19:00:23 <isabela> #startmeeting TB + UX weekly sync o/
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19:00:31 <isabela> today we have a movie!
19:00:34 <GeKo> pospeselr: it turns out we are talking about items which you got signed up for on the roadmap :)
19:00:50 <pospeselr> nice
19:00:57 <isabela> we will start with my little agenda, lets check out the circuit display for android work antonela did
19:01:00 <isabela> #25764
19:01:03 * antonela thought it was proper selr like proper lol
19:01:34 <antonela> yes! i worked this week on Andorid, thanks igt0 for the help!
19:01:44 <sysrqb> yay!
19:02:09 <isabela> there is a nice screencast there too
19:02:22 <antonela> i created a TBA child ticket on each main ticket, so we can have a mobile thread too
19:02:44 * isabela gives ppl a  min to consume info
19:03:05 <t0mmy> vid looks super
19:03:53 <antonela> (:
19:03:54 <sysrqb> nice, so the screenshot...that's for an onion service connection
19:04:02 <sysrqb> not a connection to badssl.com, right? :)
19:04:08 <isabela> hehehe
19:04:27 <isabela> yes
19:04:29 <sysrqb> looks great, though
19:04:29 <isabela> ignore the copy
19:04:45 <antonela> nono, i 1) updated the mobile app UI to Photon 2) created a demo version to see if this dialog box is good for our uses
19:04:50 <antonela> yes, that
19:04:55 <pospeselr> neat!
19:05:02 <antonela> i'll create each case like we did for desktop
19:05:09 <sysrqb> cool
19:05:26 <antonela> but this dialog box will solve 2 things: padlock security indicator + new circuits home
19:05:31 <sysrqb> specifically the three "relay" hops are not...right :)
19:05:39 <antonela> you right :)
19:05:42 <mcs> Will people know that “NEW CIRCUIT FOR THIS SITE” is clickable? On my old Android, device tappable items are usually shown in a distinctive color.
19:05:43 <isabela> hehhe
19:05:51 <mcs> old Android device
19:06:00 <isabela> mcs: good point
19:06:11 <sysrqb> hrm, yeah, maybe mak iit more button-y
19:06:16 <sysrqb> *make
19:06:32 <antonela> on my favor, we are working on the onion icon at #25763 and I want to stop using onions until we have the definitive one, just to dont create more noise
19:07:02 <antonela> mcs: we can make it a button, but i'm following Material Design directions with the colored link
19:07:21 <mcs> Following conventions is the right thing.
19:07:23 <mcs> I think.
19:07:24 <antonela> anw, yes we can test/try a button instead a link, for sure
19:07:54 <sysrqb> i wonder if we can add a separator line (or something) between the circuit graphic and the link
19:08:07 <sysrqb> something that makes it look different
19:08:14 <antonela> mmm, could be
19:08:24 <antonela> wondering if the link is the only call to action we should have there
19:08:53 <sysrqb> true
19:08:54 <isabela> i think link gives the impression will take you to the web
19:08:56 <antonela> like, what happen with our Learn more links?
19:08:59 <isabela> button means something related to the app
19:09:10 <antonela> good point
19:09:37 <isabela> and yes
19:09:41 <isabela> we should add the copy there too
19:09:44 <isabela> the learn more copy
19:09:45 <isabela> :)
19:09:54 <antonela> yep
19:09:59 * antonela is taking notes
19:10:04 <arthuredelstein> we will have a kind of separator line on the new desktop version. Background color is light gray
19:10:09 <isabela> antonela: smash it like a hamburguer and you can fit more :P
19:10:15 * isabela kidding
19:10:18 <antonela> hahaha
19:10:32 <antonela> arthur, yes! we can try it on the dialog too
19:10:53 <igt0> antonela and I spoke about it however we also need to decide if the tablet circuit display will look similar as the mobile one.
19:11:05 <isabela> cool
19:11:17 <antonela> yes, this is something cool to talk about ha
19:11:24 <GeKo> igt0: what speaks against that?
19:11:39 <igt0> GeKo, there are tablets with huge screen size
19:11:46 <antonela> 7inches and 9 inches
19:11:55 <antonela> [on Material Design docs]
19:12:29 <igt0> so the circuit display modal floating in the middle of a 9 inches tablet would have a funny look and feel.
19:12:47 <GeKo> i see
19:12:51 <antonela> :/
19:12:58 <arthuredelstein> it could be a door hanger in that case
19:13:01 <arthuredelstein> just like on desktop
19:13:05 <isabela> yeah
19:13:07 <GeKo> yep
19:13:08 <arthuredelstein> or something similar
19:13:10 <isabela> i wonder how it behaves now
19:13:32 <isabela> is it doorhanger for these tablets with big screens?
19:13:36 * isabela doesnt have one
19:14:08 <isabela> ok
19:14:17 <isabela> we can investigate it for antonela next iteration
19:14:20 <antonela> i need to resurrect any android tablet i have here
19:14:21 <isabela> anything else on this?
19:14:21 <antonela> yes
19:14:27 <mcs> on my 7” tablet with Firefox beta (60?) it is more like a doorhanger (right below the URL bar)
19:14:38 <isabela> ah
19:14:39 <isabela> cool
19:14:39 <antonela> mcs, centered or left aligned?
19:14:43 <antonela> can you take an screenshot?
19:14:57 <pospeselr> on my Nexus 6pit hangs off the SSL lock *like* a door hanger
19:15:03 <antonela> gotcha
19:15:09 <isabela> ok
19:15:13 <antonela> ill work on tables for next week, yes
19:15:16 <mcs> I will figure out how to make a screenshot :)  But it is nearly left aligned (just a few pixels in from LHS of screen)
19:15:18 <pospeselr> well, sorta
19:15:23 <pospeselr> yeah same as mcs
19:15:25 <isabela> ppl add screenshots to the ticket or send to antonela :)
19:15:28 <antonela> mcs: is fine, thanks a lot!
19:15:33 <igt0> mcs, portrait and landscape?
19:15:51 <antonela> landscape is my deal breaker ha
19:16:16 <isabela> :)
19:16:20 <antonela> because a dialog box on potrait mode is good, but on landscapes /o\
19:16:22 <mcs> yes, although tall may not work well in landscape (which is what antonela is saying I think)
19:16:29 <antonela> yes
19:16:48 <antonela> exactly, cool!
19:16:51 <isabela> ok
19:16:57 <isabela> send this stuff to antonela
19:17:02 <isabela> and antonela will play more with it
19:17:11 <antonela> yep, will work on it next week :)
19:17:18 <isabela> ok
19:17:19 <arthuredelstein> if it doesn't fit on landscape, we could draw the circuit horizontally instead of vertically
19:17:30 <arthuredelstein> then the text would hang down diagonally from each node
19:18:01 <arthuredelstein> more css fun :P
19:18:04 <isabela> hehehe
19:18:06 <antonela> oh yes
19:18:06 <isabela> hell
19:18:07 <sysrqb> mmm, that could work
19:18:43 <isabela> alright folks :) i will move on to the next item if its ok
19:18:50 <pospeselr> should the node text be on the other side of the node diagrams for left <- right languages?
19:18:52 <isabela> and antonela will play more with this and present options
19:19:06 <arthuredelstein> pospeselr: yes, that's what we do on the current Tor Browser
19:19:06 <pospeselr> or is that not how that works
19:19:12 <antonela> pospeselr: good question, *drinks water*, yes
19:19:13 <pospeselr> alright awesome
19:19:16 <arthuredelstein> should be in the new version too
19:19:24 <arthuredelstein> but I haven't tested it yet
19:20:59 <sysrqb> what's next?
19:21:10 <antonela> #25658 i think
19:21:10 <isabela> ok
19:21:23 <isabela> i had another update
19:21:28 <GeKo> #23247 i think
19:21:30 <isabela> the .onion states are nwo updated
19:21:34 <isabela> *now
19:21:59 <antonela> yes!
19:22:01 <isabela> GeKo: this is in the roadmap for summer?
19:22:10 * isabela looks
19:22:13 <GeKo> this month
19:22:23 <GeKo> and pospeselr is already watching :)
19:22:31 <isabela> oh
19:22:33 <isabela> oh
19:22:34 <isabela> ok
19:22:40 <isabela> pospeselr: well here it go :)
19:22:45 <pospeselr> lol
19:22:45 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPrNLIl7Qy-sA7aTfElu80Xk2eXzTfH_5BGTOUDK8XU/edit#heading=h.bitrsfdc06r
19:22:50 <isabela> this is what matters
19:22:52 <isabela> i would say
19:23:41 <antonela> I'll provide all the icons you need, most of them are part of Photon
19:23:42 <antonela> https://design.firefox.com/icons/viewer/
19:24:14 <antonela> but the onion one is under discussion
19:24:21 <isabela> pospeselr: let me us know if you have any questions
19:24:31 <isabela> this was a result of many people brains :)
19:24:36 <GeKo> isabela: see mcs's comment on the ticket
19:24:53 <GeKo> i think the last case for https embeds onion is wrong
19:25:17 <GeKo> (i should have said "think, too" as tjr pointed it out as well)
19:25:54 <isabela> i dont understand
19:25:59 <isabela> i updated it already
19:26:26 <GeKo> the first case in page two shows an onion
19:26:30 <GeKo> but it should be a padlock
19:26:39 <isabela> onion over http?
19:26:49 <GeKo> A HTTPS Site embeds onion:
19:27:00 <GeKo> and there the HTTPS Site with HTTPS Self-Signed Onion Subresources case
19:27:03 <isabela> its a padlock
19:27:07 <isabela> i changed it
19:27:10 <GeKo> i have a .onion here
19:27:14 <isabela> eita
19:27:19 <GeKo> ah, okay, carry on then
19:27:28 <isabela> hehehe
19:27:38 <isabela> :)
19:27:50 <isabela> ok pospeselr ping us if you need anything or has any questions!
19:27:55 <GeKo> it's still an onion though after reloading, weird
19:28:08 <isabela> does others sees an onion?
19:28:13 <brade> yes, I see an onion
19:28:16 <isabela> GeKo: is the google devil
19:28:18 <isabela> eita
19:28:23 <GeKo> no, i am the google hater
19:28:27 <pospeselr> heh
19:28:46 <antonela> haha
19:29:07 <isabela> https://share.riseup.net/#fzdtrYG0BG0Y88n1mOm1hQ
19:29:39 <isabela> nsa is intercepting and showing yall different things to interrupt our meeting
19:29:43 <isabela> :)
19:29:48 <isabela> anw!
19:30:10 <GeKo> that image does not show the case in question :)
19:30:16 <isabela> if there is any other thing please ping us :) but otherwise pospeselr should be good
19:30:39 <isabela> hmm
19:30:55 <isabela> oh!
19:30:59 <isabela> my bad!
19:31:02 <GeKo> yes!
19:31:09 <GeKo> no worries :)
19:31:27 <isabela> :)
19:31:48 <isabela> should it be with the little yellow thing like default is?
19:32:39 <GeKo> no, i think just green
19:32:47 <isabela> ah
19:32:55 <isabela> k
19:32:58 <isabela> easy
19:33:00 <GeKo> it should not be treated worse as http onion subresources i think
19:33:12 <isabela> true
19:33:17 <GeKo> yes, that's better, thanks
19:33:22 <isabela> ty!
19:33:23 <isabela> alright ppl
19:33:27 <isabela> lets move on :)
19:33:45 <isabela> https://bugs.torproject.org/25658
19:33:47 <isabela> it is
19:34:15 <isabela> lets talk about this idea
19:34:31 <isabela> antonela: want to say something?
19:34:47 <antonela> yes! we quickly introduced it last week, and then i updated the ticket because is better for all us to have tickets updated before the meeting
19:34:49 <antonela> so
19:35:00 <antonela> we had some comments (thanks mcs!!!)
19:35:47 <isabela> :)
19:35:47 <antonela> I created this UI based on GeKo's proposal
19:36:03 <antonela> we are still exploring options, so nothing is solid on the rock
19:36:21 <antonela> we talked about this idea in Rome and I put it together on those mocks
19:36:55 <antonela> i personally think that the security setting is a super cool feature for our browser and it deserves a place at the top nav
19:37:52 <antonela> about to have a visual feedback on the set level, i proposed some colors, comments proposed numbers, labels
19:38:05 <antonela> Maybe we can think together about it
19:38:25 <GeKo> i think we should not reuse the tracking protection icon
19:38:28 <isabela> i have feedback on the copy
19:38:34 <antonela> we dont have mobile mocks yet, because i'd like to define the core UI first
19:38:55 <antonela> GeKo, cool, it is something i mentioned at the ticket and I'm not sure
19:39:03 <isabela> the title of this is 'Security' and the our section is 'Security Preferences' - I would change our section title to 'Tor Browser Preferences'
19:39:09 <isabela> we are inside security already
19:39:11 <GeKo> because i think we should be adamant about not mixing security and privacy properties
19:39:16 <mcs> I agree about not reusing the icon.
19:39:19 <GeKo> the latter all our users should get
19:39:20 <antonela> good point
19:39:35 <GeKo> the former is up to individual thread models
19:39:42 <arthuredelstein> I think in the Security section of about:preferences we could remove the other Firefox settings, because they are dangerous to change anyway.
19:39:47 <GeKo> and mixing both makes the analysis harder
19:39:57 <mcs> onion with a lock? :)
19:39:57 <isabela> arthuredelstein: +!
19:40:01 <isabela> ops 1
19:40:01 <isabela> :)
19:40:20 <mcs> I guess none of this is onion-related tho
19:40:28 <antonela> mcs: not sure if using onions for this
19:40:32 <GeKo> well at least collapse them
19:40:42 <antonela> exactly, BUT a lock is something to explore
19:40:52 <GeKo> i would not remove them outright
19:40:58 <isabela> i think 3 onions where on each level an onion is colored the rest is gray, also growing from little to big
19:41:01 <isabela> hehe
19:41:02 <isabela> too crazy?
19:41:32 <antonela> mmm
19:41:40 <sysrqb> fancy
19:42:16 <antonela> we are solid that 1) we have an icon indicator at top nav 2) the settings will be at about:preferences
19:42:42 <isabela> yes /me thinks
19:42:59 <mcs> I think that is a good approach.
19:43:22 <GeKo> +1
19:43:26 <pospeselr> fyi, for the Tracking Protection Icon OPT 1, the red orange and green dots are basically the same when zoomed out to the size they would appear in the chrome (for those of us with defective eyeballs)
19:43:27 <antonela> cool, I wanted to explore more options for the iconography, so cool that you dont agree on reusing the former one
19:43:28 <antonela> :D
19:43:48 <GeKo> heh
19:44:05 <isabela> antonela: <3 tx
19:44:15 <antonela> pospeselr: yep, people complained about colors, but we are not going to have just colors there, i'm aware that we need a lable
19:44:19 <antonela> sorry, label
19:44:29 <isabela> i like arthuredelstein proposal to remove FF part
19:44:37 <antonela> yes, a comment on it
19:44:50 <arthuredelstein> in general there's a lot of ui in about:preferences that we should consider hiding for user safety
19:45:03 <sysrqb> and increae usability
19:45:04 <antonela> the settings section is something we should discuss deeper, like are we going to have our own section? Tor Browser Settings
19:45:09 <antonela> or a different one
19:45:10 <sysrqb> it's overwhelming
19:45:34 <arthuredelstein> sysrqb: yes!
19:45:39 <sysrqb> (the number of options on about:preferences now)
19:45:40 <antonela> arthuredelstein: yes
19:45:48 <antonela> sysrqb: yes
19:45:55 <GeKo> i think we don't need our own section
19:46:15 <pospeselr> obv not a designer, but one way to do it without colour (or labels) is to take that shield icon and modify the fill:
19:46:15 <pospeselr> Default : same icon with the middle bit removed
19:46:15 <pospeselr> Safer: same icon with the 'half shield' in the middle
19:46:15 <pospeselr> Safest: mirror over the middle "hafl shield' to fill the interior space
19:46:16 <GeKo> if we hide #security options that ar already there then this should fit neatly
19:46:27 <antonela> pospeselr: I LIKE IT
19:46:37 <brade> maybe we should have our own section and hide FF section but our section offer a way to unhide FF’s Privacy & Security section?
19:46:40 <isabela> GeKo: i agree
19:46:44 <isabela> we should take over!
19:46:46 <isabela> is our browser now :P
19:46:54 <pospeselr> lol
19:47:20 <GeKo> brade: we could do that!
19:47:36 <pospeselr> hide it under an 'advanced' button or something
19:47:38 <pospeselr> people love those
19:47:42 <antonela> oh yes
19:47:43 <isabela> brade: yes that works too
19:47:44 <GeKo> yes
19:47:45 <sysrqb> ha
19:48:07 <antonela> wait, hide the default under advanced? or hide ours?
19:48:16 <pospeselr> hide the default things people shouldn't be touching
19:48:17 <GeKo> default
19:48:20 <antonela> YES
19:48:30 <antonela> oh our minds are so aligned
19:48:41 <arthuredelstein> I say if you click "advanced" it just launches Internet Explorer
19:48:43 <GeKo> makes things easier :)
19:48:47 <GeKo> lol
19:48:48 <isabela> lol
19:48:48 <antonela> lol
19:48:59 <pospeselr> hmm gonna be tricky on linux
19:49:00 <antonela> easter egg
19:49:08 <pospeselr> but we could package wine and launch a wine emulated gecko browser
19:49:16 <antonela> ohmy
19:49:16 <isabela> aiaiai
19:49:54 <antonela> so, i'll create new options for the indicators, we can continue discussing settings at the ticket
19:50:01 <isabela> k
19:50:09 <isabela> we are 9min to the hr
19:50:19 <isabela> want to introduce whats coming up for next week?
19:50:34 <antonela> yes
19:50:35 <mcs> I also like pospeselr’s fill idea for the icons.
19:50:41 <antonela> +1
19:50:46 <antonela> i'll render it
19:51:08 <pospeselr> woo
19:51:30 <antonela> I started to work on about:tor/onboarding task, i upated the ticket #25695 and you can review it during this week, so we can talk about it next meeting
19:51:31 <sysrqb> :)
19:51:36 <isabela> \o/
19:51:42 <isabela> i tell you! this project will be so much fun
19:51:48 <antonela> it is
19:52:12 <mcs> Quickly: does anyone know how Firefox’s onboarding is implemented? Is it all local (as opposed to talking to a server)?
19:52:20 <isabela> antonela: knows!
19:52:43 <GeKo> no movie attachment this time? ;)
19:52:45 <antonela> disclaimer: you will not find fancy mocks at this time, we are discussing how the flow should be, after that I'll create hd mocks
19:52:54 <GeKo> aha!
19:52:55 <isabela> GeKo: you getting spoiled :P
19:52:57 <antonela> mcs: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25695#comment:3
19:53:06 <antonela> someone commented there and was so useful for me
19:53:20 <antonela> not sure if this answer your question
19:53:21 <mcs> I saw that but did not look at the code :)
19:53:25 <antonela> GeKo: aha!
19:53:37 <GeKo> isabela: you are raising the bar! from now on only ux improvments with movies!11!
19:53:48 <antonela> gifs or die
19:53:52 * mcs is starting to think about popcorn now
19:53:53 <isabela> hahaha
19:54:33 <isabela> alright, folks
19:54:47 <isabela> we have 5 min - if anyone wants to give first impressions on the flow
19:55:31 <isabela> anything here you think is not possible to have so far?
19:55:36 <isabela> know those states
19:55:37 <arthuredelstein> having two onboardings A and B seems complex
19:55:57 <isabela> oh
19:56:00 <brade> agreed
19:56:04 <isabela> i think B here is more a new version of it
19:56:08 <isabela> for the new features
19:56:11 <antonela> one for first time installers and another for updates?
19:56:25 <antonela> okay, we can think about it
19:56:38 <arthuredelstein> it makes perfect sense, just seems like a lot :)
19:56:42 <mcs> Is the idea of the “1st time update” (B) flow that we would show what is new (i.e., expose new features)?
19:56:52 <antonela> yes, exactly
19:57:01 <isabela> we need to present something nicer than change log page
19:57:04 <isabela> after udpate :)
19:57:07 <antonela> yep
19:57:15 <mcs> Would we do that for each release? Each time we add major features? Something to think about I suppose.
19:58:13 <sysrqb> for major UI changes, we may want more of a walk-through post-update
19:58:14 <isabela> mcs: yes, i've been thinking 1. we would haave something on the landing page for every release with a link to change log and 2. onboard would be updated if a new feature is added
19:58:16 <antonela> mcs: i think major features/updates needs a highlight at the first view
19:58:20 <sysrqb> so that maybe good for another on-boarding
19:58:33 <sysrqb> yeah :)
19:58:34 <mcs> We should also think about how users will get introduced to the onboarding. First time we might want to really be “in your face” so we can teach people important things.
19:58:35 <isabela> maybe we change it
19:58:47 <isabela> from onboarding B to 'feature discovery'
19:58:54 <isabela> and is called when we do have one to show
19:58:55 <antonela> sysrqb: something like https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/59.0.2/tracking-protection/start/
19:59:10 <sysrqb> yup
19:59:15 <antonela> cool
19:59:29 <brade> I think that Mozilla does a poor job with their onboarding; the page is so cluttered that you don’t see it
19:59:42 <GeKo> isabela: +1
19:59:45 <pospeselr> does this have any fingerprinting concerns?  iirc we removed/play to remove the tor browser update version history
19:59:46 <mcs> brade: Do you mean b/c their start page is so cluttered?
19:59:55 <brade> yes
20:00:01 <pospeselr> plan to remove*
20:00:26 <GeKo> as long as this is all local i think we are finw
20:00:28 <GeKo> *fine
20:00:40 <sysrqb> ^
20:00:53 <sysrqb> (exactly what i was about to say)
20:01:00 <GeKo> :)
20:01:01 <antonela> how hard could be for devs having this like of onboarding instead of cards?
20:01:02 <antonela> https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/59.0.2/tracking-protection/start/
20:01:13 <antonela> like > kind
20:01:29 <antonela> i mean, at first glance, i dont need points estimations
20:01:51 <antonela> because if you think is something doable, we can think in a version with steps
20:02:13 <arthuredelstein> On my Firefox, that onboarding hangs on step 3 :(
20:02:41 <brade> antonela: I can’t load that page
20:03:03 <antonela> arthur: :heartbreaks:
20:03:05 <pospeselr> arthuredelstein: same
20:03:23 <antonela> brade:
20:03:24 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/s/7et2bfr3413jjl1/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202018-04-11%20a%20la%28s%29%2010.06.16%20AM.png?dl=0
20:03:32 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ptgv50kfxf217c9/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202018-04-11%20a%20la%28s%29%2010.06.21%20AM.png?dl=0
20:03:39 <antonela> https://www.dropbox.com/s/722bp5clndezaw5/Captura%20de%20pantalla%202018-04-11%20a%20la%28s%29%2010.06.26%20AM.png?dl=0
20:03:53 <sysrqb> yeah, it's broken in tor browser :/
20:03:58 <isabela> :(
20:04:04 <antonela> oh
20:04:12 <brade> thx
20:04:13 <mcs> I think the reason it isn’t working for brade (and me too) is because we have disabled the stuff that allows remote control via a website :)
20:04:22 <mcs> (also disabled in Tor Browser)
20:04:29 <isabela> ah
20:04:37 <mcs> So the doorhangers don’t appear.
20:04:54 <antonela> buggy from scratch :/
20:05:15 <antonela> anw, we can think on both options for each kind of user story
20:05:33 <isabela> yep
20:05:45 <isabela> we will play more with it next week too
20:05:53 <sysrqb> sounds good
20:05:53 <arthuredelstein> If we wanted to show these doorhangers it could presumably all be done locally, so that sort of problem wouldn't be an issue.
20:05:54 * isabela is loving these syncs
20:06:18 <mcs> arthuredelstein: A simple matter of programming :)
20:06:27 <arthuredelstein> :)
20:06:38 <antonela> arthuredelstein: good idea
20:06:53 <mcs> Someone should look at the tech used in Firefox in parallel with Antonela’s work.
20:06:54 <isabela> :)
20:07:01 <isabela> mcs: +1
20:07:09 <antonela> mcs: yes, please
20:07:19 <antonela> so we create something that then we can build :)
20:07:25 <isabela> hehehe
20:07:31 <isabela> that would be helpful :P
20:07:37 <antonela> haha
20:07:54 <isabela> alright ppl
20:07:56 <isabela> we cool?
20:08:15 <arthuredelstein> so cool
20:08:15 <antonela> me groot
20:08:32 <GeKo> yep
20:08:46 <igt0> yup (:
20:08:48 <isabela> i will stop the botz
20:09:02 <isabela> #endmeeting