14:30:22 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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14:30:36 <karsten> irl-work: iwakeh is not going to be here today, I think.
14:30:52 <karsten> they're sick. and I think I'm not at 100%, either.
14:30:53 <irl-work> ok
14:31:05 * karsten opens the pad..
14:31:17 <irl-work> it's very empty
14:31:23 <karsten> heh, ok.
14:31:29 <karsten> do you have anything you want to discuss?
14:31:54 <irl-work> nothing urgent, the only thing would have been perhaps on the json library
14:32:04 <karsten> ah, sure, let's talk about that.
14:32:17 <irl-work> i commented on the ticket, but don't have the ticket handy
14:32:18 <karsten> gson showed up in a performance profile.
14:32:24 <karsten> let me find it.
14:32:44 <karsten> #25848
14:33:00 <irl-work> that's the one
14:33:15 <irl-work> i've not been able to follow all of the bugs this week, so sorry if this was already explained in another ticket
14:33:22 <irl-work> going to have a good catch up at the weekend hopefully
14:33:30 <karsten> so, jackson was quite a bit faster than gson, in an experimental branch.
14:33:47 <karsten> but if you prefer, we can postpone the decision there.
14:34:21 <karsten> it's nothing that I'm currently working on. nor is iwakeh, AFAIK.
14:34:28 <irl-work> at first i was sad that i'd only just ported metrics-bot to use gson, but then i realised that maybe we can move the classes to metrics-lib at the same time
14:34:44 <irl-work> which means that i wouldn't be porting metrics-bot to use another library, but instead to using metrics-lib
14:34:48 <irl-work> which makes me happier
14:34:49 <karsten> plausible, yes. but even if not, the changes are minor.
14:35:21 <karsten> on the other hand it makes the task bigger. and it's really two distinct tasks.
14:35:33 <irl-work> ah, so the APIs are quite similar?
14:35:44 <karsten> https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/karsten/onionoo.git/commit/?h=task-25815&id=ad9425fd6fae63d2d1da8fc31e5feabba4f71cc9
14:35:58 <karsten> -  @Expose
14:35:58 <karsten> -  @SerializedName("t")
14:35:58 <karsten> +  @JsonProperty("t")
14:36:03 <karsten> just to give one example.
14:36:07 <irl-work> aah, ok
14:36:16 <karsten> also, it has this:
14:36:17 <karsten> +      .setPropertyNamingStrategy(PropertyNamingStrategy.SNAKE_CASE)
14:36:23 <karsten> which is similar to what you used in gson.
14:36:47 <irl-work> ok, i thought maybe the APIs were more different and there was more refactoring involved than that
14:36:53 <irl-work> in this case it should be a seperate task
14:36:54 <karsten> I think not.
14:36:59 <karsten> right.
14:37:25 <karsten> but again, it's not something we need to do really soon.
14:37:32 <karsten> the onionoo runtime is still okay.
14:37:46 <karsten> we can focus on our many other things first, and revisit this ticket in 2-3 months.
14:38:00 <karsten> when you have more time.
14:38:05 <irl-work> ok. i'll add a comment when i get home to indicate that moving the classes should be seperate.
14:38:15 <karsten> sounds good.
14:38:37 <irl-work> any other topics?
14:38:56 <karsten> ah, yes.
14:39:07 <karsten> #25383
14:39:14 <karsten> now that you ask. :)
14:39:23 <karsten> I made a suggestion there. maybe take a look!
14:39:33 <karsten> after the meeting is fine.
14:39:53 <irl-work> i can take a look when i get home.
14:39:59 <irl-work> i think that needs a more in depth topic.
14:40:01 <irl-work> i mean reply.
14:40:16 <karsten> sounds great!
14:40:36 <karsten> okay, nothing else from me, I think.
14:40:59 <irl-work> ok cool
14:41:13 <karsten> short meeting, yay!
14:41:22 <karsten> thanks, and have a good afternoon! bye :)
14:41:28 <irl-work> bye!
14:41:33 <karsten> #endmeeting