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20:03:31 <gman999> oops.. i'm interrupting..
20:04:14 <flexlibris> hi community team! this week we're just doing updates
20:04:17 <flexlibris> who wants to go first?
20:04:34 <ggus> Well, I can start! :)
20:04:39 <flexlibris> ggus: yes please
20:04:44 <ggus> Hi, CryptoRave is happening this friday and saturday!
20:04:44 <ggus> More than 110 activities about encryption, technology and gender, hacking, security, privacy...
20:04:47 <ggus> And we have at least 10 Tor & Tails activities (!!!).
20:04:50 <ggus> 
20:04:52 <ggus> Highlights:
20:04:55 <ggus> - Isa keynote,
20:04:57 <ggus> - Marco Ruano from Mexico/Gunnar group,
20:05:00 <ggus> - Tor & tails user meetup,
20:05:02 <ggus> - Tor Volunteer meeting,
20:05:05 <ggus> - Two workshops dedicated to teach Tor for women and genderqueer,
20:05:13 <flexlibris> oh nooo
20:05:18 <flexlibris> damn you kist
20:05:24 <ggus> ops! haha
20:05:24 <flexlibris> ggus: welcome back!
20:05:36 <flexlibris> the meeting bot thought you were flooding the channel :D
20:06:19 <gman999> (as if ggus talked too much)
20:06:41 <ggus> what was my last msg before the kick?
20:06:57 <gman999> "genderqueer,"
20:06:59 <dmr> "Two workshops dedicated to teach Tor for women and genderqueer,"
20:07:10 <ggus> ok
20:07:21 <ggus> - Two introduction activities to Tor and Tails.
20:07:22 <ggus> I tried to summarize all the activities here (PT_BR): https://gus.computer/blog/2018/04/29/atividades-tor-maio/
20:07:24 <ggus> CryptoRave schedule is (almost 100% confirmed) here: https://cpa.cryptorave.org/pt-BR/cr2018/public/events
20:07:31 <flexlibris> :D
20:07:35 <ggus> CryptoRave was highlighted in events section of this big magazine: https://vejasp.abril.com.br/cidades/cryptorave-2018-privacidade-rede/
20:07:38 <ggus> For Tor volunteers activity, I collected the contact info from relay operators (country:BR) and sent to them an invitation to the activity and to CryptoRave: 15 emails, two person answered back and one email was invalid. (not bad!)
20:07:47 <ggus> And after CryptoRave, we will give an extra workshop at Matilha Cultural in Sao Paulo.
20:07:50 <ggus> You can bring your dog and install Tor. :)
20:07:53 <ggus> https://www.facebook.com/events/2122769804417629/
20:08:06 <flexlibris> omg
20:08:12 <gman999> (f'g awesome ggus)
20:08:17 <flexlibris> yeah this is amazing
20:08:26 <flexlibris> I'm having serious FOMO
20:08:46 <pastly> # sorry about kist
20:08:57 <kushal> Hello everyone.
20:08:59 <flexlibris> also Isa is keynoting! I don't think you mentioned that
20:09:00 <flexlibris> hi kushal
20:09:03 <flexlibris> no worries pastly
20:09:06 <dmr> hi kushal!
20:09:29 <flexlibris> ggus: great stuff. I can't wait to hear how it all goes.
20:09:48 <gman999> +1
20:09:50 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go next with an update?
20:10:00 <gman999> i can give something on nyc...
20:10:06 <flexlibris> gman999: please
20:10:09 <gman999> ok...
20:10:24 <gman999> so the plan was another bi-monthly meeting in june.
20:10:33 <gman999> but i would like to propose ditching it
20:10:38 <gman999> and just doing a social or something
20:10:43 <gman999> low-stress.. .bad month for all
20:10:48 <gman999> and focus on HOPE
20:10:51 <flexlibris> yeah
20:10:53 <gman999> and an August meeting
20:11:06 <gman999> Aug would be built out of HOPE.. .fliers, announcments, the whole 9
20:11:39 <gman999> we could conjure up ppl for a thurs in June.. like at the Ear on the west side of manhattan
20:11:48 <flexlibris> cool
20:11:54 <gman999> and see how it goes... and use the time to discuss HOPE
20:11:59 <gman999> and the august meeting
20:12:11 <gman999> (very hard to follow ggus on this... ;)
20:12:18 <gman999> does that make sense?
20:12:22 <flexlibris> this is a good time to say that we got a Tor talk accepted to HOPE
20:12:31 <dmr> flexlibris: cheers!
20:12:35 <flexlibris> but we're aiming for multiple talks and a booth/social space
20:12:36 <gman999> yes... big deal.. very
20:12:37 <flexlibris> dmr: thanks!
20:12:48 <flexlibris> it's me, stephw, dgoulet, and sysrqb doing the talk
20:13:10 <gman999> but we should all plan to be there if at HOPE
20:13:15 <flexlibris> yes!
20:13:22 <gman999> so one more thing... taht this group should shape.
20:13:36 <gman999> right now, ppl tend to look to me as the point person...
20:13:41 <flexlibris> I'll need at least three people to hold me back if we get any particularly vicious trolls
20:14:03 <gman999> it's not only inacrcurate.. but we should loosely have a group taking it on.
20:14:11 <flexlibris> gman999: for NYC meetups or for HOPE?
20:14:19 <gman999> right now i just have an email with lots of "to:" recipients
20:14:22 <gman999> NYC events, flex
20:14:24 <flexlibris> oh yah
20:14:33 <flexlibris> I thought there was consensus on a list, no?
20:14:35 <gman999> you're doing HOPE :)
20:14:42 <gman999> with what?
20:14:51 <gman999> consensus?
20:14:58 <flexlibris> yes on making a list for the NYC meetups
20:15:08 <gman999> we have an announce only list
20:15:14 <flexlibris> ohhh right
20:15:21 <dmr> flexlibris: https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/regional-nyc
20:15:23 <gman999> should we have another list for organizing?
20:15:25 <gman999> yup
20:15:44 <flexlibris> hmm..maybe? it could be something that happens on the community team list
20:15:47 <flexlibris> which is a quiet list
20:15:54 <gman999> oh, that could work.
20:15:56 <flexlibris> and could help with coordinating meetups in other cities
20:16:01 <Phoul> +1
20:16:04 <flexlibris> since a lot of it will be stuff that we want to duplicate
20:16:09 <gman999> i mean, kevun, stephw, isabela, etc., all have involvement
20:16:23 <dmr> flexlibris: I like that idea!
20:16:23 <gman999> good thinking... i'll sub today, and tell the others.
20:16:27 <flexlibris> cool
20:16:32 <gman999> smart thinking
20:16:34 <gman999> really...
20:16:44 <gman999> open lists are best.. closed only when essential
20:16:52 <gman999> ok... i'll find the list and send to all.
20:16:56 <gman999> that's it from me.. .
20:17:00 <gman999> but i'd like to hear
20:17:12 <gman999> anything more about HOPE from flex if possible
20:17:25 <flexlibris> I don't have anything else to share just yet
20:17:32 <gman999> ok
20:17:32 <flexlibris> all I know is that our generalist Tor talk got accepted
20:17:37 <gman999> oh, ok...
20:17:41 <gman999> still waiting on table, etc.
20:17:43 <flexlibris> and I wrote back and said "yes please"
20:17:48 <gman999> brochures?
20:17:51 <gman999> other swag?
20:18:20 <flexlibris> gman999: we can very easily coordinate that stuff once we get a confirmation
20:18:29 <flexlibris> I see that t0mmy was the one who originally wrote to vendors@hope
20:18:34 <gman999> got it
20:18:37 <gman999> k.. i'm done!
20:18:40 <flexlibris> cool
20:18:50 <flexlibris> I will follow up with t0mmy (he's currently off for a few days)
20:18:54 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go next?
20:18:57 <Phoul> Sure :)
20:19:01 <flexlibris> Phoul: please!
20:19:03 <Phoul> (inc paste)
20:19:09 <Phoul> (IIRC our last meeting happene right before this, but sorry if this is a repeat) We have accepted Outreachy and SoP interns! One of the community team interns is here currently (har00ga), she will be working on updating and mainntaining documentation. We also accepted Cy, who will be taking over Pari's job as a user advocate. I worked with translators regarding some issues with the support strings, and
20:19:15 <Phoul> have reached out to a large group of translators to determine if they would like some swag.
20:19:18 <Phoul> I have also been working on offloading certain duties / determining how they can be offloaded in orde
20:19:21 <Phoul> r for me to begin doing the job of relay advocate. I have also begun looking at planning an event aro
20:19:24 <Phoul> und PETS for relay operators.
20:19:25 <Phoul> I had also been working on a plan for frontdesk@ and getting some feedback from people who have used
20:19:28 <Phoul> it in the past on what would be most helpful. My plan now is to document everything i've received alo
20:19:31 <Phoul> ng with a basic outline of the plan I had in mind, in order for the next person handling frontdesk@ t
20:19:34 <Phoul> o have a starting point.
20:19:37 <Phoul> wow... that broke way worse than normal.
20:19:47 <flexlibris> !
20:19:52 <flexlibris> lots of big announcements in there
20:19:56 <flexlibris> first, welcome har00ga!!!
20:20:11 <Phoul> Yes, welcome har00ga! We are so excited to have you and Cy!
20:20:20 <flexlibris> second, it's very exciting that Phoul will soon become the new relay advocate
20:20:24 <kushal> har00ga, welcome :)
20:20:25 <kat5> Yes!
20:20:28 <flexlibris> it's a role we've desperately needed for some time
20:20:30 <har00ga> Thank you!!! :D
20:20:38 <har00ga> very excited to begin ^-^
20:20:42 <dmr> har00ga: cheers!
20:22:27 <flexlibris> Phoul: am I comentoring both people?
20:22:28 <Phoul> For anyone interested in looking at more about our outreachy / SoP selections: https://blog.torproject.org/meet-tor-summer-privacy-and-outreachy-interns
20:23:06 <Phoul> flexlibris: Just Cy, and I think Tommy may actually be taking over as primary mentor on that one. Should confirm with him, but that was his suggestion.
20:24:22 <flexlibris> okay cool well I'm here as needed for any of it
20:24:29 <Phoul> Sounds good! :D
20:25:34 <Phoul> Thats all from me :)
20:26:04 <flexlibris> thanks Phoul
20:26:12 <flexlibris> who's next?
20:26:17 * dmr has an update too :)
20:26:27 <flexlibris> go ahead dmr
20:26:32 * dmr cheers
20:27:12 <dmr> so, as part of our outreach efforts to reach new audiences with CryptoParty, we've been partnering with different venues and organizations outside the makerspace we traditionally have been at
20:27:26 <dmr> we just got our second event with the local district library posted: https://aadl.org/node/372209
20:27:45 <kat5> Woo hoo!
20:28:04 <dmr> our first event was in Feb: https://aadl.org/node/370824
20:28:34 <flexlibris> yaaay
20:28:43 <flexlibris> in a place called the SECRET LAB
20:28:48 * kushal has a few small things
20:28:49 <dmr> yep!
20:29:09 <dmr> I know it's late for kushal, so I'd be willing to pause my update
20:29:21 <kushal> dmr, ah, you go ahead, I am right now in SF :D
20:29:26 <dmr> ohhhh!
20:29:32 <dmr> ok, continuing
20:30:26 <dmr> so our June 9 event will have a short lecture on facebook / other centralized social-media platforms, and will introduce e.g. Mastodon, but then we're going to move to a hands-on workshop with things that people can do _now_
20:30:33 <kushal> sorry for pressing enter at the wrong time.
20:30:44 <dmr> kushal: no worries :)
20:31:38 <dmr> for that: we plan to introduce Tor, as usual - but our workshops are fairly freeform and we try to tackle any privacy/security needs of the attendees
20:32:12 <flexlibris> cool
20:32:17 <flexlibris> that's a good way to do it
20:32:22 <dmr> so w.r.t. facebook/etc. tracking, we'll introduce Tor and ad blockers and explain the different reasons for each (and that you shouldn't mix them)
20:33:25 <dmr> flexlibris: we still have a lot of the stickers you provided, but we'd love to be restocked on the smaller (not tiny) Tor globe stickers
20:33:34 <dmr> those seem to be the most popular
20:33:40 <flexlibris> dmr: yes pls email me and I'll put you in touch with Jon
20:33:46 <dmr> flexlibris: will do! :)
20:34:12 <dmr> that's all I have for an update - if anyone has comments, we'd love to hear
20:34:20 <flexlibris> thanks dmr!
20:36:02 <flexlibris> kushal, want to go ahead?
20:37:51 <kushal> yes
20:38:34 <kushal> We had the first 2 meetings in Pune, India in the last 2 months, the last meeting we had a lot more discussions about regular OPSEC, and why/how to use Tor for daily life.
20:39:05 <kushal> I am planning to do a blog post (hopefully tonight) as a follow up with the links etc.
20:39:25 <flexlibris> yay great
20:39:39 <flexlibris> I'm so glad we're highlighting things like this on the blog
20:39:39 <kushal> From June 17 we will starting the dgplug.org summer training, so we are trying to write down the docs for our new users there.
20:39:52 <flexlibris> what docs in particular?
20:40:41 <kushal> flexlibris, just links pointing to other docs in general, and also to talk about super basic opsec, like do not leave your computer unlocked etc.
20:40:48 <flexlibris> oh yeah great
20:40:52 <kushal> flexlibris, things to do even before start using Tor.
20:40:58 <flexlibris> very important
20:42:29 <kushal> flexlibris, That is it from me.
20:42:30 <flexlibris> anything else kushal?
20:42:47 <kushal> Oh btw, thanks to t0mmy I have stickers now.
20:43:02 <kushal> we will be able to distribute them from next meetup.
20:43:15 <kushal> Oops, one more comment.
20:43:30 <kushal> We are also trying to do separate events in the college level.
20:43:33 <kushal> EOF
20:44:05 <kushal> ^^ no more things from me.
20:44:14 <flexlibris> thanks kushal!
20:44:26 <dmr> kushal: that's cool to hear you're tailoring some events to college audiences
20:44:41 <dmr> I'd like to add that we hope to do the same in the fall, when most students return :)
20:45:01 <flexlibris> !
20:45:03 <dmr> got some discussions in the works - I need to follow up on them to make them happen
20:45:51 <flexlibris> great stuff
20:46:01 * dmr realizes there's another far-off event to bring up and ask about, especially with kushal here!
20:46:06 <flexlibris> go ahead!
20:46:12 * dmr doesn't want to step on kushal's update follow-up
20:46:19 <dmr> (so please don't let me)
20:46:22 <kushal> dmr, I am done, go ahead.
20:46:22 <flexlibris> :)
20:47:04 <dmr> ok, so last year we tried to set something up for Aaron Swartz Day, which is roughly the first weekend of November (not sure if it always is)
20:47:29 <dmr> we did set up a small showing of The Internet's Own Boy, and a small SecureDrop hackathon
20:47:41 <dmr> we're looking to do more this year, and more in advance
20:47:56 <dmr> I figured y'all might know good people to get in touch with
20:48:15 <dmr> we reached out to Lisa Rein last year
20:48:21 <flexlibris> dmr: I was just about to suggest her
20:49:09 <flexlibris> I don't know anyone other than her to reach out to though
20:49:23 <dmr> ok, cool
20:49:46 <dmr> I realize there is a main ASD event in SF, so we'd love to consider any sort of syndication or whatnot
20:49:51 <kushal> dmr, this is New York, correct?
20:49:56 <kushal> or SF?
20:49:57 <dmr> this would be in Ann Arbor
20:50:07 * kushal goes to search
20:50:17 <kushal> okay
20:50:44 <dmr> here's the posting for last year: https://www.aaronswartzday.org/ann-arbor/
20:51:19 <dmr> anyways: just thought I'd bring it up here, since some sort of external "not just CryptoParty Ann Arbor" partnership might be nice :)
20:51:44 * dmr is done again
20:51:58 <flexlibris> thanks dmr!
20:52:13 * flexlibris will quickly give an update
20:52:24 <flexlibris> I'm still mainly working on Library Freedom Institute -- which begins in one month!
20:52:35 <Phoul> Woo!
20:52:37 <flexlibris> you can read more about it here if you'd like libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi
20:52:55 <flexlibris> I've also been planning the trip to Uganda at the end of May
20:53:05 <flexlibris> to do usability and outreach work with Tor community members there
20:53:20 <gman999> awesome
20:53:23 <flexlibris> I'm almost finished making some basic Tor training slides that will go up on the community portal
20:53:31 <gman999> ahem...
20:53:41 <flexlibris> gman999: yes I am going to send you them
20:53:44 <gman999> ;)
20:53:51 <gman999> i have old copies.. but i think you changed.
20:53:53 <flexlibris> I just wanted to make some changes people suggested
20:53:54 <flexlibris> yes I did
20:53:57 <flexlibris> I will send don't worry
20:54:03 <gman999> quick question...
20:54:10 <flexlibris> yes
20:54:18 <gman999> since you have those contacts... maybe get a picutre...
20:54:28 <gman999> of bandwidth costs, hosting, residential broadband
20:54:38 <gman999> to get an idea about hurdles for ppl running nodes?
20:54:39 <flexlibris> gman999: yes
20:54:47 <flexlibris> definitely
20:54:49 <gman999> i know kenya is expensive
20:55:23 <flexlibris> yeah I'll ask
20:55:38 <flexlibris> more stuff...
20:55:50 <flexlibris> the Tor meeting planners group is meeting next week to talk about the timeline for Mexico City
20:56:01 <flexlibris> so if anyone wants to get involved with that the more the merrir
20:56:03 <flexlibris> merrier*
20:56:06 <har00ga> I have no idea if this is relevant, but I have been to Togo & they have quite cheap telecoms and a bubbling tech community. They were actually one of the first nations in africa to get internet
20:56:14 <har00ga> Could be a good choice for promoting relays etc :)
20:56:17 <flexlibris> (meeting will be on May 9 at 1700 UTC in here)
20:56:23 <flexlibris> har00ga: oh cool, I never knew that about Togo
20:56:26 <Phoul> flexlibris: Can I get invited there? Would probably help with scheduling the operator meetup, so we dont end up with a party at the same time or somethin ;)
20:56:37 <har00ga> Also a very calm nation ^-^ people are incredibly warm
20:56:40 <flexlibris> Phoul: yes please come
20:56:55 <Phoul> (sorry, hit send before seeing it was here)
20:56:59 <flexlibris> np
20:57:18 <flexlibris> we finished up interviews for the community liaison position and will soon start interviewing for the user research coordinator
20:57:35 <flexlibris> and as I said earlier our HOPE talk got accepted
20:57:49 <flexlibris> so that is mainly it, the Uganda stuff and LFI are my two big things right now
20:57:57 <flexlibris> one of these days I will get around to working on the community team roadmap :(
20:58:01 <flexlibris> that's it from me
20:58:23 <gman999> (i'm out... sorry)
20:58:26 <Samdney> the africa stuff is great!
20:58:32 <Samdney> karibu :)
20:58:40 <flexlibris> later gman999
20:58:43 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
21:00:00 <kushal> flexlibris, can we move the meeting time a bit asia (for me) friendly?
21:00:12 <kushal> Otherwise this would start from 01:30AM for me back at home.
21:00:15 <flexlibris> kushal: we actually sent out a poll a month ago about the meeting time
21:00:27 <kushal> flexlibris, Oh, I guess I miss that :(
21:00:28 <flexlibris> with tons of times listed. and this one was the earliest one that most agreed on :/
21:00:44 <flexlibris> I'd been trying to get a more favorable time for a while
21:00:44 <kushal> Okay, no issues, go ahead.
21:00:50 <flexlibris> I don't want you to have to stay up until 1:30 am though
21:00:53 <flexlibris> so maybe we can revisit this
21:01:30 <flexlibris> does anyone else have an update?
21:02:02 <kushal> Thank you.
21:02:40 <flexlibris> no other updates?
21:03:17 <flexlibris> okay cool. I am going to stop the bot then. thanks for coming everyone!
21:03:19 <flexlibris> #endmeeting