16:59:45 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 14 May
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17:00:06 <nickm> hi all! I'm typing a little faster this week on my new keyboard, but I still often hit enter by mistake when I mean
17:00:10 <nickm> when I mean H.
17:00:15 <nickm> like that.
17:00:27 <nickm> so, this week's pad is https://pad.riseup.net/p/fsuA7cgc5dOI
17:00:32 <nickm> how's everybody doing?
17:00:46 <haxxpop> hello
17:00:51 <haxxpop> i'm very good nickm :)
17:01:44 <nickm> starting with the roadmap...
17:01:45 <nickm> we
17:01:48 <nickm> we
17:02:04 <dgoulet> hi
17:02:04 <ahf> hey!
17:02:11 <nickm> we have some items that are not listed as done.
17:02:12 <dmr> nickm: could you share the roadmap URL? :)
17:02:18 <nickm> it's on the pad
17:02:25 <nickm> pad is https://pad.riseup.net/p/fsuA7cgc5dOI
17:02:30 * dmr realized that right after hitting enter
17:02:42 <dmr> thanks :) and sorry
17:02:54 <nickm> Since tomorrow is feature-freeze, we should probably assume that any feature not currently in needs_review will miss 0.3.4
17:03:04 <asn> mikeperry: am I right to say that we can close #25546 after #25903 gets merged?
17:03:10 <nickm> dmr: no worries
17:03:18 <ahf> nickm: i pinged sbs about #25510 last week, but i don't think i've got a response yet. gonna prod again after the meeting
17:03:41 <nickm> ok.  Anything that's a bug we might be able to fix
17:03:48 <nickm> anything else will have to wait
17:04:00 <nickm> I think #25499 is de-facto done?
17:04:04 <mikeperry> asn: yah I think so
17:04:08 <nickm> #25507 is noncoding so can wait.
17:04:37 <nickm> asn, mikeperry: can you adjust the sponsor-V vanguard items on the roadmap as needed?
17:04:42 <asn> mikeperry: ack. and what about #25545? do you think we are sufficiently ok with 2-4-8? should we write a doc with the motivation?
17:04:44 <ahf> #25496 is non-coding (at least in tor.git) too
17:04:49 <asn> mikeperry: or should we just close
17:05:20 <asn> mikeperry: i'd just close and do any other fine tuning of the topology in the future as we test vanguards.
17:05:58 <mikeperry> asn: do you have high run count graphs from any of 2-3-6, 2-4-6, 2-4-8?
17:06:01 <isis> o/
17:06:07 <asn> mikeperry: not rn, but i can make.
17:06:14 <asn> mikeperry: i can also make with maxx.
17:06:26 <nickm> ahf: ack
17:06:27 <mikeperry> asn: I never let the script run for long enough to get those, esp since the layer1 compromise takes a loooong time
17:06:54 <asn> mikeperry: ok i can make those graphs tomorrow.
17:07:19 <isis> why is #25903 in needs_review again? i reviewed it?
17:07:22 <isis> oh i see
17:07:27 <isis> setting it back
17:07:53 <asn> mikeperry: and what about #25668? should we consider the 2-guard proposal "investigated" for now? it will need revision and implementation tho.
17:08:01 <nickm> isis: do you think we're okay to call #24986 "as done as it will get for 0.3.4"?
17:08:21 <isis> nickm: yeah, i moved everything to 0.3.5
17:08:23 <nickm> (arg, desktop weirdness, afk 1 minute)
17:08:42 <nickm> isis: ok. could you also check it off on the roadmap?
17:09:08 <mikeperry> asn: yeah we need to like write up everything from that thread I think :/
17:09:35 <asn> mikeperry: do you think we should do it as part of that roadmap item, or make a new one for 035? we still have V anyway...
17:09:45 <nickm> (re)
17:09:55 <asn> mikeperry: new roadmap item coudl be "Revise prop#279 as needed and implement" or something...
17:10:17 <mikeperry> asn: ok
17:10:23 <mikeperry> asn: lets do that
17:11:09 <nickm> isis: okay, my desktop is working again .  I checked it off
17:11:13 <asn> mikeperry: and what about #25545? do you want to wait for the graphs before closing? or should we close now, and if the graphs show us something surprising, we just revise if needed.
17:11:19 <asn> mikeperry: i'd just close now
17:11:20 <nickm> a
17:11:22 <isis> nickm: yep!
17:11:29 <isis> nickm: oh you got it
17:11:48 <nickm> ahf: did you have an opinion on #25499?
17:11:50 <asn> (ugh prop#279 above should be prop#291, or whatever the 2-guard proposal is numbered as)
17:13:28 <nickm> mikeperry, asn: did you decide on #25546 status too?
17:13:43 <asn> nickm: let's close #25546 after #25903 is merged?
17:13:49 <asn> nickm: or we can just clsoe it now. it's just #25903 left.
17:14:17 <ahf> nickm: i think after the talk we had thursday that what is there now is good, just need to hook it up in orbot too and see how that works
17:14:26 <nickm> ok
17:14:49 <nickm> let's close it now; #25903 can squeak in IIUC
17:15:00 <asn> soundsd good
17:15:24 <asn> i need to do some ticket moving to close the corresponding ticket
17:15:33 <mikeperry> asn: #25545 can be closed, I guess.. I dunno. I'd rather have the graphs first :)
17:15:48 <asn> ok ill make the graphs this week.
17:15:50 <nickm> ahf: okay. I'll mark it done
17:15:55 <asn> and close it soon.
17:16:03 <asn> mikeperry: which adversary model would you like me to use?
17:16:53 <nickm> great.  That's roadmap!
17:16:54 <ahf> cool!
17:16:56 <mikeperry> wait where was the original ticket for the simulator?
17:17:05 <asn> #23978
17:17:23 <nickm> next thing to do is reviewer assignments, if we're done with the roadmap
17:17:37 <asn> we only had two needs_review tickets this week
17:17:40 <asn> i took one, david took the other
17:17:50 <asn> if more tickets come, perhaps we can assign them mid-week?
17:18:15 <nickm> huh. I see a lot more than that on the spreadsheet.  Are those all stale or what?
17:18:22 <nickm> or are those from last week?
17:18:28 <asn> yes some of those are from last week
17:18:57 <nickm> I see 6 tickets in needs_review now for 0.3.4...
17:19:00 <asn> ye i meant only two new needs_review tickets
17:19:26 <nickm> ok. so people who have needs_review stuff are ahf, dgoulet, asn, and nickm.
17:19:53 <nickm> Can everybody on that list get through all their needs_review stuff today, if it is something that might be affected by the feature freeze?
17:19:59 <ahf> yes
17:20:36 <dgoulet> yes
17:20:41 <nickm> asn, dgoulet: ^ ?
17:20:49 <asn> hmmm i wonder why #25947 is on 34
17:20:52 <asn> hmmm i wonder why #25947 is on 034
17:20:55 <asn> but #25960 is on 35
17:21:06 <asn> and they share the same branch
17:21:22 <nickm> it's okay with me if they both go to 035, unless juga objects.
17:21:27 <asn> yeah lets do both of them in 035
17:21:32 <asn> the 034 one is unittests anyway
17:21:35 <nickm> ok. please frob the ticket :)
17:21:38 <asn> ack
17:22:03 <nickm> rotations this week are: ahf -- triage. asn -- community.  catalyst -- coverity.  dgoulet -- CI.
17:22:19 <ahf> ack
17:22:22 <nickm> everybody cool with that?  anybody have leftover stuff from last week?
17:22:40 <ahf> i think david had a comment on being CI this week in the pad
17:22:50 * catalyst probably needs to follow up on #26040
17:22:53 <nickm> I should be working with ahf a lot on the triage stuff, since this week will see heavy triage of old and new tickets
17:23:02 <dgoulet> right if someone wants to switch with me on CI would be nice since I'm off mid-week :S
17:23:05 <ahf> nickm: yes!
17:23:24 <nickm> ahf: ok, ping me any time.  You know my schedule. :)
17:24:00 <ahf> nickm: maybe we could get our hands dirty with it tomorrow when you get online (or a bit later if it's early there)? i need to finish my reviews tonight first
17:24:32 <nickm> ahf: sounds like fun!
17:25:18 <ahf> cool! let's do that
17:25:29 <ahf> i'm gonna ping you when i see you check in on irc tomorrow!
17:26:11 <nickm> isis: I tried to answer your questions on the pad
17:27:28 <dmr> nickm: is the hackfest pad public? sounds like not, but thought to check
17:27:30 <nickm> announcement about the seattle hackfest pad:it's already a semi-public document, and it's likely to become more public.  Please let me know soon if there's anything (besides the list of names) we should remove before the whole world looks
17:27:39 <mikeperry> asn: (I am still thinking about adversary model - I might push a commit tweaking things a little)
17:27:41 <nickm> dmr: ^
17:27:50 * dmr loves human-time-scale race conditions
17:27:55 <nickm> also please have a look at the pad for the stuff that's been added recently
17:28:17 <asn> mikeperry: ack let me  know!
17:28:40 <asn> haxxpop: i will try to take a day to put client auth things into my brain this week. antonela is also interested in checking it out from a UX perspective.
17:28:52 <nickm> other stuff: once 0.3.4 is frozen, even though it hurts to do so, PLEASE prioritize fixing 0.3.4 bugs over stuff that's roadmapped for 0.3.5
17:28:59 <nickm> only you can help us release on time
17:29:29 <haxxpop> asn, yeah nice ! antonela nice to work with you :)
17:32:21 <nickm> So wow, it's been only 30 minutes, but I think we're through the agenda. any more to talk about today?
17:32:40 <dmr> dgoulet brought up a logistical issue with the rotation
17:32:48 <nickm> ah yes!
17:33:09 <nickm> Does anybody want to swap for dgoulet's CI rotation?
17:33:18 <nickm> If not I can try to pick it up
17:33:47 <nickm> and is there anything else for this meeting?
17:33:58 <asn> btw wrt seattle logistics
17:34:02 <isis> i'd trade but i'm also gone thursday and friday
17:34:03 <asn> i wont be able to attend the hackfest this time
17:34:09 <asn> but let me know how i can be helpful
17:34:17 <asn> if you need me for a session or anything
17:34:43 <isis> oh also komlo and my rustconf talk about tor got accepted \o/
17:34:56 <ahf> isis: cool!
17:35:02 <catalyst> isis: awesome!
17:35:16 <nickm> isis: awesome! remind me of the topic?
17:35:17 <ahf> asn: maybe we can get you online there like we did with mike and isa in montreal
17:35:45 <nickm> asn: can you look over the pad and the list of topics and see if there's anything you really want to make sure we cover or think about?
17:36:00 <asn> ack
17:36:02 <nickm> or send us notes on anything you want us to have your perspective on
17:36:04 <isis> nickm: it's about integrating rust into a large C codebase
17:36:31 <nickm> neat!
17:36:51 <nickm> I hope we solve all our integration issues before then
17:36:53 <nickm> :)
17:37:04 <nickm> August, right?
17:38:17 <isis> yes, august 17 in portland
17:38:29 <nickm> cool
17:38:45 <isis> the same day as i'm apparently supposed to be at a wedding on the other side of the country, no idea how to pull that off
17:38:46 <ahf> they do recording of talks too? can't remember if it was a rustconf video i saw with you and henry talking about the rust crypto work
17:39:01 <isis> yep! there will be recordings
17:39:03 <nickm> okay, seeing nobody else, I'm pickin up dgoulet's CI rotation on the days when dgoulet is gone
17:39:04 <ahf> sweet
17:39:10 <nickm> dgoulet: which days are those again?
17:39:11 <dgoulet> nickm: thanks
17:41:05 <nickm> and hearing no new topics in the last couple of minutes, I'm going to call this one adjourned.  Thanks, everybody!  I'll be hanging around on IRC for the next couple of hours, I hope.
17:41:20 <nickm> have a great week, you awesome people!
17:41:28 <dgoulet> o/
17:41:35 <nickm> I believe in you, and I'm honored to work with you!
17:41:37 <nickm> #endmeeting