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20:00:02 <gman999> sorry... here
20:00:08 <ggus> :D
20:00:27 <har00ga> hi :]
20:00:49 <flexlibris> who wants to start with an update?
20:01:03 <gman999> i can if you want
20:01:08 <flexlibris> sure gman999
20:01:13 <gman999> k... just a few short things.
20:01:25 <gman999> as discussed last meeting here...
20:01:39 <gman999> invited all nyc tor event ppl to tor-community@
20:01:53 <gman999> not sure who joined, but we have a few... and enough IMHO
20:02:03 <gman999> includes two ppl not TPO core, which is good.
20:02:09 <flexlibris> cool
20:02:16 <gman999> and June 14 we're doing a social at a bar
20:02:24 <gman999> then Aug 2 the next real event
20:02:30 <gman999> built out of HOPE conference
20:02:43 <gman999> we are aiming for a Tor person who's at the NYtimes for that
20:02:49 <gman999> and as per flex,
20:02:55 <gman999> table at HOPE
20:03:01 <flexlibris> we finally got it!!!
20:03:05 <gman999> woohoo
20:03:12 <flexlibris> (for those keeping score at home this means we have one Tor talk and one Tor table)
20:03:18 <Phoul> Woo!
20:03:23 <Samdney> :)
20:03:24 <gman999> definitely good.
20:03:37 <gman999> that's pretty much it. except...
20:03:49 <gman999> for october meeting, i think we are going to sharpen it up a bit
20:04:00 <gman999> maybe kevun (schedule issue for this mtg)
20:04:12 <gman999> on traffic analysis..w hich would be heavier
20:04:20 <gman999> which is what i think we should do...
20:04:34 <gman999> different audiences, different locations, different levels and topics
20:04:40 <gman999> mix it up... just keep shit in motion
20:04:43 <gman999> that's it
20:04:47 <gman999> anything else flex?
20:04:51 <dmr> imma send all my friends to HOPE and have 'em bombard the Tor table :)
20:04:58 <flexlibris> i think you covered it
20:05:05 <dmr> hope you bring lots of swag!
20:05:06 <gman999> cool.  ty dennis ritchie :)
20:05:09 <flexlibris> other than -- we are gonna have a meeting about HOPE plans soon
20:05:16 <flexlibris> if anyone who is gonna be there wants to join hit me up
20:05:23 <flexlibris> there's definitely room for you to help at the table
20:05:26 <gman999> yes... workshops to plan
20:06:20 <flexlibris> who wants to go next?
20:06:23 <dmr> flexlibris, gman999: I'd love to help, but it's unlikely I'll be attending. :( It'll be planned relatively last-minute if I can. Will keep you posted!
20:06:30 <flexlibris> okay please do
20:06:36 <Phoul> I can go
20:06:42 <flexlibris> please!
20:08:14 <Phoul> Last week I did a lot of hand-off stuff, answered translator questions, and cleaned up resources on Transifex. I also spend time getting things ready for outreachy starting this week. This week I started as the relay advocate, and more details on that can be found at https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2018-May/015230.html. I've been working on planning a meetup at PETS in barcelona, and
20:08:20 <Phoul> also looking into options for a larger relay summit. Today I also started reaching out to relay operators, and opened the #tor-relays channel.
20:08:44 <gman999> (oh, congrats Phoul)
20:08:56 <gman999> good stuff
20:09:01 <Phoul> Thanks :)
20:09:02 <flexlibris> yeah super exciting
20:09:11 <flexlibris> the #tor-relays channel is already poppin
20:09:24 <gman999> i added to that doc flex)
20:09:44 <flexlibris> yay
20:09:50 <Phoul> Yeah! If you're interested in relay stuffs, please join. A number of people already have, so shouldnt be a dead channel :)
20:10:37 <flexlibris> anything else Phoul?
20:10:44 <Phoul> Nope that was all :)
20:10:56 <flexlibris> cool
20:10:59 <flexlibris> who's next?
20:11:21 <ggus> (i'm writing, because it's too many things)
20:11:29 <flexlibris> ggus: we can be patient :)
20:11:39 <dmr> cheers! #tor-relays is a great addition :)
20:11:40 <gman999> not for ggus we cant!
20:11:50 <gman999> serious note...
20:11:52 <ggus> oh man! :(
20:11:53 <flexlibris> gman999: don't incur the wrath of the brazukas man
20:12:00 <gman999> phoul, do you think another channel is sustainable?
20:12:07 <gman999> just curious
20:12:20 <gman999> (lol... ggus is the bomb)
20:13:11 <Phoul> gman999: I think so, the operator community is largely on IRC already but super spread out. Tor channels (before this one) didnt have any real home for them, as #tor-project wasnt really supposed to be tech discussion, and relay issues are not really a dev problem. So people got pushed off to #tor. I think this way people will be able to interact with the relay operator community easier.
20:13:45 <gman999> i think that makes sense... that would be my logical meandering
20:13:47 <flexlibris> also I think that if a new IRC channel dies it's lower impact than if a mailing list starts and dies
20:14:01 <gman999> agree flex
20:14:26 <flexlibris> if ggus still needs more time I can go in the meantime
20:14:45 <ggus> pls
20:14:49 <flexlibris> okay cool
20:15:06 <flexlibris> well since gman already updated about HOPE
20:15:12 <flexlibris> my main other things are
20:15:50 <flexlibris> 1. Library Freedom Institute starts in three weeks. you can check out the first five weeks curriculum and some other stuff related to it here: https://github.com/alisonLFP/libraryfreedominstitute
20:16:17 <flexlibris> our main communication channel is a discourse forum: libraryfreedom.chat (non-cohort members are welcome to join and observe but they won
20:16:21 <flexlibris> t be able to post)
20:16:49 <flexlibris> every week the cohort will have assignments related to teaching/advocating for privacy and they will push them to that repo
20:16:57 <flexlibris> so if you want to follow their progress you can
20:17:19 <flexlibris> 2. on Sunday I leave for Uganda, very excited
20:17:21 <gman999> (i *cant* make aug 4 flex)
20:17:37 <flexlibris> Antonela and I have a packed schedule meeting with many activists and digital rights defenders
20:17:46 <flexlibris> gman999: how about Aug 5?
20:17:57 <gman999> unlikely... but we talk offline
20:18:00 <flexlibris> cool
20:18:01 <gman999> (sorry for interruption)
20:18:03 <flexlibris> no worries
20:18:05 <flexlibris> it was relevant
20:18:08 <Samdney> how long will you stay there?
20:18:09 <gman999> phew!
20:18:31 <flexlibris> 3. Mexico City meeting planning is under way and that's cool! We have a small group of folks helping organize it and could definitely use more help if anyone is interested.
20:18:48 <flexlibris> We need people to help with local outreach, schedule planning/open day planning, facilitation, and some other logistical stuff
20:18:58 <gman999> can there be some longer ovreview of mx city organizing, maybe via email?
20:19:01 <flexlibris> Samdney: I return to the US on May 28
20:19:01 <gman999> or irc logs?
20:19:06 <flexlibris> gman999: yes
20:19:07 <flexlibris> one sec
20:19:10 <flexlibris> let me get those
20:19:26 <gman999> great... just wondering if there's other input resources to give
20:19:57 <flexlibris> storm pad taking a minute...
20:20:39 <flexlibris> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/EV8SmqQehW5wCnWzrtdepHQauPwBhdEDGq36tLvZQWb
20:20:53 <gman999> ty
20:21:10 <flexlibris> 4. this is an exciting week for the community team since Phoul started his new position, Cy starts doing Outreachy stuff, and ggus also became officially employed today :)
20:21:12 <gman999> considering it's the first summit out of the normal orbit...
20:21:26 <Phoul> har00ga also started outreachy stuff :)
20:21:28 <gman999> it should get a lot of attention from everyone
20:21:37 <flexlibris> oh for some reason I thought har00ga started last week
20:21:46 <flexlibris> also har00ga then! yay har00ga!
20:21:51 <flexlibris> gman999: yes
20:21:53 <flexlibris> I agree
20:22:07 <flexlibris> if we don't get more people volunteering I will ping individuals and demand their help
20:22:13 <gman999> cool.
20:22:15 <har00ga> ^-^
20:22:22 <flexlibris> last thing from me
20:22:30 <flexlibris> 5. I would like to have a sprint on community team tickets
20:22:34 <gman999> ppl in the US, not just LATAM, should have contacts and ipnut already
20:22:41 <gman999> URL?
20:22:52 <flexlibris> there are a bunch that we haven't had a chance to get to and now that the team is bigger, we should
20:22:59 <flexlibris> it's the community category on trac
20:23:13 <flexlibris> and also sometimes things uncategorized but assigned to me
20:23:35 <flexlibris> so I will put out a dudle on the list, but I wanted to bring it up here
20:23:36 <flexlibris> that's it from me
20:24:12 <gman999> (ggus is looking for a publisher ?)
20:24:18 <har00ga> Somewhat related, but if anyone stumbles on any uncatagorised manual / doc tickets, feel free to reassign them to me :]
20:24:20 <har00ga> trac name is jaruga
20:24:49 <flexlibris> thanks har00ga
20:25:03 <flexlibris> if ggus still needs time someone else can go
20:26:16 <flexlibris> ......
20:26:52 <gman999> one more thing on HOPE?
20:26:56 <flexlibris> yes do it
20:26:59 <gman999> k..
20:27:14 <gman999> we discussed doing small specific workshops...
20:27:20 <gman999> did i miss anything on that?
20:27:30 <gman999> the idea is to have informal sessions we advertise
20:27:38 <gman999> "install orbot on your android"
20:27:39 <gman999> etc
20:27:54 <gman999> we had a pad IIRC
20:27:59 <flexlibris> yeah there hasn't been any further discussion
20:28:02 <flexlibris> I saved the notes from the pad
20:28:06 <gman999> cool.
20:28:09 <flexlibris> so we should discuss when we have the next planning meeting
20:28:12 <gman999> we can revisit soon
20:28:14 <gman999> yes
20:29:05 <flexlibris> okay cool
20:29:09 <flexlibris> someone, anyone else have an update?
20:29:22 <gman999> (back in a sec)
20:29:25 <ggus> ok! i'm ready
20:29:42 <flexlibris> ggus: go ahead!
20:29:51 <ggus> cryptorave (CR): all tor and tails talks and workshops happened! Isa talks are already in youtube! It was amazing to have all these activities in the event. Obrigado! :)
20:29:57 <ggus> Before CR, I reached all the relays operators in Brazil (who has contact info) and i had a good feedback: from ~15 emails sent, 3 or 4 ppl answered me back. I met three relays operators, one of them never heard before about cryptorave and went to the event for the first time. He'll be at HOPE. The other relay operator saw my interview in the beginning of the year at youtube channel and setup his own
20:30:03 <ggus> relay(!!!!) :D
20:30:04 <ggus> In the Tor meetup during CR more than +50 ppl joined us. Ppl were very excited to help. A lot of questions about how we could change Tor "deep web" narrative...
20:30:09 <ggus> After CR, we had a workshop with isa and me, we knew that the time wasn't very cool, but end up with +/- 20 ppl. Isa sent today UX feedback to the mailing list
20:30:15 <ggus> SO! AFTER EVERYTHING, I created a group called cebolas: to translate docs, setup relays, make workshops... I will need to make a roadmap for this. But ppl are already translating some docs like Tor Relay Guide to Portuguese. It isn't public, yet. Invite only at the moment, but it will be public soon.
20:30:21 <ggus> And today I arrived in France/Paris to do a workshop in Hackarnaval (https://hackarnaval.online). I contacted nos-oignons to meet them and invited all the relays operators to hackarnaval (+350 emails). The event is tomorrow. Let's see!! :)
20:30:29 <ggus> I'm also playing with metrics (temporary link!) :)
20:30:30 <ggus> Tor relays in LATAM
20:30:30 <ggus> http://nc2s4iof4px5sb7o.onion/public/dashboard/216989ab-c5e6-4edd-8406-baed1ab50c22
20:30:32 <ggus> Tor in Brazil:
20:30:35 <ggus> http://nc2s4iof4px5sb7o.onion/public/dashboard/94123078-6842-465f-871d-e769c1aaadd5
20:30:38 <ggus> Tor in France:
20:30:40 <ggus> http://nc2s4iof4px5sb7o.onion/public/dashboard/df7f9d9b-92bf-4b06-97e8-bf1d054d4767
20:30:50 <ggus> (end of update)
20:30:53 <flexlibris> woooooo
20:31:07 <flexlibris> so great to hear the report out from cryptorave
20:31:14 <Phoul> ggus: thats amazing!
20:31:17 <ggus> and today is my first day as community liaison!!!! :D
20:31:25 <flexlibris> ggus: can you put me in touch with the relay op who will be at HOPE?
20:31:35 <flexlibris> we can get them involved in what we are planning
20:31:38 <flexlibris> ggus: yay first day!
20:31:40 <ggus> flexlibris: sure!
20:31:53 <flexlibris> great thanks
20:32:05 <flexlibris> super glad to hear that someone is translating the relay guide
20:32:10 <flexlibris> someones
20:32:30 <ggus> 6 hands
20:32:51 <flexlibris> cool
20:33:14 <flexlibris> i'm looking forward to talking to you on friday about your goals for this position :)
20:34:05 <flexlibris> okay, anyone else have an update to share?
20:34:19 <ggus> :) onionize the planet?
20:34:39 <flexlibris> it's a perfect plan :)
20:36:18 <flexlibris> no mas actualizaciones?
20:36:37 <ggus> creo que no :)
20:36:39 <flexlibris> alguien?
20:36:47 <gman999> good stuff ggus.
20:36:58 <gman999> do the br HOPE attendee have a contact here?
20:37:01 <flexlibris> bien entonces :)
20:37:08 <gman999> know we'll have a table?
20:37:24 <gman999> tell them to not be shy
20:37:38 <ggus> gman999: yes, i told him to look for tor activity at hope
20:37:43 <gman999> k
20:38:14 <flexlibris> great, well, if nothing else...
20:38:18 <flexlibris> we can wrap up
20:38:22 <flexlibris> last chance....
20:38:47 <flexlibris> #endmeeting