16:01:07 <hiro> #startmeeting
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16:01:18 <hiro> aaalright I am the chair
16:01:25 <antonela> great
16:01:53 <hiro> I think we can start with our updates?
16:01:57 <antonela> yes!
16:01:59 <antonela> go for it
16:02:13 <hiro> this week I am cleaning up issues in the deb package for lektor according to feedback from irl
16:02:31 <hiro> I am also doing some service docs and waiting on complete translations for portal
16:02:51 <hiro> also doing some backend work for search
16:03:07 <antonela> great
16:03:26 <hiro> last week I was at a seminar so I basically cleaned up a few tickets and replied to issues
16:03:49 <hiro> so this is my update. left to do is add this month recap to the ux updated to tor-project
16:03:55 <antonela> we already have the job post ready for the localization services coord, i'll ask erin when we will launch it
16:04:01 <antonela> yee
16:04:05 <hiro> and maybe make a separate service recap
16:04:11 <antonela> feel free to remove/add/whatever items there
16:04:12 <hiro> for things that are only services related
16:04:14 <antonela> i like it :)
16:04:22 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-report-april
16:04:30 <hiro> yep as soon as the job post is ready we should add it to the jobs page
16:04:36 <antonela> yep
16:04:39 <antonela> on my side
16:04:51 <antonela> i worked with #25695
16:05:00 <antonela> and #25658
16:05:27 <antonela> for security settings, seems like the shield icon is the favourite, so we will move forward it version for user testing
16:05:41 <antonela> i have been reading/working with #25694
16:05:53 <antonela> i'd like to update it before our sync with TTB tomorrow
16:06:27 <antonela> i drafted the april report, feel free to edit it
16:06:45 <antonela> we did Community Liaison Interviews, i have been in cryptorave last weekend
16:07:07 <antonela> im writing a blogpost about Tails+Tor Users session there
16:07:14 <hiro> nice
16:07:58 <antonela> i think i can have something readable to share with Intrigeri tomorrow :)
16:09:01 <antonela> alison and me we were working on S9 things, defining our activities in Uganda
16:09:40 <hiro> that's happening in 2 weeks right?
16:09:46 <antonela> and i already sent the demographic questionnaire to our partners
16:09:58 <hiro> yep that turned out nice with survey.tpo
16:10:14 <antonela> yes is happening in 2 weeks
16:10:16 <antonela> :)
16:10:21 <antonela> lets see how it works
16:11:24 * flexlibris is here if you need her
16:11:51 <hiro> one thing we should discuss is how we could reach out to the mozilla people reg their loc platform
16:12:20 <antonela> we still need to define the ux activities for Uganda, but i have in mind: TTB user testing for OTF improvements, update our Persona documentation, work with the community to define threat models and collect user needs
16:12:34 <antonela> oh yes
16:12:37 <hiro> since we are BFF
16:12:43 <antonela> haha
16:12:55 <antonela> we can actually
16:13:15 <antonela> do you want to ask to the list first? seems like it is a group move
16:13:21 <hiro> maybe I can start an email thread
16:13:40 <hiro> we should see if it could work for us and if we could test it a bit
16:13:40 <antonela> cool, what is the list? localization?
16:13:44 <antonela> yep
16:13:49 <hiro> I was thinking first ux
16:13:53 <antonela> oh okey
16:13:54 <antonela> yes
16:13:55 <antonela> go for it
16:14:53 <hiro> not sure if we have any other thing?
16:15:53 <antonela> i dont think so
16:16:05 <irl> can i add agenda items?
16:16:08 <antonela> yes
16:16:09 <hiro> sure
16:16:18 <antonela> hi irl!
16:16:20 <irl> #24422
16:16:29 <irl> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/24422/map.png
16:16:45 <irl> some work in progress that is ux related
16:17:05 <antonela> wow!
16:17:16 <hiro> lovely ticket :)
16:17:19 * dmr lurks and glances through updates occasionally :)
16:17:29 <irl> once the bootstrap is mature enough to start integration, i'm planning to shuffle around some of the content on the metrics website
16:17:49 <irl> this is my map of the content that we have, or should have, so far
16:18:02 <irl> it's probably not complete and currently this is only a hierachical view, there will be more interlinking
16:18:35 <irl> it's probably a good idea at this point to share this with you, as there may be other portals that might want to link to metrics content, and also we might want to link metrics content to other portals
16:18:42 <irl> and i guess ux are the people that know about all the portals
16:18:48 <antonela> yes, that is useful for sure
16:19:26 <antonela> did you run it automagically? or which tool are you using to map it?
16:19:40 <hiro> hey irl maybe this is loosely related but maybe one thing to include in the scope of this work could be how information in the data is also related and structured?
16:19:53 <irl> antonela: http://www.insilmaril.de/vym/
16:19:55 <antonela> oh yes
16:20:13 <hiro> so that it is easy for people to search for things that can be correlated or easy for them to run their analysis on raw data
16:20:35 <antonela> and also related with the terminology source-of-trust we talked about last week
16:20:59 <irl> yep, so we're currently (for Sponsor13 i think) producing a lot of documentation around how to process the data, and i want to make sure that any graphs always link back to the data and processes that made them
16:21:20 <irl> ah yes, for the terminology, we have decided to try a new policy for the metrics glossary
16:21:39 <antonela> tell me more
16:21:40 <irl> i will be making a patch for torspec to include all our current terms in the torspec glossary, and that will be the source of truth
16:21:47 <antonela> yess
16:21:55 <irl> but we will not be using the definitions word for word
16:22:05 <irl> karsten rightly points out that these glossaries have different audiences
16:22:09 <antonela> yes
16:22:20 <irl> so the metrics glossary will probably be less technical whereas the torspec glossary would be more technical
16:22:35 <irl> the important thing is that the definitions do not directly conflict, even if they are described differently
16:22:40 <antonela> and then we can create a human-based one ha
16:22:56 <irl> yep
16:23:23 <antonela> perfect, thanks for jumping here and working on it!
16:23:25 <irl> we can see how well it goes integrating metrics terms into torspec, i'm guessing that it's probable that we don't want to have all the community terms in
16:23:26 <irl> but
16:23:27 <dmr> irl: cool to hear the glossary work - sounds like good direction to have a few glossaries!
16:23:43 <irl> maybe there is another organisation that maintains a glossary of useful terms, maybe eff?
16:24:09 <irl> community could then reference the eff glossary or the tor glossary depending on whether or not it's a specific tor term
16:24:17 <irl> (i don't know if they have one or not, just an example)
16:24:35 <hiro> generally speaking there is a lot of things that we and the eff do and somehow might overlap
16:24:47 <hiro> we talked in rome about how to share more of our work mutually
16:24:53 <antonela> yes, not just eff
16:24:56 <antonela> exactly
16:25:07 <irl> maybe we all just start contributing to wikipedia's dictionary
16:25:18 <hiro> on thing that we mentioned was maybe start with a repository on the gitlab that riseup maintain and use that
16:25:32 <irl> that sounds like a good idea
16:25:49 <irl> it would be good to have reusable content for this
16:25:50 <hiro> the idea in the case was less of a glossary but mre in terms of "things" that we might share
16:26:04 <hiro> so the glossary would fall under that :)
16:26:07 <irl> yep
16:26:09 <irl> sounds good (:
16:26:18 <antonela> yes, is awesome
16:26:20 <hiro> also that has also a wiki
16:26:35 <hiro> so we might have common documentation that we want to sahre and maintain
16:26:38 <hiro> I don't know
16:26:48 <hiro> one thing I could do is start that repository and invite people to it
16:26:50 <antonela> im thinking how we can work with metaphors/technical explanation, like maybe depends on user suggest a definition?
16:27:13 <irl> i think there would definitely be a benefit to everyone working in the same space using the same terminology
16:27:26 <irl> if we think end-to-end encryption means one thing while eff think it means something else
16:27:32 <irl> that's going to be a disaster for users
16:27:35 <antonela> yes
16:27:50 <irl> so it's like a shared style guide for writing i guess
16:27:59 <antonela> this is why we should join forces, not just with EFF, but Tails, SecureDrop floks, for sure
16:28:01 <antonela> yes
16:28:21 <hiro> yes also one thing that I was discussing with antonela is that going forward if org like mozilla and brave start integrating tor, having common terminology is one thing that will help the integration process and adoption too
16:28:49 <hiro> also maybe commond docs (ex: the mozilla dev network)
16:28:56 <antonela> and this tool might help us on it
16:28:57 <irl> definitely
16:28:59 <hiro> but that's maybe too far away in the future
16:29:28 <antonela> anw, is good to have a vision about what we want to build :)
16:29:45 <irl> ok, well, i will let you know how i get on with the metrics glossary
16:30:01 <antonela> great! thanks a lot irl!
16:30:02 <hiro> and I will share the repository
16:30:05 <hiro> :)
16:30:07 <irl> ok cool (:
16:30:12 <antonela> iujuu
16:30:16 <antonela> i owe you/everybody a lot of styleguide related tickets. I'm working with apps (TTB desktop/android) this month, but next one i'll back to website/styleguide related tasks
16:30:24 <antonela> irl, something there is blocking you in any way?
16:30:44 <irl> if you spot anything where you think things could have linkage in the information architecture for metrics, send me a mail, that would be good
16:30:56 <irl> nothing is currently blocking me, but i maybe have one more agenda item
16:31:03 <antonela> yes sure
16:31:07 <irl> https://people.torproject.org/~irl/snowflake/
16:31:32 <irl> i have no idea when these meetings happen, but did anyone want me to do anything with this?
16:32:29 <irl> "these" being the snowflake meetings
16:32:40 <antonela> oh, i have a backlog item to design a landing for it. But your help and implementation there was perfect!
16:32:48 <antonela> is the same content we had before, so i think is ok for now
16:32:57 <irl> exactly the same content
16:33:11 <irl> i literally stuck the header and footer on it and uploaded the css
16:33:39 <antonela> i know, thanks for it :)
16:34:04 <irl> ok cool, so there's nothing you need from me on that and it's under control?
16:34:28 <irl> it was definitely useful to do as i discovered the x-frame-options header preventing anyone from actually being a snowflake bridge
16:34:43 <irl> but it's also probably easy enough (and you'd do a better job) to do the integration again
16:36:05 <antonela> i'm not sure which sponsor we have (if we have) for snowflake, so if we are going to improve it is out of my hands for now
16:36:16 <irl> ok
16:36:25 <irl> that's all my agenda items then (:
16:36:28 <irl> thanks
16:36:29 <antonela> but i'll ping people to know more about it
16:36:42 <irl> cool (:
16:36:42 <hiro> shall i kill the bot?
16:36:42 <antonela> thanks youuu, thanks for joining us :)
16:36:43 <antonela> i think so
16:36:47 <hiro> #endmeeting