16:00:21 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly sync
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16:00:21 <hiro> I am here
16:00:24 <isabela> yo
16:00:27 <isabela> alright
16:00:28 <antonela> i know haha
16:00:40 <isabela> so i just created milestones all the way to september for both infra and ux
16:00:47 <antonela> !
16:00:51 <hiro> trac or oniongit?
16:00:56 <isabela> oniongit
16:01:00 <hiro> ah let me see
16:01:08 <isabela> my question today is: what is your 'inprogress' column or 'doing'
16:01:14 <isabela> for both ux and infra
16:01:24 <isabela> do you feel it will be done by next monday?
16:01:35 <antonela> well, i feel like my ttb tasks are never ending
16:01:41 <isabela> i havent added anything to the milestones yet
16:01:47 <isabela> hiro: ^^
16:01:49 <isabela> just created them
16:01:57 <isabela> antonela: haha
16:02:01 <isabela> is cool to carry it on
16:02:04 <antonela> yes
16:02:07 <isabela> i know there are many iterations
16:02:15 <hiro> isabela: a few things
16:02:28 <hiro> lektor: have to sync w/ irl. he was busy and we didn't do it
16:02:39 <hiro> test translations: done
16:02:44 <isabela> !
16:02:50 <hiro> the salt part is on hold
16:02:57 <isabela> i moved to closed!
16:03:03 <isabela> hehe test translation one
16:03:07 <hiro> and the docs it's what I have been doing here https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/services
16:03:12 <isabela> :) nice
16:03:16 <hiro> I also started to do the roadmap using my notes from rome
16:03:30 <hiro> I will add the milestones there too :) and the link to the board it's nice
16:03:34 <isabela> ty, i know i am super behind on organizing this stuff
16:04:10 <isabela> i wonder if there is an easy way to get trac to create these issues on git lab
16:04:18 <isabela> i mean
16:04:24 <isabela> the rules thing
16:04:56 <isabela> for ux i would say anything with ux-team keyword on trac
16:05:01 <antonela> yes
16:05:05 <isabela> should be a issue on group ux on gitlab
16:05:07 <isabela> that one is easy
16:05:10 <hiro> yes I should start that
16:05:13 <isabela> but i dont know for sure how to do that for infra
16:05:15 <antonela> iujuu
16:05:17 <isabela> since is more spread out
16:05:17 <hiro> having that huginn thing
16:05:31 <isabela> yeah that will help me a lot on this taks to get stuff organized
16:05:32 <hiro> but last week i was full on the search thing
16:05:32 * dmr waves
16:05:40 <antonela> hi dmr!
16:05:44 <isabela> hi o/
16:05:46 <hiro> it's working nice now. I have still to push some updates
16:05:53 <antonela> hiro, you can try with ux tasks which are maybe ~100
16:06:07 <hiro> yep I'll try that w/ huginn
16:06:11 <isabela> ok
16:06:18 <isabela> maybe do ux first
16:06:23 <antonela> coolio
16:06:26 <isabela> but i dont know how the rules for infra should be
16:06:43 <hiro> isabela in the services page I have tickets for each thing I do
16:06:48 <isabela> because it involves more things than just one keyword
16:06:49 <hiro> it's either a component or a keyword
16:07:14 <isabela> yeah i just dont know how to do it
16:07:19 <isabela> cuz component is hard no?
16:07:22 <isabela> cuz you have multiple ones
16:07:24 <hiro> so link on the left are wiki pages for each service and link on the right are link to the actual service
16:07:36 <hiro> yep but each component can be a project
16:07:51 <isabela> ok
16:08:05 <isabela> do you want to create your own rules for infra?
16:08:07 <isabela> hehe
16:08:10 <antonela> haha
16:08:16 <hiro> yep I can do that hehe
16:08:25 <isabela> :) its easier cuz you know better than me
16:08:51 <isabela> i will try to organize may for yall
16:08:55 <isabela> next tuesday i wont be online
16:09:02 <isabela> is may day and i am taking the day off to protest
16:09:04 <isabela> :)
16:09:14 <dmr> isabela: :)
16:09:17 <hiro> isabela next week I will be at that seminar, I will be online but a bit slow to reply
16:09:30 <isabela> so maybe we skip next week?
16:09:36 <isabela> poor antonela will be alone
16:09:41 <antonela> hiro: listening "dark web" trends?
16:09:44 <antonela> haha ye
16:09:51 <hiro> ahhh no no not that one
16:10:04 <hiro> that one I thought I was kinda lame... I was receiving emails about it
16:10:08 <antonela> no worries, i'll be at cryptorave
16:10:14 <antonela> next week i think
16:10:15 <antonela> haha
16:10:17 <antonela> not sure when
16:10:25 <isabela> i mean tuesday
16:10:29 <isabela> next tuesday i will be offline
16:10:36 <antonela> yes! is may first
16:10:43 <isabela> \o/ strike!
16:10:52 <isabela> k
16:11:24 <hiro> antonela one thing: steph asked me to update the logo on https://www.torproject.org/ but the png I have doesn't feel quite right... do you have a better one?
16:12:01 <antonela> yes
16:12:08 <hiro> Also: I have started this documentation for phoul: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/services/support
16:12:10 <antonela> i can dm you
16:12:15 <isabela> lets try to sync next week via email then
16:12:21 <antonela> isabela: yep
16:12:31 <antonela> hiro: ohh neat
16:12:37 <hiro> I think we should let translators know that either they should touch ids, or they should make sure that all the ids work consistently
16:12:39 <isabela> and the week after too hehe i will all over the place doing trainings /me thinks
16:13:13 <hiro> I wanted to add a few more things before sending it via email
16:13:28 <isabela> nice
16:13:36 <antonela> yes, so cool, thanks for document it hiroooo
16:13:42 <isabela> really cool
16:13:54 <isabela> i wonder one thing tho
16:14:31 <isabela> if translators ifx translations using lecktor - and we add new strings(one day in the future) to the site, and has to  pull all translations from transifex again
16:14:42 <isabela> will that overwrite the fixes they did via lecktor
16:14:56 <hiro> uhm
16:15:05 <isabela> in other words will this be also reflected on transifex bags or whatever you call the translations you grab from there
16:15:08 <isabela> you see what i mean?
16:15:12 <hiro> I think we would upload the databags again? I am not sure how transifex work
16:15:24 <isabela> hiro: maybe sync on that with phoul?
16:15:29 <hiro> sure
16:15:35 <antonela> i tried to fix spanish strings but i created an account at transifex just to avoid it
16:15:43 <isabela> cool, but i think using lecktor to fix translations is a great idea
16:15:56 <antonela> oh yes, but if we can sync
16:16:02 <isabela> i just dont want things to be overwritten when we pull new stuff from transifex
16:16:08 <isabela> since the fix wont be on transifex
16:16:09 <hiro> also people on transifex make mistakes with these databags
16:16:20 <isabela> fuen :9
16:16:20 <hiro> maybe I should think of another format?
16:16:39 <isabela> format for the databags?
16:16:42 <hiro> yes like adding some "
16:17:02 <hiro> nope using the same databags but find a way for them not to edit things like #ids or htmkl
16:17:10 <isabela> yeah
16:17:21 <isabela> transifex needs to get their shit together
16:17:25 <isabela> and not allow that by default
16:17:37 <isabela> like any tag or code shouldnt be changeble
16:17:41 <isabela> or whatever you spell that :)
16:17:57 <hiro> I thought that was not going to jappen because phoul said that transifex doesn't allow you to edit html
16:18:03 <isabela> changeable
16:18:06 * isabela looked it up
16:18:07 <hiro> but maybe is not reading that as html
16:18:17 <isabela> ahh
16:18:20 <hiro> lol I used j instead of h I am turning spanish here
16:18:26 <isabela> lol
16:18:38 <isabela> i understand
16:18:42 <isabela> jappen
16:18:44 <isabela> lol
16:18:56 <antonela> jappen is perfect
16:18:58 <antonela> LOL
16:19:12 <isabela> just jappen that i am jappy today
16:19:14 <isabela> :)
16:19:26 <isabela> anw
16:19:52 <antonela> HAHHA
16:19:56 <antonela> this meeting man
16:20:14 * dmr tries hard not to lol literally
16:20:34 <isabela> ok -  i guess we are on updates now
16:20:42 <isabela> hiro: do you want to continue w/ your stuff?
16:20:56 * antonela m̶a̶n̶ ̶ sister
16:21:11 <isabela> :)
16:21:16 <hiro> uhm yeah so I have some updates to search that I am putting online today. Antonela made a quick and dirty qa for me
16:21:26 <isabela> nice
16:21:27 <hiro> and I have some of those fixes already
16:21:48 <hiro> then I have to document how it works and fix a few things in the backend
16:22:04 <antonela> related with support and translates i want to add that Phoul is doing a great job contacting people for native speakers QA
16:22:05 <hiro> but it can be tested for the results and the locales and the ui
16:22:33 <isabela> on stagging?
16:22:41 <antonela> so, when the time comes we should have those languages uploaded into stagging so we can test
16:23:02 <isabela> antonela: awesome
16:23:12 <antonela> phoul awesome :)
16:23:18 <isabela> :)
16:23:21 <antonela> i hope start with it next week
16:23:22 <hiro> yes on staging
16:23:42 <isabela> hiro: the search on stagging gives me an error
16:23:46 <isabela> *staging
16:23:51 <isabela> unable to connect error
16:24:20 <hiro> really?
16:24:22 <hiro>
16:24:27 <antonela> when you re-do the query?
16:24:32 <antonela> is working for me
16:24:33 <isabela> any query
16:24:35 <hiro> uhm
16:24:54 <hiro> I'll check the logs nevermind
16:24:57 <antonela>
16:24:59 <antonela> is working here
16:25:00 <isabela> https://share.riseup.net/#OHLOIZK1D2VKNlIu635Wxw
16:25:16 <antonela> oh
16:25:23 <isabela> :( only me
16:25:34 <hiro> ah no spanish is having an issue
16:25:39 <hiro> I wonder what's happening
16:25:49 <isabela> but the url for en?q=vpn
16:25:53 <isabela> doesnt open either
16:26:08 <antonela> well you are trying https
16:26:09 <hiro> when the url changes it skips a variables and it crashes
16:26:13 <antonela> and the results are http
16:26:18 <antonela> _for now_
16:26:19 <hiro> ahh yeah there is no https because there is no domain
16:26:26 <isabela> ahhhh
16:26:28 <isabela> :)
16:26:31 <hiro>
16:26:32 * antonela did the same before
16:26:34 <isabela> duh! :)
16:26:35 <isabela> hehe sorry
16:26:36 <antonela> :D
16:26:59 <isabela> let me get a browser that allows http
16:27:09 <antonela> oh what secure browser are you using
16:27:10 <antonela> lol
16:27:11 <antonela> hahahhaha
16:27:21 <isabela> dale
16:27:26 <isabela> now works
16:27:33 <antonela> \o/
16:27:59 <isabela> oki oki i will play w/ it
16:28:18 <isabela> hiro: please continue :) w/ your update
16:28:54 <hiro> uhm well I think I am over to be honest. I have to document and fix a few things in the backend so that we can start using it and maybe get a subdomain for it
16:29:10 <isabela> thanks for doing all the documentation
16:29:19 <hiro> meanwhile I will see if I can catchup with irl and have some feedback regarding the lektor packages
16:29:22 <isabela> getting the house organized!
16:29:32 <hiro> yep easter clean up like
16:29:47 <hiro> I will also add those to the services page
16:29:56 <hiro> they live on the debian gitlab instance
16:30:37 <hiro> there was something we were talking with antonela today that we mentioned we should talk at the meeting
16:30:42 <hiro> but now I don't remember
16:30:52 <antonela> i dont remember either
16:30:54 <antonela> OH
16:30:56 <antonela> I REMEMBERED
16:31:29 <antonela> isa for qa with native people, do you think we could make a questionnaire to have a consistent feedback across languages?
16:31:39 <antonela> we were thinking about to use survey.tpo
16:31:44 <hiro> ah yes that!
16:31:48 <antonela> idk, let me know what do you think is the best way to sort it
16:31:54 <hiro> I was just going through the backlog wih antonela :)
16:32:01 <antonela> haha
16:32:02 <isabela> sure, just focused on UI stuff right?
16:32:11 <antonela> yes, layout mostly
16:32:36 <hiro> yes another thing is, we are flipping the sidebar
16:32:39 <antonela> i'd like to document this process in some way
16:32:42 <antonela> yes exactly
16:32:44 <hiro> should we also flip the navbar too? I am not sure
16:32:57 <antonela> oh good question
16:33:01 <antonela> i dont know the answer
16:33:04 <isabela> yes
16:33:52 <antonela> cool
16:33:57 <hiro> well besides this I am ok w/ my update
16:33:58 <hiro> done
16:34:00 <isabela> for rtl the nav needs to also sstarts from rtl
16:34:03 <antonela> we can talk about it later, just to keep it in mind
16:34:10 <isabela> k
16:34:24 <antonela> oka, my update?
16:34:27 <isabela> sure!
16:34:34 <antonela> last week i worked on a proposal for #25658 - security indicators. Wasn't so successful, so I'm back to working over icons again.
16:34:50 <antonela> the ticket is becoming popular so i love to read community feedback there
16:35:17 <antonela> Also, I worked on mobile mockups for small sized devices and tablets for circuit display and padlock indicators at #25764
16:35:36 <antonela> i started last week to work on about:tor/onboarding, I updated #25695 yesterday so people have time to check it and we can discuss them over our ttb meeting tomorrow.
16:35:50 <antonela> Alon's project scope was done and shared with shari, you and steph. Waiting for formal things to start working with him, yeee
16:36:14 <antonela> Elio is working with me on an onion icon. Thanks Elio! I'd like to have time this week to work on it too #25763
16:36:59 <isabela> antonela: formal things == ? like we create a contract with that?
16:37:02 <antonela> yes
16:37:12 <isabela> ok
16:37:15 <isabela> i will mov ethat on
16:37:17 <isabela> *move
16:37:26 <antonela> initial payment maybe
16:37:32 <isabela> we need to have the contract
16:37:38 <isabela> then we do the first payment etc
16:37:42 <antonela> idk, let me know if you need something else from my side on it
16:37:43 <antonela> yes
16:37:44 <antonela> yes
16:37:52 <isabela> i will get that going
16:38:01 <antonela> yeees, thanks :D
16:38:48 <antonela> so, formally this is the last week of the month and the last week working with TTB and TBA, but i have a lot of things to work with so maybe we will extend to may too
16:39:09 <antonela> + alon's illos + website mocks
16:39:17 <isabela> the agenda w/ tb tomorrow should stay the same? security controls and about:tor
16:39:23 <antonela> YES
16:39:24 <isabela> do you want anything else
16:39:25 <isabela> ?
16:39:26 <antonela> exactly
16:39:33 <antonela> about:tor and security controls
16:39:37 <isabela> ok
16:39:45 <antonela> we did 2 meetings for circuits and were super productive
16:39:53 <antonela> so, is working :)
16:40:23 <isabela> circuits are pretty much ready for implementation right?
16:40:37 <antonela> yes, arthur is doing an awesome work implementing it
16:40:43 <antonela> cant wait to testtt
16:40:49 <isabela> and android is ready too
16:41:00 <isabela> i mean for whenver the folks are ready to work on it
16:41:04 <antonela> yes, i just need to clean my files to share with devs
16:41:46 <antonela> since is the first time doing it, i'll talk with matt and igor about it. Like what is the best way for them to receive the design files
16:42:17 <antonela> also, i think stephw is working this week with the website content
16:42:44 <isabela> awesome
16:42:50 <isabela> yeah
16:42:53 <antonela> so i created a pad for the about:tor/onboarding copy
16:42:54 <isabela> i havent done my part onthat
16:42:54 <antonela> it is important to maintain a coherent speech across website/products
16:43:01 <isabela> ahh
16:43:03 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/about-tor-copy
16:43:17 <isabela> i thought you were talking about tpo site
16:43:19 <antonela> we can talk about it maybe on friday? or should i trigger an email? idk
16:43:23 <antonela> yes also
16:43:39 <hiro> the idea was for that to go into the styleguide right?
16:43:53 <antonela> what im thinking is: If our headline is "Browse Safe" on tpo.org, we should have at about:tor "You are ready to browse safe"
16:44:12 <isabela> ok
16:44:19 <isabela> this copy is just for the onboarding module
16:44:23 <antonela> yes
16:44:25 <isabela> not the page itself
16:44:27 <antonela> yes
16:44:28 <isabela> gotcha
16:44:30 <isabela> :)
16:44:34 <antonela> but should be related
16:44:36 <antonela> you know
16:44:40 <isabela> i mean
16:44:43 <isabela> the about:tor
16:44:45 <isabela> has a page
16:44:49 <isabela> and the onboard module
16:44:56 <isabela> the little thing you click and guides the ppl
16:44:58 <isabela> right?
16:45:14 <antonela> yes
16:45:15 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/25695/25695-about.png
16:45:21 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/25695/25695-about-new-feature-walkthrough.png
16:45:27 <antonela> sorry is so big
16:45:54 <antonela> and then we have the walkthrough for *featured* features
16:46:09 <antonela> like the new circuit display or security settings old slider component
16:46:25 <isabela> yes
16:46:39 <isabela> is this ready for folks to review?
16:46:48 <antonela> yes :)
16:47:07 <isabela> are you going to add links that we have today on that page
16:47:18 <isabela> or to our new portals
16:47:26 <isabela> like vounteer - goes to community portal
16:47:28 <isabela> make a donation
16:47:34 <isabela> etc
16:47:36 <antonela> oh yes
16:47:56 <antonela> or move them to community.tpo
16:48:04 <isabela> i can organize that for you
16:48:08 <antonela> we can think about it
16:48:09 <isabela> but
16:48:12 <antonela> great
16:48:19 <isabela> things might not be all launched at the same time
16:48:27 <isabela> so you might need a version for today's world
16:48:32 <isabela> and one for when we do the portals
16:48:52 <isabela> we should for sure have a donation link there
16:48:53 <antonela> well, we could have it linking to our current pages
16:49:02 <isabela> that is what i mean
16:49:04 <antonela> yes
16:49:05 <antonela> yes
16:49:09 <isabela> we need to use the links of today for now
16:49:17 <isabela> then we can build a new version when  we have the portals
16:49:19 <hiro> atm donate is another site
16:49:30 <isabela> yes, but we link to donation from about:tor
16:49:30 <hiro> we should think of that w the redesign
16:49:33 <antonela> yep, i didnt include external links yet, but yes we should include them
16:49:39 <isabela> hiro: will stay that way
16:49:40 <isabela> for now
16:49:43 <hiro> because in donate.tpo there are a few things
16:49:44 <hiro> ah ok
16:49:50 <isabela> the site map has it that way
16:49:56 <hiro> I was thinking of all the links to civi stuff
16:49:59 <isabela> donate/newsletter
16:50:06 <isabela> yeah
16:50:10 <isabela> all that stays this way
16:50:15 <isabela> we wont touch those (for now)
16:50:19 <antonela> oka
16:50:34 <hiro> btw I have added civi to the roadmap. I'd write back to leez from eff so that we can get in touch w the civi people
16:50:58 <isabela> ah
16:51:08 <isabela> giant rabbit wants to have a sync
16:51:12 <hiro> ah ok
16:51:12 <isabela> about the work they are doing w/ tor
16:51:19 <hiro> are they doing work?
16:51:20 <isabela> i have no idea what they want
16:51:31 <isabela> i am not sure, i told them i cant do it till i am back from brazil
16:51:38 <antonela> maybe irc?
16:51:44 <isabela> phone
16:51:44 <hiro> btw I think leez told me soemthing didn't work out w giant rabbit for them
16:51:45 <antonela> i would love to talk with them
16:51:48 <isabela> i cant think of that right now
16:51:49 <isabela> tbh
16:51:53 <antonela> oka
16:52:01 <antonela> next semester ha
16:52:03 <antonela> *worst*
16:52:04 <antonela> hahahha
16:52:23 <hiro> isabela: anw I'll write back and find out things
16:52:29 <isabela> yes please do
16:52:39 <isabela> whenver i am back and write back to giant rabbit
16:52:41 <isabela> i will add you to that
16:52:44 <hiro> okis
16:52:46 <isabela> so you know what they say they are doing
16:52:46 <antonela> cc'd me there
16:52:47 <isabela> hehe
16:52:50 <dmr> "civi" means/is what?
16:52:56 <hiro> civi crm
16:53:01 <dmr> ahh, thanks
16:53:05 <hiro> it's a mod of drupal
16:53:11 <dmr> right
16:53:20 <isabela> antonela: sure
16:53:26 <antonela> thanks
16:53:40 <isabela> antonela: how long you in sp for?
16:53:48 <antonela> jueves hasta el domingo
16:53:57 <isabela> ok
16:54:12 <isabela> we should maybe sync on work while we there i think things will move faster hehehe
16:54:22 <isabela> and it will be helpful for me (to catch up)
16:54:26 <isabela> is that ok?
16:54:28 <antonela> oh yes
16:54:32 <antonela> i'll bring my computer haha
16:54:32 <antonela> so yes
16:54:36 <antonela> just a small thing before go, last week isa and i we have been part of a UX workshop with trainers in latam
16:54:40 <antonela> i think they were in Costa Rica
16:54:55 <isabela> yep
16:54:56 <antonela> it was so cool! people will give us a user kind of feedback about TTB
16:55:20 <isabela> :) i think they were happy it was all done in spanish
16:55:30 <isabela> didnt had to deal with english hehe
16:55:32 <antonela> and i promised them to share a TTB bundle to test new features once we have them
16:55:38 <antonela> yes, was in spanish, so cool
16:55:52 <antonela> sometimes some words in english i dont know how they are in spanish
16:56:02 <isabela> is ok
16:56:16 <antonela> anw, cool pool of people to test ttb once we have it ready to tesst
16:56:17 <antonela> test
16:56:44 <antonela> thats all folks
16:56:55 <kevun> One thing
16:56:58 <kevun> Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am interested in helping with the Tor UX team but I'm not quite sure where to start.
16:57:07 <antonela> hi kevun!
16:57:11 <hiro> hello
16:57:11 <kevun> Hello!
16:57:31 <isabela> hi kevun !!!
16:57:33 <isabela> welcome!
16:57:39 <kevun> Thanks isabela!
16:57:41 <isabela> thi si the right place for that!
16:57:43 <isabela> :)
16:57:47 <isabela> *this is
16:58:11 <isabela> kevun: you should hang out tomorrow too
16:58:14 <isabela> at our syncs with TB
16:58:18 <kevun> OK, what time?
16:58:25 <isabela> is 1900 utc (right antonela ?)
16:58:33 * isabela is a mess w/ meetings these days
16:58:33 <antonela> kevun: it's depends on what do you want to do. I'm working with a bunch of Tor Browser UX/UI tickets this month (mentioned before) you can start reading them and thinking solutions :)
16:59:15 <antonela> The syncs will be at 1900UTC at #tor-meeting channel
16:59:15 <antonela> yes
16:59:31 <kevun> OK, sounds good! I'm also working on a usability study right now (I'm an NYU PhD student) but I've discussed that with isabela in the past.
16:59:42 <isabela> yes!
17:00:05 <isabela> antonela: do you have those 2 tickets we will talk tomorrow handing?
17:00:22 <isabela> maybe kevun can catch up w/ it before the meeting
17:00:23 <antonela> yes
17:00:25 <antonela> #25658
17:00:35 <antonela> #25695
17:00:39 <isabela> tx!
17:00:45 <antonela> poor bot is not working
17:00:52 <isabela> it only shows once
17:01:00 <isabela> i mean
17:01:00 <hiro> lazy bot
17:01:01 <antonela> smart bot
17:01:04 <isabela> hahaha
17:01:16 <antonela> and if you have any design background, here is the onion icon ticket
17:01:17 <antonela> #25763
17:01:27 <kevun> OK, I will read up on those and show up for the meeting tomorrow at 1900 UTC.
17:01:33 <dmr> ^ inference: lazy == smart?
17:01:33 <antonela> gotcha! thanks :)
17:01:43 <kevun> I don't have design background, but I'm willing to learn and try anything.
17:01:44 <isabela> great!
17:02:10 <isabela> ok ppl
17:02:23 <isabela> we are in the 1hr mark
17:02:34 <isabela> i am mostly trying to do the things i said i was going to do last week
17:02:42 <isabela> organize roadmap and content for tpo
17:02:49 <antonela> and becoming an ED
17:02:53 <isabela> hahahaha
17:02:54 <antonela> \o/
17:03:17 <hiro> o//
17:03:46 <antonela> is your emoji playing voley?
17:03:51 <isabela> hahaha
17:03:59 <isabela> should i kill the bot?
17:04:00 <hiro> no it's doing this
17:04:02 <hiro> \\o
17:04:05 <hiro> o//
17:04:05 <antonela> yes, bye bot
17:04:08 <isabela> ula ula
17:04:11 <antonela> ohhh was dancing
17:04:13 <antonela> LOL
17:04:17 <hiro> yeah in my mind it was
17:04:21 <antonela> \\o
17:04:22 <antonela> o//
17:04:24 <antonela> faster
17:04:24 <isabela> #endmeeting