 <asn> are there aany other projects in this world using libwebrtc with cgo bindings?
16:27:39 <asn> if not, who made the cgo bindings for libwebrtc? us?
16:27:49 <arlolra> i would say yes because go-webrtc gets pull requests
16:27:56 <dcf1> It's a https://github.com/keroserene/go-webrtc, and yes, it's by us
16:28:04 <arlolra> there's also node.js binding to libwebrtc, so people are doing this
16:28:18 <dcf1> me and arlolra are maintaining it currently
16:28:20 <arlolra> https://github.com/js-platform/node-webrtc
16:28:41 <asn> ok
16:28:59 <asn> anything else to say here?
16:29:18 <dcf1> I thought node-webrtc also used the chromium code, though I'm not sure
16:29:31 <arlolra> it does
16:29:35 <arma4> next on my topic list is:
16:29:36 <arma4> What should we anticipate for future architecture changes for Snowflake? double down on c-go or be ready to switch? double down on the C++ webrtc lib, or be ready to switch?
16:29:43 <arma4> it sounds like we answered some of that already
16:30:05 <arma4> "we're stuck with the chrome webrtc lib, because it's our only hope, not because it's great"
16:30:29 <dcf1> correct, I personally would love to use something else, but we haven't found anything despite searching
16:30:34 <arma4> but two questions:
16:30:59 <arma4> (a) is there a way to move things forward where we couple more tightly, or less tightly, to the existing lib? and what are the tradeoffs there?
16:31:12 <arma4> like, if 90% of the work is in figuring out bugs in the current lib, that effort isn't reusable for a new lib
16:31:53 <arma4> in an ideal world we'd have our snowflake code, and a little abstraction barrier that calls webrtc things, and inside that abstraction barrier we map our webrtc things to how the current lib wants things to be
16:32:33 <arma4> i guess an earlier question would be: "how much code is there and how complex is this thing? is it really just some glue and libwebrtc does all the real work?"
16:32:44 <arma4> by 'this thing' i mean snowflake, not libwebrtc
16:32:54 <arma4> (client-side and snowflake-side)
16:33:25 <dcf1> I mean, I guess go-webrtc kind of plays the role of an abstraction barrier
16:33:43 <dcf1> It binds both the C++ and the go code, all the other programs call Go functions in the go-webrtc library
16:33:49 <asn> aha
16:33:49 <arma4> great
16:34:03 <arlolra> webrtc defines an api that either the browser or go-webrtc exposes
16:34:56 <asn> ok
16:35:04 <dcf1> yeah, so even if we decided to use, say, OpenWebRTC, we would still probably make the adaptation at the go-webrtc level
16:35:04 <asn> arma4: you have another  question?
16:35:40 <dcf1> But it's lot we've committed to a stable API, other calling code would proabbly have to change somewhat
16:35:43 <arma4> what do you expect a developer would be spending the most effort/energy on, to (1) get to a viable snowflake in tor browser with lots of users, and to (2) maintain it during the arms race?
16:36:12 <arma4> (by 'what' i think i mean: snowflake code, go-webrtc code, libwebrtc hacking, or other)
16:37:42 <arma4> or let me know if i should rephrase the question :)
16:38:42 <dcf1> Check current priorities here:
16:38:45 <dcf1> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Obfuscation%2FSnowflake&or&status=!closed&keywords=~snowflake&max=0&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=keywords&col=priority&order=priority
16:39:16 <dcf1> (Except ignore the one about a deb package, I wouldn't consider that so high)
16:39:36 <dcf1> There's basically three big steps to get to your (1), each requiring different skills
16:39:48 <dcf1> IMO
16:40:24 <dcf1> 1. move the badge hosting page away from serene's server (#23947), and all the things that are depending on that
16:40:42 <dcf1> (needs sysadmin/server maintenance skills)
16:41:08 <dcf1> 2. reproducible build for windows (needs build system hacking, shell script, cross-dev skills)
16:41:51 <dcf1> 3. start producing snowflake (incl. browser extension, blog posts, etc.) (needs mainly social skills)
16:42:01 <dcf1> arlolra: what do you think about that characterization?
16:42:39 <arlolra> it's fair, but
16:43:03 <arlolra> not exactly to the point
16:43:09 <asn> seems like (1) and (2) will be the job of the snowflake dev, while (3) can be either the job of the snowflake dev or the project manager / cnesorship-lead
16:43:18 <asn> depending on the humans we find
16:43:31 <arma4> asn: let's focus first on what we need, not yet how to get it :)
16:43:38 <asn> arma4: agreed
16:43:40 <dcf1> arlolra: say more
16:44:04 * Samdney thinks sounds not really like typical dev job...
16:44:06 <arlolra> the question was what the developer would be spending their energy on
16:44:18 <arma4> right
16:44:31 <arlolra> and i think you're making good progress on 2. already
16:44:43 <arma4> (i hope to do #1 tonight)
16:44:52 <asn> who is making good progress on #2?
16:45:01 <arlolra> dcf1, and hooman
16:45:09 <asn> ack
16:45:19 <isabela> oi
16:45:32 <isabela> do you need help with that?
16:45:38 <isabela> with #2
16:47:26 <dcf1> well I'm still not sure the windows build will be finished anytime soon
16:47:32 <arlolra> a lot of the open tickets are about the broker and proxies, which seem more like golang / js dev
16:48:03 <dcf1> it's true there's recent progress, but a lot is sitll uncertain, and there's an anticipated long tail of issues down the line
16:48:11 <dcf1> but you have a point
16:48:25 <isabela> i am aksing cuz maybe sukhe could help here
16:48:26 <arlolra> and maybe I shouldn't have been volunteering you for that
16:48:35 <dcf1> regarding arma4's point (2) "maintain it during the arms race", yes, go and js are required skills
16:48:40 <arma4> ok. so there are three big picture dev roles i'm hearing. there's the client snowflake code, which has some windows build issues but is "mostly supposed to work",
16:48:42 <isabela> if there is need for help :)
16:48:47 <dcf1> And also I would say there is still a fair amount of sysadmining
16:48:55 <arma4> there's the snowflake itself, which is..js?
16:49:04 <arma4> and there's the broker, which is golang?
16:49:08 <sukhe> hi yes, I would like to help with the builds if I can be useful
16:49:08 <dcf1> There's a JS one and a Go (headless one)
16:49:15 <dcf1> broker is golang
16:49:18 <dcf1> bridge is golang
16:49:55 <dcf1> JS is only used in the browser-based proxy
16:50:17 <arma4> ok. so, pretending we get a new developer but not for a few months. thinking into the future: what will this developer be spending their energy on improving or maintaining or fixing bugs in or reacting based on censor behavior?
16:51:27 <arma4> it sounds like all the components are designed so some single version of them can be hacked up pretty quickly (barring bugs like "omg libwebrtc on windows is harder than we thought")
16:51:27 <dcf1> various forms of broker DoS is one (empty ticket at #25593)
16:51:45 <arma4> ok
16:51:58 <arma4> s/single/simple/
16:52:09 <dcf1> #22945 would be nice, avoid exposing information to the domain front
16:52:26 * asn ding dang 50 mins in meeting
16:52:46 <arma4> you're still thinking tasks. i'm trying to think of classes of future tasks we haven't made tickets for yet. :)
16:52:48 <dcf1> #25598, dynamic adjustment of proxy polls will be good once there are more snowflakes
16:52:57 <arma4> but yes, ok, let's get back to that one, and/or let arlo think about it too
16:52:59 <t0mmy> we should talk about next steps after this meeting, as well
16:53:07 <arma4> next item on my list: What would dcf and arlo like their roles to be over the next year?
16:53:23 <dcf1> arma4: these are all things that, if I were doing them myself, I would consider priorities and probably budget at least 6 months
16:53:34 <arma4> ok
16:53:35 <dcf1> but I guess I didn't understand what you were asking
16:53:49 <arma4> no worries. we're making progress on better understanding all around i think.
16:55:01 <arma4> and while you're thinking about how to answer the future roles question, there's also the "what should serene's role be". unless that one's easy and she's having fun playing her piano and she has gone totally awol.
16:55:02 <arlolra> I was planning on continuing to contribute to this over the next year
16:55:27 <arlolra> unfortunately, I haven't heard from serene in a long while
16:55:51 <arma4> i heard from her in november
16:55:59 <dcf1> I'm going to see her play piano tomorrow, but I'm not planning to bring up anything about snowflake, I think she's put it behind her
16:56:09 <asn> :)
16:56:44 <t0mmy> I think we should meet again in a week or two to discuss this further and hammer out the requirements for a job posting
16:56:47 <dcf1> I don't mind continuing to work on snowflake
16:56:56 <dcf1> but would definitely defer to whoever you hire
16:57:22 <dcf1> IMO it was a problem in snowflake development for a long time, unclear leadership, and I wouldn't want to exacerbate that again
16:57:42 <arlolra> hear hear
16:57:43 <isabela> t0mmy: i like that idea
16:57:45 <arma4> ok. the timing on getting a good dev will be exciting, since i'm still trying to wrestle the funding out of the funder, which is also a full time job it turns out, but that's a different story :)
16:57:45 <asn> ack
16:58:01 <arma4> ok, sounds good. two short term questions i want to cover in the rest of the meeting:
16:58:02 <isabela> so
16:58:12 <isabela> we should have a job draft for the next meeting too
16:58:16 <t0mmy> does 17:00 UTC next Thursday work with people?
16:58:20 <arma4> (1) isa has been brainstorming with sukhbir, and they were thinking that one thing he might be great on is helping with the windows reproducible build stuff
16:58:27 <isabela> i think we should change the time tho
16:58:38 <arma4> is that something he can jump in on nowish? he can meet with dcf and hooman and see where things are and whether he thinks he can be helpful?
16:58:45 <t0mmy> isabela in an hour later not enough to not conflict?
16:58:49 <isabela> arma4: tx, yes that is a thing :)
16:59:04 <isabela> dcf1 arlolra what do you think?
17:00:04 <dcf1> I'll send sukhe the most recent email I sent hooman, with an update of the current status and a howto, and sukhe can see how it strikes him
17:00:09 <isabela> t0mmy: depends sometimes it will be that we end right at 1pm (now) today we ended earlier - that would not conflict but it would be one right after the other no breaks
17:00:13 <asn> dcf1: great
17:00:14 <arlolra> sukhe is very familiar with rbm, so that helps
17:00:25 <isabela> awesome
17:00:27 <arma4> that sounds promising
17:00:37 <t0mmy> asn would 18:00 UTC be too late?
17:00:44 <asn> probably
17:00:53 <arma4> t0mmy: i think let's try 17:00 utc
17:00:54 <asn> let's put it for 18:00 UTC and we see
17:01:01 <t0mmy> =)
17:01:04 <asn> 17:00 UTC is better. 16:00 UTC is also ok.
17:01:09 <asn> but 18:00 UTC can also work
17:01:16 <isabela> 17:10
17:01:17 <isabela> :D
17:01:18 <arma4> 1600 utc makes all the vegas team people have to multi-task
17:01:19 <t0mmy> 16:00 UTC would work on a day that's not Thursday
17:01:24 <isabela> 10min break from one meeting to another
17:01:33 <arma4> dcf1, arlolra: ok, and item 2: what name would we like for #23947?
17:01:43 <arma4> i think we should put it on a foo.torproject.org name
17:01:57 <arma4> and, this is just static files right? we can just add another static component to our webserver rotation
17:02:06 <arma4> i even talked to weasel about it yesterday and he suggested this
17:02:07 <asn> whatever, put it at 18:00 UTC
17:02:09 <asn> i will figure it out
17:02:15 <arlolra> yeah, static files
17:02:23 <dcf1> yes, just static files, we set cookies and stuff, but only through JS.
17:02:24 <isabela> asn: 17:10?
17:02:30 <dcf1> (Don't know if cookies are a problem for tpo)
17:02:35 <asn> isabela: that's also ok. but i'm also good with 18:00
17:02:35 <arma4> arlolra, dcf1: so, the model would be that you scp stuff over to a tor host, and then log in and run a sync command when you want stuff to go live
17:03:07 <isabela> lets do 17:10
17:03:21 <arma4> hmm, cookies! the cookies are... subdomain specific? or.. surely browsers wouldn't offer snowflake cookies to every other torproject.org site they go to?
17:03:24 <dcf1> snowflake.torproject.org I think?
17:03:36 <asn> isabela: ok
17:03:38 <dcf1> arma4: I'm not sure. Cookies are to make the opt-in work
17:03:53 <arma4> ok. if we pick snowflake.tpo, we can also put html on the front of it and it can become the website for the snowflake stuff
17:04:08 <arma4> and the auto fetched code can be somewhere tucked away that humans don't have to run across first
17:04:17 <dcf1> Picture the embed from https://keroserene.net/snowflake/, and replace "keroserene.net" with the chosen name. That's what we'll be telling people to do.
17:04:18 <arma4> ok, i will check with weasel about the cookie question
17:04:30 <asn> ok
17:04:35 <asn> so what should we do until the next meeting?
17:04:44 <asn> someone said something about draft job posting?
17:04:58 <isabela> i did
17:05:05 <isabela> :)
17:05:11 <arma4> one of the things i want us to do is to flesh out that roadmap more. that is, what are the categories of things that snowflake needs, to succeed
17:05:20 <isabela> yes
17:05:23 <arma4> it's not about identifying specific tasks, though those can be useful to understand context,
17:05:39 <t0mmy> asn isabela dcf1 arlolra ok, 18:00 UTC next Thursday?
17:05:40 <asn> ok
17:05:41 <arma4> but it's more about making sure there aren't entire types of things that we're going to say "oh shit" about when we realize nobody has any plans to do them
17:05:53 <asn> arma4: ack
17:06:00 <arlolra> t0mmy: yup
17:06:01 <isabela> yes
17:06:02 <asn> so some sort of medium/high-level roadmap planning
17:06:04 <arma4> t0mmy: i'll do better at 17:10 actually. my thursday afternoon gets bad the later it goes
17:06:14 <isabela> i want to give another pass on that spreadsheet and update it with tickets and follow ups
17:06:32 <isabela> can help organize roadmap for snowflake there too
17:06:35 <isabela> in another tab
17:06:39 <sukhe> dcf1: (please forwad the windows build status, thanks!)
17:06:47 <arma4> i think it is still unclear what exactly we would want out of a snowflake dev. that is, there are a bunch of small things floating and if they land then we can not get distracted so much by them
17:06:55 <arma4> i think it is more clear what we want in a snowflake project manager
17:07:02 <arma4> and maybe that's the thing to focus on first
17:07:07 <isabela> ok
17:07:10 <t0mmy> 17:10 then, I'll send an email reminder
17:07:10 <isabela> we can do that
17:07:12 <arma4> like, a person to lead and organize and help track progress
17:07:17 <isabela> t0mmy: tx
17:07:26 <arma4> and know what's getting done and what *isn't* getting done
17:07:34 <arma4> and help us make sure all things get done
17:07:36 <isabela> arma4: yes and this person will help do everything else so is priority :)
17:07:43 <isabela> hehe
17:08:04 <arma4> also i secretly have a hope that this person will slowly transition into being our generic second project manager
17:08:07 <arma4> so isa can have a friend
17:08:22 <isabela> :D
17:08:23 <Samdney> awh
17:08:29 <isabela> tx arma4
17:08:44 <arma4> and in the short term, sukhbir on windows build, and arma on "get them their hostname already", should be useful progress
17:08:53 <isabela> yes
17:08:55 <t0mmy> plus drafting the job posting
17:09:09 <arma4> yes that too
17:09:20 <asn> ok
17:09:30 <t0mmy> ok great! thank you all for taking the time; sorry for keeping y'all past the hour
17:09:40 <asn> dcf1: arlolra: thanks so much for all the useful info!
17:09:41 <arma4> awesome. we're ten minutes over the number 60 that somebody might have pointed to. we have a bunch of plans? including a plan to re-convene in a week?
17:10:01 <isabela> yes sir
17:10:06 <asn> which job posting we talking about? :)
17:10:08 <isabela> thanks t0mmy for organizing it!
17:10:10 <asn> both? or just once?
17:10:11 <isabela> thanks everyone!
17:10:13 <arlolra> what time did we settle on?
17:10:15 <asn> 17:10
17:10:16 <asn> UTC
17:10:17 <arma4> 17:10 utc
17:10:20 <arlolra> ty
17:10:23 <isabela> asn: team lead first
17:10:27 <asn> ok
17:10:33 <t0mmy> yep, I'll send a follow-up
17:10:41 <asn> sounds good
17:10:43 <t0mmy> isabela np =)
17:10:57 <asn> i will have time to work on this project again from tuesday and onwards fwiw
17:11:07 <asn> im gonna end this meeting!
17:11:10 * asn waits a bit
17:11:27 <arma4> thanks. i'm going to still be here after the meeting in case anybody wants to ask anything or tell us anything :)
17:11:30 <asn> #endmeeting