16:00:50 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in meeting
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16:00:52 <isabela> !
16:00:54 <isabela> cool
16:01:13 <isabela> roadmap check in
16:02:04 <antonela> boards? https://oniongit.eu/groups/ux/-/boards
16:02:11 <isabela> antonela: i was thinking of moving all green stuff or 'current month tasks colun' to may and leave the 'in progress' stuff to be the only focus for the rest of april (giving that we also have some tpo/illustration stuff going on that is not here)
16:02:25 <antonela> yes sure, feel free :)
16:03:01 <isabela> cool
16:03:22 <isabela> connection is super lagslow
16:03:29 <antonela> :/
16:03:32 <hiro> yes for me too
16:04:30 <isabela> ok
16:04:44 <isabela> sorry my home connection slowed down for a bit but now is back
16:04:55 <isabela> hiro: yes! I was about to say the same for you
16:05:03 <hiro> :)
16:05:04 <isabela> ok i will work on roadmaps this afternoon
16:05:18 <antonela> oh great, we are still working anyways !
16:05:30 <isabela> we are doing a lot
16:05:32 <dmr> sorry to be late; what's the pad for the meeting?
16:05:45 <isabela> this meeting has no pads :)
16:05:54 <isabela> https://oniongit.eu/groups/ux/-/boards
16:06:02 <dmr> isabela: ahhh, thanks
16:06:05 <isabela> np
16:06:14 <isabela> should we move to updates?
16:06:26 <antonela> yep, which is basically an update on roadmaps :)
16:06:34 <antonela> i can start
16:06:40 <isabela> go!
16:06:57 <antonela> last week I worked with Elio on #25763, I'll continue this week
16:07:28 <antonela> also, TBA UI for circuits and security padlock indicator were discussed at #25764 and #25765
16:07:52 <antonela> I also worked on #25695 and I'll continue this week
16:08:17 <antonela> for our TTB meeting this week I'd like to discuss Security Settings - #25658
16:08:24 <antonela> and I'm working hard on it :)
16:08:47 <antonela> i tried a lot of options for iconography, BUT i have an idea now and I'm working on having a coherent proposal for our meeting time
16:08:50 <isabela> !!!
16:09:17 <isabela> looking forward to it
16:09:19 <antonela> in another side of things, i added for this month a task related with our sponsor9
16:09:47 <antonela> which is update the styleguide with printable elements + branded slides
16:09:55 <isabela> great
16:10:00 <antonela> im working with ahf on having a LaTex team for LaTex lovers
16:10:14 <antonela> (he is working, i'm motivating him haha)
16:10:26 <isabela> hehehe
16:10:37 <antonela> aaand I worked on a document that outline Alon's work
16:10:45 <antonela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WeQj97T19N3CLSmX-NAZJKEJcpMPsNc58KOi_ZL2IW0/edit
16:10:49 <isabela> ah cool
16:11:13 <antonela> finishing it today/tomorrow so we can share it with admin people to move forward with an small contract (maybe) and first payment
16:11:29 <ahf> antonela: :-D
16:11:31 <isabela> sounds good, i just requested access to it
16:11:44 <antonela> i have a jitsi call tomorrow with him
16:11:57 <antonela> just to talk about details, ideas and kick off the project
16:11:59 <isabela> ok, i will make sure to read it today in case i have any feedback
16:12:09 <antonela> yes, feel free to edit/add/remove/make comments whatever
16:12:16 <isabela> cool
16:12:24 <antonela> ahf: :D
16:12:27 <isabela> that is a lot going on antonela !
16:12:32 <antonela> oh yes
16:12:32 <antonela> ALSO
16:12:36 <isabela> hahaha
16:12:43 <antonela> i have http://snowflake.torproject.org/
16:12:51 <isabela> oh
16:12:55 <antonela> which i would like to brand with some artsy ascii thing
16:13:09 <antonela> so, i hope i can finish something shareable for snowflake meeting
16:13:16 <isabela> today?
16:13:18 <antonela> which is on thursday
16:13:22 <antonela> or today?
16:13:22 <isabela> it changed
16:13:24 <isabela> for today
16:13:28 <antonela> oh cool
16:13:29 <antonela> haha
16:13:31 <isabela> 1800utc
16:13:32 <isabela> haha
16:13:36 <antonela> yes, today
16:13:44 <antonela> i worked on it last week, so i just need to export
16:13:49 <isabela> ah
16:13:51 <isabela> easy
16:14:02 <antonela> yep, lets see what people think
16:14:05 <antonela> and i think is all
16:14:08 <isabela> :)
16:14:48 <antonela> oh, phoul get back to us about 1-1 with people about localizations
16:14:54 <isabela> snowflake can move slow too, is less urgent as the browser stuff, if that helps with prioritizataion
16:14:56 <antonela> i hope we can start to run those sessions soon
16:15:00 <antonela> yes i know
16:15:08 <isabela> yes i saw that
16:15:13 <isabela> re:phoul
16:15:17 <antonela> but i want to have an ascii snowflake there maybe and i procrastinated over that last week
16:15:18 <isabela> that is exciting
16:15:23 * flexlibris is here
16:15:29 <isabela> lol
16:15:31 <isabela> alright
16:15:34 <isabela> flexlibris: hi
16:15:39 <antonela> hi flexlibris
16:15:42 <flexlibris> hi hi
16:15:47 <hiro> hi flexlibris
16:15:51 <antonela> aaaand we are going to buy flights for our african adventure
16:15:52 <antonela> this week
16:15:52 <isabela> antonela: anything else?
16:15:56 <isabela> haha
16:15:56 <antonela> no basta
16:15:57 <flexlibris> yessss antonela
16:15:57 <isabela> yes
16:16:08 <isabela> alright! hiro want to go?
16:16:11 <hiro> yes sure
16:16:34 <hiro> so between last week and this week I have been working on the search part of the support portal + the localization part
16:16:57 <hiro> localization works quite ok, but I have to go through the complete translations again and sync all the bags
16:17:30 <hiro> search work ok-ish too. it's now on staging with the support portal  and I am solving a few bugs
16:17:36 <hiro> some of these bugs are visuals
16:17:38 <isabela> ah cool
16:17:44 <hiro> with localizations and so
16:18:19 <hiro> some are more about making solr indexing chinese and generally speaking non western letters
16:18:26 <hiro> ops not letters I meant chars
16:18:27 <hiro> :)
16:18:45 <isabela> yep, i hope they have a good support for it
16:19:03 <hiro> because at the moment it works great if you try to search "tor" in the chinese strings
16:19:09 <hiro> but not something in actual chinese
16:19:36 <hiro> so the other plan is that everything gets converted to unicode and I just search strings
16:19:53 <isabela> unicode?
16:19:58 <hiro> and a little of the language support within the search is lost
16:20:27 <isabela> i wonder if this is a tokenization thing
16:20:35 <hiro> I have to look it up in the docs
16:20:41 <hiro> yep I meant u'\u7684'
16:20:51 <hiro> which correspond to a specific char
16:21:21 <isabela> yes
16:21:22 <hiro> I wonder if I was converting to unicode in my inject script also, which could be the cause of the limited language support in certain languages
16:21:36 <hiro> so these are the things I am trying to solve
16:21:47 <isabela> hmm
16:21:48 <hiro> my goal is to have soemthing we can test for this wek
16:21:52 <hiro> *week
16:22:09 <isabela> idk i worked with a similar thing for search at twitter and we would not convert to unicode
16:22:15 <isabela> i think maybe dig into the docs a bit
16:22:34 <isabela> cuz there are tokenization libraries that helps break the char and index words
16:22:40 <hiro> and then next week I can fix bugs and put together the docs and the behind the scene things for the service (system updates and so on)
16:22:44 <isabela> in languages with different writing scripts
16:22:58 <hiro> isabela: yes there is a library I am using from apache
16:23:11 <hiro> my understanding is that it is something in the settings
16:23:20 <isabela> gotcha
16:23:31 <hiro> or I made an unintended conversion somewhere in the inject scripts
16:24:08 <hiro> the first thing I want to do is try to search with unicode chars and see if that makes a difference but I was working on other lil annoying bugs and haven't tested that yet
16:24:33 <hiro> I think that's all for me
16:25:05 <isabela> thanks hiro
16:25:32 <isabela> hiro: can i ask something
16:25:40 <isabela> i am not sure if this is something you could look into and help with
16:25:43 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25807
16:25:52 <isabela> is realted to moat stuff
16:26:27 <hiro> I didn't start with moat yet
16:26:34 <isabela> ok
16:26:35 <isabela> np
16:26:40 <hiro> I can pick this up after the support and search?
16:26:57 <hiro> I have used app engine in the past
16:27:06 <hiro> the docs are horrible and updates break things often
16:27:15 <isabela> np
16:27:22 <isabela> i will see if i can get help from network team
16:27:30 <hiro> would be something I could do next week?
16:27:39 <isabela> is a bit urgent because is already on alpha release of tor browser
16:27:43 <hiro> ah ok
16:28:08 <isabela> but please do keep moat as a thing to take over eventually :)
16:28:33 <isabela> i need your help for now with the support site so we can launch it
16:28:36 <hiro> Sure, in the next few weeks I'll start with that I really want to bring search to a decent state also docs wise so it's all in the open
16:29:25 <isabela> awesome
16:29:28 <isabela> tx
16:29:31 <isabela> ok from my side
16:29:44 <isabela> i am organizing the visit to colombia
16:30:21 <isabela> plan on organizing roadmap still (other stuff took over my time but this is something i am keeping on my list and working bit by bit)
16:30:36 <isabela> i will organize the content stuff for steph
16:30:43 <antonela> oh yes
16:30:56 <isabela> and bug ppl to move on with the user research applicants
16:31:00 <isabela> :)
16:31:07 <isabela> or candidates
16:31:25 <isabela> i leave to brazuka land on thursday and wont be around on friday's meeting
16:31:38 <antonela> gotcha, no worries
16:31:53 <isabela> i am also starting a document for 3rd parties who wants to add tor to their services
16:32:26 <antonela> !
16:32:26 <isabela> besides that
16:32:43 <isabela> what is my priority this week are a bunch of reports i need to get done
16:32:50 <isabela> but that doc is also a big priority
16:32:57 <isabela> that's it
16:33:29 <antonela> great, next week we can talk about cryptorave
16:33:35 <antonela> not sure if you have a hidden plan to do there haha
16:33:56 <antonela> i already have my flight tickets (thanks superuser for the approval!)
16:33:58 <isabela> i would like your help beutifying the keynote slides
16:34:03 <antonela> i know
16:34:04 <isabela> if that is ok
16:34:04 <antonela> haha
16:34:06 <isabela> haha
16:34:08 <antonela> but first you need the sliders
16:34:09 <antonela> HAHHAHA
16:34:14 <isabela> yes i know
16:34:17 <isabela> i have no life
16:34:22 <antonela> anw, we can do it next next week
16:34:23 <isabela> work workwork work
16:34:27 <isabela> but is all in my head
16:34:27 <antonela> we have time, just to load the scope
16:34:30 <isabela> it will be esasy
16:34:31 <isabela> easy
16:34:33 <antonela> at the back part
16:34:34 <antonela> hahaha
16:34:47 <isabela> i will play with it while flying too, do my storyboard
16:34:55 <isabela> lol
16:34:58 <antonela> haha
16:35:06 <antonela> do it, ill be there for the slides thing
16:35:08 <isabela> k
16:35:34 <isabela> really short review of what is coming up next ppl!
16:35:54 <isabela> anto - all browser activities should be done by end of june
16:36:18 <isabela> all of us - support and tpo launch by end of june (!!!! :0) haha
16:36:30 <antonela> \o/
16:36:51 <isabela> visits of colombia, uganda and maybe kenya done by end of june
16:37:08 <isabela> and a lot in the between
16:37:17 <antonela> re:browser, yes sure. Do we have plans to test all this new things after June?
16:37:32 <isabela> done by june i mean just the design mocks
16:37:34 <isabela> cuz of sponsor
16:37:41 <antonela> got it
16:37:52 <isabela> hopefully we will do some test while in colombia, uganda and kenya
16:37:55 <antonela> great
16:38:26 <antonela> URC we need youuu
16:38:35 <isabela> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:38:37 <isabela> i know
16:38:52 <antonela> (:
16:39:14 <antonela> there are a lot of cool candidates, that is good :)
16:39:19 <isabela> its an intense spring
16:39:29 <antonela> it is, but you promissed us micheladas
16:39:32 <antonela> so we are making it
16:39:37 <isabela> lol
16:39:39 <isabela> alright
16:39:56 <antonela> oka, im groot
16:40:00 <isabela> me too
16:40:06 <antonela> hiro at the search engines
16:40:21 * isabela put her money on hiro
16:40:27 * antonela too
16:40:50 <isabela> i will kill the bot
16:40:54 <antonela> bye bot
16:40:57 <antonela> thanks isa!
16:40:57 <isabela> #endmeeting