16:07:02 <hiro> #startmeeting
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16:07:04 <hiro> haha
16:07:06 <antonela> oh thanks
16:07:07 <antonela> hahaha
16:07:46 <antonela> so hi!
16:07:53 * dmr waves
16:08:03 <antonela> lets talk a little bit about last week, this week and what is next
16:08:07 <flexlibris> hi hi
16:08:22 <antonela> :)
16:08:24 <hiro> hello :)
16:08:54 <hiro> ok I think I can start
16:08:59 <hiro> is that ok for everyone?
16:09:09 <antonela> about last week, i worked on Update Tor Browser task #25694
16:09:20 <hiro> haha nevermind I go second.. I think I am lagging a bit
16:09:33 <antonela> ohh sorry i was writing hahaha
16:09:36 <antonela> cool, thanks :)
16:09:38 <hiro> no worries
16:10:07 <antonela> i left a huge comment there, i'd like to have people from TTB team reviewing it so we can move forward
16:10:31 <antonela> i won't be able to make our Wednesday sync with them, so i'll send an email today
16:11:22 <isabela> oi
16:11:32 <antonela> i talked with GeKo about to have an alpha version of TTB including FF60 UI + some of the improvements we were working on past months
16:11:35 <isabela> sorry people
16:11:37 <antonela> holaa
16:11:40 <antonela> no worries!
16:11:44 <hiro> no worries :)
16:12:15 <antonela> and he say that it could be posible, so i'd love to use it run user testing in Uganda
16:12:20 <antonela> *said
16:13:02 <antonela> Demographic survey was created at LimeSurvey and shared with our partners there too
16:13:34 <antonela> i wrote some lines about the session with users in Cryptorave last week and Steph made it looks like a blogpost <3
16:13:53 <isabela> :)
16:13:54 <antonela> so i shared with Intrigeri from Tails and we are going to make it live this week
16:14:10 <antonela> you can read it here -> https://pad.riseup.net/p/TM2Bocz79wXP
16:14:30 <antonela> aaand on behalf of the ux team, i sent last month report to the list
16:14:35 <isabela> antonela: i plan on wrting down the feedback i got on the session on tuesday
16:14:39 <isabela> not a blog post
16:14:42 <antonela> yess, internal
16:14:42 <isabela> just to share with tor ppl
16:14:44 <antonela> thats great
16:14:48 <isabela> :)
16:15:30 <antonela> for this week: im working with flexlibris planning our activities for Uganda
16:15:54 <antonela> and preparing my things to travel tomorrow
16:15:59 <antonela> that's all i think :)
16:16:07 <isabela> i love the photos from the blog post :)
16:16:40 <antonela> haha steph hand-picked them :)
16:17:13 <isabela> great
16:17:19 <dmr> isabela: just to clarify... are you thinking that would be an internal ml or tor-project/something else public?
16:17:29 <dmr> antonela: that was a good report email!
16:17:48 <isabela> dmr: it can be on a public ml - just not for the blog
16:17:57 <isabela> will be less fancy :)
16:18:42 <antonela> oh thanks, there is a lot happening :)
16:18:50 <antonela> hiro, you move
16:18:54 <hiro> sure
16:18:59 <dmr> isabela: cool; I look forward to it :)
16:20:17 <hiro> I am working on fixing small issue I had in the backend of search while waiting for translations. I am also putting together the services documentation. and last week one of the packages we needed for lektor got through to unstable... so now we need to go through with the lektor package itself for debian and then we can build it on jenkins
16:21:34 <hiro> I am also working on this: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/services/faq it is a way to document what people have to do when they want a new service or when they have questions regarding running one
16:21:53 <hiro> also it is a way for me to have a standard of things that we have deployed
16:21:54 <isabela> hiro: do you have an idea of how many langs are left to complete translation? or you dont have access to it
16:21:58 <dmr> antonela, isabela, stephw: I think you're all probably familiar with this already, but just in case - Simply Secure did a recent post about Tails's UX process: https://simplysecure.org/blog/formative-testing (highlighted on the Tails blog)
16:22:18 <hiro> isabela last time I checked only spanish and french were complete
16:22:27 <antonela> cool, thanks irl for the debian's help 🙏
16:22:37 <isabela> !
16:22:46 <isabela> i must get on the pt then :)
16:22:49 <hiro> let me find that link again so I can check again
16:22:58 <antonela> dmr, yes! is a great post wrote by our friend Ellen!
16:23:21 <hiro> uhm I need to dig into emails
16:23:31 <hiro> will share it later via list
16:24:51 <hiro> yes so we are doing the deb packages with irl, and also following last week discussion about the mapping of terms in metrics we started a repository on https://0xacab.org/spaghetti that is meant to share things that can benefit different orgs
16:25:09 <antonela> oh neat
16:25:15 <hiro> one of the projects there (although not public yet) is the glossary irl is working on
16:25:20 <isabela> oki
16:25:38 <hiro> and I shared that with the linguine people and some of them joined, so hopefully there will be more things to collaborate on
16:25:40 * isabela needs to put the localization project manager job description up
16:25:41 <isabela> :(
16:25:56 <antonela> which may be pretty useful for the ux and community teams!
16:25:58 <isabela> i will open a ticket once i clean it up
16:26:31 <antonela> isabela, yes, thanks
16:26:43 <antonela> we are quite blocked without translations
16:26:48 <isabela> yep
16:26:52 <hiro> yep it's a bit of a blocker
16:27:06 <hiro> also we haven't really tested with native speakers
16:27:12 <antonela> yep :(
16:27:40 <isabela> i will get on the top of it now that i am back online (no more trainings events for a while)
16:27:47 <antonela> super, thanks isa!
16:27:50 <isabela> at least 2 and 1/2 weeks
16:28:29 <antonela> also, should we start to define the content for landing pages?
16:28:48 <hiro> (action item for me: check languages and share the link)
16:29:29 <isabela> antonela: i need to organize that
16:29:31 <isabela> for stephw
16:29:47 <flexlibris> hey what's the glossary irl is working on hiro?
16:29:48 <antonela> i have been with apps last month and testing this month, but next i think i should back to website since we are on-time for releases
16:29:51 <isabela> antonela: landing pages == tpo site?
16:29:54 <isabela> torproject.org site
16:29:56 <antonela> isa:yes
16:29:59 <isabela> ok
16:30:06 <isabela> i will organize that too
16:30:12 <flexlibris> there are some other glossaries. they should prob live in one place. :)
16:30:13 <antonela> cool, let me know how i can help
16:30:19 <isabela> steph is out this week at rightscon, i will make sure its ready for when she is back
16:30:29 <antonela> isabela: super
16:30:33 <antonela> flexlibris: YES
16:30:41 <isabela> flexlibris: yes
16:30:49 <isabela> maybe we could start by collecting all of them
16:31:07 <flexlibris> yeah
16:32:20 <antonela> flexlibris, i'll put you and irl and hiro in an email to coordinate it and give you visibility :)
16:32:33 <isabela> yes
16:32:37 <isabela> i want to be on it too :)
16:32:41 <isabela> if possible :)
16:32:43 <flexlibris> great
16:32:44 <hiro> flexlibris: I was finding the ticket
16:32:44 <flexlibris> :)
16:32:50 <antonela> because i know you have been done this work before
16:32:57 <antonela> isabela idk :)
16:33:01 <isabela> hahahaha
16:33:03 <antonela> hahah
16:33:11 <antonela> oka, anything else?
16:33:38 <isabela> i am getting back to all of it this week
16:33:50 <isabela> after a lot of work afk
16:34:05 <isabela> :) so i hope to 1. get colombia stuff organized (gus will come too)
16:34:11 <flexlibris> woooo yay gus is coming
16:34:19 <isabela> 2. get website content organized
16:34:26 <isabela> 3. do april reports for sponsors
16:34:53 <isabela> and a bunch of little things that are accumulating like the report of the tests in sp
16:34:56 <isabela> etc
16:35:11 <antonela> yaaa
16:35:14 <isabela> i will be givig feedback to the materials for trainings that anto shared too
16:35:35 <isabela> ahh
16:35:45 <isabela> and we are all interviewing candidates for user research coordinator!
16:35:54 <isabela> maybe we will have someone by june? maybe? maybe?
16:35:55 <isabela> :)
16:36:09 <antonela> oh yes !
16:36:22 <flexlibris> we can do it
16:36:42 <antonela> 💪
16:36:49 <isabela> damn by august we will have a tpm, gus the user research coordinator
16:36:52 <isabela> we will be bombing
16:36:55 <isabela> 'bombando'
16:36:57 <hiro> flexlibris: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24422
16:37:06 <flexlibris> thanks hiro
16:37:22 * isabela feels that mexico city will be da bomb
16:37:39 <antonela> yes, irl did an awesome IA work with metrics content
16:37:50 <isabela> nice!
16:37:52 <antonela> mexico i can feel you
16:39:00 <isabela> irl: amazing!
16:39:32 <isabela> irl: gus did a 'wake though' of the metrics site at the sp training :) it was pretty cool
16:39:42 <isabela> so ppl could check out the brazuka situation at tor
16:41:07 <antonela> thats great
16:41:17 <isabela> *walk through
16:41:18 <isabela> hehehe
16:41:25 <hiro> hehehe
16:41:29 <isabela> i guess i said wake cuz i need more coffee
16:41:57 <flexlibris> hehe
16:42:27 <antonela> haha
16:42:38 <hiro> one thing that I forgot to mention is that as part of #22026 I started an elastic search test to see if that could be a quick way to provide raw log search functionality
16:42:51 <hiro> that was a thing that me and irl chatted about in rome
16:42:53 <antonela> siiii
16:43:05 <isabela> nice!
16:43:10 <hiro> so that's in that spaghetti thing
16:43:21 <antonela> cool
16:43:29 <hiro> but I am going to document it in the services wiki
16:44:18 <isabela> people ineed to relocate
16:45:19 <antonela> i think we are groot
16:45:34 <hiro> yep all groot
16:45:41 <isabela> yep
16:45:53 <flexlibris> yep
16:45:54 <antonela> cool, thanks people! quick recap but useful to move forward
16:46:27 <hiro> isabela: https://torpat.ch/support-locales
16:46:32 <antonela> see you next week, from uganda i hope🤞
16:46:38 <hiro> still spanish and french as far as this tool says
16:46:48 <isabela> thanks hiro !
16:49:00 <isabela> antonela: dont forget to kill the bot
16:49:11 <antonela> hiro is the Chair
16:49:12 <antonela> haha
16:49:25 <antonela> bye bots o/
16:49:29 <antonela> #endmeeting
16:49:31 <antonela> haha
16:49:46 <hiro> #endmeeting