17:59:33 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser
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17:59:37 <GeKo> alright
17:59:41 <GeKo> hi everyone!
17:59:44 <boklm> hi!
17:59:55 <GeKo> as usual our pad is at https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:00:05 * antonela is around :)
18:00:10 <GeKo> please enter you updates and read over the other ones
18:00:26 <GeKo> in case there is anything you want to discuss, please mark it bold
18:00:32 <arthuredelstein> hi everybody!
18:01:06 <mcs> GeKo: I responded to your question (yes, Tor Launcher triage is done for now)
18:01:09 <sysrqb> Hi
18:01:26 <pospeselr> good morning/evening!
18:01:34 <GeKo> thx
18:02:29 <isabela> !!
18:02:39 <isabela> never end monday meetings
18:02:46 <pospeselr> did you find your afternoon cafeina isa?
18:02:53 <antonela> lol
18:03:02 <isabela> yes, consuming it now
18:03:39 <antonela> ☕️
18:03:44 <isabela> !!!!!!!!1
18:05:43 <pospeselr> amazing, pidgin supports emoji
18:05:50 <antonela> thanksgod
18:06:01 <pospeselr> 🙏
18:06:03 <isabela> worked well w/ my irssi
18:06:05 <isabela> not that
18:06:06 <GeKo> alright, let's see
18:06:08 <isabela> but anto's did
18:06:17 <GeKo> mcs: you are up it seems
18:06:34 * arthuredelstein can suddenly no longer type into the storm doc
18:07:05 <mcs> I am asking for a little UX attention to wording of text in Tor Launcher (see #25509).
18:07:34 <mcs> We can just make a small change to fix the problem arma reported or we could do more if we someone has input :)
18:08:48 <mcs> Anyway, please comment on the ticket if you have input.
18:09:12 <GeKo> i think doing it "properly" (whatever that means) sounds good to me
18:09:48 <GeKo> i guess antonela and isabela are away of it now, so let's move on
18:10:21 <GeKo> okay, we plan to have an alpha release out later this week mainly to give the new tor alpha some testing
18:10:25 <isabela> will look at the ticket
18:10:30 * antonela is reading
18:10:30 <isabela> and follow up from there
18:10:35 <mcs> thx
18:10:42 <GeKo> and pick up other fixes that accumulated
18:11:00 <GeKo> so, whoever wanted to help with building, now is a good time to raise yourh and!
18:11:31 <GeKo> it's just the building part (which is the smallest task), so no worries
18:11:52 <GeKo> i guess i'll do the tagging and signing and boklm help with getting the bundles out
18:12:08 <boklm> ok
18:12:35 <GeKo> my aim is to start building on wednesday/thursday
18:13:00 <GeKo> we have two patches i'd like to get in which i can't review as i've done them myself:
18:13:02 <mcs> The end of this week is not so good for me with respect to availability, so I have to pass this time.
18:13:21 <GeKo> #21537 and #25721
18:13:38 <GeKo> the latter is pretty simple and the former is not complicated either
18:13:56 <arthuredelstein> I will be around this week and would be happy to help as needed.
18:13:56 <GeKo> please pick those reviews up as you see fit, so that we can get them into the alpha
18:14:14 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: awesome, thanks.
18:14:41 <GeKo> pospeselr: thanks
18:14:52 <pospeselr> np
18:15:43 <GeKo> isabela: re your sync: where are we with the .onion ux improvements?
18:15:49 <GeKo> aka #23247
18:16:01 <GeKo> it seems to me we are/were close to get the coding going?
18:17:14 <isabela> yes
18:17:18 <isabela> i am working on a clean doc
18:17:28 <isabela> right now i only need to review meetings logs to make sure i didnt miss anything
18:17:37 <GeKo> sounds good!
18:17:42 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPrNLIl7Qy-sA7aTfElu80Xk2eXzTfH_5BGTOUDK8XU/edit#
18:17:48 <isabela> almost there
18:17:53 <antonela> GeKo: i'm working on a TBA version for #23247 too, we can review on wednesday
18:18:06 <GeKo> doing both would be cool!
18:18:24 <GeKo> we can then get the coding going
18:18:31 <isabela> cool
18:18:32 <antonela> yep
18:18:47 <GeKo> and that's now 1900 UTC, right?
18:18:52 <isabela> yes
18:18:53 <isabela> wed
18:18:56 <GeKo> bc the commuity team is meeting 1800
18:18:58 <antonela> yep
18:19:00 <GeKo> l
18:19:05 <isabela> every wed forever and ever during april
18:19:09 <isabela> :)
18:19:11 <GeKo> oops
18:19:15 <GeKo> heh
18:19:42 <GeKo> sysrqb: what about #25603 for this week?
18:20:23 <sysrqb> oh, missed that on this week, yes - I hope we can finish that
18:20:47 <GeKo> that would be neat, thanks
18:21:36 <GeKo> igt0: re the recaptcha issue, yes, i plan to do something about it
18:21:53 <GeKo> mainly to get in touch with a google engineer
18:22:13 <igt0> thanks!, I am seeing lot of people complaining in the community.
18:22:26 <GeKo> and, yes, it's not a cloudflare but more a pretty pervasive google issue
18:22:27 <GeKo> :(
18:22:36 <GeKo> which does not make it easier
18:23:02 <isabela> :(
18:23:05 <GeKo> so, i actually forgot to welcome sukhe, sorry for that
18:23:16 <GeKo> so, sukhe is helping out with tor browser work
18:23:18 <sukhe> hi! I thought I was always around but thanks :P
18:23:23 <antonela> o/
18:23:25 <GeKo> for the next time being
18:23:50 <arthuredelstein> awesome
18:23:56 <sukhe> I am currently working on #25483 but happy to be useful in any way I can be
18:23:56 <GeKo> the first thing that is planned is helping with getting snowflake to run on windows
18:24:04 <GeKo> yes
18:24:26 <sysrqb> nice
18:24:26 <GeKo> so, i am really excited to have another one in our team helping with tor browser stuff :)
18:24:44 <boklm> nice!
18:24:50 <pospeselr> neato!
18:25:01 <isabela> \o/
18:25:47 <GeKo> so, it seems we are on the discussion track now
18:26:06 <GeKo> are we good with the roadmap is it is right now?
18:26:20 <sysrqb> i am
18:26:26 <GeKo> i added some color-coding, not sure if that's smart or not
18:26:31 <GeKo> green means "done"
18:26:43 <GeKo> orange means "work in progress"
18:26:49 <GeKo> blue means "overdue"
18:26:59 <mcs> Kathy and I did a review last week and are happy with it too.
18:27:06 <GeKo> nice
18:27:46 <GeKo> i am still pondering what to do with items that are overdue (like move them over to the current month) or whether we should account for items that got finished late
18:28:10 <GeKo> by adding a fourth color so that we can later on start thinking about why this happened
18:28:15 <GeKo> and improve from there
18:28:17 * isabela is bias for moving
18:28:18 <isabela> :P
18:28:37 <GeKo> i know, i know :)
18:28:40 <isabela> hahaha
18:28:53 <GeKo> but so far i am quite happy with the result
18:29:13 <GeKo> okay, in case there is no further discussion for that, do we have anything else for today?
18:29:21 <isabela> 2/3 of april is 'work in progress'
18:29:45 <sysrqb> oh, should we start booking for mozilla all hands
18:29:54 <isabela> i sent the list to mozillans
18:29:56 <sysrqb> or should we wait on more details soon?
18:30:02 <sysrqb> ah, okay
18:30:08 <isabela> mozillans are doing their thing and probably will send emails with instructions
18:30:11 <isabela> when time comes
18:30:15 <isabela> :)
18:30:18 <sysrqb> okay :)
18:32:04 <GeKo> alright, nothing more it seems, then thanks everyone for today *baf*
18:32:07 <GeKo> #endmeeting