16:06:05 <isabela> #startmeeting ux team weekly check in
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16:06:07 <isabela> boom
16:06:10 <isabela> lets do it
16:06:33 <hiro> I can start is that ok?
16:06:40 <isabela> yep
16:06:41 <antonela> yess
16:06:49 <hiro> ok so..
16:07:05 <hiro> support: we are still waiting for translations. Complete languages still french and spanish.
16:07:31 <hiro> lektor: 1 package went through, it was a dependency, know I am waiting for feedback on the lektor package itself
16:07:34 <isabela> (/me plan on sharing a soft launch plan for us to get attention and help with translations)
16:08:31 <hiro> this is a blocker for a few builds, including the task to move the newsletter to static completely
16:08:55 <isabela> :(
16:09:02 <hiro> services: still in the process of cleaning up stuff and documenting things generally speaking
16:09:33 <hiro> actually since on the support site and lektor I am waiting I am doing more this documenting thing this week
16:09:46 <hiro> I have also started to check meek and what can be done there
16:09:55 <isabela> \o/
16:10:02 <isabela> thanks for digging into that
16:10:14 <hiro> one of the thing david mentioned (terraform and such) I think could be actually quite good
16:10:28 <hiro> having a few versions of things that are ready to be run would be cool
16:10:43 <hiro> I am wondering even if that could be put into a sort of CI with travis or something like that
16:11:00 <hiro> I have to read a bit more and then I will reply to David with more points
16:11:18 <isabela> catalyst knows a bit about travis :)
16:11:24 <isabela> if you have any questions
16:12:02 <hiro> yep also I remember that for many languages there were services mocks (I used these a lot w/ rails for example)
16:12:15 <hiro> in which you could test if something would run on aws in a test environment
16:12:31 <hiro> for example
16:12:36 <isabela> nice
16:12:45 <hiro> I wonder if that something we could look at and if it would work for this
16:13:14 <hiro> anyways. this is my update :)
16:13:17 <hiro> done.
16:13:21 <isabela> thanks hiro o/
16:13:26 <isabela> antonela: wants to go?
16:13:39 <antonela> sure!
16:13:46 <antonela> well, i'm in uganda :D
16:14:05 <antonela> we will have meetings with folks tomorrow morning + afternoon, wednesday, thursday and friday
16:14:19 <antonela> last week we finished the activities we are going to run here
16:14:33 <isabela> \o/
16:14:49 <antonela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UDSuMEBP64yP39IKILHBWL0ZZqgtqFzxkJIhHLxx91o/edit
16:14:58 <antonela> ^
16:15:30 <antonela> also, GeKo just sent us a nigthly build for testing, seems like some things are missing so i'm writing to him to check if we could have them
16:16:37 <antonela> the blogpost about our activity with Tails at Cryptorave is live
16:16:43 <antonela> https://blog.torproject.org/tor-tails-ux-identifying-user-needs-cryptorave-2018
16:16:47 <antonela> ^
16:16:55 <hiro> !!
16:17:33 <antonela> and we are extending S8 i think is the name to October, so we can have time to close Onboarding + Update Tor + Security settings
16:17:37 <antonela> so we can test with users
16:17:44 <antonela> i think that is all
16:17:46 <isabela> yes indeed
16:18:00 <isabela> just not s8
16:18:02 <isabela> but s17
16:18:02 <isabela> hehe
16:18:06 <antonela> oh close lol
16:18:08 <isabela> :)
16:19:07 <antonela> tjr made an slot for a tor browser ux/ui review during all hands (thanks tom!)
16:19:37 <antonela> and i have a bunch of things open which i'll retake once im back from uganda
16:19:42 <isabela> hehehe
16:19:45 <antonela> done
16:19:46 <antonela> haha
16:20:14 <isabela> well, i am organizing the situation of different sponsor's contracts
16:20:20 <isabela> s17 is one of them :)
16:20:48 <isabela> next week i will be in seattle for network team hackfest (i will attend tuesday check in tho)
16:21:38 <isabela> i will share with y'all a plan to do a soft launch of support.tpo with the languages we have and a strategy to complete the translation of other langs
16:21:50 <hiro> yeah that would be great actually
16:21:56 <hiro> at least start testing things
16:22:21 <isabela> i am thinking of doing it via ml only
16:22:23 <isabela> not a blog post
16:22:37 <hiro> yeah I was about to say put things online without announcing it
16:22:51 <isabela> yeah
16:23:01 <isabela> i will email global-south first
16:23:06 <isabela> see what i get :)
16:23:13 <isabela> then i thought of trying community list too
16:23:20 <isabela> go slow
16:23:36 <hiro> +1
16:23:47 <isabela> so! if we do that, can we have it at support.torproject.org?
16:23:57 <hiro> yep we can make that happen
16:24:01 <isabela> great
16:24:15 <antonela> oh thats is good
16:24:45 <isabela> cool
16:24:57 <isabela> finally! tpo content organizing
16:25:42 <antonela> yes
16:25:45 <antonela> !
16:25:47 <isabela> hehe
16:26:18 <isabela> i think i will use the mocks you have to assign it sections in a gdoc where the copy writing will happen
16:26:26 <isabela> a doc per page
16:26:31 <antonela> perfect
16:26:39 <antonela> you can add more sections, even if they are not at the mocks
16:26:43 <antonela> then i'll iterate over them
16:26:52 <isabela> will have a master map of all pages and docs urls in a spreadsheet so its easy to find
16:27:07 <antonela> super
16:27:21 <isabela> k
16:27:31 <isabela> i think these are the stuff related to this team
16:27:37 <isabela> did i mentioned colombia?
16:27:39 <isabela> all is movin
16:27:59 <isabela> i think next week we can book inside the country stuff
16:28:02 <isabela> like tickets and hotels
16:28:10 <antonela> listen
16:28:12 <isabela> oi
16:28:15 <antonela> la candelaria is the best palce to stay
16:28:17 <antonela> *place
16:28:18 <isabela> hahaha
16:28:29 <isabela> copy that!
16:28:33 <antonela> super
16:28:33 <antonela> hahah
16:28:38 <hiro> hahaha
16:29:01 <isabela> alright!
16:29:04 <isabela> i am done
16:29:12 <antonela> i just need to book via tor a flight to ARG, already have the flight to colombia
16:29:26 <antonela> do you know when i arrive?
16:29:31 <isabela> 17?
16:29:38 <isabela> or 18
16:29:42 <antonela> because i dont know
16:29:43 <antonela> hahhaa
16:29:45 <antonela> one sec
16:29:49 <antonela> just if you are going to book something
16:30:04 <isabela> i wont book for yall
16:30:13 <isabela> or idh
16:30:14 <isabela> should i?
16:30:20 <antonela> yes 17
16:30:21 <isabela> i thought of giving you the hotel name
16:30:29 <isabela> hehe and each use egencia
16:30:55 <isabela> k
16:31:03 <isabela> we can decide how to do it via email
16:31:17 <antonela> okok
16:31:30 <isabela> i still have intel to collect for cali and popayan
16:32:15 <isabela> ok
16:32:17 * isabela done done
16:32:49 <isabela> anything else? does anyone has any worries or things they want help with?
16:33:32 <antonela> im okey i think
16:33:50 <hiro> I am groot
16:36:16 <isabela> ok ending bot
16:36:19 <isabela> #endmeeting