16:00:55 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in
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16:00:57 <isabela> !!!
16:01:16 <antonela> hi all!
16:01:34 * dmr lurks and will catch up on scrollback later :)
16:01:56 <isabela> lets give it a min for hiro
16:03:03 <isabela> alright
16:03:36 <isabela> re:roadmap - is still missing some sponsor9 work
16:03:57 <isabela> that said, i think we are doing good with the work
16:04:12 <antonela> hiro is working on loading the translations provided by phoul onto databags
16:04:15 <isabela> the gitlab kanban is missing (i meant to say)
16:04:20 <antonela> yes
16:04:25 <isabela> k
16:04:31 <hiro> yes
16:04:38 <hiro> and loading all the languages in search
16:04:46 <hiro> so that we can have a full test with all the languages
16:05:16 <isabela> sweet
16:05:20 <isabela> oi hiro o/
16:05:28 <hiro> hi :)
16:05:54 <isabela> i forgot to ping phoul about the completion status of translation
16:06:40 <isabela> hiro: do you want to give other updates?
16:06:44 <isabela> if there is any
16:06:57 <hiro> it's completed I think I am loading all the strings that are in branches that say "_completed"
16:07:14 <isabela> how many are completed?
16:07:17 <hiro> and I am using the databags directly to index things into solr
16:08:17 <hiro> I think we are only missing onion services
16:08:23 <hiro> from all the data bags we have
16:08:34 <isabela> for all langs?
16:08:44 <isabela> of tier 1 i mean
16:09:35 <hiro> so the translations have the following languages
16:09:49 <hiro> ca de es fr ga id pt_br ru uk zh
16:10:00 <isabela> ok
16:10:02 <hiro> but I have noticed some bags have different languages
16:10:05 <isabela> yes
16:10:09 <isabela> is missing ar there
16:10:11 <isabela> for instance
16:10:18 <isabela> it
16:10:26 <hiro> yes and some have nl for example
16:10:31 <hiro> which is not in our tier 1 right?
16:10:32 <isabela> yes
16:10:36 <isabela> we have tier one
16:10:43 <isabela> which is the minimal
16:10:51 <isabela> but if more get completed we should add them too
16:10:52 <isabela> is cool
16:11:11 <hiro> problem is for us to work all the databags should have the same languages
16:11:23 <hiro> so for the missing bags I use en as default
16:11:32 <isabela> missing bags?
16:11:36 <isabela> i am not understanding
16:11:41 <hiro> sure let me explain
16:11:45 <isabela> you mean as incomplete
16:11:50 <antonela> yes, en should be the default
16:11:53 <hiro> each bag is a macro topic
16:12:01 <hiro> like "tor browser"
16:12:04 <hiro> or faq
16:12:10 <isabela> k
16:12:16 <hiro> each bag gets translated
16:12:33 <hiro> so for faq I might have jp for example
16:12:40 <hiro> but not for tor browser
16:13:01 <hiro> so the url /jp works
16:13:01 <isabela> ok
16:13:11 <hiro> but in faq you see actual japanese text
16:13:21 <hiro> while for torbrowser you see english strings
16:13:36 <isabela> k
16:13:38 <hiro> because the tbb bag wasn't translated to jp
16:13:46 <isabela> this can be done for staging
16:13:58 <hiro> yes
16:14:01 <isabela> but for production - we should wait till is full translated
16:14:05 <isabela> the push the lang
16:14:13 <isabela> not half of the translations of the lang
16:14:19 <hiro> yes exactly otherwise people will think that language has not loaded
16:14:23 <isabela> yes
16:14:27 <isabela> is a bug or something
16:14:36 <isabela> okidoki
16:14:48 <isabela> anything else?
16:15:12 <hiro> well while I am doing this I am also making the scripts that can be used when we need to build the site
16:15:22 <hiro> so that this is not manual work
16:15:29 <isabela> nice
16:15:29 <hiro> and can go into jenkins
16:15:47 <antonela> 🤖
16:16:05 <isabela> legit !
16:16:11 <hiro> phoul was telling me that torbrowser people have some of these scripts already
16:16:19 <hiro> so I will look into those too
16:16:49 * Samdney lurks
16:17:00 <hiro> hello samdney
16:17:09 <Samdney> :)
16:17:24 <hiro> I think that's it
16:17:38 <isabela> hiro: one thing that the torproject.org page will need is when i set my page lang to pt and click download the lang package is pt already
16:18:06 <hiro> this torproject.org or future website?
16:18:22 <isabela> future
16:18:43 <hiro> that's ok, so the language pages can have the right link already
16:18:46 <antonela> hiro: we can use the url, since we are going to have =EN
16:18:48 <antonela> yee
16:18:52 <hiro> yes
16:19:00 <hiro> it will be the same I will be doing for search
16:19:03 <antonela> yes
16:19:12 <hiro> if you are visiting /es -> will search in es and so on
16:19:21 <antonela> smart
16:19:41 <isabela> nice
16:21:01 <isabela> ok antonela your turn
16:21:11 <antonela> okaa
16:21:22 <antonela> I started this week on Android mode (thanks igt0 for your help!)
16:21:24 <antonela> I just created TBA tickets for circuits and padlocks so we can have an exclusive thread for it
16:21:33 <antonela> #25764
16:21:39 <antonela> #25765
16:21:55 <isabela> !!
16:22:03 <antonela> i'm trying to have all browser related updates before wed so people have time to review it before the meeting
16:22:07 <antonela> i think is better :)
16:22:19 <isabela> great
16:22:26 <antonela> I talked with Elio yesterday and he would like to be involved with the .onion services new branding project. So lets start with the icon, which is something we need *urgent*
16:22:36 <antonela> So, I put together my first ticket ever ^___^ and I shared all what i did before. Funtimesss
16:22:42 <isabela> hehe
16:22:43 <antonela> #25763
16:23:02 <antonela> i cc'd stephw on it too :)
16:23:24 <antonela> also, I started the roadmap/deliveries for Alon, the illustrator. I'll share it on friday and I'll talk with him via email this week
16:23:38 <isabela> sounds good
16:23:44 <antonela> and i would like to start with about:tor this week too
16:24:07 <antonela> then we have support QA, maybe I can talk with some poc of each language this week? via irc? idk
16:24:16 <isabela> yes
16:24:24 <isabela> do you wnt to ping phoul on that?
16:24:27 <isabela> *want
16:24:29 <antonela> yes sure
16:24:34 <antonela> i think we already talked about it
16:24:37 <isabela> ask him to recruit ppl
16:24:37 <isabela> hehe
16:24:42 <antonela> but you know we need to recruit them
16:24:43 <antonela> yes
16:24:45 <antonela> exactly
16:24:46 <isabela> maybe introduce them to you via email
16:25:00 <antonela> yes, and setup 20/30 mins to talk about it
16:25:07 <antonela> via irc i think is fair enough
16:25:12 <isabela> yep
16:25:27 <antonela> and then if they want to send more feedback more translation related, they can email us or whatever
16:25:50 <antonela> cool, i'll email phoul about it
16:25:55 <antonela> will put you cc
16:25:57 <antonela> haha
16:26:01 <isabela> haha
16:26:02 <isabela> ok
16:26:28 <antonela> and that is all
16:26:35 * antonela think
16:26:35 <isabela> oki
16:26:50 <antonela> user research coordinator might happen next week maybe
16:26:52 <isabela> i worked on organizing a final doc for .onion states
16:26:55 <antonela> not sure, let me know
16:27:06 <isabela> yes, i need to follow up w erin on that
16:27:09 <antonela> oka
16:27:16 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPrNLIl7Qy-sA7aTfElu80Xk2eXzTfH_5BGTOUDK8XU/edit#
16:27:19 <isabela> ^ final doc
16:27:22 <isabela> updated the ticket with it
16:27:40 <isabela> i did reports for sponsor - !! cuz of traveling i forgot feb report!
16:27:41 <isabela> hehe
16:27:45 <isabela> but sponsor is cool
16:27:52 <isabela> all is out now too :)
16:28:00 <isabela> working on sitemap!
16:28:01 <isabela> https://share.riseup.net/#eWHDj18uc2ho9B1UpJdHCg
16:28:05 <isabela> here and there
16:28:12 <antonela> \o/
16:28:17 <isabela> should be up for review on friday meeting
16:28:24 <antonela> super, thanks for making it
16:28:39 <isabela> my 'roadmap work' is a bit freeze now cuz of other things i had to shift focus to
16:28:39 <antonela> we know is a horrible task haha
16:28:47 <isabela> but i should pick up on that latter in the week
16:28:53 <isabela> hehehe
16:28:57 <isabela> i kinda like it
16:29:02 <isabela> organizing things
16:29:05 <isabela> #PMnoia
16:29:05 <antonela> is why you are doing it hahahha
16:29:11 <isabela> lol
16:29:52 <isabela> that's it
16:30:08 <antonela> so, i think elio is not around, but i'll email him the ticket
16:30:17 <isabela> ok
16:30:24 <isabela> i am not sure what time is now for him
16:30:30 <antonela> eu time?
16:30:44 <isabela> eu is quite big
16:30:53 <antonela> lol im lost in timezones
16:31:01 <isabela> :)
16:31:03 <antonela> and my calendar just freak out last week and all my meetings are now at 3am
16:31:03 <isabela> buenas
16:31:04 <hiro> is alon in telaviv?
16:31:13 <isabela> lol
16:31:19 <antonela> Elio =/ Alon
16:31:23 <antonela> Elio from ooni
16:31:26 <hiro> ahhh
16:31:28 <antonela> Alon the illustrator
16:31:29 <antonela> lol
16:31:38 <hiro> got confused between the two
16:31:44 <antonela> so close
16:31:47 <isabela> yeah
16:31:51 <hiro> if elio is in berlin is +2 from utc
16:32:29 <hiro> I had a little accident last night and have been taking ibuprophene
16:32:49 <hiro> if you were wondering why I was confusing things more than usual
16:33:04 <antonela> glad you survived!
16:33:09 <hiro> lol yeah
16:33:13 <antonela> haha
16:33:14 <hiro> it was a stair accident
16:33:49 <isabela> ! aiaiai hiro !
16:33:52 <isabela> be careful
16:33:56 * antonela is thinking about all the trash flying in the air once Hiro was falling out
16:34:20 <hiro> yes so I was goign down to throw out the trash and I flew off the stairs
16:34:23 <isabela> i think elio is in armenia? or georgia?
16:34:28 <antonela> Armenia
16:34:30 <isabela> or maybe i am 100% wrong
16:34:32 <isabela> ok
16:34:41 <isabela> anw
16:34:42 <hiro> ah ok armenia might be +4 if I am not mistaken
16:35:02 <antonela> anw, will move it to an email :)
16:35:07 <isabela> k
16:35:11 <isabela> i will kill the bot then
16:35:14 <isabela> if there is nothing else
16:35:16 <hiro> bye bot
16:35:19 <antonela> byee
16:35:21 <isabela> #endmeeting